December 18th, 2015

The four-letter network is not impressed with ASJ.

While there were plenty of culprits to point fingers at for the nutkick loss to the rotten Rams last night, it seems the four-letter put most of their eggs in a basket and tore apart Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

Dave Luecking, typing for BSPN, took out the hammer.

He pummeled ASJ for his childish delay of game penalty at the goal line, the one the offense never overcame, settling for a field goal in the final minutes when seven was needed.

More egregious was receiver Austin Seferian-Jenkins’ temper tantrum after hauling in a long pass near the end zone. Upset about not scoring, he threw the ball across the end zone. The penalty pushed the Bucs back and ultimately led to them settling for a field goal.

Evan when Luecking was praising America’s Quarterback, Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, he couldn’t get past ASJ.

He completed four consecutive passes on a four-play, 98-yard drive, then drove the Bucs toward what looked like another score — before Seferian-Jenkins threw his fit.

In another article about who trended up and who trended down, Luecking again went after ASJ.


Austin Seferian-Jenkins: The second-year pro threw a tantrum after coming up just short of the goal line in the fourth quarter, throwing the ball out of the end zone for a personal foul and turning a potential touchdown into a field goal. He would later score a touchdown.

Joe can’t get past how the Bucs so, so, so often get flagged for stuff that would get a high school kid benched. Kicking running backs, throwing a ball out of the end zone and of course, barking at officials when a receiver can’t shake a defender.

Someone has to lay the law down on these juvenile stunts that have cost the Bucs a playoff berth. Joe wonders if Jameis will take care of matters if Lovie doesn’t?

57 Responses to “ESPN Blasts ASJ”

  1. Lovie Is Dog Poo Says:

    Mental midget, period. Start Brate the rest of the year and sit this baby down, maybe teach him a thing or two about being a pro.

  2. softastissueMcCoy93 Says:

    This guy is awful, celebrating during his meaningless TD p1ssed me off as well.

    I hate that I love the Bucs.

    Go Draft!

  3. softastissueMcCoy93 Says:

    This guy is awful, celebrating during his meaningless TD p1ssed me off as well.

    I hate that I love the Bucs.

    Go Draft!

  4. Phil Says:

    Instead of hiring a coach that will hold players accountable for their actions we will be forced to endure another year of Lovie so we can watch another year of a team unprepared to play a game.

  5. Tom Edrington Says:

    ASJ = The Big Poop

  6. Johnny "America's Commenter" Dejay Says:

    ASJ needs to be cut immediately, he’s a selfish punk and a cancer to this team. Give Jason Licht and company a demerit not vetting him properly. A second round bust is not acceptable for a team that’s supposed to be rebuilding through the draft.

  7. The Buc Realist Says:

    At some point, even the sheep have to say that the head coach is allowing it to happen! What is the worst that can happen by sitting a guy or two at this point, trust me, Lovie can lose without them!!!

  8. Patrick in VA Says:

    Honestly, we’re out of the playoffs now so it’s time to send some messages. It’s time to sit these kids down and make them healthy scratches in the upcoming games. It’s not even about evaluating the talent behind them because we know that they don’t have depth and the bench players are garbage. It’s time to show them that it won’t be tolerated anymore. Their immaturity and their selfishness is a liability to the team. It would be one thing if these kids were performing at a level where they were transcendent talents, but they’re dropping way too many very catchall balls. These punks are entitled, they’re selfish and they’ve never been put in their place. They know the things they’re supposed to say publicly but their actions show that they don’t respect the team and are only interested in themselves.

  9. 1gr8Bucfan Says:

    Buc Realist I completely agree. Someone needs to hold these guys accountable for the stupid things they do. A little time on the bench maybe sitting down a game if they can’t get the message would help. The dumb penalties are killers, so could it really be any worse with someone else out there.

  10. Marlow Says:

    Time to clean house! We need character in the worst way. I am embarrassed by the stupidity.

  11. JMN Says:

    Immature and not very intelligent….a bad combo.

  12. CC Says:

    Lovies canned response to the stupid selfish penalties for the past 2 years is , “we will get it corrected.” Bullsh*t Lovie. “YOU” need to be corrected. It’s the same crap for 2 freegin years. You have not corrected a damn thing. Look in the mirror and hold these guys accountable. Worst Bucs coach since Richard f^cking Williamson.Its a fact. Look it up all you Lovie apologist.

  13. BucTrooper Says:

    Lovie is doing the same thing with him as he did with Brindza. He’s standing by HIS guy and for what? So it can cost you games? Everyone likes to say how Lovie comes from the Dungy Tree, well that couldn’t be more true. It was Dungy’s stubbornness that got him fired from here and Lovie is following in the exact same footsteps.

  14. destro44 Says:

    It was a frustration penalty, it didn’t cost us the game. The problem is the guy has talent. He reminds me of Vernon Davis, he needed to be broken of his premadona attitude by Singletary. After that he was a very good player. Maybe Lovie should have gone all Singiltary and sent him to the showers after that tantrum.

  15. dmatt Says:

    Well said Pattick in VA…it’s time to sit these crumb snatchers down n set the record straight. It’s like listening to a tape recorder after the same bonehead selfish penalties i.g., “I’ve gotta play better n not put my team in losing situations”. They all know better. Wheres the discipline? Man I wished I could read Koetters mind, I know he wants to kick Lovie where the sun don’t shine. Brate- stats in bounds n not go out to stop the clock n almost did the same a few plays later. Dye-please get rid of this kid, he’s lost n has no business in the NFL. ME has big yardage but can never make big plays during crunch time. Jamie’s will have to step up n chew these guys out straight to the bench. Enough is enough. I’ll take JWitten over butter hand ASJ any day.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    ASJ is certainly not alone…..Will Gholston has had a ton of personal fouls…..several in a row….he made 11 tackles last night.

    I agree with benching players that do stupid things.

    The media has a role here….they should come down on the players and coach.

    If you saw the the scene with Jameis on the sideline chewing out special teams….I think you have your answer who will fix ASJ…..but ultimately it is the player himself who has to conclude that their behavior is selfish and hurts the team.

  17. The Buc Realist Says:


    “but ultimately it is the player himself who has to conclude that their behavior is selfish and hurts the team.”

    How long until it is the coach that is allowing it to happen???? How many times does a coach have to see the same thing not being corrected that the coach is the problem???

  18. FR Says:

    Ahhh humbug Tampa just needs a real head coach not these throw backs.

  19. Buc'n Enough Says:

    This guy is an a$$ clown!

    Misses most of two seasons sitting in a tub collecting a check.
    Catches a pass and acts like he just made the pro bowl.
    Then tosses the ball out of bounds like a thug ass punk.

    What a DUMB ASS!

    He needs to be CUT..

  20. mike Says:

    Will Jameis take care of matters if Lovie can’t???
    This reminds me of the Colts in Peyton’s 1st or 2nd year. They had a franchise qb but a joke of a coach (jim mora) so they fired their coach for the sake of the franchise qb. The same thing should be done here. Do it now instead of next year!!!!

  21. nate_tweetz Says:

    “ASS”J is a clown. Simple as that!

  22. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Brats is better than ASJ

  23. MadMax Says:

    He needs a good old fashioned a$s whooping…simple as that!! He thinks he’s all that when he isnt. Glass jaw I bet and could probably be decked with one properly placed hook.

  24. Joe Cool Says:

    Most of this team is mentally weak. ASJ being one of many.

  25. Nick Says:

    I’m with Joe cool. The team as a whole is mentally weak. Multiple weeks now the team has stated that opening drive penalties ruined the team’s aggressive mentality. Speaking of that, I have yet to see anything that would be considered aggressive from this team beyond Winston. To see the team getting chain whipped by the backup qb from the rams and see the stoic, uninterested look on McCoy’s face, that said it all to me. They were never going to fight to come back. Luckily the rams scored enough uncontested tds that they stopped trying to score and tried to run the clock out. That was the only reason we had a chance at all.

  26. pick6 Says:

    i really do think due to contracts, depth, or just because talent is hard to give up on in the NFL, “trade that guy” is a lazy and bad suggestion 99% of the time it’s thrown out there by fans. but we truly and sincerely need to trade ASJ. his talent is still tantalizing to others and he has 2 years left on a rookie deal, but as bucs fanshave seen on the rare occasions that he isn’t injured, the team tends to lose and he is a lock to do stuff that shows no awareness of the game situation. 4th or 5th round pick and let’s move on with our lives. just not to the patriots please

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    Very simply, the Bucs don’t have enough talent … nor enough money and draft picks … that we can afford to get rid of decent performers like ASJ and Wil Gholston. Both acted very immaturely last night and their actions cost the team. Is that what lost the game? No, but actions like theirs do have a negative impact and must be dealt with aggressively or they’ll be compounded.

    There’s a lot of frustration on the team right now I’m sure. For instance, the DLine played a decent game in stopping Gurley but the pass defense allowed another backup QB to torch them and win the game. Of course, that same DLine that’s so good against the run can’t even sniff the QB to help out the pass defense. The Bucs’ offense can’t be happy with what they’re seeing from the defense, but at the same time the offense continues to start slow with too many early 3-and-outs, putting the mediocre Bucs defense back onto the field.

    Bottom line: Bucs are a below-average team with too little talent in a number of key positions. We should’ve learned by now that you don’t go out and buy top DEs and CBs and WRs, etc. If they’re good, other teams will pay to hold onto them. If they’re not so good, other teams will let them walk and the Bucs will overpay for average (at best) talent. You build through the draft (like Carolina did) … but it takes time plus making some good selections and training them up right once we’ve drafted them. Bucs are at least 2-3 years away from being a decent team. Change the coaching and management team and the clock starts all over again.

  28. Howard Cosell Says:

    Cut this immature piece of sh*t. Players with his type of attitude are f**king cancers in the locker room.

  29. Howard Cosell Says:

    Glazers are the only constant on this team since Gruden. Amazing how no one will even mention them as having any sort of accountability. Not sure why. Maybe it’s fear or stupidity or both.

  30. mike Says:

    @defenserules… the clock didn’t start over in zona, oakland, or minnesota. Lovie will never get us past 9-7. We played no one with a winning record except carolina. We have not enough talent because of Lovie’s poor choices. Keeping him would be a mistake.

  31. Buc'n Enough Says:

    Joe…while your at it….

    Have one of the coaches teach DYE that when you catch a ball in the NFL and you are not touched…you can get up and run…

    Dye is another mental midget that almost coughed up the ball being inmature and celebrating a catch…last time I looked, Dye has seen more dropped balls then a retirement home. Coughed up a touchdown last night and the week before dropped a key pass…

  32. bucrightoff Says:

    Some guys have the maturity to be NFL players and some guys don’t. Absolutely nothing so far suggest that this guy will ever grow into a mature enough NFL player. Nevermind his injury issues, it’s the inside of his head that is why he’s been such a disappointment.

  33. Bobby Says:

    @Defense Rules……My thoughts exactly. We are far from a finished product but we have some major pieces in place to build around. We miss Kwon far more than some anticipated. I’m saying 2-3 years and we will be contenders. Licht has shown he knows how to draft talent.

  34. Howard Cosell Says:

    2-3 years? L the f**k O L.
    So it only takes the Glazers (only constant since 2007) eleven years to do a rebuild? Correct, right?

    I’ve got news for you f**king sheeple:
    The Glazers run this team just like Culverhouse.
    The only difference they have an army of lawyers.

  35. Mike10 Says:

    ESPN, welcome to what we’ve been watching for the past 2 years. They didn’t even make mention to him having missed nearly the entire season. ASJ and the culture Lovie has built needs to stop being defended by people.

  36. NYbucsfan Says:

    If we are going to blame this lose on anyone let’s blame it on the trash defense that made a bad QB look like a star

  37. Howard Cosell Says:

    The Glazers must be really proud of the scam they’ve pulled off in Tampa.

  38. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Potentially good player, but you can’t fix stupid.

    So far as I am concerned, I would understand it if Austin Seferian-Jenkins is one of the heads to roll when Lovie brings the hammer down at the end of the season.

  39. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The Glazers are fine where they are. They need to stay out of things for another year.

  40. Defense Rules Says:

    @Mike … “We have not enough talent because of Lovie’s poor choices.”

    I won’t disagree with you Mike, but there are only 3 options to fix a bad team: (1) free agency; (2) the draft; (3) train up those already on the team to play better … if they have enough talent to start with. Problem with #3 is that some of these guys (especially on defense) are not NFL caliber. You can train up a poodle to run with greyhounds, but he’ll still be a poodle and will still come in last.

    Relatively few superstars hit free agency, and if they do they want to be paid big bucks (and usually don’t want to go to historically bad teams like the Bucs). When the pickins are slim, GMs and HCs miss more times than they hit.

    The draft is the only way to build a quality team. But that takes time, and it takes making good decisions on who to draft and when. Bucs track record there is spotty at best, except for the 2015 draft. Verdict on the 2014 draft is still out far as I’m concerned.

  41. bucrightoff Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai Says:
    December 18th, 2015 at 10:23 am
    The Glazers are fine where they are.

    Never making the playoffs and hiring loser coaches is all they’ve done for this franchise. The sooner they sell, the better we all are. We’re going nowhere with the Hardy Boys running this team.

  42. RealityCheck Says:

    Hey Joes,

    You really should check out his instagram account @asj_tb87. He’s already posted a picture of himself catching a TD. This guy is 100% about himself. He’s also arguing with somebody and his argument includes “Yea I am on the Internet f*ck boy”. It’s unreal.

  43. Bucco Brice Says:

    FIRE LOVIE…”simple as that”…penalties and poor defense are on the head coach….WEEK AFTER WEEK WITH THE SAME MISTAKES….nice playoff push, P*SSIES!!!

  44. Howard Cosell Says:

    Cut this mother-f**ker today.

    He has the mind of a 6-year-old girl.

  45. Howard Cosell Says:

    Whose idea was it to waste a high draft pick on this immature clown?

  46. CalBucsFan Says:

    @Defense Rules Option #4: Trade for better players. Option #5: Get better coaches. Do agree with the rest of your list.

  47. Defense Rules Says:

    CalBucsFan … You’re right about both. Having been a Bucs fan for so many years, trades in our favor seem to be very few and far between. As far as coaches go, I don’t have the problem with Lovie that so many seem to. I view him as a solid, but not great coach who’ll only go as far as his players and assistant coaches will take him. Right now we’ve got a bunch of holes from the players’ perspective, and I’m not at all certain about several of the assistant coaches (especially the secondary coaches). Wonder what the likelihood is that he’ll fire his son. Ya, right.

  48. ThunderSack Says:

    Bench him and put in Brate. ASJ may have all of the talent, but it is not translating on the field and he keeps making stupid mistakes.

  49. Miguel Grande Says:

    I think ASJ had a good game. He was angry at the refs because he got mugged on the previous play and he was interfered with all night long.

    He wasn’t frustrated because he didn’t score.

    Hard to catch a pass when you’re tackled a half second before the ball gets there.

    ASJ is a major talent!

  50. Pierce Says:

    Cut ASJ. He’s a selfish liability.

  51. Buccfan37 Says:

    Tinges of gangsters in paradise.

  52. 813bucboi Says:

    @realist..thats one thing I agree with on…lovie has to start doing something when players do something stupid and cost the team…putting asj on the bench would solve nothing…lol..he’s been there all season and most of last season…lovie should just start fining players and making them come run gassers on the teams off day….GO BUCS!!!

  53. Patrick in VA Says:

    @813 – I’d agree with that but I would imagine that there’s something about the CBA that says they can’t run gassers and I’m not sure that benching him (and Evans, in my opinion) wouldn’t do anything. This whole time he’s been on the bench it’s been because of injury. By putting him there now there is no mistaking that you’re being sat down because you’re acting like a clown and you need to get your act together. That sends an entirely different message from what he’s seen thus far.

  54. Mike Johnson Says:

    the way I read ASJ ..He really does not want to play for Tampa Bay. Something about his attitude. Easy does big deal…Is it my turn for the..Hot tub? I think we would be wise to trade him next season. Yes he has potential. And as long as he’s in TB? Thats all it will be. DROP HIM LIKE A BAD HABIT!!

  55. Trubucfan22 Says:

    These guys are young with not much veteran leadership on the field. There is no Brooks, or barber or lynch on this team. That will hold their peers accountable.

    It like when your dad would always say “dont do that”, and you would never listen. But if your brothers and friends say that you would probably listen. People of authority; parents, coaches, cops, bosses, don’t get the proper response that a peer gets. The players need to police themselves. Everyone wants to point at the coaches, but every good team relies on veteran leadership to handle the locker room and players behavior. It’s not lovies job to be their daddy and tell them to put on their big boy pants.

    As for ASJ getting blasted for immaturity. He is an immature 22 year old. He doesnt have a lot of experience under his belt. Not to mention that game was very chippy. Jameis was seen going crazy all over the field. Yelling at rams players, bucs players, and the refs. It was a frustrating day for all of the bucs, and sometimes it’s good to just let it out. Learn from it. And move on. We didnt lose the superbowl because ASJ threw a ball. No need to get all dramatic and say we should cut or bench him. Ya’ll watch too much soap operas if you want that to happen.

  56. PanthersSuck! Says:


  57. Bobby Says:

    Really entertaining level of stupidity on this board. Cut ASJ… stupid. I’ll come back on next year when all you knee jerk fans are singing his praises and talking about the great chemistry he and Winston have. Go back to Madden kiddies.