Koetter Has “Demanding” Mastered

January 28th, 2016
Logan Mankins gives his first public comments on the Bucs' head coaching change

Logan Mankins gives his first public comments on the Bucs’ head coaching change

Live on the ground in Hawaii yesterday, Joe talked to Logan Mankins about Dirk Koetter taking over for fired Lovie Smith.

The Bucs’ Pro Bowl left guard, who might not return this season, said Koetter showcased at least one attribute that is critical to success as an NFL head coach.

“It’s hard to tell until that person’s in that situation. But I know the way he took command of our offensive room and demanded people do things the right way,” Mankins said. “So that’s what you need for your head coach. He’s got to be very demanding of his players.”

Yes, the soft spoken Mankins emphasized “demanding;” that’s not just Joe playing games with italics.

Joe also asked Mankins if Lovie got a “raw deal.” Mankins hasn’t made up his mind on that yet.

“I don’t know. It’s a tough business,” Mankins said. “It always comes down to winning or losing. I’ll say I was surprised he got fired, but hey, the owners they get to choose who they want to do their jobs. So it’s up to them.”

“It was tough to see Lovie get fired like that, but I really like Dirk Koetter. He did a very good job for our offense last year. He’s very capable, and I think it’s good for him to get the opportunity.”

59 Responses to “Koetter Has “Demanding” Mastered”

  1. MonsGM Says:

    Very professional way of saying he is happy Dirk is the guy. Hopefully this will help him decide to stay around for one more year.

  2. NewTampaChris Says:

    Whatever. Another two years, another coach. We’ll see.

  3. Mike Johnson Says:

    Koetter will find it different as a HC in the NFL. No more hiding behind the main guy. He is..the main guy. And when mistakes are made and his Defense does not play well, Koetter will have to suck it up and master the spin game.
    So we shall see what we got come next August or so.Demanding is one thing. Getting it done is entirely another. Action..cameras….Roll!

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Has Carl Nicks’ toe healed yet?

    I hope Mankins stays and if they keep his salary at $7 mil, I think he will. That is a lot of money for your family even if you have money.
    Imagine asking your kids……”Do you want Daddy to retire and get a Jetta when you are 16….or do you want Daddy to work another year and get a Ferrari?”

  5. DallasBuc Says:

    Translation: This football team is better off with Dirk Koetter

  6. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Mike are you sure you’re name is not Mykal Smith. My gawd the Smith family couldn’t pay anybody to write more incredibly hateful negative crap!

    He SUCKKKED Mike!!! Continuity is one thing but continuity simply for continuity’s sake is freaking brain dead. Get over it.

    No more hiding behind the main guy.

    Are you freaking kidding me. Koetter NEVER hid behind anybody. His press conferences were refreshing because of that very fact. He was blunt, honest and the polar opposite of paranoid Lovie who tried to hide even the most obvious facts and would NEVER discuss things like what was up with ASJ.

    There was no bigger waste of time than a Lovie Smith press conference. He never said anything. It’s as simple as that! It’s just another reason why he got fired….he was the black hole of honesty and charisma…he has neither.

    I defended Lovie against Realist and Dallas by using his Chicago record. But I have to be honest they were right and I was wrong.

    When I look back on their points they are valid…I was blinded by the fact that I was a Bucanneer fan and was hoping against hope.

    For heavens’ sake if we put up with total embarrassment…Lovie should have been fired after the Tennessee game…if many of us tried to defend the indefensible because Lovie was a nice guy…you could at least become a Buc fan again and start rooting positively.

    Your negativity and constant whining about how Lovie got a raw deal and how you can’t wait to see Koetter get his version of a raw deal is really obnoxious!!!

    Just sayin’. Then again perhaps you’re not really a Buc fans but just a troll.
    I’ll leave that for you to decide. But I can tell you and others can either agree or disagree…you’re not posting like a Buc fan but more like a troll.

  7. ATrain Says:

    Hey Mike one thing you can bet Dirk’s press conferences wont be a bunch of babbling excuses like Lovie.

    I bet Dirk will shoulder the blame..

    I don’t think there is aa true fan that thinks any coach can turn a team around quickly. However we do EXPECT the team to play PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL ..

    There was nothing professional about the slop Lovie was putting on the field PERIOD


  8. Mike Johnson Says:

    StPeteBucFan..I was a Bucs fans when you were running around with a snotty nose in Diapers my man. Sat thru those 0-16 season in the old sombrero. Know the names of former Buc Players you would have to research!
    And yes, I stand by my comments. whether YOU..like them or not. Like Mellencamp said, Ain’t that America? Land of the free baby. I’ll say what I want when I want as long as I’m not directly insensitive and Joe does not censor me. And now,,I present to You..Coach Koetter at the podium…SPINNING>a loss.

  9. Mike Johnson Says:

    Goes for you to there Mr…A train!

  10. Mike Johnson Says:

    ANy more takers. Come on with it!

  11. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Mike Johnson Says:
    October 5th, 2015 at 10:13 am

    I hereby decree..Loviedubbie and Jason Lightbulb..Spinmasters of the Year. Lovie is the Spin Captain and Jason is the..Grandmaster. 11 straight home losses people. “

  12. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    You sure like the word “spin” a lot.

  13. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Mike Johnson Says:
    October 28th, 2015 at 6:43 pm

    There it is. We shall now call Lovie “THE SPINMASTER”. He is pretty smooth at those press conferences though. Weaving and spinnin away from critical questions. Who knows he just might be..THE GRANDMASTER of the Spin!”

  14. BucFan20 Says:

    Hey Mike. Good how you sat thru 0-16 season when there were only 13 games. I was there and sat thru 0-26.

  15. Mike Johnson Says:

    Say Love and WD…I like SPIN a lot because that what my current Bucs have been doin for the last 10 yrs or so..Spinning out of control. Searching for their..instant winning oatmeal brand. But don’t worry. The same fans who are heaping high praises on the golden boy Koetter will turn on him once he losses 2 or 3 in a row. Hell, its the..Buccaneer way baby!

  16. StAugBuc Says:

    Mike Johnson Says:
    January 28th, 2016 at 9:51 am

    StPeteBucFan..I was a Bucs fans when you were running around with a snotty nose in Diapers my man. Sat thru those 0-16 season in the old sombrero.

    I mentioned to you before: Bucs NEVER went 0-16

  17. Mike Johnson Says:

    BUCFAN20..same difference. So many losses I forgotem. Back during those days, you could buy 25 bucs of grocery at Winn Dixie and get a free Bucs Ticket.Me and my dad sat thru lotsa those games. He Loved the Bucs. Don’t play the corrections game with me..PAL. Losses are losses. And we..got plenty of’em in our history. Been there..done that.

  18. Waterboy Says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how things turn out. I wish Koetter success but I’m at the point where I’m tired of spending off-seasons getting all excited about the next new coach and how this one is better than the last. At this point don’t tell me about it just just show me.

  19. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Yet, you’re still here complaining…..

    No one is making you support a losing team for decades. If you want to be miserable, that’s on you.

  20. BucFan20 Says:

    He needs to jump on the Panthers Bandwagon. Wants to remember the Bucs as 0-32. That might make him happy.

  21. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    StPeteBucFan..I was a Bucs fans when you were running around with a snotty nose in Diapers my man.

    Man this is one statement of yours that I hate to prove wrong! I WISH I was a kid with a snotty nose back then!!! LMAO

    But I would never claim to have the Buc history that many of you have. I didn’t even move to Tampa until the late 90’s and so I was rooting for the Bengals up until then.

    It’s great that you’re a fan!!! But seriously man read your posts! They are written like you can wait to gloat how mistreated Lovie was IF and when Koetter also fails.

    If your honest and objective…what Koetter does has nothing to do with Lovie.

    You should be rooting FOR Koetter out of simple human kindness if not becausee you’re a rabid Buc’s fan. Why would anybody look forward to anybody else’s failure? I simply do not get that. I get the chip on your shoulder because you think Lovie got a raw deal.

    Do you honestly believe Lovie’s firing was Koetter’s fault. Why would you enjoy seeing him squirm at a podium explaining a BUCS LOSS. He’s a decent man with solid family values. Why wish that on anybody.

    BTW we are in agreement about one thing. You absolutely have a right to express your opinion! Notice I didn’t call you names or insult your intelligence…I just question your motivation. And of course like you we all have the right to our opinions and to respond to yours.

  22. Mike Johnson Says:

    Right on WaterBoy!! That’s the spirit. Give’em a taste of the ole cold steel baby!! Everybody is heaping all these Amens and praises when this new coaching staff has done zilch..absolutely zero!! These same fair whether fans will be calling for a noose once we lose 2 or 3 in a row next year. I’ll be optimistic when I see vast improvement. Until then, they are just new coaches with hopes. This team has more losses than I got aches and pains in my body!
    All of this Koetters this and Smiths that. They have not won one game yet. So until then? I give them..nothing. they are Just a fresh newgroup of..Spinners.

  23. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    No Bucs fan who was actually around for 0-26 could possibly forget the NFL seasons in 1976 and ’77 were only 14 games. Sorry, but no one can forget THAT! I still vividly remember the Saints game and was there when we beat the St. Louis Cardinals for our first ever home win. Those games are etched in my brain forever. Go Bucs! Carry on.

  24. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    So, you want to actively not support the team until they prove it you. And, you are doing this by posting this sentiment in every post of website….for Bucs fans?

    That will show the Glazers!! Every time the Glazer boys open up their computers, and scan through the comments on JBF see what Mike Johnson thinks, and then lament it. “He’s still upset, Joel!”


  25. ATrain Says:

    Hey Mike since to LOVE Lovie here you GO:

    Press conference for Lovie… “We are doing somethings better, We still have somethings to work on… We are getting better..”

    You can replay that in your head..Because the only one Lovie will talk to this year will be the TV in his basement.


    You like that kinda of football go done to the YMCA, Heck Lovie might be coaching there, But I doubt it..

  26. BucFan20 Says:

    Yes your correct it was 14. That is how far back it goes with me . And yes with epilepsy you can forget somethings. NO I did not remember the first team we ever beat.

  27. chipbuc Says:

    Mike Johnson = Troll Dont fall for his BS.

  28. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Mike Johnson lovie is gone, get over it. Simple as that

  29. Buccfan37 Says:

    I don’t mind less than glowing opinions of the Bucs going forward, those are easy guesses based on past performance. You calling Bucs fans fair weather fans is laughable.

  30. ColoradoBuc Says:

    Mike Johnson, America’s spin-mastering troll!

  31. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Lovie was fired from his last two jobs. Koetter was promoted for making the best of a bad situation. Only an idiot would consider that promotion a bad move when offensive records were set with a rookie QB. First Buccaneer team to crack 6,000 yards in four decades. I expect they will only improve on that in the years to come. I don’t expect a SB next season, but I do expect a competitive team that will be respected. It’s been too long since this team was feared. I believe we have the right coaches and many of the right players to get it done.

  32. CAN'T FIX IT Says:

    You know, I’m 59 years old and I remember the first year of the Buc’s , They was crap, The second year the same , Does any one remember the game the Buc’s and Chiefs played in the rain, I was there out side in the rain listening to the fans inside having all kinds of fun . The Buc’s won 3-0 . I believe they got in the playoff’s for the first time with John McKay, I see coaches as coaches , Nothing else and I do smell racist with some people on this site,not naming anybody but you know who you are !! IF a coach is bad he’s bad. Don’t wish another coach failure because his oatmeal isn’t brown, the color of the oatmeal don’t make the coach,, BRAINS DOES !!!!!!!

  33. mjc Says:

    At least “Bucs Fan Since 76” got the record right. The Bucs went 0-14 in the expansion season. Finally broke through beating the Saints to end the 26 game losing streak. They beat the Cards the following week to win their first home game. The Bucs offense was so bad in 77 I remember they were shut out at least 6 or 7 times that season.

    Lovie had to go. We could not play another season with him leading the defense and the possibility of Dirk leaving. If you are ownership and you value Dirk more than Lovie, then you have to make the change immediately. Why keep Lovie and the poor defense and risk losing Dirk and having to implement a new offense and wonder if the new OC would mesh with Jameis.

    The big difference between Dirk /Mike Smith versus Lovie are the comments from Dirk & Mike. They both say their goal is to put players in positions to succeed and to adjust to the players they have.

    Lovie turned over almost the whole roster to find players that fit his system. A big waste of money and time. Especially when his system does not work.

  34. ben Says:

    k.. I have had season tkts forever…I am pulling for Mr. Koetter but his record as head coach in college is NOT great. He also had issues with player that have been documented which helped in his firing in college. Lets hope he has learned a lot since then.

  35. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Mike

    Pardon me….but the Bucs never went 0-16……was a season ticket holder in ’76……14 game seasons then.

    So, if you’re going to school my old friend St. Pete…..get it right, bud!!!

  36. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Let me decode Father Mankins statement ” yea they stabbed him in the back” that’s all I got out of it!!

  37. 813bucboi Says:

    @mike…don’t worry I hear you….I think lovie got a raw deal and at least should’ve been given one more year….even though I supported lovie and had plenty of wars with couchfan and realist, lovie made he fair share of mistakes and questionable coaching decisions…..with that being said I think fans, media and the bucs front office are giving dirk WAY too much credit for the offense….jameis made dirk look great…imho I think jameis would’ve made marcus arroyo look like a capable oc….just ask yourself, why wasn’t he interviewed for a hc after working with david Garrard? or matty ice? I think because gm’s/owners saw some red flags….notice just about every interview with a player regarding dirk is always an offensive player….I read a few article on bucshub and it mentioned verner and david saying they didn’t know much about dirk and he never communicated with the defensive players whether they were passing each other in the hallways at one buc place or on the practice field….I have been pretty pissed at the decision to can lovie after just 2 years but it is what it is…I will continue to support and root for my bucs but I hope dirk is held to the same standard because one side of the ball is mostly in place…imho dirk is in a tougher spot than lovie…lovie was trying to rebuild…everything that licht and dirk have been saying suggest that we are capable of winning right now so anything less than a 10-6 season with a playoff birth is unacceptable…GO BUCS!!!

  38. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Decode time again: My Spin: JASON L could not tolerate playing second fiddle to LOVIE so he goes to Dirk and says your going to be the coach next year! Dirk keeps quit (making him a Back Stabber) JASON meets with THE GLAZERS and throws LOVIE under the bus! LOVIE gets fired, takes it like a man (have not heard a word from LOVIE) and there you have it SMILLING IN YOUR FACE, BACK STABBERS!!

  39. Buccaneers Says:

    Well said mjc……..Hiring Koetter also gave us an upgrade with defensive coaches now that we have Mike Smith and his assistants. I’ll tell you though Mikes defense won’t look that much better if we don’t get a pass rush and continue to give opposing QBs seven Mississippi.

    Dirk has a lot to prove too. While outperforming Lovie won’t be too difficult, I’m quite certain ownership and fans are expecting more then that.

    The arrow is pointed up for our team but the coaching staff has a ton of work to do before they deserve any accolades.

  40. Buccaneers Says:

    Nice speculation BigHog. Your premise is amazing.

  41. Bob in Valrico Says:

    from the top down we are better ,each coach has more of a resume and potential to improve the bucs than I can remember.hats off to Koetter this is a well thought out staff that only is thinking of how to improve this team.

  42. 813bucboi Says:

    another issue that hasn’t sat well with me is the fact that a lot of people(the joes and posters) say they would be satisfied if dirk won 6-8 games due to the fact that we face a tougher schedule….LOL…a tougher schedule?…this year we played 3 playoffs teams…next year we play 5 teams that were in the playoffs…whos to say that number wont decrease and some of those teams take a step back just like the cowboys, lions and ravens….if he only wins 6-8 games in his first year I would be very disappointed..we could’ve kept lovie for that….like I mentioned earlier I hope dirk is held to the same standard…10-6 with playoffs from here on out or he must go after year 2…GO BUCS!!!

  43. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Lovie is gone…..beating a very dead horse here…..sort of like continuing to whine about Michael Bennett…

    Do I think he was going to get a 3rd year…..yes….do I think he “deserved” a third year….no.

  44. STEVEdaBUc Says:

    N.C buc fan here surrounded in panther country but I love the hire of dirk kotter and DC Mike smith I see big things for Jamies Adam Hump; our young O-Line great year form Donvan smith and Ail marpet our offense is going Hum with V Jax(hopefully) Mike Evans the Douggernaut C sims boy we going be nice.
    next out defense Has nowhere to go but up under Mike smith gotta get some good pieces threw draft and FA. On D I’ll say I want to see Chris conte, John banks, Vener come back. I didn’t like how lovie was benching John banks he can be great DB I know it.

  45. The Buc Realist Says:

    He really did not deserve the 1st year, as soon as lovie named Old man McCown the starter, The Glazers should have walked down the hall and told lovie that “Its not going to work out”!!!! And if the Tampa2 mafia “just wants the same standard applied” then the new regime just has to do better than 24 losses with 12 blowouts!!! We might as well sign Coach Koetter to an extension right now!!!!

    Not lets get back to some good coaching and good football around here!!!!

  46. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    You know what? I was a supporter of Lovie but in the end I couldn’t get upset at him being fired. The proof was in the poohting and his team stunk! The biggest I have a problem with is how some of the guys up here just spewed out pure hatred towards him and Lovie isn’t a bad person. Stubborn as a mule but not stupid or incompetent as many call him up here. It’s funny how everyone up here is singing Koetters praise and he hasn’t coached one single NFL game. I can almost guarantee that the ones who crucify Lovie up here will not do Koetter the same way if he bombs. I really want Koetter & Smith to succeed so our Bucs can becone relevant finally but a small part wants to see what happens if they don’t

    You guys nit picking about 0-16 please stop because up in that 0-16 start whether there was a 13,14 or 16 game season.

  47. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol BigHog, if thats how it played out. Thats fine with me. Whatever it took to get Imcompetent Lovie out of Tampa. Who would want to play 2nd fiddle to a clueless coach who would eventually get everyone fired? Dirk is the man!!!

  48. Bob in Valrico Says:

    being stubborn as a mule or to put it another way close minded severely
    limited progress of team and his own personal growth as a coach.when you need to fix anything if the method you try fails,then you need to rethink
    your approach.Many here expected more from Lovie and thats why there is
    so frustration here.The only progress on team was on offense under Koetter and staff.defensive scheme ,coaches and architect had to go because of unwillingness to change .We now have better coaches to teach and correct mistakes.

  49. Buccaneers Says:

    Realist can you explain to me exactly what you’re talking about? I’m not going to set here and tell you McCown was a great move but at the same time I think it’s pretty obvious there were not many\any good options at QB in 2014.

    If you are going to crucify Lovie for bringing in McCown could you at least have the decency to explain which QB he dropped the ball on? Is your point that Lovie should have recruited Vick? Should we have gotten Freeman to return? Draft Manzeel? What, Glennon? What great option was overlooked?

    Did you ever ever think that, perhaps, Lovie looked to the QB class of 2015 and decided brining in a vet for one year would be the best option so we could make a run at Winston or Mariota?

    What am I missing here? Can you explain what great option Lovie blocked by bringing in McCown? Or am I mistaken and Lovie put the future of the franchise into McCowns hand by signing himnto a multi-year blockbuster deal?

  50. Buccaneers Says:

    And when Lovie was hired don’t you think the franchises glaring need for a QB was discussed. I darn sure know if I were the Glazers I would be asking my next coach how he was going to address that position.

    Just speculating here but perhaps you would be happier Realist had we hired the guy who had Manzeel in his plans with our draft pick that year.

  51. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    First off…to Realist…Dallas…and Couch.

    You guys were right and I was wrong. I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong.

    I defended Lovie right up until his horrid performance those final four games. That was a freaking joke. It’s not like he lost close games to good teams…he fielded an uncompetive team that was so embarrassing it was exceeded only by the totally amateurish performance of Lovies defense against the Titans!!!

    I honestly wonder if some of these guys are Lovie’s sons..you know the unqualifed Bozo’s Lovie foisted on this team insuring that we had the worst secondary play in the league!!!

    I can admit my mistake for sticking with Lovie too long. It’s time for some of you to make that same admission. Realist..Dallas..Couch and others were simply correct…give them credit!

  52. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    could you at least have the decency to explain which QB he dropped the ball on?

    Are you kidding? McCown was brought in to protect us from the inexperienced mistakes MG8 was supposedly going to make. McClown played worse than a freaking rookie…worst of all McClown CHOKED…anybody who has ever played sports could see it…it was obvious..he was pressing to live up to his buddy expectations.

    Lovie should have absolutely gone to MG8 by midseason at the latest.

    I’m not a member of the MGM but clearly MG8 gave us a better chance to win in 2014 than a choking McCown!!!

    But worst of all Lovie never gave us a chance to properly assess MG8’s abilities.
    So now we have people here claiming he isn’t even worth a 3rd round pick because NOBODY really knows!!! That’s TOTALLY on stupid Lovie!!!

    If MG8 goes somewhere else and play well that will be another Lovie Smith legacy. I’m not suggesting that #3 isn’t the QB we need…I am pointing out that if Lovie gave him a shot we might be getting more in return for MG8.

  53. Buccaneers Says:

    St Pete-The point is we didn’t have any good options at QB that year. They brought in a seasoned vet to try and give us a better chance to win. It didn’t work, I don’t think the decision was that horrible. Bottom line is we had no talent to choose from for the QB spot.

    And it you throws Glennons name at me I’ll debate ya all day on that. The guy has obvious limited abilities. He was never going to be the answer. Same as McCown he’s only a backup in this league. The way I see it our choices at QB that year were 3…… Stink, stank, stunk

  54. The Buc Realist Says:

    Thats the point, Lovie choose stink!!! He did not even try the unknown of MG8 or the draft or other free agents. That whole offseason all we heard was how Lovie changed and how he self reflected in the basement!! First thing he does if hire the backup he fired and used to have and hand him the keys, Then he ran staight to the podum, and tried to tell us that defense and special teams wins 10 games!!! So many signs of why it was not going to work out!!

    But in the end, starting now, we have a QB, We have good coaches, And hopefully a GM that will find talent in each draft!! They have some cleanup from the lovie mistakes to do, but it looks like they can crawl out of the basement finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Buccaneers Says:

    Oh come on man. Lovie chose a experienced QB over a wide eyed kid. It didn’t work out and most of us probably didn’t expect much.

    But this is the fact that’s as easy to see as the sun. The options were pitiful. You guys keep throwing Glennons name out there,as if he has undenayable talent. Didn’t he stat in 5-7 games that year? His best attribute was checking the ball down. He did nothing special. If starting a McCown to try to get more production than Glennon is a mistake I suggest you rewatch some Glennon footage.

    And what about the draft? You think we should have drafted Manzeel or Bridgewater? I disagree. Drafting somebody is an investment. You draft them you better prepare to give them a few years learning curve.

    And free agency had nothing to offer. Vick was there as I remember. Who else are you talking about?

    It’s my belief that Lovie eyed the 2015 draft to get his QB and he nailed it. And at the end of the day you can’t convince me that Glennon or Vick was going to win us a bunch of games. You also can’t convince me we’d be better off with Manzeel or Bridgewater.

    McCown didn’t work out but the idea to get a experienced QB in here isn’t that bad…… And when looking at the options it don’t make sense that Lovie should have been fired about McCown, which is why I responded.

  56. Buccaneers Says:

    I remember one play when McClown had three 300 pound lineman bearing down on him…… In a panic he just tryed to get rid of the ball. All he could do was toss it backwards over his head in lolipop fashion. Of course it went for pick-6.

    Easily one of the funniest blunders I ever witnessed(not at the time). He put the ole Dilfer no-look to shame on that play. Hahahahaha

  57. lurker Says:

    bye lovie

    addition by subtraction! simple as that.

    ps don’t feed the troll

  58. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Regarding Carl Nicks, we cleaned the roof of Carl Nicks home that was for sale in Odessa. Carl Nicks told my Son he has no intention of returning to football.

    Real Bucs tragedy what happened to Nicks. Changed the whole future of the team. Good to hear from you today, Apple. –Joe

  59. biff barker Says:

    The Nicks injury was just awful, (along wit purging 3 other starters), but the Bucs OL has rebounded immensely.