Teammates Didn’t Have Jameis’ Back

December 18th, 2015
Gosder Cherilus was a prime offender

Gosder Cherilus was a prime offender

In previous games, Bucs fans saw offensive linemen rush to the defense of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, at any sign of an opponent giving Jameis grief, whether it was leaning on him too long, jawing at him, pushing him, or whatever.

Last night, Jameis was alone on an island too many times.

Just one example was with the Bucs trailing 31-13 with eight minutes remaining and on the Rams’ 13 yard line. Recently promoted practice squad defensive tackle Doug Worthington blew off the line past Bucs center Joe Hawley while referees whistled the Rams offside.

Worthington took three steps after the whistle and leveled a chest bump on Jameis. Officials rushed in while Gosder Cherilus stood and watched the whole thing with his hands on his hips.

Worthington followed up with an attempt to pat Jameis on the head. Jameis swatted Worthington away as officials continued their attempt to keep order — and while Hawley played spectator. After the final third down of that field-goal drive, two Rams D-linemen were in Jameis’ face as he walked off the field, and there was no Buccaneer there to run interference. Again, the official stepped in.

That kind of stuff went on all night.

Clearly, the Rams were trying to get under the skin of the Bucs offense. Anthony Becht, the former Bucs tight end who works for the Buccaneers Radio Network, said he thinks it was a calculated approach by the Rams to rattle the undisciplined Bucs. And it worked.

But one reason Jameis was jacked up and far more emotional than usual last night is because his linemen seemed disinterested. Their fire was lacking big time.

55 Responses to “Teammates Didn’t Have Jameis’ Back”

  1. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    Could be they’re tuning him out?

  2. The Buc Realist Says:

    I really thought that the Refs were under orders to “let the teams play”. I think the NFL did not want a flag fest on a primetime game. Bucs got away with alot of offensive holding when running in the first half.

    But this is another problem with lovie, He does adjust during games!!! Even to how refs are calling games!!!

  3. Ray Rice Says:

    An even better example was when THE MESSIAH scrambled and got cracked 1yd short of the first down. He got up and got in their face. Donald then came over and pushed him out of the way. No one told Donald anything. They got bullied all night by the best DT in the league.

  4. Ocala Says:

    Multiple helmet to helmet hits last night were not called.
    The worst was the egregious helmet to helmet hit on Adam Humphries that wasn’t called.

  5. buc15 Says:

    The play where Donald pushed Jameis twice was so disappointing. I was waiting for someone, anyone to come clean house but nothing. Too bad Marpet was on the other side of the field or I am sure he would have handled Donald.

  6. Supersam Says:

    Maybe just maybe the Rah Rah Jameis is starting to get old? I kinda noticed Mankins blowing Winston off on the sidelines against the Saints as well. This could spell big trouble. Steve White tweeted that Evans was open deep all day against the Saints but Winston was always locked in on one part of the field, I wonder if the team is laying a lot of the blame for these 2 losses on our so called “savior”.

  7. ndog Says:

    See this is the problem everyone is in the blame the Bucs for everything mode. If our guy sticks up for Jameis and gets a flag then we say how can they be so stupid. How about saying the truth, the refs screwed up and sould have called about 4 personal fouls on Donald alone. Because you know if we would have pulled that same crap we would have gotten a flag every dang time. Realist what is not Lovie fault, his he single handley the cause of global warming as well? Dude you stick is old just stop.

  8. vegasbuccaner Says:

    Gutless . Hartless…lazy team..makes me sick to watch them..30 yes of being a fan wow .

  9. DallasBuc Says:

    I would have been fine with someone on the field or from the sidelines coming full speed across the field and blindsiding Donald in the back after his cheap shot bullying of Winston. Would have been worth the expulsion and the Glazers could have picked up the fine. I am so pist at how they were able to knock our QB around after the whistle. Jeff Fisher used to be a good coach. That man has no integrity.

  10. ATLBucsFan Says:

    Part of a Greg Williams run defense. Intimidation. Fight back or cower are your two options. Sorry to see Jameis not defended. Could it be they are penalty punchy? I’d rather they defend Jameis AND get a penalty than not defend Jameis. And if they are tired of Jameis antics then good bye to you. Jameis will take this team a long way.

    On another note, it’s December football. Do you really want it? Are you prepared to play harder, take more punishment for the sake of December success? Good teams are prepared and take it while dishing it. Unfortunately, our CB’s and DB’s were not NFL talent.

  11. ndog Says:

    Imagine being a Bucs player. All you hear is how you commit to many penalties and to not commit stupid personal fouls. Then the game comes and you are determined not to do it again then you watch the other team do whatever they want to you qb and nothing is called. Then you get into the locker room and are getting ripped for not fighting back. They can’t be right no matter what they do. That is on the refs/league.

  12. MadMax Says:

    Refs screwed up for sure…..but it was 2 meaningless teams and they (NFL and goodell) wanted to make it entertaining I guess. F’ed up but is what it is. I just hope donald gets his somewhere somehow….karma!

  13. FortMyersDave Says:

    Until the bucs cut one of these idiots the behavior will continue…. And the first poster said that the OL is tuning Winston out???? Hmmm, I doubt that, only a troll would try to drag Winston into the OL probs…. Take a look at Lovie before you bury Winston! They could be turning that bS artist out just like they did Schiano back in ’13….

  14. BucTrooper Says:

    How terrible is your football team when the opposition has a game plan to just yell at you incessantly? That’s the plan… and it works.

    I can’t think of a better term to describe Lovie’s tenure other than “pathetic.”

  15. JabooBuc Says:

    SuperSam,I said it last week, still a lot of losers on this team. If some are starting to tune out Jameis then chances are they are the losers. He genuinely wants to win more than anything. Others just want to collect checks.

  16. bucrightoff Says:

    I appreciate that Jameis has fire and doesn’t want to lose, but emotionally he was bordering on out of control last night. Hopefully he learns how to control and channel those emotions better in the future, you won’t win many games when your QB doesn’t keep his head.

  17. godzilla13 Says:

    If you look closely you can see it in the pre-game speeches Winston has been giving. McCoy is usually in the back, way back, having a conversation while Winston talks. Gosder Cherilus looks disinterested like he is thinking”come on, hurry up”. Not coming to Winston’s aid last night is a telling a story of how veterans feel about a 21 year old taking over a team. Respect is earned, not given and Jameis has thrown together a string of games where is overthrowing receivers, throwing INT and just is not accurate. What next? If this team is turning off of Winston and is tuning out Lovie, man.. what a mess.

  18. WhattheBuc Says:

    I was wondering the same thing in why wasn’t the offensive linemen protecting Jameis. Especially after the hits and chest-bump. Nothing. Refs looked like they were in the Rams pocket the way they called the game. I hope Jameis didn’t say something stupid that made the O-line take plays off.

  19. Howard Cosell Says:

    WTF happened to the oline? They played like warmed-over dog sh*t last night. Horrible. Worse than last year. Like they left their balls in the locker room.

    Frankly I’m ashamed to be a Bucs fan right now.

  20. ndog Says:

    Godzilla what games are you watching? Is Jameis perfect no but a string of bad games? You clearly are not watching the games as if not for easy drops he is putting up ridiculous stats in the last 3 and we are probably winning. This game alone dye drops one in the end zone, then dye fumbles at the one, then ASJ gets a penalty that kills a drive at the one. Add those possible 3 tds to his night and he has over 350 plus 5 tds. Yeah that is just playing awful. Dude get a clue.

  21. bucrightoff Says:

    ndog Says:
    December 18th, 2015 at 9:51 am
    Add those possible 3 tds to his night and he has over 350 plus 5 tds. Yeah that is just playing awful. Dude get a clue.

    And if the Rams didn’t go into turtle mode in the 4th quarter they could have won by 6 touchdowns and Case Keenum could have had an even bigger night. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts…blah blah blah

  22. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    Looks like everyone has their U-Haul reservations and ready to hit the road after the Panthers game. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Winston, Humphries Martin and Sims were the only ones ready to play last night.

  23. ndog Says:

    So buc right off you think jameis has been playing “horrible” to?

  24. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Young offensive line.

    What ticked me off the most last night was the referees. Several times, Rams players shoved Winston between plays, nearly knocking him down. That time he almost got in a fight was a helmet to helmet hit, and while he was keeping his own men from fighting, Rams players shoved him…with the ref staring right at them from two feet away.

    He was also hit late, after the whistle was blown, over and over.

    The refs last night were horrible. Truly horrible. Frankly, I’ve never seen worse. They let the Rams get away with murder, and htey didn’t hesitate to call penalties on the Bucs.

    Winston could have been seriously injured last night. It’s a miracle he wasn’t.

  25. ATrain Says:

    There are only a few on this team with any HEART… Winston is the first one with HEART>…

    Im tired of hearing the excuses for LOVIE.. WE are rebuilding

    I hear on the radio how we need better players and we are hurt. Lovie does make the plays on the field..

    Lovie makes the Game Plan so Plan to your talent…

    His choice in players in sucks, DYE really why is he on the field except to hand out water.

    Winston gets criticized for yelling at the Special Teams last night,,,




  26. Spacebuc Says:



    Piss-poor ,do nothing, don’t give a good rats ass bunch of losers

  27. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    As to the players, there were several that ticked me off. Heck, I even got ticked at Lovie for going with a field goal when we were down 3 scores. ASJ is an idiot and should be benched for his behavior.

    Mike Evans is clearly frustrated. He’s trying to improve his catching but half he catches are negated by penalties.

    I can hardly blame Winston for being off target last night. The guy was getting pummeled. What impressed me with him was his display of anger. It wasn’t spoiled child behavior like we saw in the Rose Bowl. It was leadership anger. He was holding players accountable.

    I realized something last night too. Penalties and drops cost us 3 touchdowns. We should have won that game. The costly drops were not by Evans as much as by Dye and a couple others. Humphries didn’t play badly, but on one play he could have stepped out of bounds to stop the clock and didn’t. Next play he did.

    All in all, the defense is what was most disappointing…along with the penalties. I understand that part of the reason for the penalties is because young backups are playing in place of injured starters. But there are stupid penalties too. Wright…man…how the heck to you start a play by holding? Knowing that your team needs to accomplish something big?

    Wright should be gone. Dye? Well, he’s young and still eligible for the practice squad. I’m not read to give up on him yet, but starting him is bad. We may not have any choice right now though.

    McCoy should be healing. He should be put on IR because it is obvious the hand is limiting his effectiveness. I know trolls will call him soft for it, but it should be a coaches/GM decision.

    I still can’t get over those refs. A lot of helmet to helmet hits last night by the Rams. A LOT. Uncalled.

    Fines are good, but they don’t help the team that lost. Crooked or inept refs.

  28. bucrightoff Says:

    Honestly ndog, I never cared how he played this year. Rookie years for QBs don’t matter, what matter is year 2 when they have tape on you and know your tendencies and weaknesses. Look at what happened to RGIII once they had tape. So this year, even if he was a disaster, wasn’t going to mean much

    But to answer, he’s played fairly well. But he’s also been a lot more conservative than I would have thought, I expected him to be more aggressive throwing into coverage, but he’s pretty much held it back outside the Carolina game.

  29. Howard Cosell Says:

    Yeah. The refs are a definite f**king conspiracy. No doubt about it. Most games this season have been that way. Howard is quickly losing interest in the NFL because of all the bulls**t.
    There are many more once rabid fans who feel like Howard. Not a good sign with the war on the NFL revving up. You would think that the NFL wouldn’t be so arrogant as to alienate longtime fans like this.

    * The unis sucked
    * The oline sucked
    * The d-line sucked
    * ASJ needs to be cut
    * Dye is a moron
    * The Glazers are no where to be found (again)
    * Another no-name QB has a big silver star on his resume thanks to the Bucs defense
    * I feel bad for the players like Martin.

  30. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Dye is on the field because there is no one else. Lovie plans the defensive plays, and you say he should plan according to the talent. If talent is subpar, there is only so much you can do.

    He doesn’t plan the offense. Koetter does.

    Penalties are high because of inexperienced players, some of which are only playing because of injuries (or suspension).

    Things are not absolute. Not yet.

    And before you point out that Lovie brought in the defensive players…actually no. Jason Licht did. But putting that aside, they had to fill out the defense with free agency scraps. Give them a good defensive draft and things will change.

  31. The Buc Realist Says:

    The Bucs were Manhandled!!! Its as simple as that!!!

    I wish lovie would say that they faced a “Grown man team” at the press conference!!!

  32. Howard Cosell Says:

    Dear Glazers:
    Feel free to move this sh*t-show to LA anytime.

  33. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Howard Cosell Says
    “* The Glazers are no where to be found (again)”

    Usually, when that happens they are considering another coaching change. Happened with Raheem and Schiano in their last years. Even with Gruden.

    So the Lovie haters might find that a positive spin.

    Frankly, I would rather have him another year. We need continuity, and he and Licht have been making good choices in the draft. A good defensive draft is extremely important this coming year.

  34. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    @Howard Cosell

    Oh, heck no. If you hate the team so much, stop watching and stop commenting.

  35. Buc1987 Says:

    Bonzai…can you go over your theory with us again as to why you think Lovie has no say so with the players that are brought in?

  36. CalBucsFan Says:

    The Bucs, with 2 time-outs, down 21-3 going in to the half, let the clock run out while the Rams had a 4th down near their own 30 yard line. Whatever happen to stopping the clock, forcing the punt, going for the punt block AND/OR trying to run the return back for at least a punt, if not a half-ending TD?

    This was just one example of a poorly coached and badly prepared defense. These Bucs’ over-the-hill defensive coaches have got to go, they are offensive!

  37. Howard Cosell Says:

    I did stop watching last night.
    I got a lot done too. Went to the store. Did some chores.

    Why should I sit there and raise my blood pressure over the Glazers circus?
    I mean, (theoretically) we’re customers of their company, right?

  38. tnew Says:

    Answering the first post… They are tuning him out, why? There are not enough players on this team to sacrifice what it takes to be winners. Start at the top of our salary chart and go down. Which ones truly have the attitude to win? McCoy better wake up. Next year is a defacto contract year for him. His dead money number falls to 1 mil in 2017!, but his salary will be nearly 13 mil. I know that he is a very good player, he has been one of my favorites, this may be why I’m so hard on him. I see him as better than he plays. I know he got a sack last night but he doesn’t sustain any consistency during the game. For his paycheck, a player has to do more than just flash. We have waited on the potential to come out, but I fear it will not. 2016 will be his last year on the team if he doesn’t really step up.

    Leads me to my draft choice, BPA from either side of the line, even if it is an interior defensive lineman.

  39. LargoBuc Says:

    For real guys, that spit in the second qtr with Donald, that was some b!tch @ss spit right there! They tried our qb and I was happy to see Evans, AsJ and Jameis ready to throw down, say what you will but these boys will head up real quick, but after that, our defense takes yhe field and they just let Case Keenum do what he wants…TF! They should seriously had a $ on that guys head after that spit, but no they just play all tired, dont even try to mske a play in space and…I was about as heated after that as I’ve ever been watching football.
    Really the only thing I saw that I could blame Lovie for is leaving Jude 1 on 1 with Britt. It led to a 60 yard td. Like come on. You dont think Keenum watched tape of Jude getting ehipped by Brees last week? Stupid call Lovie. But wait, im supposed to blame Lovie because 11 groen men on defense need Lovie to hold their hand to get them “fired up” right? Thats f@#*ing stupid. Maybe we should play more Tampa 2.

  40. bucrightoff Says:

    Largo, you should blame Lovie for the Bucs not being ready to play preseason football, let alone meaningfull December NFL football, the last two weeks against very bad teams. A better coach wins us both games. Nevermind that Lovie is on game 173 as a NFL coach and he can’t have his players ready. It’s the players fault for everything.

  41. grafikdetail Says:

    i see the winston trolls coming out the woodworks now

  42. Mo_Downs Says:

    Practice Squad players, no back-ups worth talking about, multiple starters injured = LOSSES.

    Lovie doesn’t coach dirty play. That’s a good thing if you keep in mind that the other team can retaliate and take out your starting QB on any given play. Remember the Saints’ “Bounty-Gate”? Any questions?

    I’m not surprised that we are losing games.
    We had a decent squad after the 2015 draft.
    After TC, not so much.
    After mid-season, no chance at the playoffs despite the PR/BS.
    After 14 games this team is only eligible for Obamacare, not he playoffs.

    Jeff Fisher plays (dirty) to win.

    Jameis to Evans int was predictable when he can’t plant his feet to throw.

    Fans can’t admit the fact that no amount of coaching can put a multitude of bad players in good situations. There just isn’t enough CYA in any coaching playbook to make-up for an overwhelming lack of talent, at multiple positions, on every down. The roster weaknesses are glaring.
    EX #1:Orie Lemon for Kwon Alexander or Bruce Carter? Really..??

    That is a joke I’m tired of hearing. Suck = Suck, period.

    Dye is not, I repeat NOT a pro-ready replacement level player. It took season ending injuries to a host of starters to even get him on the field. Our GM should be shot for not going all out to find a decent WR after our starters got hurt.

    Half of the players on defense who are subbing for injured starters just plain suck. Bucs fans are so desperate that they consider 1-accidental splash play, per season, from these practice squad players a reason for Pro Bowl status. Really?

    The only thing Adam Humphries has in common with Wes Welker is the ability to hold on to the ball after a brain-smashing hit. To suggest otherwise (Speed? Routes? Hands? YAC?) is just beyond wishful thinking on the part of desperate Bucs fans.

    Gerald McCoy is an “OK” player among a team full of defensive scrubs. He’s the prettiest Biology (Bucs depth chart) class, until the class is over and you walk out into the hallway and see some really (All-Pro) fine girls.

    I’m sick to death of all the “The team quit on Lovie or Quit on Jameis” talk.
    Lovie can’t “BENCH” the entire team. Stupid players are going to play because even less experienced (dumber?) players are their back-ups.

    ASJ is playing because he hasn’t earned a dime on the field this year. So, despite his monumental immaturity, he can catch better, on occasion, than any of our other (scrub) TE’s. Brate, for all the hoopla, is a 3rd string ST player, at best. The low point was Stocker catching a TD pass.

    Look, I don’t blame fans for trying to make lemonade our of (Orie) lemons.
    But, stop blaming Lovie for the hand he has been dealt. Injuries matter in this league.

  43. bucrightoff Says:

    Mo_Downs Says:
    December 18th, 2015 at 12:59 pm
    But, stop blaming Lovie for the hand he has been dealt. Injuries matter in this league.

    Then please stop acting like he has nothing to do with the current roster we field. That is by far way, way worse than any excuse we’ve seen so far. Lovie is one of the few coaches in the league with total roster control. Sorry, this excuse is very weak and when you take it further, you basically have to give Lovie 5 years no matter what his record is. You think Rams fans are thrilled Jeff Fisher is probably getting year 5 without a single winning season? Come on now….

  44. 813bucboi Says:

    @realist…how can a coach adjust when flags are being thrown for personal fouls?…the coach tells the players not to react and stay focus…after they do what the coach is telling them, all of a sudden players aren’t sticking up for their guy…which would you rather have…some pushing and shoving that results in a 15yard penalty on the bucs or for the bucs to try and keep their composer and do nothing?…with that said I don’t mind our players sticking up for one another even if it results in a penalty….last night not even marpet or mankins wanted a piece of Aaron Donald…he whipped every lineman we had between the lines and with the way played im sure he would’ve whipped them in the parking lot too!!!…GO BUCS!!!

  45. bucrightoff Says:

    813bucboi Says:
    December 18th, 2015 at 2:03 pm
    which would you rather have…some pushing and shoving that results in a 15yard penalty on the bucs or for the bucs to try and keep their composer and do nothing?

    You’re basically asking: Should the Bucs act like idiots, or should they be smart and responsible. And you’re actually advocating for them to be idiots. You don’t see any of the best teams getting themselves involved in nonsense like this, they walk away like professionals.

  46. Destinjohnny Says:

    Not a negative or postive but the players especially young players take the personality of the coach

  47. Destinjohnny Says:

    And lovie ain’t bear Bryant

  48. ATrain Says:

    Bonzai where we all of you when Schiano was getting run of town…

    Why this Love for Lovie..

    You think Lovie has no input on the Offense? Ha he is the Head coach. He makes a game plan with the OC…

    Defense speaks for itself…Lovies call.

    Winston shows Heart Lovie shows NOTHING …

    LOVIE has shown nothing…They won a couple more games WOW.. THEY LOST TO SOME LOSER TEAMS.

    They have not gotten better. When does the Coach answer for this.

    Chucky won a SuperBowl and had a 9-7 season and he was run out of Town…

  49. Mike Johnson Says:

    Offense did not have Jameis back? wouldn’t either. Our offensive line was out of breathe. They took a beatdown on just about every single play. Give it up for Aaron Donald Buc fans. That guy wrecked havoc all night long. My wife was sayin, Honey that man is a..Tasmanian Devil..why can’t they stop him? I think Donald is playing better than Sapp was in this point of his career. Dude was Kicking straight up butt last night. While our Defense barely got a sack. Jameis is sore today. He took some serious shots last night.

  50. Mo_Downs Says:

    bucrightoff Says: “Lovie is one of the few coaches in the league with total roster control.” ________________________________________________________

    Rather than getting sidetracked on an issue of “who hires players”, I would again state that our post draft roster was good enough to make the playoffs.

    AND, I’ll defy any Bucs fan to have anything but fantasy illusions over the possibility of the current make-up of this team being able to make the playoffs.

    Neither good nor bad coaching causes injuries. There comes a point for even the best teams when injuries to multiple starting players overwhelms the ability of coach to mask the lack of talent they can field.

    My “proof of concept” (IE: No Romo = No Playoffs) is validated on a weekly basis in the NFL.

    I wish the Bucs were a playoff team. Injuries ruined that possibility. We’ll get another shot next year to build better back-ups. Youth, has it’s advantages. Understanding the reality of injuries in pro football is not among them.

  51. bucrightoff Says:

    The Chiefs lost their best player and proceeded to win 7 games in a row. The Jets have goddamn Fitzpatrick taking them to the playoffs. Steelers survived without Ben. Stop making excuses, it’s weak. If we have weak depth, wanna guess who’s fault that is? (hint…not the players).

    If you seriously believe without injuries this is a playoff team….I mean I have nothing to add other than it’s a spectacularly wrong thought. It’s really delusional. Injuries haven’t affect our horrible pass rush or horrible secondary. It’s basically losing VJax that has truly hurt, and if losing a soon to be 33 year old #2 WR is truly painful to your team…wow that’s damning.

  52. cmurda Says:

    I respect if you guys tell me that I just love the Bucs too much but I cotinue to see us getting shafted with these penalties whether it is the opposition getting away with calls or them calling phantom calls. I don’t blame the refs for this loss or any other but it does have an impact that could alter the outcome of a few of our games. Mostly, I think this team has little heart or energy and I put that on our Head Coach.

    P.S. Time for another confidence poll


    Not a Lovie fan.

  53. godzilla13 Says:

    ndog Says: “Is Jameis perfect no but a string of bad games? You clearly are not watching the games as if not for easy drops he is putting up ridiculous stats in the last 3 and we are probably winning. Yeah that is just playing awful”.

    I said “Jameis has thrown together a string of games where is overthrowing receivers, throwing INT and just is not accurate”. Stop saying things I did not say. I never said bad. I never said awful. The string of games I was referring to were St Louis, New Orleans and Indy. 3 out of 4. How many yards and receptions has Winston lost because of dropped passes. A handful at most. In last nights game you can say what you want on how Winston played in the 4th. In the first half the score was 21-3 and Winston was overthowing his receivers and was not accurate and threw an INT in the second half. Against New Orleans he was 18-32-182, 1 INT, 0 TD and the offense only scored 17 points. Winston struggled to find anything downfield, finishing with only three completions over 10 yards in the air. He misfired several times—perhaps the worst being his play at 4:35 of the fourth, overthrowing a wide open Charles Sims. Mike Evans was also open all game and Winston failed to target him. Winston also had an INT in the Atlanta game. In Indy he was 20-36-245 1-1 and the offense only scored 12 points? Winston struggled all game under pressure from Indy. Winston, who missed on a number of deep ball opportunities, was 0-for-7 on passes thrown at least 20 yards down the field, including an overthrow of a wide open Mike Evans late in the fourth that would have been a sure touchdown, and even the one drop could have been laid out further for Evans. Missing on the deep ball and throwing what amounted to a game-ending interception was not a good game for him. NoDog you need to get the clue.

  54. Mo_Downs Says:

    bucrightoff Says: “If you seriously believe without injuries this is a playoff team…”

    The long list of Bucs “starters”, on both sides of the ball, that have missed multiple games or had early season ending injuries and were replaced by UFA scrubs or waiver wire castoffs is by no means insignificant. It does, however, take quality depth to make up for the loss of key players.

    What you seem to overlook is the fact that “sometimes the other team is better”. That clearly includes their depth vs our depth.

    It takes time (seasons?) to build quality depth. This, in essence, is the major flaw in the UNREALISTIC expectations of some Buc fans.

    The Bears fired Lovie after a 10-6 season. Since then the Bears have hired 2 “can’t miss” head coaches and 2 “can’t miss” GM’s, and they haven’t even “sniffed” 10-6 in the 4 years since Lovie was fired.

    And, YES, I “believe” that the 14-game additions of a healthy Kenny Bell, Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans, ASJ and Louis Murphy would be more than enough to push this team into the playoffs, despite the huge holes in our defense.

  55. orlbucfan Says:

    Mo_Downs: this is the first day I’ve allowed myself to read Bucs stuff since that Thursday night debacle. I used to be a Jeff Fisher fan, but no more. I got so mad at the dimwitted zebras that I turned off the radio in the 3rd quarter. Fisher is a lowlife. Football is a rough sport, but cheating is another story. Bucs were already losing the ballgame. Injuries are a big problem. We got nailed on both sides this season. The whiners and haters on here will disagree. So what?! The Carolina Stinkcats are undefeated in large part in that they have suffered no real injuries to their major players. I’m glad the playoff nonsense is shut up’ed. 8-8 and I will stand by it. Defense needs major help in the off-season. Appreciated your comments. Go Bucs!!