High-Tech Jameis

February 1st, 2016
Jameis was among the NFL guinea pigs at yesterday's Pro Bow.

Jameis was among the NFL guinea pigs at yesterday’s Pro Bowl.

America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, had one hell of a season when it comes to technology.

In the spring, the Bucs invested heavily in virtual reality designed for quarterbacks, an uncommon practice in the NFL.

Yesterday, Jameis’ season ended in Hawaii with him executing an NFL experiment that allowed game video to be analyzed on Microsoft Surface tablets during the Pro Bowl, versus the static images permitted during real games.

Jameis was feelin’ it, so he told the Associated Press.

“That was pretty nice, because we usually just have the SnapChat pictures that we use,” Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston said of the availability of videos, “but to actually have the video on there was very useful. It was very helpful.”

For those who didn’t watch the Pro Bowl, Jameis had a strong performance when he played in the second half in relief of Russell Wilson and Teddy Bridgewater. Jameis threw two touchdowns, 6-for-12 for 113 yards.

Quite a high-tech start and finish to Jameis’ year.

Joe suspects the NFL might move quickly to allow sideline video study. Anything that ramps up scoring is right up Roger Goodell’s alley.

6 Responses to “High-Tech Jameis”

  1. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Anything that ramps up scoring is right up Roger Goodell’s alley.

    Up my alley as well. I’m tired of 3 plays…punt…and play great D!

    We did not bring #3 here to run the ball. Yeah an effective running game helps set up #3’s passing game and keeps D’s honest…that’s all I want…keep the D honest so #3 can let her fly!!!

  2. BucPugilist Says:

    Jameis would’ve had another td if Tyler Eifert hadn’t dropped a beautiful rainbow pass that hit him in stride.

  3. Buccaneers Says:

    Two passes from Jamie’s were dropped. Funny. Maybe it’s Jameis’ fault, actually maybe that will be Evans next excuse.

  4. Stanglassman Says:

    That 1st TD to Hopkins was a bullet. I’ve never seen that throwing motion from him, no wasted motion and out fast. He plays really well when he plays loose. 2nd to D. Walker was pretty special throw too. I thought both his were better throws than the chuck and duck by Wilson that was called back they could stop talking about how gr8 it was.

  5. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I laughed my a$$ off when Jameis drew McCoy offsides! Too funny!

  6. Lamdog Says:

    Buccaneers say: Careful history repeats itself. The same arguments were made about Doug Williams, before being traded to Washington.