“Rickety” Description For Doug Martin

December 2nd, 2015

DougMartineyesDoug Martin’s agent won’t like the recent depiction of his client by Buccaneers head strength and conditioning coach Dave Kennedy.

Martin has plenty of wear and tear on his nearly 27-year-old body. In addition to 782 career carries and 96 receptions, Martin has fought through shoulder surgery, and knee, ankle and hamstring issues.

Martin is healthy now but takes a “tremendous pounding,” per Kennedy.

“I see him come in [Monday] after playing [Sunday], and being a little rickety when he comes in, being a little stiff, being a little beat up,” Kennedy said. “And then doing what he has to do the day after to speed up his recovery for next week. You know, our goal is not for him to feel great on Wednesday’s practice, to practice Wednesday, but to feel great on Sunday. So we’re in a constant communication, ‘Where are your legs? How does this feel?’

“Because he does take a tremendous pounding. And he runs really, really tough. He dishes it out and takes some shots.”

Martin could be looking at 900 career carries by the end of this season.

Will the Bucs invest heavily for another 600? Or another 900?

20 Responses to ““Rickety” Description For Doug Martin”

  1. Supersam Says:

    27 is getting old for a running back, especially the pounding he takes. I hope Licht worksout a team friendly deal. If the asking price is to much, let him walk.

  2. Newbucsfan2 Says:

    Use em up…toss em aside. The life of a running back. I’d rather be a kicker.

  3. mike Says:

    2 year deal only

  4. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    It shows alot of character of dsoug to go out and play like a wild man and be able to produce albeit a contract year but he gets hurt there is nothing and he is playing with “pressure” as lovie is saying

  5. BucTrooper Says:

    The age of “old” for a running back is getting younger and younger. It used to be 32-33 during Emmitt Smith’s years. Then I started seeing 30 when Adrian MacPhereson started battling some injuries. Now, an obvious doctor & NFL scout above posts “27.”

    It’s getting to the point where they’re going to say, “He’s in his third trimester….. time to start looking at the draft.”

  6. Patrick in VA Says:

    While this sounds like a player that’s barely hanging on to us, I’m not sure that it’s not the same program that most RBs, or players of any position for that matter, are on at this point in the season. Right now, they’re all just doing triage and trying to ensure that they’re able to perform by the time Sunday comes because everyone has been through the equivalent of multiple car crashes on a weekly basis for months now. I don’t know that this is much more than us actually getting a peak behind the curtain more than we are normally given.

  7. Dave Says:

    They need to sign him to a 5 year deal for less money or 3 years for more.
    Whatever they do, I hope they don’t think Charles Sims is the answer. He is not as good a runner, he is a good complement and receiving s whatever they do, I hope they don’t think Charles Sims is the answer. He is not as good a runner, he is a good complement and receiving threat.

  8. San Francisco Joe Says:


    I’ll never understand how fair weather some fans can be here. By some of the fans responses, you would think that the player contract money was coming out of their pockets. While age is certainly a consideration, any player is one play away from a career ending injury. As far as I see it, Martin has been an exemplary player for this franchise. He’s never caused problems in the locker room, off the field, and he has battled back this year (after being written off) to essentially lead the league in rushing. I want Martin to retire a Buccaneer. If it takes 15-20 million to make that happen, then the Buccaneers should absolutely commit to him. They have spent millions more on other disastrous free agents. However, if they choose to move on, another smart team will benefit from their mistake.

  9. AC Says:

    I’m still trying to figure out who Adrian MacPhereson is..

  10. Aubpierce Says:

    San Francisco is 100% correct. If Doug stays healthy pay him.Without Doug this year the Bucs would not be talking post season.

  11. Buccfan37 Says:

    What more can Martin do to prove his worth for the Bucs and their fans? To talk like he is close to over the hill is just ridiculous.

  12. briandorry55 Says:

    I don’t give a rat’s ass if we’re screwed in the last two years of the deal…he’ll help us win a Super Bowl in the first three. Gerald is always beat up and we paid him…who’s helped us win more games this year?

  13. gencoimports Says:

    According to overthecap.com, the Bucs have the 3rd most cap space next year (and less than $400,000 of dead money, compared to 24.7 mil this year) and at this point have the most cap space available of over 100 mil in both 2017-18 seasons.

    Resigning Doug is well worth the risk.

    1) He is critical for Jameis’ development
    2) The Bucs have only so many draft picks next season. Those picks should be used on defense and offensive line. Not at RB.
    3) You think you are going to find a better RB in free agency next year? Think again.

  14. Lord Cornelius Says:

    He deserves an extension. 900 carries isn’t too much at 27 actually. That’s only like 3 seasons of featured back duties. Good backs can typical have 6-7 good years it seems.

  15. James Marlow Says:

    No, Bucs will let him walk. We will keep Simms and his versatility. He is a 4 down back. He can hurt a defense in many ways. The bucs will get another back to help Simms.

  16. Pick6 Says:

    the bucs have the luxury of signing him and having plenty left over to re-stock the team. however, 3 to 4 seasons out, when mike evans, jameis, our current rookie OL, and kwon are awarded their second contracts, we should be stuck owing a 31 year old workhorse back 8 figures for another season or two. 3 years 25 million with the first to years guaranteed is supremely doable, gives doug demarco murray money (which murray doesn’t appear to be worth), and lets doug chase one last contract here or elsewhere to secure his retirement

  17. Pick6 Says:

    *”we should NOT be stuck…”

  18. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    you would think that the player contract money was coming out of their pockets.

    Not their pockets but most fans here look at the salary cap and that’s the concern. This is why I was never disturbed about Revis walking…16 million per year is too much for any DB for me.

    As for Doug’s value that’s a tough one. First off I respect the variety of opinions in this thread. The only thing I do not feel is the need to “reward” Doug with a big contract for what he’s done. That’s simply not the way the league works. The contract will be based on what he MIGHT do in the future.

    As far as what he has already done…he’s received seven MILLION already. If that’s not enough reward…boo hoo hoo!

    What about the future. He’s played almost 4 season with us with this year being his best. And so which Doug Martin will we see going forward? That’s the real question.

    The guy who has rushed for 1000 + yard his first and fourth…or the guy who couldn’t even break 500 yards his 2nd and 3rd year.

    He’s not AP or Lynch…they make 14 and 12 mil respectively. Somebody mentioned Demarco Murray…he’s in a very large group of guys that make 7-8 mil. I think that is Doug’s range…for ONE year of guaranteed money.
    If they want to add more years at 10 and then 12 million that are not guaranteed to make the contract “look” good..I’m cool with that.

    I simply do not think we guarantee more than next year at big bucks for a back who has already missed the mark 50% of his time with us..and remember there are still five games to go. He may yet break down totally physically.

    That sounds harsh but it’s a tough business and again…Doug Martin has already made 7 million…good on him…I’m truly happy for him but that’s enough to last him the rest of his life even if he should blow out a knee in the next five.

  19. buc15 Says:

    For those of you who have not played, this is not news as most starting rb’s are sore for a couple days afterwards. Anyone who plays physical football for that matter.

  20. godzilla13 Says:

    Yes, Martin does take a tremendous pounding. How many times does he have little or no running lanes and he will put his head down and take a tremendous collision to gain a few yards? At his size and the hits he endures game after game durability will always be a concern. Bad teams let great players walk, great teams re-sign their great players. It is as simple as that.