Jameis Ahead Of Ryan?

December 2nd, 2015
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Better than Matty Ice?

One of the reasons Joe beat the drum the past two years, and in particular, hollered until he was hoarse daily last offseason, to draft a quarterback, was that any team with the worst quarterback in the division wasn’t going anywhere.

Now that the Bucs have America’s Quarterback, Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, the team could be going somewhere and maybe as early as a month from now. But is Jameis ahead of schedule?

NFL analyst Andy Benoit of theMMQB.com had an interesting observation watching Bucs tape about Jameis.

Or, maybe, is Jameis already ahead of Matty Ice?

Through the last seven games, Jameis has thrown 10 touchdowns, three picks and 1,679 yards. Matty Ice has thrown as many picks as touchdowns during that same span (10) and racked up 2,010 yards passing.

So is Jameis better now than Matty Ice? That’s up for debate. Let’s just say Jameis is no worse than the third-best quarterback in the division.

As a rookie.

16 Responses to “Jameis Ahead Of Ryan?”

  1. Newbucsfan2 Says:

    I’d choose him over Ryan any day. Fire over Ice!!

  2. Espo Says:

    I’ve always thought Ryan was overrated. He’s been surrounded by good teams except the last couple years and he’s now mediocre.

  3. Joe Cool Says:

    Jameis > Rodgers + Brady

  4. Waterboy Says:

    I’d definitely take Winston over Ryan. Ryan is a good QB but I’ve seen him disappear at times.

  5. kaput Says:

    If you look at stats, Winston’s numbers are equal to Andrew Luck’s. I don’t mean “to this point in their rookie seasons,” I mean overall.

    Completion % is virtually the same, Winston is slightly better with interception %, Winston better with YPA and the quarterback ratings are virtually the same.

    Luck has been anointed “the next great thing” but Winston’s numbers are the same. The difference? It looks like Winston is getting better and better and better each game. Luck? not so much.

  6. Newbucsfan2 Says:

    Give JW the rest of the year to “figure out this new NFL thing”. Sure up the OL a bit and then put on your seat belts cause its going to a fun crazy ride. Last to First.

  7. flmike Says:

    Hell, take way the 7td game Brees had against the Giants and I’d say we have the second best QB in the div right now…
    Brees:68.1 Yds – 3200 TD-20 INT-10
    Ryan: 65.9 3212 16 12
    Winston:58.0 2650 16 10

  8. Dave Says:

    Agree. Not to call you out Joe, but just demanding a QB be drafted doesn’t cut it. Need the right one. This year was the right one Manziel obviously was not. I screamed for them to please “not take him”.

    I just figured he did nothing but run around and create something out of nothing with his legs. He never showed anything in the pocket in college. That just does not fly in the NFL for long. I didn’t realize he was a spoiled little entitled brat.

    So glad they passed and went with JW

  9. Buccfan37 Says:

    Winston may be better in the long haul, but at this point it’s too soon to say. Ryan is capable of a performance like the Colts QB had against the Bucs. This upcoming game is far from a gimme.

  10. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    At this point, I wouldn’t take any QB in the league over Jameis.

    Not saying that he’s the best QB as of right now, but he has the potential to be. And he’s the best team leader already, IMO.


  11. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Ryan has always been overrated. 1 single playoff win in 8 seasons with some talented teams. Established elite QBs do not go 6-10 while playing in every game like he did last year. He’s not bad just more middle of the pack QB

  12. LargoSamIM Says:

    per Kevin Petra (NFL.com): “Mariota is nearly flawless. He picked apart the Saints with quick passes. For a rookie, Mariota makes phenomenal decisions with the football and consistently puts the ball in tight windows. His precision passing is beautiful to watch. The future is sparkling bright in Tennessee with the rookie on the field.”

  13. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Not sure of your point. If it’s that MM has a bright future..I don’t disagree, i respect the kid. If you’re even suggesting he’s better than #3…bwaahaaahaaa

    #3 would be blowing Matty Ice’s stats away right now if you simply changed our WR’s for theirs. With all due respect to VJAX he’s no Julio Jones…and Roddy White doesn’t have the dropsies of ME 13. Imagine the numbers #3 would have if he could throw to Julio!!!

    But football is a team sport which is why these comparisons are tough…Matty Ice supporters might cme back with imagine his numbers if his OL was as good as ours.

    But if the question ultimate is who would you want under center for this upcoming game on Sunday…with all due respect to Ryan I gotta go with #3!

  14. Tnew Says:

    And mm is tied for the league lead in getting his head coach fired

  15. Rrsrq Says:

    Just imagine if receivers caught the balls thrown to them

  16. Joe Says:

    Not to call you out Joe, but just demanding a QB be drafted doesn’t cut it. Need the right one. This year was the right one Manziel obviously was not. I screamed for them to please “not take him”.

    Joe is proud to stand in the same company as Bill Polian and Gil Brandt who were very high on Johnny.

    Joe hasn’t given up on him yet. Remember, he has to deal with the clueless Browns.