Jameis, The Next NFL Star

February 17th, 2016
Just needs wins.

Just needs wins.

Joe understands why Bucs fans were bummed last month. Once again, for the 12th straight year, they tuned into the NFL playoffs after the first round, and no Bucs game.

The team hasn’t won a playoff game since Chucky hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy aloft in victory. It seems like an ice age ago.

Well, if there is a player who can lift the Bucs out of the dungeon of the NFL, it is America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston. Vinnie Iyer of Sporting News types that Jameis is on the verge of both NFL superstardom and putting the Bucs on his back to reach much bigger team heights.

Seeing Winston a couple days before Super Bowl 50, dressed to impress at Madden Bowl XXII last week, it didn’t take long to notice his swagger. It was right there with his professionalism and desire to be known as one of the best in the game, past or present. It wasn’t lost on him that the Panthers-Broncos matchup between Newton and Peyton Manning represented what he most wants to be.

“It reminds me of greatness. Hopefully I’m one of those 6-4, 6-5 guys in the Super Bowl. I wish I was,” Winston said. “It’s very inspiring to tall, strong-armed quarterbacks.”

Iyer goes on to write that Jameis is the next Cam Newton, only a more polished, adult personality. Joe can tell you from talking to various members of the Stinking Panthers in San Francisco, they fully believe the next great quarterback rivalry in the NFL will be Jameis vs. Cam, for years to come.

Also in the article are a cool quotes from Derrick Brooks, who believes Jameis has positioned himself — and more importantly, the Bucs — for future success.

Frankly, it is long overdue. Thank goodness Jameis is taking the proverbial bull by the horns.

24 Responses to “Jameis, The Next NFL Star”

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    I like Jameis Winston.

  2. Dom Says:

    In Jameis we trust

  3. The Buc Realist Says:


    any news or word of who JW3 is going to work with for Mechanics/strength conditioning?? I always think that this is a very important part in young QB’s development. quicker release and tighter spirals can always make a huge difference in QB play!!!!

  4. Tampa Tony Says:

    Once the accuracy is fixed he will be dangerous

  5. Joe Says:

    any news or word of who JW3 is going to work with for Mechanics/strength conditioning??

    No clue who his name is, and it is such a boring subject, not even worth typing further about it. Drops, not accuracy, hurt Jameis last year.

  6. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I wonder if mariota was at the superbowl festivities. Or if he is still hiding behind an “injury” as to why he was benched.

  7. DB55 Says:

    I often wonder if Jameis was raised by Zig Zigler or Tony Robbins?

  8. The Buc Realist Says:


    It is a story!!! where is the QB that is the Gym rat, that is always working to improve!! First of it excites the Fan base to hear how the Qb is getting better! and maybe you can secure an interview from the QB Guru what they worked on and what we can expect from Jameis in the improvement department!!!

    Also, What about the “lead by example!!!” How can we expect ME13 to improve his “catches” and game, without knowing that the QB is doing everything he can to be the Best!!!!

    Take a poll if this is not a story, and then see!!!!

  9. Bob in Valrico Says:

    I am confident Jameis knows what he needs to work on and accuracy on,especially on deep sideline routes is one of the things to take his game to
    the next level.

  10. LargoBuc Says:

    Im sure Jameis’ accuracy will improve with time.

  11. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    I think we all know that Jameis is a workaholic..he’ll be on the field soon enough with Evans practicing..

    Couple of wrinkles to be taken out sure..but nothing a little bit of practice won’t fix..

    Agree with Tampa Tony..he will be dangerous indeed..

    GO BUCS!
    Go JAMEIS!

  12. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Life of a buc fan

    agreed and that’s what I have been saying he should do. He did it with VJAX
    and they clicked very well.

  13. Ocala Says:


    Jameis has stated he will be working with George Whitfield on his mechanics again during this offseason.

    It’s my opinion that Jameis was arguably the most accurate mid range QB in the NFL last year.
    Brady is the most accurate short range QB and Rodgers is the best at long throws.

    Jameis has said himself he wants to work on the long throws this offseason and I think that is the area he needs to work the most.
    However, he did have a revolving door at WR this past year which really hurts timing on long throws.

  14. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I often wonder if Jameis was raised by Zig Zigler or Tony Robbins?

    Why do I suspect you earn your living in sales? Been there done that for awhile.
    Listened to Zigler but especially like Robbins.

    Always liked Zig’s expression…”Don’t be a victim of “stinkin thinkin”.

    I’m afraid “stinkin thinkin” has been a huge part of the Bucs problems. #3 is going to turn that around!!! Praise the Lord and pass the football.

  15. The Buc Realist Says:


    Thx for info, I just want it out there as that the fans are talking and pressure that we want the best on the field!!! Maybe if it is in the news enough and talk around town that the majority of the team will refine their craft!!!!

    As far Jameis arm, we are all in agreement that he has one of the most talented in the league, But have heard for years how brady in the offseaon would work on grip strength ( makes for a tigher spiral and more of an accurate deep ball consistently) even on windy days!!

    Just like Coach Mike Smith in his interview that you keep learning and growing !! I think we should hear more about that for this team!!!!

  16. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I thought I read on another thread here that ME was heading back to Tampa after his wedding to do some serious conditioning work with #3.

    I’ve never really understood conditioning “gurus”. There are many ways to get the job done…it’s not really rocket science it’s work!

  17. DB55 Says:


    Coffee is for closers. You wanna know what third prize is?

  18. JTHB Says:

    Remember the dogfights in the comment section this time last year? Mariotta clowns are now unemployed. Just like his coach.

    (Lovie was fired, I know but for far different circumstances)

  19. PRBucFan Says:

    Maybe Jameis can put some pressure on licht to bring back a dude that took a lot of pressure off of him in Dougie.

  20. Pickgrin Says:

    Yes – this is a much more pleasant off-season here on JBF comments.

    The Jameis haters were just crawling out of the woodwork this time last year and their constant yammering about the sub-human, r(a)pist, “thug” named Jamarcus Winston who was slower than molasses and had multiple and unfixable throwing mechanics was sickening and unbearable to those who had followed Jameis closely and knew he was an NFL star in waiting.

    And in 1 year (a few games really) – Winston shut damn near every one of them up with his QB play and his positive & professional demeanor.

    You da man Jaboo. And thank God you are a Buccaneer.

    Even the Lovie loathers have to admit that coach Smith got that one right…

    BTW – LOL at those commenting about Winston’s “accuracy” issues. How quickly some forget what bad accuracy looks like – so soon after 4 1/3 years of watching JFro sling the rock…

  21. Kevin Says:

    Thank god Jameis landed the first real offensive coordinator this team has had since Gruden was here in his first season. This team is.on the brink of actually qualifying for a monday night game next season. First they need to not stink it up on TNF though

  22. tmaxcon Says:

    Jameis will lead us to the promise land. Get him some weapons and shore up oline.

  23. DB55 Says:



  24. Bucsdawg4lyfe Says:

    The bucs were credited with 25 drops last season. An official drop is also very conservative and gives the WR the benefit of the doubt. So this number could be a bit low. However, if you give JW those 25 drops back, he completes 337 of 535 passes for a completion rate of 63% which would “look” a lot better for the STAT GUYS. Anyone watching knows it was on the WR and not on QB. ME!# had about 8 drops against Houston alone!!