“That’s A Real Wild Card”

January 11th, 2016
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Team Glazer is predictably unpredictable.

So if you believe a former long-time confidante of Team Glazer in former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik, it is only a matter of hours before offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter is promoted to Bucs head coach.

Well, Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune isn’t quite ready to buy that.

While all signs point to Koetter on the surface, Cummings, who appeared with dangerous Dan Lucas on Sports Sunday last night, seen on WFLA-TV Channel 8, to discuss the Bucs’ coaching search, Cummings reminded viewers that rarely does Team Glazer make moves that are anticipated.

“One thing you can never really predict is what the Glazers are going to do,” Cummings said. “That’s a real wild card in this thing. I will take you back to when they fired Tony Dungy.

“At that time, Marvin Lewis – they went through the Parcells thing and that didn’t work out – Marvin Lewis was the choice of then-general manager Rich McKay after they did an exhaustive search around the Super Bowl. Everybody is thinking Marvin Lewis is the guy. He wasn’t the guy.

“Three weeks later, I remember going to bed thinking Steve Mariucci was going to be the guy. I woke up and it was Jon Gruden.

“Yeah, we all think it is Dirk Koetter. WE think it is Dirk Koetter. We really don’t know what the Glazers are thinking. They were not there at the press conference (to discuss Lovie Smith’s dismissal). All we know is they put Jason Licht in charge of this and I think that tells us something. What it tells me is that they are looking for some new blood.”

Cummings went on to explain Team Glazer, currently has given Licht the power of running the football operations. This, Cummings suggests, means most current head coaches or former head coaches will steer clear of because they generally want the power Licht has.

So by connecting the dots, Cummnings said, it appears that the Bucs are targeting either a young coach or someone who has not been a head coach at the NFL level.

And, yes, Koetter falls into the latter category.

140 Responses to ““That’s A Real Wild Card””

  1. JonBuc Says:

    Team Amish is about to shock Buc Nation…book it.

  2. Trubucfan22 Says:

    In a stunning turn of events the bucs hire Urban Meyer to be their HC.

  3. Johnny "America's Commenter" Dejay Says:

    Is anyone else worried the Glazers are going to try to outsmart themselves again? Sometimes the most obvious solution is the best one. The two guys the Bucs can’t afford to lose are Winston and Koetter, with Bajakian a close third.

    If the Bucs can find a big-name HC that will retain all three of those guys, then I’m on board, but I think the best solution is to promote Koetter and get started on winning in 2016.

  4. Joe Says:


    Joe’s pretty confident that Team Glazer is not Amish. Even Mennonite would be a stretch. Team Glazer embraces technology.

  5. Joe Says:

    Is anyone else worried the Glazers are going to try to outsmart themselves again?

    They traded for Chucky, remember.

    Been striking out since. 🙁

  6. Tom Edrington Says:

    This just in:

    The Glazers are hiring Tiger Woods as the next head coach…..

    they wanted a “name” guy and Tiger’s available.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    “All we know is they put Jason Licht in charge of this and I think that tells us something. What it tells me is that they are looking for some new blood.”

    All we know is they are letting Licht make the decision they usually make on their own is because they have already made the decision…Licht may have made the recommendation but gets to make the announcement….not the decision. IMO

  8. Buccfan37 Says:

    It’s not like other head coaching prospects are being interviewed that I am aware of. Koetter seems a sure bet to be the Bucs next head coach. It looks like needy teams are in a hurry to snag up favorite coaches before only rejects are left for the picking. There is always the chance a surprise could be in order, nah.

  9. Dale Brew 20 Says:

    I have full confidence that the Glazers and Licht will do the right thing here and hire Dirk #Lombardi-trophy

  10. DayOnePaul Says:

    Is it possible that the second generation of Glazer as owners have decided and learned that you leave the football decisions to football people?

    BTW, Has anyone sighted the team plane?

  11. Mike Says:

    I will hand it to the glazers… They have always swung for the fences with gruden, tuna, chip ect…
    I would say they might call Saban in the morning if he wins again but lict would be out so that’s a no go.
    Not sure where the ago and not so excited by dirk. We will see

  12. Johnny "America's Commenter" Dejay Says:

    Well, they traded for Chucky because Parcells backed out again, Rich McKay was about to hire Marvin Lewis who was too much like Dungy, and Steve Mariucci turned them down because he thought the draft pick compensation was too high.

    They had to pull a rabbit out of their hats or they would have been tarred and feathered in the media. They definitely hit a home run with Gruden, and it would have been interesting to see what he and Raheem could have done together.

    They jumped the gun with promoting Raheem to HC, the Schiano hire came out of nowhere – maybe they were trying to show how smart they were, and the “Back to the Future” strategy with Lovie Smith was a terrible sequel.

    Koetter is the obvious choice and makes the most sense because he’s a known commodity, he has familiarity with the Winston and the rest of the roster, and he won’t be able to command too much power over personnel. It’s a slam dunk, take it, don’t kick the ball out for a long-range three pointer!

  13. chipbuc Says:

    I know its a unlikely move, but could the Glazers trade with New Orleans to get Payton to coach?

  14. Joe Says:

    I know its a unlikely move, but could the Glazers trade with New Orleans to get Payton to coach?

    Sure, but would the Saints trade Payton to a division rival is a better question.

  15. Eric Says:

    Licht is obtaining names and doing first interviews.

    Glazers will make the final decision, just like always.

    Not like he is going to hire a coach on his own.

  16. GhostofTedford Says:

    I like the pick of Dirk koetter, but I would love to see him bring in Mike Smith as the Defensive Coordinator. GO BUCS!

  17. BrianBucs Says:

    Has anybody considered the possibility that just maybe Koetter doesn’t want to be the head coach here? Just a thought

  18. Eric Says:

    Was anyone aware the Glazer’s had offered the job to Chip until it happened?

    Or when they hired Schiano.

    They could be meeting with whomever and we would have no clue. Especially secretive would be a college guy due to recruiting and whatnot.

  19. Defense Rules Says:

    The more comments I read, the more it seems that folks might be looking past some obvious issues with the Bucs.

    For one, our defense is in shambles, That can’t bode well for 2016 or 2017 … you don’t build a defense overnight (I’d say that it took Carolina about 3 years, and it’s taken New Orleans and Atlanta … oh ya, forever).

    For another, our offense did a lot better than in years past, but it’s far from a juggernaut and still isn’t close to being an offense that can win games for us on its own. It didn’t exactly finish strong this year when the playoff hunt was in full swing. Bucs have a lot of work still to do there.

    And for yet another, Bucs have a lot of holes to fill. And not just coaches … we have a lot of players who are free agents right now.

    Any new coach, be it Dirk Koetter or someone else, has a huge challenge ahead. We may have Jameis, but we still have a long ways to go to develop a top-notch 53-man roster capable of winning it all. And right now I think that how well Jason Licht does his job as GM during this next year will be the most critical element of all.

  20. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    The Glazer’s made the tough love call booting Lovie, and they’re empowering the GM to search for the guy he believes is going to finally turn things around (and hopefully get through at least one contract). It seems to me like the Glazers are showing fans they are committed to putting a winning product on the field even it means relinquishing some power by leaving it up to a newer GM and getting themselves the “tar and feathered” treatment by most of the main stream sports media. I have a good feeling that this time will be different, and we’ll look back at this as the bold move that put the Bucs back on the road to relevance again. I’m hopeful anyway.

  21. feelthepewterpower Says:

    The Glazers named Licht as the man in charge of finding the head coach, but that’s a publicity stunt to divert the focus off of them. They will not sign off on any head coach without their blessing, period. And who’s to say Licht is going to have all the power. A good GM/Coach will work hand in hand with one another, and often disagree, but have consensus on the type of players both envision…a bit of give and take relationship. I do believe Lovie made all of the decisions, having brought in Licht himself to sort of be an assistant GM…and that led his demise, the player evaluation aspect of Lovie. I dont Licht eschews coaches with previous head coaching experience. I think Todd Haley would be a wonderful choice on his own, and at minimum a fallback to koetter leaving, Haley is arguably a top five offensive coordinator…with a track record better than Dirks…he’s done wonders with Rothelisberger in Pit, who is a similar type of mold as Jameis…..and we can solidify the defense with a competent d’coordinator, just need to trust the pro personnel department and scouting depo to make the right decisions, and I assume we will heavily focus on the offense this offseason with Haley/Koetter bringing in a piece or two (potential TE/Slot receiver, one more guard to replace aging vets, etc) to bolster the offense…who knows Marvin Lewis might become available for the role in the near future. Imagine a Haley/Lewis combo…will be set!

  22. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Stay tuned tomorrow…..

  23. Name Required Says:

    Saban… Wins tonight and he has 5 national championships.

  24. Elle Says:

    Once more I’m forced to repeat here that I sincerely hope the Glazers will stay out of this. Let Licht pick the HC. The boys can play a role in the search, of course, but they should leave the final decision to the GM, as it should be. All the HCs they’ve picked have been utter failures. Please, Glazers, don’t make the same mistake four times in a row.

  25. martinii Says:


  26. Greg Schiano Says:

    Disagree that Team Glazer was showing tough love firing Lovie! Lovie was another bad decision. 8-24 and his second season was proof he could screw up a good thing!

    We better pray that Team Glazer and Licht get their acts together and hire a an experienced HC or we will have the rest of the decade watching Lovie Ball.

    Joe and everyone seem to be having a Porky Jameis love fest….but he has real issues and it will take a very good coach to develop him further. A lot of his yards were in garbage time. The Bucs were winning when they ran the ball, not when they put the game in Porky’s mitts.

    Team Glazer is 1-0 so far this off season. Pay Lovie is unearned 10 million (20 million if needed) to get him out of here and hire a real coach!! Team Glazer going to shock everyone by giving up a Jameis Winston and a seocnd round pick for Sean Payton and Drew Brees!

    Sign me up!!!!

  27. Matt Says:

    I just have a gut feeling that they’re going to make a play for Saban after tonight’s game.

  28. Brad Says:

    Licht has the power of running football operations, “for right now”. His exact words at the press conference. If Licht wants the job he’ll take who the Glaziers get. Talk to me tomorrow. We might not get him, but word will come out that they tried to lure Saban. Everything is hush hush because a college coach doesn’t want to outshine the Chanpionship game. That a bad look.

  29. Johnny "America's Commenter" Dejay Says:

    Matt Says:
    January 11th, 2016 at 2:00 pm
    I just have a gut feeling that they’re going to make a play for Saban after tonight’s game.

    Nick Saban would be extremely tempting if Alabama wins. On the other hand, a lot of the appeal fades if Alabama loses – especially if they get blown out – and blowouts are not so rare in the college football championship games.

    I think Winston would accept and respect Saban, and frankly, he’s the only player that really matters moving forward. It would certainly be interesting to watch the next few years unfold. Saban doesn’t tend to stay anywhere very long, so I wonder if it’s a good idea for the long term future of the team.

  30. lightningbuc Says:

    The Glazer boys look better suited to be the dorks on The Big Bang Theory than run a big boy football team. Fish Out of Water!

  31. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Within 30 seconds of tonight’s final whistle, all hell is going to break loose. Saban is either interested in a return to the NFL or not. If not then most teams with open HC positions will go the traditional route, interviewing and quickly hiring 1) guys currently out of work, 2) staff members of playoff teams that lost this weekend, or 3) members of their current staff. Others will wait to land an assistant on a team that is still playing.

    If Saban is interested then the jockeying for his services will begin immediately.

    The top priorities for the Bucs should be roster stability and continuity for Jameis. No massive rebuilds.

    The Bucs are in an enviable position to meet these objectives in each of the above scenarios. They retained their entire offensive staff, including Dirk, and two key defensive assistants, Cullen and Hardy. They have a franchise QB, an All-Pro RB, and some top flight young talent at other key offensive and yes, defensive positions as well.

    Therefore, if I am Licht, I would be trying right now to convince him to commit to staying with the Bucs regardless of whether he gets the HC job. If he does commit then keeping him is a condition of employment for the new HC.

    Now, I can pursue Saban, Gruden, Mayer, or the other star NFL assistants. I prioritize my candidates. Anyone who wants full control or who will not agree to keeping Dirk on board gets scratched off my list. If everyone ends up scratched then Dirk becomes HC, and we turn our attention to hiring the DC and remaining staff.

  32. Bucsfanman Says:

    Firing Lovie does not make you “Owners of the Year”! Especially given the success or, in this case, lack thereof with previous hiring.
    We truly have to HOPE they get it right this time.

  33. ATrain Says:

    Saban I don’t think so 7 million a year will keep him in Alabama…

    Trade McCoy and a 2nd round for Sean Payton

  34. Buccaneers Says:

    This was a nice read because it wasn’t written in that weird third person thing this site always does. Refreshing to read a professionally written article rather then something that seems more like a 2nd grade essay. Thanks Joe

  35. Buccfan37 Says:

    Isn’t Bama a lock to beat Clemson? Dabo can dabble around the edges a bit and still lose. This seems certain to me, I don’t like either team.

  36. Drew Says:

    Saban? This will not happen.

  37. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The only way Dirk Koetter isn’t our HC….will be if he doesn’t want it….If that’s the case, I suspect we’ll hire an experienced DC from one of the playoff teams.

    Where are the interviews?…..either they are over or they involve coaches that can’t interview yet and that would cover several coaches.

    I still maintain that Licht has been given the job of announcing our new head coach….not choosing him.

  38. Buccaneers Says:

    As I thought about it this weekend I could not feel more uneasy about Dirk. He would be a rookie HC and that initially scared me.

    Then I thought about Lovies downfall. One of the biggest problems this team has had was pispoor discipline. In that area the offense was a huge part of the problem. You can’t say this problem is going to go away with the Dirk in charge. In fact whose to say it doesn’t get worse? Dirk had all year to work with the offense and the last game(like every other) was filled with offensive penalties and included Austin Jenkins and mike Evans acting like the usual tools they had been all year.

    Let’s get a coach in here who can make these players accountable and quit leaving it up to the refs to discipline our Bucs.

  39. D-Rome Says:

    It seems to me like the Glazers are showing fans they are committed to putting a winning product on the field even it means relinquishing some power by leaving it up to a newer GM and getting themselves the “tar and feathered” treatment by most of the main stream sports media.

    The Buccaneers are 23-57 over the past five years and 58-102 over the past ten years. Why would you believe the Glazers are committed to putting a winning product on the field?

    Oh, but *this* time it’s going to be different right?

  40. mac Says:

    Wow. Just look at those proud Glazer boys… What a pack of studs!

    Thanks team Amish for helping the Bucs suck as bad as the Cleveland Browns… If it wasn’t for Jamie’s Winston this team would be utterly lost…

  41. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Actually…we cleaned things up with penalties during the last game…only having 5 total…with 2 of the 3 on offense being Evans breakdown.

    I am bothered by all of the false starts and alignment penalties earlier in the year…and Koetter is to blame…..(think he can turn that around)

    I do think overall penalties in general are a coaching issue…..but no one or two specific penalties can be blamed on the coach……were the penalties on ME13 on Koetter/Lovie?…..I think not…..how about the penalties on Burfict or Jones on Marvin Lewis?…..I think not…..sometimes certain players are only manageable to a point…then their emotions overrule their good sense.

  42. Max Says:

    There was no TEAM GLAZER. It was one man who got what he wanted. Malcolm Glazer.

  43. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    How about Marv Levy (90) and bring in Monte Kiffin (75) for DC….or we could excite Pablo and bring in Tom Flores (78)

    Why not….we could fill the stands by emptying Pinellas County shuffleboard courts on Sunday.

  44. Buccaneers Says:

    I think the Glazers are committed to winning. Of course when you are incapable of assembling a front office that knows how to build a team your level of commitment means little. Personally I believe the front office had been building a solid team over the last two seasons but now the Glazers have shredded that staff. That’s all well and good if the Glazers have more capable replacements ready to come take over………….maybe I’m the clueless one but when the only names I’m hearing are coordinators from non-championship systems who have no experience as NFL head coaches……….well I think our owners are about imcompatant and are flushing our young talent down the toilet.

    I believe the old say that history is usually the best guide.

  45. mac Says:

    @ Max

    Agreed… Malcolm Glazer was the brains and balls of the outfit… Too bad his apples fell far from the tree…

  46. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Committed to winning and winning aren’t the same thing. They are committed but haven’t shown to be capable….

  47. Jaboo Wins Says:

    @Bucs Fan Since ’76

    A few problems with your scenario.

    1) If you are Koetter why make a commitment to Licht that you will stay in Tampa no matter what? He already interviewed with the 49ers and according to reports, it went well. What if the San Fran comes calling, do you really think he is going to tell them no if he is not going to be the HC in Tampa?

    2) Saban won’t be leaving for the NFL any time soon. Saban would want total roster control meaning no more Licht, meaning that they this probably won’t happen.

    3)Gruden and Mayer are also pipe dreams. Urban is not leaving OSU anytime soon and he would want total roster control (not going to happen). Gruden would also want total roster control and why would he work for the same ownership group that fired him? He is getting 6.5 million to do his stuff on ESPN, he would want to go to an ideal situation. For him, Tampa is not ideal.

    At the end of the day, the search is probably down two candidates and Koetter will get the job after Licht do this due diligence regarding interviewing.

  48. Buccaneers Says:

    Tbbf-i truely mean no offense but I really believe it’s naive to think that this team showed improvement in disciple towards the end of the season. Koetter worked with the team for a yea and the players under his watch(namely the 2former names I gave) were the biggest problems on the team. Maybe Koeter takes a different approach as a HC and fixes things but I see no evidence to suggest that. Would be a garbage hire in my opinion.

  49. Frank Pillow Says:

    There’s no reason NOT to go after Saban, Meyer, Harbaugh, while concurrently angling to keep Koetter in the fold. I’m also coming around to the idea of Josh McDaniels. I suspect he learned alot from flaming out in Denver and being humbled in St. Louis. There’s no question the guy can scheme and maximize talent. How much of that is his doing vs. Brady? I don’t know…but having worked in the organization, Licht certainly does.

  50. Buccaneers Says:

    I’m about tired of hearing how we must retain Koetter to keep continuity with Jamies. Our QB has a lot of heart which is his biggest tool IMO. That in no way goes away if Koetter leaves………….did Troy Aikmen suddenly go from winner to loser when the staff around him changed? This theory is hogwash. If Jamies is a winner losing Koetter won’t mean diddly.

    And for all the praise and glory many are giving to Koetter tell me about all the Championships he produced, please. While you are at it please tell me where his stud 7th ranked offense finished in points?

  51. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Bucaneers

    I merely pointed out that we cleaned things up in the last game…..actually we only had 4 penalties in the Chicago game…..now 2 games doesn’t necessarily make a trend but it’s a fact.

    As far as responsibility goes….like I said, overall it’s the coach….and I share your concern going forward…..

    I think with ASJ & Evans….they are young players…and if they can’t be controlled they have to be traded or cut….but I think they will mature.

  52. Buccaneers Says:

    Well Saban did fail as a HC with the Dolphins and he quit on his team.that’s one good reason to not acquire him.

  53. Buccaneers Says:

    Personally I think a real HC would come in here, look at the team, and think to himself “we can win more easily without ASJ” and “Mike Evans is OK but let’s get a real WR1 on this team”

  54. University of Seffner Says:

    The news has been silent on the Bucs, and Dirk Koetter. The University has been getting nervous these past few hours. Seffner is anxious to hear the news of Dirk Koetter ASAP.

  55. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Jaboo Wins – There is no guarantee I could convince Dirk to stay, but I would try. According to press reports, while Dirk’s interview with the 49’ers went well, Hue Jackson’s went better. Nevertheless, if SF offers him the job in the next few hours then I probably lose. However, if they don’t, then I have a chance. I offer him a guaranteed 3-5 year contract and job security in exchange for him removing his name from consideration for the open jobs.

    As for Saban, respectfully, neither of us know what he would want. The good thing is we will likely know in a few hours whether he wants to reenter the NFL. IF he says “no” then its a moot point.

    As for Gruden and Mayer, again, neither of us knows what they would want, but regardless, I am not advocating either one. My point is that the Bucs are in a sound position to deal with all of the potential candidates, and would be in an even better one if they secure Koetter’s commitment to stay.

    I think we have a coach tomorrow, or Wednesday at the latest.

  56. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:


    If Koetter is garbage because he has not won championships, and Saban should not be hired because he failed and quit on the Dolphins, do you think Coughlin is the best choice? Who else?

  57. Matt Says:

    Saban failed with the Dolphins because he didn’t have a QB. He wanted to go after Drew Bree’s but dolphins ownership refused to let them spend that kind of money on a player coming off a injury. That worked out for them

  58. Buccaneers Says:

    76-it may have been unfair to call Koetter garbage but I’ll stand by that. I’m just a fan after all, let him proove me wrong.

    And yeah, I would love a Coughlin hire. Wouldn’t mind Mike Smith. Maybe they can coax a proven HC out of retirement. Personally I don’t want to see us go after an unproven coordinator. If they do go that route I pray its somebody who comes from a perrianal winner. Those guys seem to work out more often.

  59. rhenry Says:

    Lets just blow the whole thing up. Hire Mike Holgrem as head coach, a newly retired Peyton Manning as OC and promote Hardy Nickerson to Dc, who if I am not mistaken played in a 3 4 defense.

  60. Buccaneers Says:

    Failing is one thing but quitting is a major red flag. If they hire Saban I wouldn’t jump off the ship but I wouldn’t be rejoicing either.

  61. Buccaneers Says:

    What about Peyton Manning for backup QB? Not sure it would be something he would consider but if I was working for the Bucs front office I would definitely be asking.

  62. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Here is an interesting tidbit: Rumors of Gruden’s strong interest in the Eagles job were circulating in Philly over the weekend. So a reporter for the local Fox affiliate texts Gruden, who promptly replies, “not interested.” Not for nothing, but if Joe or any other local Tampa Bay guy has Chucky’s number, text his butt and see what he says!

  63. Buccaneers Says:

    On wow I just heard on 1040 that the Glazers have had a few discussions with Jimmy Johnson. Now that would be a smart hire.

  64. Buccaneers Says:

    They said, quote. “The conversations were short but meaningful”

  65. Eric Says:

    Without the millions these guys couldn’t get laid in a women’s prison.

  66. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Jimmy Johnson?! That says to me that Licht is smart. He knows the Glazers. He’s anticipating questions from them about everyone. He will probably call Cowher, Don Shula, and Weeb Ewbank before all is said and done, just so he can say none of them are interested, or alive.

  67. BrianBucs Says:

    Jimmy Johnson? Now THAT would be interesting

  68. unbelievable Says:

    JJ as President of Football Operations?

    That would be something, but I Doubt he’s giving up the job at Fox to run a team, in any capacity.

  69. Eric Says:

    If the lions fire Caldwell and we hire him, I’m through.

  70. Eric Says:

    Bud Grant!

  71. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    One thing I am quite certain of….is that Jameis Winston will do well no matter which coach we hire…..some, probably better than others….but Jameis is driven by an inner spirit to win….and he will be a winner, no matter what.

    This is coming from someone who thought Mariota was the safer pick….we still have an off season to go with Jameis on the off-field stuff…but I’m not worried.

  72. Buccaneers Says:

    I think we can dispell the Jimmy Johnson rumors. These guys are idiots. Now they are discussing the possibility of the Bucs trading for Tomlin from the Steelers. That isn’t a small chance scenario. That is a no-chance in hell scenario.

  73. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There is some pretty wild $hit speculation going on here….some idiot actually thought we should bring Marv Levy out of retirement….

  74. FanOfBucs Says:

    Glazers can’t be so dumb to continue the same failing practice.

    Step out of the way and let Licht handle it!

  75. OneLove Says:

    “Tampabaybucfan Says:
    January 11th, 2016 at 4:56 pm
    There is some pretty wild $hit speculation going on here….some idiot actually thought we should bring Marv Levy out of retirement….”

    LMAO… That’s JBF for you in a nutshell….

  76. lightningbuc Says:


    Pretty sure Bud Grant is unavailable – I heard today he signed to kick for his Vikings next year.

  77. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo has a good prospect for HC of the Bucs…..Pablo thinks that Jerry Jones could work out a deal with the NFL to permit “El Chapo” to coach the Bucs…Pablo thinks that El Chapo could solve the Bucs’ discipline problems….Pablo also thinks that the fear factor would help the Bucs win over other teams. Pablo thinks this is as likely to happen as some of the other coach prospects being put forward.”

  78. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Saban… Wins tonight and he has 5 national championships.

    You guys keep looking at this from our perspective and not that of the potential coach. Saban would the TIE Bear Bryant…not TOP him as the greatest college coach (statistically National Title wise). Saban is relatively young. He’s got a decade more at Bama to break the mark…OR he could come here..to our quagmire just to coach #3 and perhaps become the FIFTH coach to win an NCAA and NFL championship. Again Chucky is the ONLY name who might have incentive…it’s his route to Canton if he’s interested in being in the HOF he has to come back somewhere and win another SB.

    As for the Glazers…AGAIN..
    They clearly want to win and always have. They became distracted by a BILLION $$$ deal for a few years and if you put that in perspective it all makes sense and will give you confidence going forward

    The Glazer’s first two hires were TOUCHDOWNS by any measurement…Dungy..like him or not is a borderline (I”d put him in) HOF coach..Chucky not far behind and he won our freaking SB!!! Does anyone deny those were both excellent hires?

    RAH and Schiano were simply done on a tight budget..they were never in the market for a name coach they weren’t about to pay another coach on top of Chucky’s buyout.

    And so if we are honest and as objective as we can be…they’ve made two mistakes…firing Chucky since they knew they were on a tight budget anyway..and hiring Lovie in the hopes of regaining past Buc glory.

    Otherwise the Glazers do not have that bad of a record. If you take out the Man U fiasco and Rah and Schiano they are two for three.

  79. The Dom Must Go Says:

    Koetter and Smith were fired in Atlanta because they could not win with a better QB and better receiving corp??? Don’t get the love for these two being the two. Just as much a possibility Koetter Flames out as he being a great head coach. The last four coaching decisions have been a disaster

  80. Buccaneers Says:

    The Glazers always seem to swing for the fences when looking for a HC. Aaaaand they have yet to make contact. I’m sure we all agree that Dungy was a hit but he was sloppy seconds, they got lucky on that one. So is their any chance we get the slash hire this time?

    I think this is our best chance. Every time the Glazers sent shopping they had to sell a garbage team with little talent. This time is different. We have pro bowl players at key positions. Hey we even have a decent draft slot for reinforcements……. I even betcha if they have to open the wallets for free agent spending they will oblidge if it will get their guy.

    Sorry y’all Koetter fans. If they sign him or a guy like Timmions or Dexter it’ll be a disappointment for me. And I think all Bucs fans should agree on this. I’m about tired of this team being a brutal joke year in and out. We get one national game on TV and get ripped apart by Casey Casum………Last year we got embarrassed on our national game 64-0……. We joke about us being the Browns of the South, well guess what? They are saying the same thing on Sports Center………..Can this team finally bring in somebody that will get us some pride? I beg you Glazers, we have endured this freaking shame long enough. Stop effing up and get us a solid coach already!!!!!!!!!!

  81. tb Says:

    Why not Todd Haley?

  82. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    That last year (64-0)?????????

    Who were the coaches that did that to us?

  83. Buccaneers Says:

    How bout the Phins hiring the Bears OC? If the Glazers force feed us some BS like that I swear I’m gonna light a bag of dog poop in front of One Buc Place.

  84. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Red Grange!

  85. LargoBuc Says:

    As fun as it is speculating on who our new hc will be, along with all the new schematic and personel changes that come with it, im glad the Glazers essential put Licht in charge of football operations. In hind sight, they really should’ve done that two years ago instead of hiring Lovie first

  86. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Buccaneers I simply must agree with pretty much your entire take on Koetter and the team.

    You’re acting like the offense was the main penalty problem for the team when from my memory of the games it was mostly defensive penalties that killed us in terms of the effect on the game. It’s actually quite remarkable how many times our offense would get 2-4 penalties while still marching 80 yards down the field.

    The difference for me was the offense overcame adversity while the defense wilted. After games youd hear Winston talk about overcoming penalties while players like Lavonte would talk about a single penalty ruining their entire mindset which is just rediculous.

    Also sorry but ME is a bonafide #1 WR with more potential than any WR we’ve ever had. Mentally he needs to mature but if you watch these games and dont think he’s easily the most talented WR the team has ever had i have a strong disagreement with you.

  87. Chrisco4bucs Says:

    I really think they will make a push for Saban after tonight

  88. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Simply must disagree*

  89. Defense Rules Says:

    @SPBF … ‘Otherwise the Glazers do not have that bad of a record.’

    Sorry St Pete, but they really do have that bad a record. Bought the team in 1995 and Malcolm hired Tony Dungy the next year (1996) … Tony won 54 games in 6 yrs (average of 9 wins/yr). Fired Tony and Malcolm hired Jon Gruden (2002) … Jon won 52 games in 7 yrs (average of 7.5 wins/yr). Glazers fired Jon after the 2008 season.

    Now the SHTF. Hired Raheem in for 2009-2010-2011 seasons and he won 17 games (average: 6 wins/yr). Hired Greg Schiano for 2012-2013 seasons and he won 11 games in 2 yrs (average: 5.5 wins/yr). Hired Lovie for 2014-2015 seasons and he won 8 games in 2 yrs (average: 4 wins/yr).

    I might be missing something, but I see a regression … big time regression … since Malcolm. I see a pretty bad record since Dungy and Gruden.

  90. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There is no question that ME13 needs to mature……there is also no question that he can make spectacular catches and drop easy ones….there is also not much disagreement that we need to add speed to our WR corps….
    I like the passion of ME13 but it needs to be channeled. The good news is that we have the money to bring in some top-tier talent.
    I can just about guarantee you that Jameis would keep Evans…I am hoping that Evans is our #2 WR for years to come….that would mean that our #1 would be a perennial all-pro.

  91. Kevin Says:

    I dont think they will over think it only becasue its not them its jason licht making the call. Rememver when dominik was the gm and he always passed on the obvious choices and went for the “sleeper” thats becasue he was never a gm didny know what the hell he was doing and the glaziers were probably asking bill bellicheat who they should draft.

    They better not screw this up but I think licht will get it right. I really believe Koetter is the guy and I believe if hired a lot of guys around the league would love to come coach under him and work with our gm and Winston

  92. Chrisco4bucs Says:

    It will be a “Splash” hire, mark my words

  93. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    I agree with you Chris

    I’m not saying it’s the right move, but it just fits the Glazer’s MO perfectly of going after a big name.

    The only way I’d disagree with making that move is if he gets “full control.” If he can come in and look at the Bellicheck/Polian relationship as a blueprint for Saban/Licht, I think we could be in for a good few years.

    I’d also hope that he keep Koetter even though he’d probably want to bring Lane Kiffin with im

  94. R.O. Says:

    Doesn’t matter who they hire.. Half will whine like $itches you are and the other half will applaud. When in the end we won’t know if it was a good or bad decision for 2 or 3 years. Just because you watch Bucs games and NFL network doesn’t mean fans know anything. When you complain you just pray you’re right. You’d rather be right then just wait and see how things turn out. Instead of enjoying the offseason and the suspense and the draft etc.. All anyone is going to is cry and hurl insults at the Glazers.

  95. Buccfan37 Says:

    Bud Grant is a tough old codger. I liked that guy back in his heyday. Peyton Manning becoming the Bucs backup QB, that’s the funniest and ugliest thing I’ve read all day.

  96. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Coaches go through cycles…..Look at Payton….Coughlin…..some teams go through cycles….I am quite convinced that the teams that win do so because of their QBs……Manning, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Brady, Wilson…..and perhaps this year Cam Newton.
    I have very high hopes that Jameis will make our next coach a winner no matter who he is.
    We simply need to build a good team around him….we’ve got a good start. These are young guys and fortunately they are cheap now.

  97. Brent bull/buc Says:

    I like McDermott and bring koetter back with raise as oc. Draft some good defensive players in draft. Full other holes in fa. They say a qbs best friend is a good defense,

  98. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    R.O. Says:
    January 11th, 2016 at 6:29 pm
    Doesn’t matter who they hire.. Half will whine like $itches you are and the other half will applaud.

    You are correct sir….there will be no consensus….but, a loyal fan should at least give the new HC a chance to succeed or fail before pounding him with negativity.

    Everyone has a right to their opinion….but it doesn’t become fact until actual games are played.

  99. Buccaneers Says:

    Lord-great post and I love how you illustrated the different minsets of our defense and offense in regards to pentalatys.

    In regards to Evans, yes, he does have clear freakish ability. Very talented. However, the goal is to win Championships. If his hands don’t improve he will either let us down and leaving us short of our goal or will be watching from the sideline. You simply cannot win in this league if you can’t rely on your top weapon.

    Evans had a great season but was completely unreliable at the same time. The guy dropped tons of points and lost us games. Mental game could be a reason or maybe Winston just throws too hard for Evans to be a consistent threat. Winston throws a lot harder then Manzeel, McCown or Gleenon ever did.

    His route running is pretty bad too. Quite a few times I saw Winston throwing to a specific spot and Mike couldn’t fight off coverage to get there. Across the board Evans has to improve in my opinion. Route running will likely never be his strong game and Jamies can surely work around that. But Mike has to make every big catch for us, especially when the ball hits him between the numbers.

    Evans indeed is the best receiver ive ever seen in a Bucs uniform but he is a far cry from being elite. I say if we don’t have an elite received, why not keep searching?

  100. Buccaneers Says:

    R.O.- complaining is fun bro. I for one, thoroughly enjoy it. More so then the draft perhaps.

    Hey, how bout complaint about the draft? Doesn’t get much more enjoyable then that!!!

  101. Buccaneers Says:

    TBBF-I agree with you that many good teams are winners because of your QBs. I’d like to also add that great QBs almost always benefit from having good blocking up front. You can even look at their careers and when they had “off” years it was usually a result from a diminished line.

    I’d also like to point out that TB currently has a solid O-line.

  102. Seminole Bill Says:

    I have it on very, very good authority that the next Bucs HC will be (drum roll), the Big Tuna himself, the man the Glazers have coveted from day one, Bill (bring the trophy back to Tampa) Parcells. You heard it here first.

    You can bank on it, it is a sure thing. Except if they hire Koetter.

  103. Buccaneers Says:

    Nicely composed Seminole bill. Would be pretty cool if they finally got Parcells. Equally cool would be if they went through the whole spheel again and Parcells backed out at the last second, again.

  104. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Buccaneers

    Finally…we agree…..I would like to see at least one more added to the line…..I realize we need a lot of help on defense but perhaps not as much with Lovie gone…..I remember Banks playing well as well as Verner at times…..maybe coaching and scheme will make a difference with some of our current players.
    I wouldn’t be totally bummed if we selected a top Olineman in round 1 or 2…..
    Protecting Jameis and giving him weapons is crucial to the future.

    One of the potential silver linings to the ASJ injury is Brate….I think he could develop into a Whitten or Olsen. Looking at it from the most positive perspective….we got ASJ & Brate for one 2nd round pick.

  105. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  106. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think Seminole Bill is blowing in the “Seminole Wind” here….

  107. Buccaneers Says:

    I look at these teams that roll out winning records every year……..pats, steelers, cowboys, giants……..the difference I see is they always have stability among those O and D lines. I firmly believe football games are won in the trenches.

    And I don’t care who our corners are. Opposing QBs had way too much time last year. Whoever we have next year at CB will be exposed if the pocket stays as a perfect U for twelve missippi.

  108. Seminole Bill Says:

    Parcells is “the” man. It would be a real trip to have a HC named the Big Tuna. Think about, tuna sandwiches at the RJ counter, no more hot dogs.

  109. Buccaneers Says:

    Yeah it’s hard not to like Brate. He looks kinda small but boy he got some heart don’t he? Hes the kind of player that would wanna take a crack over the middle to get you 3 yards on 2nd and 2. I’m sorry, I just don’t see none of that in Austin Jenkins. You win with guys like Brate IMO.

    It kinda upset me to see Jenkins strolling on the field down after down while Brate sat.

  110. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I might be missing something, but I see a regression

    I think the only thing you are missing…perhaps we just disagree…is the effect the highly leveraged buyout of ManU had on this team.

    Again their first two hires were SB winning coaches. Home runs.

    Their next two hires are disasters as viewed from our perspective…they served aa great purpose from the Glazer perspective. They were not going to spend a penny more than needed on the Bucs during those years…there was no way they were going to pay a name coach and pay off Chucky’s contract so Rah was the cheapest way to go. Schiano…same deal…along with the promise of a strick disciplinarian changing our bonehead ways. How did that work out.

    The first time the Glazers have really looked for a coach since Gruden WAS a mistake…Lovie. Understandable at the time but hindsight is 20-20 and it was clearly a mistake.

    That’s where I come up with my 2-3…two SB coaches out of three tries and two care takers who didn’t cost too much. Lovie…again in hindsight a mistake.

    Like many here before me I trust Licht…he has earned a genuine shot at being a real GM.

    Kind of like I trust Yzerman..if Stamkos is not resigned…I won’t go nuts.

  111. Buccaneers Says:

    I love Parcells. Epic old-school football guy……..None of this yuppie flash and dash BS. Just hard nose, knock you on your ass football.

  112. Chrisco4bucs Says:


    All my friends here in NC think I’m crazy, but I wouldn’t doubt a bit if it’s already a done deal, I sure hope so…….

  113. Chrisco4bucs Says:

    Say no to the tuna guys, he already has F’ed us once

  114. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:


    I don’t think it’s a done deal…I think it all rides on the outcome of tonight’s game. If Bama wins tonight then I think Saban will be ready to try the NFL again. If not, then I think he’ll stay

  115. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    As long as its an offensive minded coach I’m good. We need the focus to be on #3. That’s all that truly matters at this moment.

  116. HIRE JIMBO Says:

    I’m calling it right now. REMEMBER I SAID THIS. MATT PATRICIA will be the next great coach in the nfl. I pray that the bucs hire him. He’s toung, he has learned for 12 years under belicheat, and he has coached both offense AND defense. PLEASE GLAZERS IF YOUR READING THIS HIRE HIM NOW.

  117. Howard Cosell Says:

    If we keep Koetter get some top shelf defensive head coach and make them both co-head coaches answerable to Licht that would be epic.

  118. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Just curious…why would a win tonight free Saban to go to the pros.? What would be in it for him? Remember now when talking about Saban or Chucky $$$$ are irrelevant…both men are multi…multi…millionaires with job security in jobs that pay them more than 5 million a year. Money will not make a difference.

    So it come down to ego…desire…which game you like best…college or pro..that’s clear with Chucky not so much for Saban. IF he wins again he only TIES Bear Bryant’s national title total..why wouldn’t he want to come back and BREAK that record?

    Not trying to be difficult I just don’t see the motivation for Saban. IF he did want to come back why would he come to a backwater like Tampa…coach for the Glazers with their quick axe…they’ll fire anybody…even Saban..when he could go to the Big Apple..get all the glory…and coach for an ownership with a long tradition and excellent reputation..the Maras. In addition he’d have a proven franchise QB with several more years in the tank while he searched for a replacement

    I just can’t figure out what would lure Saban to Tampa…and I love #3 but Eli Manning is not chpped liver and Saban would be in the nation’s media capital.

  119. DallasBuc Says:

    Parcells is not coming back to coaching and certainly not coming to Tampa if he did. Some people say the craziest sht.

  120. Howard Cosell Says:

    Lol, I do believe the Bucs have a buzz going in NFL community. There’s gold in these thar hills. You have Winston and Marpet and too many guys to mention on offense. You have what appears to be an extremely competent GM. You have a defensive draft (probably) coming. You have stacks of cap cash. You have motivated owners (at least it would appear so with the move at HC and the good hires from last year (Licht and Koetter).

  121. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:


    Oh, dude don’t worry about it…I know you’re being argumentative.

    I don’t think the “record” is what motivates him. I think the challenge is what motivates him. Also, keep in mind that Saban will have reached that total in 9 years. The Bear took 25 years to get there.

    But I do think that ego plays a huge role in this. Saban failed in the NFL. No other way to put it. His time in Miami is the only blemish on a record that is otherwise filled with excellence. I think he wants a chance to prove that he’s a good football coach no matter what level he’s coaching at.

    I also think that he sees Jameis Winston, a potential franchise QB who is just as competitive as he is. He doesn’t give a damn if the game is “fun” — to him it’s only fun if you’re winning. He’s said before that if he had a franchise QB in Miami then he’d probably still be there.

    Like I said, I’m not saying it’s the right move but I am saying that it’s something that strikes me as perfectly fitting in with the Glazers MO. Parcells, Chip Kelly, Gruden…they like big name head coaches that are going to make a splash.

    If Saban doesn’t insist on full control of the roster then I think it could work and work very very well.

  122. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:


    Crap, sorry, I meant to say I know you’re NOT being argumentative

  123. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    St. Pete,

    I easily can envision Saban staying in college for the rest of his career. However, he’s a super competitive person, and he’s basically achieved greatness at the collegiate level. I agree money would not be the motivating factor for him to enter the NFL. The desire to achieve greatness at the next level would be the primary reason he’d do it. He’d be in elite company if he won a Super Bowl.

    As for what could draw him here, financially there’s the lack of a state income tax of course, the close proximity to Birmingham, the weather, an excellent offensive staff and coordinator already in place, a franchise QB, young quality players on both sides of the ball, a top ten draft pick, and ownership that wants
    to win and will spend money to do so. Pretty compelling.

    I still think it’ll be Koetter.

  124. Elle Says:

    Saban is still the same person who constantly denied any interest in returning to the NCAA, assuring people he was committed to the Dolphins, only to end up doing the opposite of what he was preaching. He’s good with kids, not with men. If the Bucs will hire Saban, it’ll be five coaches out of five picked by the boys (the sons, not Malcolm) who I disagree with. Saban is the personification of the football HC who is a super star only at the collegiate level, and average – at best – in the pros.

    And all of the above is coming from someone who is a die hard Bama fan. I love Saban and my alma mater team, but him coaching the Bucs would depress me a whole lot.

  125. LargoBuc Says:

    How could anyone trust Saban to coach the Bucs. Its not his x’s and o’s that set him apart from the rest, althiugh im not saying he isnt smart, but its his intensity and ability to motivate his players that makes him great. There is no question who is in 100% control at Bama. And it has worked great in college, that kind of spit tends to get old fairly quick in the pro’s. Sure guys like Parcells and Coughlin do a good job of being a “hard ass”, but it just takes a whole different dimension in the nfl. And I just have a hard time seeing Saban being able to pull that off.
    Plus after what happened in Miami, who would trust that guy to lead their team? Not one gm should be willing to take that chance for a guy who has lied and played a pretty good politician. NFL coaches have to be straight forward. Your not going to bull spit these owners, gm’s and def not the players.
    And why the hell would Saban risk tarnishong his career for the Bucs? Maybe he would go to Philly or New york, places that may not take a total rebuild, although Philly is getting close. But he has it made in Bama. He can recruit from probably anywhere in the country, he could be in the same company as Bear freaking Bryant soon, Nick Saban owns college football. He’s not risking his legacy on building a defense in Tampa, even if he has Jameis to start with. No way do I ever see Nick Saban on our sideline.

  126. Big Mo Says:

    Doug Williams…. that would be the wild card..

  127. Seminole Bill Says:

    The Grambling Rifle (or cannon or whatever) would be a great choice. But, here is what Yardbarker is reporting:

    “The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are well into their coaching search with interviewing Carolina’s defensive coordinator Sean McDermott and Arizona Cardinals’ offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin. Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter had his own interview, but not with Tampa Bay.

    On Saturday, Koetter interviewed with the San Francisco 49ers for their head coaching vacancy and all indications are everything went well. What does that mean for the Bucs?”

    What the @#$% does that mean? Koetter had his own interview but not with the Bucs? Are we in for a surprise? Saban sounds like a long shot – the Glazers went to the college ranks for Schiano – how did that one turn out? Saban had a chance in Miami and only lasted two seasons.

  128. cmurda Says:

    No way it’s Saban. Please say it ain’t so. I’ll be happy with Koetter. I’ll take some of the other names but Saban scares me like a Raheem Morris nightmare.

  129. HIRE JIMBO Says:

    #Matt Patricia
    DO IT.
    It’s gotta be him or Jimbo

  130. Brad Says:

    He just did an onside kick in a tie game! In the National Title Game! When the hell does Saban do that? In his last game at Bama because he wants it bad and knows it’s his last game. I’m delusion but it’s so much more fun than Koetter or anyone else. I need to get myself excited before they let me down with the next Schiano or Lovie Smith.

  131. Eric Says:

    The coach search is about the only excitement we get.


  132. Brad Says:

    We had last years draft, but that was just hoping they didn’t F-up and pick Mariotta. More nerve wrecking than exciting.

  133. Mike10 Says:

    Team Glazier is different than Malcom Glazier, the same man that would be there after games to smack hands w all the players as they came off the field.

  134. White Tiger Says:

    If I didn’t know it was Woody spreading this manure, I’d say this guy stumbled onto something. While even a stopped watch can be right two times a day…you don’t really rely on it for anything.

    The Glazers know it’s critical for the QB of the franchises future to maintain some continuity, rendering it a moot point. There simply isn’t a scenario where you are definitely SURE that the next OC would be as good an OC as Koetter. We know Koetter wants a shot as a HC, we know teams are interested, we know he’s been interviewed…so any defensive minded coach they bring in – would drive Koetter off.

    The ONLY thing Woody can be thinking is that the Glazers still want to finish what they stared by stabilizing the defense – and bring in a guy like Coughlin. If that WERE to happen, the only way Koetter stays is if Coughlin would take the role of DC, not entirely out of the question, but highly unlikely. I think Coughlin has an axe to grind – and he still wants to be the guy in charge. Philly is begging him to come to the dark side – and that may be what attracts a guy like Coughlin.

    It could happen, but the only way it would, is if Koetter gets to be the HC. The Glazers are enjoying the fact that not many teams with a rookie QB find themselves with a top 10 offense to boot…Koetter’s the reasonn this went down.

    My belief for the reason for the delay in naming Koetter, is because he or Licht were awaiting an opportunity to interview someone from one of the losing playoff teams…and there is a timeline during the playoffs when all NON-playoff business is placed on hold until AFTER the leagues big Superbowl soiré. They announce on Wednesday, talk about it for a couple of days – then it’s silenced until after the post-season.

  135. RealBucFan Says:

    Why does everyone want a coach hired by wednesday? Best assistants are still coaching, and we can’t interview. I would rather hire a assistant from a winning organization, than one from a losing. We don’t need to rush our hire. CALM THE F DOWN PEOPLE!

  136. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Got a question.

    If the Bucs wanted…say…a Cornerbacks coach from another team to be Defensive Coordinator (not saying we should) can that team prevent us from interviewing and offering the job, even though it would be a promotion?

  137. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    As to the coaching hire…I figure it is like this:

    Scenario 1
    The Bucs want to make Koetter HC and are just taking advantage of this time to interview competition and find Def staf.

    Scenario 2 (the way I’m leaning)
    Koetter doesn’t want a promotion and has agreed to remain OC, and the Bucs are keeping it quiet so they can get one of the top Defensive Coordinators to be the head coach

    Scenario 3
    The Bucs are looking at someone else entirely and want the new head coach to decide whether to keep the remaining staff. I find this one unlikely because Koetter would take the 49ers job by now…unless the Bucs and the 49ers have agreed to keep it quiet until after the Superbowl.

  138. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I prefer Scenario 2.

    I’d like Sean McDermott as our head coach and Koetter to remain offensive coordinator. Give Sean McDermott a deal like he had with the Colts at first. Hands off the offense.

    Give Sean McDermott the draft and the staff. Let him replace Cullin.

    That’s all assuming Koetter does not want a promotion or want to leave. Just because he interviewed doesn’t mean he wants to leave. He interviewed nearly every year with the Falcons and Jags. I think it’s more about interview experience.

  139. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    A deal like DUNGY had with the Colts I mean.

  140. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    BB – Scenario 2 makes sense to me as well. Today and tomorrow should be exciting.