“I Don’t Know What Their Questions Would Be?”

December 24th, 2015
Trying to understand the hate.

Trying to understand the hate.

Joe doesn’t understand a lot of things. For example, drinking warm beer.

Joe also neither understands the purpose of algebra nor the popularity of Bruce Springsteen.

Among the great mysteries in Joe’s life is the sudden hatred of Bucs stud defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. It is as if fans want to take a baseball bat to the guy. Why?

Would anyone in any sport who is, at worst, the fourth-best at his position, playing terribly injured, be a slug? Of course not. But it seems Bucs fans act like GMC demanded the return of ill-suited offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo and quarterback Stewart McClown. GMC has become that despised.

GMC has the fourth-most sacks this year for defensive tackles and was near the league-league until he got his hand messed up. He hasn’t been the same since. GMC also has the most sacks of any defensive tackle since the start of the 2012 season. But to hear Bucs fans scream, he is an understudy to Da’Quan Bowers.

Another man puzzled by the sudden loathing of GMC is Joe’s old friend Bernic Miklasz, former president of the Pro Football Writers of Americas, a former NFL beat guy and sports columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Bernie now works behind a microphone (and types) for a living at WXOS-FM 101.1/101Sports.com in St. Louis. He played host to the Custodian of Canton, eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune last week.

There, the subject of the GMC hate was broached and Bernie was left dumbfounded how by the pitchforks out for GMC.

eye-RAH! Kaufman: For whatever reason, Bernie, the fans have turned on Gerald McCoy. They are asking questions about him…

Bernie Miklasz: It’s crazy!

Kaufman: … about his contract.

Miklasz: … that’s crazy. It’s crazy. His numbers are great. I’ve been catching up on the Bucs. I’ve watched about four games in the last week and a half. He’s a phenomenal player. So I don’t know what their questions would be?

Kaufman: Well, the problem is, they are still looking for another Simeon Rice and it has been a 12-year quest. They can’t find a defensive end to complement McCoy who is getting double-teamed and triple-teamed. He’s playing with one arm. He has a cast on his hand and a bum shoulder but he is playing. He has never made the playoffs. He is frustrated. He is beaten down. But he is still a quality player.

No, GMC is not playing at a Hall of Fame level (yet). If that was such a sin, then Lovie Smith should gut every last player from the roster, the whole lot of 53.

Of all the slugs, hangers-on and glorified CFL players the Bucs have, GMC is not even remotely close to being the worst problem on the squad. Not even in the same hemisphere.

57 Responses to ““I Don’t Know What Their Questions Would Be?””

  1. ndog Says:

    The problem is he is always hurt which does this team zero good. He is the defensive version of ASJ but much more accomplished of course. 2013 his what he can be but rarely is due to injuries.

  2. BucsQcCity Says:

    It’s not hate, it’s disappointment. GMC is a great injury prone player that was casted into a leader role wich he’s not made for. I believe he’ll be better when the face of the franchise tag starts to wear off

  3. ndog Says:

    strong defensive performance. On December 12, 2010, McCoy suffered a torn left biceps, causing the team to place him on IR two days later,The second-year defensive tackle was placed on injured reserve on November 7, 2011 after tearing his right biceps during the opening quarter of a 27–16 loss to New Orleans that dropped the Bucs (4–4) into third place in the NFC South. McCoy had just returned to the lineup after sitting out the previous two games because on an ankle injury.2014 Season,McCoy injured his knee and was placed on Injured reserve the following Tuesday ending his 2014 season, 2015 plays hurts and doesn’t make an impact. That’s a lot of missed time and ineffective play for a player to be considered elite or even reliable.

  4. ndog Says:

    Sad for all of us but true.

  5. Tampa Tony Says:

    A self proclaimed “leader” who hasn’t lead his team anywhere.

    So much money for such little production. Has never had double digit sacks and is invisible when the Bucs are protecting a late lead or need a critical 3rd down stop.

    Good player, just needs to do more

  6. Howard Cosell Says:

    McCoy is playing like a hero.
    One man a defensive line does not make.

  7. DooshLaRue Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with all of the previous comments…….
    And yes Joe……Springsteen does suck.
    We can agree on that.

  8. Warrenfb12 Says:

    The media loves this guy. Look bottom line is the media created the legend of Gerald McCoy. So when he under performs and is continually washed out by bad olines it frustrates fans. Further emphasizing the problem is we just watched Aaron Donald destroy our oline. He had an impact on the game that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Gerald have. Furthering the problem is his ho hum attitude. And his comments about Jameis needing to be a rookie, and his only year he hasn’t enjoy was his only winning season. The guy has a perpetual loser attitude, which gets to the fans.

  9. Warrenfb12 Says:

    And he’s not double and triple teamed every play.

  10. ndog Says:

    It indeed is not hate as I truly believe we all want McCoy to do well as that means we do well. But to whom much Is given much is expected bottom line. People don’t rip Bowers, Spence, Smith etc…as nothing is expected from them but when you see other players making great plays and impacting games you wonder why our guy can’t/doesn’t do that. That is frustrating game after game year after year.

  11. McBuc Says:

    Fools Joe, that’s the problem. There are allot of fools out there.

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    If he’s so “injury prone”, how does he lead all DT’s in sacks over the last 4 years? Oh yeah, I forgot, his sacks don’t come at critical times. He doesn’t dominate a game like Aaron Donald. You know, the guy 99% of you have seen play one time in their entire life.

    As for him being a “self proclaimed leader”, actually he’s the team appointed leader, as his teammates voted him captain. But I guess the voting was rigged. There’s a lot of irony in the fact that all the fans who complain he is making excuses are the same fans making excuses for why he has been productive But I’ll let you folks continue to repeat your same ridiculous points over and over.

  13. Couch Fan Says:

    A quality player yet but nothing special. Highly over rated.

  14. Bucsfanman Says:

    It is utter nonsense to pick apart the play of the most consistent player on our defense! Yeah, I said it! Where was Lavonte at the start of the year? Where’s Kwon now? Name one other defensive player who has made ANY impact. I won’t wait because there are none.
    Why is he “over rated”, Couch? Is it because the defense as a unit stinks, maybe?
    Last year, he was Aaron Donald. He was disruptive as hell! Now the guy’s struggling to stay healthy, with ZERO help, and suddenly he’s over-rated and trade bait. Oh, while still putting up numbers…
    Where are the loyal Buc fans? Someone help!

  15. Tnew Says:

    Honest critical review does not equal hate. Gmc has some tendencies that are confusing. He will get you 2 sacks every 3 games but he goes through long periods that you just forget about him. I’m not always sure of his motivations. I love that he was willing to play through a torn rotator cuff. I can’t imagine the level of intestinal fortitude he has in doing that. However, now the season is over for us regarding truly meaningful games. Why not IR, sit out the Pro Bowl and get ready for a serious playoff push next season? The only thing left at this point is personal reasons.

  16. DrHoagy Says:

    GMC’s biggest flaw in the minds of some is that he is not Warren Sapp. There will never be another Sapp Daddy so get over it.

    GMC has been named to 4 Pro Bowls. That isn’t a fluke and once again I will reiterate, he was voted in by the players and coaches. Who knows better, the fans who see what they want to see, or the players and coaches who have to play against him?

  17. Couch Fan Says:

    Why is he “over rated”, Couch? Is it because the defense as a unit stinks, maybe?
    The whole defense sucking is no excuse for a over rated player who disappears when we need him most. 3 coaches have now tried to build the defense around him and all have failed. He is slightly above average, nothing more. Certainly not elite or anywhere near best DT in the league.

    And btw, he has NEVER been Aaron Donald. in fact there are quite a few times he has been dominated by much lesser competition. But, keep giving him excuses.

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I choose to show my disdain for players like……Anthony Collins, Dashon Goldson, Michael Johnson, Josh Freeman, Mark Barron, Anthony Clayborne….and some of the lesser Bucs that don’t and didn’t perform…….
    The potential list in waiting is Conte, Wright, Melton, George Johnson and perhaps Carter & Verner….

    I also have little praise for Mark Dominick who had purely awful drafts that left us with very few bright spots to show for it……GMC is one of them.

  19. LargoBuc Says:

    Can we get a chart that shows how often dt’s across the league get sacks on third down or in the fourth qtr? Apparentley Donald, Suh and Atkins get a majority of their sacks in those instances.

  20. Couch Fan Says:

    Great players make plays when you need them to the most. You can’t dispute this. Lol. It’s comical how far you are trying to go to defend GMC. He’s slightly above average, nothing more. Take the pewter colored glasses off. Sheesh.

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Name me one critical, game winning play Aaron Donald has ever made. Name me one Suh has made. Gene Adkins. Go ahead, put your money where your mouth is. I can name 3 games off hand where GMC has made a sack on the last possession, or forced a terrible throw on the last play. But I guess those don’t count.

  22. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Couch- I’m not saying the guy’s elite. He’s no JJ Watt! You have your opinion and that’s fine. I just don’t think it’s fair to pile on a guy who’s injured with no surrounding talent. Above-average, I’ll give you that! For THIS year. btw Aaron Donald is surrounded by top 10 picks. You think it helps him get to the QB? McCoy has who?
    It’s fair to criticize this defense overall, but to single out McCoy is peculiar to me. I think the expectations are a little lofty.
    Couch- what’s your opinion on Lavonte’s play? Or, are your non-pewter glasses only on when addressing DT?! Just curious. I mean, he hasn’t lit the world on fire in two seasons.

  23. Clintro Says:

    Wow…. one player doesn’t make a team. I am a McCoy fan and will be as long as I see the effort. If the coaches say he is doing his job…. how are the armchair QBs even remotely qualified to critique his performance?

    Most of these guys have never played more than sand lot football.

    And LOL @ slightly above average… hahahaha… 4 time Pro-bowler.


  24. Couch Fan Says:

    Slightly above average Hawaiian. I have no need to defend my opinion to anyone. So by all means continue thinking he’s some great player.

    And yes I have seen those players play as I watch a lot of football outside the Bucs. So before you say “i know you couldn’t… ” Yes I can, I just choose not to debate with any closed minded individuals who are only “debating”, or should i say name calling which is all you are good for lately, to hear themselves talk.

    Let the insults commence!!

  25. Couch Fan Says:

    I just don’t think it’s fair to pile on a guy who’s injured with no surrounding talent.

    I dont consider it piling on. At least not from me anyways. My opinion has been consistent for several years now. Slightly above average isnt a bad thing. He’s just not elite and as you all have said, he needs great players around him to be visibily. Sure he has some good games every now and then but its far and few between and he also has games where he’s thoroughly dominated by much lesser talent.

  26. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    If you watch football, then give me examples. Funny how all of a sudden you don’t want to debate when you are asked to give facts.

  27. Couch Fan Says:

    Couch- what’s your opinion on Lavonte’s play? Or, are your non-pewter glasses only on when addressing DT?

    You’re right. LVD is my favorite defensive player And I have been saying for weeks now he has not been himself. Maybe its the scheme. I dont know. But LVD at his best is twice the player GMC has been. LVD is a true game changer when he’s on. I do believe Lovie’s system is hindering both GMC and LVD. So it’s not all their fault. I am hard on a lot of things Bucs related not just GMC.

  28. Bobby Says:

    Couch has always been consistently wrong. Nothing new here.

  29. Couch Fan Says:

    Well go head and tell us what I’ve been wrong about…

  30. Couch Fan Says:

    Freeman? Nope. McCown? Nope. Lovie? So far… nope. Our defense? Nope. GMC? Nope.

    I Love Jameis and wanted us to draft him from the get go and so far thats looking good. Evans to.

    Ill wait on your answer Bobby. Btw who was that guy again you were wanting us to sign as a UDFA? That QB guy that amounted to nothing. LoL

    I would say you are wrong a lot more than me.

  31. Bucsfanman Says:

    Yeah, that’s the point. When you look at Donald and Watt, Atkins and Suh (not this year) it’s never ONE guy. Well, except for Watt!
    We seem laser focused on the play of one of 4 defensive linemen and ask “why isn’t he getting sacks on 3rd down?” or “why isn’t he in the backfield every play?”. The better question is where are the other three lineman?
    McCoy is better than 90% of the DTs in this league. Would you agree with that? I mean the stats bear that out. And, with that said, I would take “above average” over the other alternatives all day.
    We don’t have Sapp, we can’t get Watt or Donald. What we “Buccaneer” fans have is McCoy.
    Can’t we just get behind him Couch?! He is who he is.

  32. Bucsfanman Says:

    Why can’t we all just get along?!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!

  33. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Couch fan for GM. Apparently he is always right. He’d have us in the Super Bowl in no time.

  34. DrHoagy Says:

    I heard somebody on the Dan Patrick Show when asked to explain the GMC hate in Tampa respond ” they aren’t the most intelligent fan base” .

    Yes, that is our reputation, nationwide. Sad but true!

  35. unbelievable Says:

    DrHoagy hit the nail on the head!

    We’re all still waiting on these examples…

  36. Couch Fan Says:

    I dont know about a super bowl but I’d definately get more than 2 and 6 wins out of this team. LoL

  37. Couch Fan Says:


    He’s a Buc and I love all my Bucs (unless your name is Freeman). And your right, above average is better than most. I’m hard on him cuz I know he can be better. If I thought he was playing up to his talent then I would have nothing to complain about.

  38. Bucsfanman Says:

    @DrHoagy- Sad isn’t it?! But when you start reading these posts, it is hard to argue. We have good players who are reviled for not being better and we’re always trying to replace someone with a draft pick! Oh, and new coaches are expected to take this team to the Super Bowl EVERY year!
    Come on Buc fans! Get on the wagon! It ain’t that bad!

  39. Kalind Says:

    I agree Joe. I don’t get it. No cure for stupidity. There exists in the world stupid people. It’s a fact. GMC haters just happen to be them. It’s not their fault, they’re just stupid. It’s not like it was a choice. Presumably, they would choose to to be smart, but alas, they have no choice.

  40. Couch Fan Says:

    A super bowl every year? Nah. How about just a competent team? Is that to much to expect from an 11 year veteran coach? Or how about our suppousedly Great players playing up to their talent level? I guess it just takes 5 years to get to that level.

  41. Clintro Says:

    How about a few years to build a team… you can start complaining if we don’t see improvement .

    Record last year < Record this year = Improvement.

    Could they have won more games? Yes. However, was the team more competitive?

    From your posts it sounds like you expected them in the SB this year. I would expect a serious run at the playoffs within the next year maybe after.

    That is a realistic outlook.

  42. Bucsfanman Says:

    Just a general statement Couch, not directed at you. But, when you take a look at the roster, I think it fair to say that even an 11 year veteran coach needs time. It’s just fact, sorry.
    If you need a place to direct your ire, blame ownership for not being more involved. The great teams in this league didn’t get there overnight or one year or two. You have to build a foundation. If you don’t do that, you have what Lovie inherited, a disjointed, talent-less team. And I don’t care what anybody says, nobody, not even Belicheck could turn this team around any faster. Point to Andy Reid; he inherited a good team. Point to Pete Carroll; good football team; Belicheck; he had Drew Bledsoe and, again, a good football team.
    This team is improving. As it improves and more talent brought in, those players who you deem aren’t playing to their potential, will also improve.
    I want the Bucs to go all the way just like you! I have to be realistic about those expectations. We’re not there yet! Jettisoning another HC will not get us any closer nor will trading good players for draft picks.
    It’s all about that BASE!

  43. BDorry55 Says:

    Why don’t you ask him why he ignored Jameis’ pregame speech. That’s what I’m pissed about. He’s not following the real leader and he’s a loser. You can be really good and still not do the things it takes to build a winner.

  44. Buccfan37 Says:

    Slightly above average talent is expensive. This ain’t 1940 pro football. A dollar then would buy a lot.

  45. ndog Says:

    See when you say some guy said they aren’t the most intelligent fan base the truth is we actually watch him play instead of look at numbers
    I truly cannot believe any Bucs would be satisfied with his play outside of his 2013 season. That year is the standard and he has not done it again. We have to have high standards and not make excuses for them not being met. It is not a matter of who we like our don’t like it is a matter of production and making your team better which only happens when you make plays when your team needs it. Before we know it McCoy’s career will be over and if he doesn’t start staying healthy we will all be saying “man McCoy could have been so good”.

  46. Buccfan37 Says:

    I passed up a Springsteen’s greatest hits CD with no scratches for a dollar. “Born in the USA” has lost some of it’s luster.

  47. PRBucFan Says:

    GMC has had a horrible attitude this season, that can’t be disputed, playing injured or not. If it bothers him that much then go to IR. There’s plenty of game footage that shows him with zero push whilst being in one on one’s too.

    Yes he can be elite, is he consistently? No, only a homer would say otherwise. Has he demanded this season the money he’s being paid? No. I mean players who make the kind of money he makes are game changers. It’s been hard to even notice him on critical drives this season. Only 1 comes to mind.

    I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s been hurt this year, but lose the attitude bro, If your team is hype get hype and stop acting like your miserable all the time. Believe it or not (if he’s the leader some of y’all claim) it effects other players. Negativity is a poison that spreads.

  48. PRBucFan Says:

    And that’s my opinion, i don’t care to have some sort of whose dick is bigger, mine or yours debate about it either lol. Cause i really could care less who agrees.

  49. "TheKevin" Says:

    You fans are idiots.

    Every analyst or people who do know football are all wrong except you idiot fans.

    You’re the right ones and everyone else is wrong.

    You’re all pathetic and I hope your Christmas sucks. Pathetic worthless fans

    Worse fan base of so called fans in the league. Plain stupid idiots.

  50. ndog Says:

    The Kevin since your so angry please tell us where McCoy was on the Washington comeback, or vs the Saints, or against the Texans, or the Rams last week, or against the Giants. All of those games were winnable yet their qb just sat in the pocket THE ENTIRE GAME and picked us apart. Yeah the secondary sucks but you think a top three pick a the highest paid player on the team, who happens to be on the dline, should not bare responsibility for that?

  51. JMN Says:

    GMC does not make opposing QB’s scared or force them to make bad decisions. Sacks are great and all but I would take pressuring a QB the majority of a game rather than a sack. GMC has never had a game like that his entire time at Tampa and that is why there is hate and frustration towards him. He will get a sack, then disappear.

  52. JMN Says:


    “I heard somebody on the Dan Patrick Show when asked to explain the GMC hate in Tampa respond ” they aren’t the most intelligent fan base.”

    Yeah and how many complete Bucs games do you think Dan Patrick has watched this year? My guess would be not a one. The common Bucs fans knows more about the team than he does. And I am a DP fan…just saying.

  53. satchseven Says:

    they are right! the bucs are two good drafts away. I live in seattle and watch both teams, the difference in talent is glaring. you were fracking 2-12 last year but want to fire lovie and get who? you still do not have 10 win talent on this team. there is way too many folks starting who are not quality nfl starters on defense. you need a secondary, two decent line backers and another pass rusher. on offense, you need a couple more folks who can catch .

  54. PRBucFan Says:

    ^ We have two of the better LB’s in the league in Kwon and LVD

  55. "TheKevin" Says:


    You can’t explain common sense to these idiots. They’re completely stupid. Just fire fire fire and get rid of McCoy. Pathetic fans.

    They have no idea what it takes to build a team from the bottom up. These losers think the bucs should win the super bowl every year and when they don’t then fire the coach and get someone else.

    However we do have 2 really good linebackers. But everything else you said is true.

    Worse fan base in the league

  56. James Walker Says:

    The purpose of warm beer is to cook hotdogs.

  57. godzilla13 Says:

    What if Gerold McCoy played for the Seahawks or for the Rams? What would his numbers be like? How many sacks would he have made this year if he had not injured his shoulder? I would bet my house there would not be any negative comments like we are seeing here? The best compliment a player can get is from another player. Remember Joe Hawley saying how he dreaded facing him? All that really matters is he is here and healthy in one of the next three years. The year we go to the Super Bowl.