“They’ll Go Hunt For Somebody”

December 24th, 2015

Doug Martin and Luke Stocker talk blocking

Remember when benched right tackle Demar Dotson recently said Doug Martin made a lot of “chicken salad out of nothing” back in 2012? That’s when Martin ran his way to rookie stardom and a Pro Bowl — 1,454 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns.

Yesterday, Martin said this year’s offensive line is better than what he had during that standout season.

Joe heard that and asked Martin what exactly is better about this year’s O-line.

“Across the line, these guys are just fighters,” Martin said. “They’ll go hunt for somebody, bury them and they’ll [say] ‘Hey Doug, go get 200 [rushing yards] this game’ [or] ‘We’ll get you 100 [rushing yards] this game.’ The relationship that I have with them, that’s something that I like.”

Joe also asked tight end Luke Stocker to compare the lines of 2012 and 2015. Stocker made 11 starts in 2012 but said differences are difficult to pinpoint. But he added this year’s group is more on point technically and tactically.

“This offensive line doesn’t make a lot of mental errors in the run game,” Stocker said. “Even the times we have messed up, a lot of times he’s taken that, made a guy missed and ended up with a big run behind us.”

It’s still shocks Joe to think of the Buccaneers’ O-line as a powerful NFL unit. But they are, and they deserve all the accolades that would accompany Martin winning the rushing title.

11 Responses to ““They’ll Go Hunt For Somebody””

  1. G Says:

    Much improved for sure… But they did not look so powerful when they let their QB get beat up by Aaron Donald last week.

  2. Bucsfanman Says:

    Without question the single biggest, pleasant surprise!
    Go ‘head and brush your shoulders off!

  3. Architek Says:

    Licht is a real “Rockstar”

  4. Strider.... Sec 146 Says:

    I hope we grab some more young hogs in the draft then we sit em down and feed them a year then bring me out

  5. unbelievable Says:

    It would be nice if we didnT have to line up 6 offensive lineman though. That’s the improvement I’m looking for next season from this unit.

    Be able to run and pass block effectively with only 5 lineman, thus keeping defenses much more honest based on our personnel formations.

  6. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Now if only they could pass block.

  7. Rob in Land O' Lakes Says:

    Unbelieveable says:


    In concept, I would agree that 5 guys handling all the pass blocking duties would be great, but with the exotic blitzes teams deploy, you are almost always going to see a back or TE left into block, absent an empty backfield, three step drop and fire scenario.

  8. orlbucfan Says:

    And to all Buc faithful: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    orlbucfan: Twitter or e-mail Joe. Will help. And thank you! — Joe

  9. Bucsfanman Says:

    Same to you orlbucfan!

  10. godzilla13 Says:

    There are two goals the Buccaneers should have to end the season. Doug Martin to win the NFL rushing title and beat what could be the undefeated stinking Panthers in the final game of the year. Martin is only nine yards behind Adrian Peterson. We play Chicago, which has the NFL’s 26th-ranked run defense, and Carolina (sixth). Peterson will face the Giants (21st) and Green Bay (22nd). There would be no greater prize for an Offensive Line than for Martin to achieve the rushing title. It would cement this line as possibly the greatest turnaround from last year to this year in NFL history? Hats off to the unsung hero off the bench in Kevin Pamphile. The Panthers? Now that would make this season..

  11. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Aaron McDonald- 0 sacks against the bucs.