Sims Closing In On 1,000 Yards From Scrimmage

December 18th, 2015

(Photo Courtesy Of Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Lost in this agonizing growing-pains season is the rise and consistency of second-year running back Charles Sims (hopefully, it’s growing pain and not just pain.).

Joe feels comfortable saying the Bucs have the best healthy one-two backfield punch in the NFL.

After more effective play last night in St. Louis, Sims’ 2015 season consists of 39 catches for 415 yards, plus 99 carries for 469 yards.  So with two games to play, he is 116 yards shy of 1,000 yards of production.

That’s extraordinarily solid stuff as a No. 2 running back. He’s explosive and rather reliable.

Sims was rushed back off preseason ankle surgery last year. That’s very apparent now, and it was clear then, too.

The Bucs really had zero need to draft a running back in the third round last year, but Joe’s glad Sims is here.

37 Responses to “Sims Closing In On 1,000 Yards From Scrimmage”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    He’s going to be the #1 guy next year, which is kind of frightening. He cannot run in traffic at all, the only thing he’s good at is when he’s in space. He’s not a terrible player but for a 3rd round pick you hope to do better than what amounts to a third down back. But because he’s a 3rd round pick he needs to be made the guy, so Martin is likely gone this offseason, like it or not.

  2. MadMax Says:

    Ha! Martin will be back…but whatever.

    Simms can turn on those burners, I saw it again last night and like that! I agree Joe, the best 1-2 out there. But remember, we’ve played against some crap teams in our easy schedule, so it should be this way.

  3. 1nebuc Says:

    When you have a player like Sims you have to put hin in open space and let him play . That is why i dont understand why in the hell HE IS NOT THE KICK RETURNER. Bobby just doesn’t do it for me . Chuck would make plays from that spot and thats better for the team .

  4. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Congrats kid – another great draft pick

    MadMax – whats good brotha?

    Question, after watching Aaron Donald last night. What did you think?

  5. Rrsrq Says:

    If this team could ever have a lead, Martin and Sims might have 250+ yards per game, Dougie would easily lead the league in rushing by 250 yards

  6. Clodhopper Says:

    I think Martin will be gone next year too. I hate that too. I would LOVE them to re-sign him. He continually makes something out of nothing over and over again. I just have a feeling, running back is not a position Licht wants to spend money on.

    In my perfect world, we would keep both these guys in rotation. I call him “Second Quarter Sims” I dont mind the rotation but I hate the way they do it. It seems they put Sims in the red zone and end of halves. Martin should have a monopoly in those times. Drives me nuts!!

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ rightoff

    You aren’t stupid but your prediction that we won’t resign Martin is surely misguided.
    Sims is a very good 3rd down back and backup and perhaps should be used more in the slot….

    I’d love to use Martin & Sims in the same backfield at times.

    He was well worth the 3rd round pick.

  8. Mike10 Says:

    If this season is about growing pains, what was last year?

  9. softastissueMcCoy93 Says:

    He’s a great open field runner and pass catcher. But he dances like King David in the hole, trips over his own feet, and gets tackled by shoestrings and arm tackles. This guy has left so many yards on the field this year it not even funny.


  10. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    bucrightoff Says
    “Martin is likely gone this off season, like it or not.”

    Clodhopper Says
    “I think Martin will be gone next year too.”

    Martin won’t be gone. Sheesh, you people are so negative around here.

    The Bucs will have over $50 million to work with. They can easily resign Martin and pay him good money. Or they could franchise him so he has to prove himself two years straight (what I prefer). Certainly, no one else is worthy of the tag.

  11. softastissueMcCoy93 Says:

    Once defenses start keying on Simms, it will be over for him. The main reason Simms is so successful is that his runs usually catches teams off guard. Emmit Smith said the same thing about his replacement in Dallas, once Smith left the dude was trash.

  12. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    As to Sims, he is two things…great depth…and great trade bait.

    I believe that given another year of experience, Sims might just start looking as good as Martin. Why?

    Just like with the old Broncos offensive line, RBs will look great with the Bucs. We have a rapidly improving offensive line (although it was hard to tell last night). When RBs left the Broncos, they did not look nearly as good.

    The reason was their oline…just like it will be here. Martin actually is good, but if Sims can pass 1,000 yards as a backup, his trade value will skyrocket. Certainly, as it stands, we could get higher than a 3rd for him now. Maybe a second and third if he passes 1k.

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    No. Sims looks good because the offensive line is gelling at run blocking. As it gets even better, he will look even better.

  14. Rrsrq Says:

    Bucs got plenty of cash, Martin should be resigned, they can’t take a chance on giving that money to another failed d-lineman, there are no free agent Simeon Rices’ out there. The potential of this offense as is will continue to be a top ten when the receivers consistently catch the ball. Jameis just has to get on target with deep balls and fade routes, that will improve.

  15. bucrightoff Says:

    One thing I like about Licht is he’s from the New England school of thought. He will not give Martin a good contract offer, he will offer at most 4 years and $20 million, Martin can probably get double that on the open market, and that will be that. I agree with the line of thinking to be fair, running backs are not worth it when you can get solid production from nobodies. Just because the Bucs have cap space does not mean they have to waste it. Lest we forget this is a team that still has significant issues needing addressing.

    And Bonzai just stop with the trade Sims nonsense. A third round pick? Lol you really are delusional at the highest level. At best they get a 6th for him. Running backs are worthless, take a look at the starting RBs for the last 15 Super Bowl champs. Basically one guy who was getting paid close to top dollar. Otherwise, it’s undrafted guys or guys off the scrap heap.

  16. Makie Lovie Says:

    He looks like Mike Pittman when running…

  17. destro44 Says:

    I don’t think Martin goes anywhere this offseason. It’s a bad decision for supporting Jameis and that is our focus. Jameis best friend is the established running game, if you want to watch him regress let Martin go. I think the Bucs may try to resign Marten to a cheap deal, but likely will u see the franchise tag to ensure Jameis has another year before they make him carry the offense. Marten would be payed like what he has been this year, a top RB and the Bucs could let him go the following year

  18. Bucco Brice Says:

    This guy is the most overatted player in Bucs history! He has one thing going for him – speed. If it’s not wide open from the lines blocking he does nothing. NO RUN SKILLS WHATSOEVER. I cringe every time he’s on the field. When Martin’s out, the offense takes a big nosedive..HE SUCKS

  19. softastissueMcCoy93 Says:


    I agree that Simms has benefited from the run blocking, but it’s also a product of teams gearing up for the pass when he’s in the game. The guy does not pick up hidden yards or fall forward after contact. It will be a disaster if he is the feature back next year.

  20. bucrightoff Says:

    destro44 Says:
    December 18th, 2015 at 10:43 am
    I think the Bucs may try to resign Marten to a cheap deal, but likely will u see the franchise tag to ensure Jameis has another year before they make him carry the offense. Marten would be payed like what he has been this year, a top RB and the Bucs could let him go the following year

    One crucial fact being ignore here: They didn’t pick up his option for next year before this year. Clearly they were fine moving on at the start of the year. Franchising him for one year I guess is ok, but they could have just picked up the option and had him for 1/2 the cost. I genuinely believe Lovie wants to go with Sims as the #1 guy, he sees some Forte in Sims and we know he loves retreading his Bears days.

  21. JonBuc Says:

    If you were Martin….would you honestly stick around for this dumpster fire? He will take less…way less to got to New England or the Giants. Buccaneer BrownEye thinks he will stay..:but she also thinks we will win out. Good comedy relief after yet another disaster.

  22. tval Says:

    Both are good. sims is way under utilized

  23. Brandon Says:

    Franchise tag for a RB is not that expensive and probably the best way to go. Martin goes nowhere, guaranteed. It’s debatable as to whether the Bucs even want to sign him longterm, but they can franchise him twice without paying through the nose.

  24. Couch Fan Says:

    I genuinely believe Lovie wants to go with Sims as the #1 guy, he sees some Forte in Sims and we know he loves retreading his Bears days.
    Sadly I have to agree. Lovie’s imcompetence can’t be underestimated. He is fully capable of doing something ridiculously stupid such as letting Martin leave in FA so he can get “his guy” the ball more often.

  25. Bucfan561 Says:

    Sims can be a number 1 option at the tail back position. I don’t know why people saying he’s a good back up. He can be a reliant starter with monster numbers just like Doug Martin if given the chance! & please stop comparing the two they have two different run styles, but both can get the job done. I think sims needs to be used more on the running side of the spectrum so when he comes in teams don’t automatically think pass

  26. 813bucboi Says:

    gotta keep both of them…GO BUCS!!!

  27. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Hey stupid…he was a third round pick. Teams would rather take a sure theng than a chance. (rolls eyes). He’s definitely worth more than where he was drafted at now.

  28. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’d be excited about having a solid running game if we didn’t regularly have to abandon it because our defense gives up so many points early on that we’re consistently in catch up mode. I know that we have needs on the Oline and WR but the lack of defensive drafts the last 2 years is hurting us as badly as Dominick not drafting olinemen hurt us during his tenure. It has to be a heavy, if not exclusively, defensive draft this year. Whether it’s a good year for it or not, it has to happen.

  29. Couch Fan Says:

    So let me get this right. Everyone is b!tching that we have no talent in defense of Lovie but you’re ok if Lovie lets the little bit of talent go that we do have? LoL

  30. bucrightoff Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai Says:
    December 18th, 2015 at 3:15 pm

    Hey stupid…he was a third round pick. Teams would rather take a sure theng than a chance. (rolls eyes). He’s definitely worth more than where he was drafted at now.

    HAHAHA. A sure thing? Thomas Rawls is worth more than Sims, easily. He isn’t getting more than a 5th round pick for him. You are frankly insane if you think he’s a proven commodity. He’s had more than 10 carries in a game 5 times in his career. Rawls has 6…this year. Stop embarrassing yourself, or keep doing it and let us all laugh at your sub-70 IQ takes, whichever you’d prefer

  31. Ed Says:

    Great in space or on the edge. Horrible at picking up his blocks or being patient to wait for the play to develop. The plays that Tavon Austin ran in last night would suit Sims.

    He’s no Forte, he’s much softer and lacks the physical tools that Martin has

  32. buddha Says:

    Sims averages 4.11 yards per carry. That makes him a bona-fide pro running back. He’s a keeper and enhances the passing game.

  33. MadMax Says:

    Sup LUV!! Sorry for the late response brother. I was called right after I made that post to do a half shift tonight so I went to bed and just got home and saw this.

    You remember how bad I wanted Donald….haha, oh well, is what it is….chalked up to many defensive players I wanted the 2-3 drafts prior to this last one. Thats ok though, we built up the O and we better be defense this next one. I hope Kenny Bell can come out and surprise us because I want another WR but it looks like that wont be an option now.

  34. kstoges Says:

    My boy sims keep proving these haters wrong honestly all you guys are haters for no reason this guy is a legit back in this league he’s got moves just like martin and he’ll run hard to just watch

  35. Danati74 Says:

    I think we keep both of them. Doug is still young and can carry the load. Not sure if Sims can carry the load. He makes a great 3rd down back. I think another year for this young offense and both backs will look better next year.

  36. orlbucfan Says:

    GET RID OF THOSE GAWDAWFUL UNIFORMS!!!! Geez, bring back the red. orange, and white ones w/Bucco Bruce on the helmets;. Video game designed unis just don’t cut it. Who is Buccaneer BrownEye? All the football brains on here are forgetting that we have an OC named Dirk Koetter. Mr. Koetter’s opinion counts to Lovie. We’ll see both Martin and Simms in the backfield in 2016. Lovie needs to concentrate on Defense, Defense, Defense (!!!!!) in the off-season!!!!! Go BUCS!!

  37. Brent bull/buc Says:

    Getting rid of Martin when your rich makes no sense? He’s young and good. Plus we could just franchise him. Simms is a nice #2 but that’s it. I’d like to see rounds in draft 1-3 defense. Then just best player player after that. Free agency add a guard and good wr plus a couple vet defensive guys.Keep mg too. If they do those things I’ll be excited next year. We won’t be short on talent at that point.