Overblowing Jameis Screaming At Special Teams

December 18th, 2015
Special teams chief Kevin O'Dea was next to Jameis taking a supportive posture during the screaming.

Special teams chief Kevin O’Dea was next to Jameis taking a supportive posture during the screaming.

Shortly after the Rams’ 102-yard, fourth-quarter kickoff return last night, CBS devoted a full 10 seconds to reviewing film of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, screaming in the faces of a small cluster of Buccaneers special teams players.

(This is the kind of thing producers do to fill time when there’s a blowout and viewers are bored.)

Joe hears the Internet and sports radio chatter this morning, and for some reason, a lot of people are down on Jameis’ antics. And these same folks are blindly assuming they know what Jameis was saying.

There’s no evidence to support that Jameis was being negative. In fact, Jameis is known for screaming positive messaging at his teammates.

Jameis was first barking at Bobby Rainey, then he got in Orie Lemon’s face before clearly addressing the group of players. But alongside Jameis the entire time was Tampa Bay special teams coach Kevin O’Dea. At one point, O’Dea, a screamer himself, glances toward the ground in what appeared to be a supportive posture.

Joe is celebrating that Jameis cares that much. Joe fully believes we’ll see a different Jameis next season, a guy in clear command and holding players accountable the moment they report for 2016 duty in April.

51 Responses to “Overblowing Jameis Screaming At Special Teams”

  1. LovieBall Says:

    They is no way Jameis was screaming anything negative. He never does that.

  2. Supersam Says:

    Maybe he was just calling them sheep?

  3. Howard Cosell Says:

    Winston is definitely a breath of fresh air as far as passion and accountability. The million dollar question is whether or not the Glazers will sign the checks necessary to surround him with real talent.
    Judging by recent history they won’t. They’ll allow a few big star contracts and then try to fill the rest of the holes with 3rd stringers and other bargain basement type players. Then when the stars inevitably get injured we’ll see yet another repeat of the satire that we saw last night.

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    Maybe the Glazers should post a video of them screaming at Lovie so the fans know they care too!!!

  5. Patrickbucs Says:

    @Howard. They have no choice, there is salary cap floor each team has to hit.

  6. Waterboy Says:

    Glad someone on the team has fire and not willing to quit until the game is over.

  7. Strider.... Sec 146 Says:

    You go jameis keep walking the path legend growing before our eyes

  8. bucrightoff Says:

    Patrickbucs, the cap floor is sort of a myth. Teams aren’t bound to it, and there’s no penalty for not getting there. It also only applies (I think) if a team doesn’t hit 90% within a 3 year period. So it’s not really what people thought when it was announced.

  9. Waterboy Says:

    Speaking of players having fire, what do you all think Gerald McCoy’s trade value is worth? Not saying they should trade him but just thinking of different scenarios to fill all the holes on defense.

  10. ne fl buc Says:

    Does Jameis do anything wrong or is everyone drinking the cool ade

  11. Waterboy Says:

    ne fl buc Says:
    December 18th, 2015 at 12:10 pm

    Does Jameis do anything wrong or is everyone drinking the cool ade
    He has some things that he needs to improve on also but I think most of us expected that from a rookie but I personally like his passion and wish more guys on that team had it.

  12. bucrightoff Says:

    Waterboy Says:
    December 18th, 2015 at 12:07 pm
    Speaking of players having fire, what do you all think Gerald McCoy’s trade value is worth? Not saying they should trade him but just thinking of different scenarios to fill all the holes on defense.
    His contract isn’t too bad, but it’s still unlikely you get much value for trading a $16 million a year player who is not a truly elite player. Maybe a 2nd rounder and a player.

  13. 813bucboi Says:

    @waterboy…ive said it multiple times…I think they should trade gmc because he is the only player with value that can bring us some useful draft picks…I like he’s at least worth a 3rd and a 4th…teams may be a little worried due to his injury history but he isn’t as impactful as people think…he’s a good player but he’s not dominate..#99 Donald was dominate from start to finish…this team only has two leaders and that jameis and kwon…I say trade gmc and glennon and try to get a 2nd,3rd and 4th for the both of them..then package the 3rd and 4th to try to move up into the 2nd…that’s how we got marpet last year, with that 4th rounder we received from the rams for barron…GO BUCS!!!!

  14. SchlomieBarMitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    The online newspaper-sports section-reading-talk show shills on 620-were trying to create a controversy about it all. People who make millions can’t handle being yelled at? Give me a break.

  15. Bobby Says:

    Jameis is doing way more right then he is wrong and for a rookie he is impressing the heck out of me. I think McCoy’s trade value would be about the same as Suh’s and we can all see how much better off Detroit is without Suh.
    They’re just killing it.

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    Jameis is well known for telling players to shake it off, get their head back in the game, and don’t repeat the same mistake. Players tend to get down on themselves after a run-back like that, and my bet is that’s all he’s telling the special teams group.

    Special teams didn’t look very good last night by the way. Not only on the run back mentioned, but also on the first kickoff. Poor tackling seems to be an epidemic on this year’s Bucs.

  17. Waterboy Says:

    @Bobby on the same note Miami is also killing it. So much so that they’ve already fired the coach.

  18. Waterboy Says:

    @813bucboi and Bucrightoff

    That’s about what I was thinking but I was hoping someone would say that he’s worth more than that. I don’t know that I’d trade McCoy for a 3rd and 4th rounder but maybe if there was a first round pick in there I’d make that deal.

  19. Pvine Says:

    All Buc players need the passion Winston has. It’d be a much better team, by God!

  20. Bobby Says:

    Do you people realize how truly stuppid you sound? Trade McCoy to imporve the defense???!! There are only 3 DT’s in the league with more sacks than McCoy. Geno Atkins has 1/2 more sacks and 7 more tackles. Who praytell do you plan to replace him with? I guess you think DT’s like McCoy are a dime a dozen and losing McCoy won’t leave any void. The idiocy on this board is just stunning. Thank God fans don’t make personnel decisions. After the first game we’d have fired Winston and many still want to trade Mike Evans. Sure….we don’t need that guy. He drops passes on his way to 1000+ yard season. That can’t be corrected!
    Trade him for someone who can catch the ball all the time!!!

  21. Bobby Says:

    I think my keyboard has dyslexia….. “improve” the defense and yes…..stupid only has one p.

  22. Patrick in VA Says:

    Honestly, I think that Jameis has seen enough to know what players are giving enough in practice and in film study that he should be a voice in the room with personnel decisions. Not a big voice by any means, but he knows what these people are putting out there on every play and if they’re going to build the team around him then giving him that level of clout would give his voice more weight when he’s telling these derelicts where they should be and when. That’s one of the unfortunate parts about leadership, when the people you’re leading aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing then you have to switch gears from being friends to being the boss.

  23. BrianBucs Says:

    Spin, Spin, Spin. Can’t let the Golden Child make himself look bad

  24. bucrightoff Says:

    Thing is even with GMC being a disappointment (at least from the perspective he’s paying to be elite and he’s really not), he’s still by far our best defensive lineman. So unfortunately trading him is just opening up a new hole to fill.

  25. Greg Says:

    That’s ok Bobby, the misspellings are simply your passion coming through, something I’d like to see from about other Bucs players instead of jus, Kwon and LVD!

  26. Greg Says:

    See Bobby, it’s affecting me too! Meant “from about 50 other Bucs, not just Jameis, Kwon and LVD!”—stupid autocorrect!

  27. MadMax Says:

    Look, I love JW, but whose getting in HIS face when he’s doing poorly and over throwing his receivers?????

  28. Sick of Lovie Says:

    I would rather see McCoy waste away and slip into mediocrity here in Tampa then to see him go some where else and become the fire breathing beast we all hoped he would become.

    Funny thing about McCoy, we know now that we over paid but if we didnt resign him and he went to a good team and did become the beast, we would never hear the end of it. Michael Bennett?

  29. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    When Kwon went down we lost the fire in this defense. When Clinton McDonald went down we lost the heart. GMC and LVD have enough talent to earn their paychecks…they are both great players…neither is a leader nor a natural winner, they are going to need somebody like Kwon and McDonald to harness their talent.

    This team is not deep enough to play without all the starters…virtually the entire DL and the heart of the D at MLB..and not get carved up like they did Sunday.
    We are just not that freaking deep.

    It would have been a challenge with McDonald, Kwon, Jack Smith but we might have given it a shot…we just had too much to replace and too little behind it.

    We need another great draft and an off season to get healthy,

  30. Waterboy Says:

    Amen brotha I couldn’t agree more.

    To the rest of you all I’m saying is if another team thought highly enough of McCoy that they’d be willing to give up a few draft picks (1 must be a 1st) I’d definitely consider taking that offer and drafting a younger DT and filling other holes on the defense. He’s in his 6th season already and probably only has about 4 solid years left and I really don’t see much of a dropoff in the defense when he’s out.

  31. Colorado_Bucs_Fan Says:

    Why is it bad if jameis is yelling at his teammates who just fcuked up, oh yeah thats the coachs job. I don’t like lovie but at least give him another year instead of hoping the next coach will be better.

  32. CC Says:

    Lovies Bucs slept walked through an entire season last year. The 620 morning guys who are complaining about Jameis are insane if they want a passive team. Cut me a break. We need more of that from the rest of the teams so called leaders and coaching staff. Get real people. Are you so used to losing that you now except it and expect it.

  33. Couch Fan Says:

    This team is not deep enough to play without all the starters…

    But what you are forgetting is the fact we just faced an offense that also is devoid of starting talent and they embarrissed us!!!

    The only logical conclusion, if you arent wearing pewter colored glasses that is, is that they were more prepared and better coached than us.

  34. 813bucboi Says:

    @bobby..its called addition by subtraction…numbers can be misleading…gmc may have more sacks but after watching MR. AARON DONALD last night can you say gmc has the same consistent impact series by series play by play that Donald has…F NO…GO BUCS!!!

  35. Couch Fan Says:

    I agree with Bobby. Getting rid of GMC right now just leaves another hole. However, I do think GMC is not great either and replacing him wont be extremely difficult but I wouldn’t do that until we already have somebody as good as him on the roster.

  36. Johnny "America's Commenter" Dejay Says:

    It looked to me like Winston lost his cool on a couple of occasions. He screamed at and then pushed Doug Martin and ASJ into place at least one time each and then he was screaming and very demonstrative towards the special teams after they gave up the huge kickoff return.

    I don’t know exactly what he said, but his body language looked like he was very angry and was ripping into his team mates. I’ve been yelled at a lot in my life, and that sure looked like a Grade A temper tantrum to me. I didn’t see any supportive gestures, I saw frustration.

    The other players also didn’t back Winston up when he got into confrontations with Rams players. Maybe the team is getting sick of Winston’s leadership style already? His words probably don’t carry as much weight when he’s struggling as a player.

    The stage almost looked a bit too big for him again, like it did at home against New Orleans and like it did in the Rose Bowl vs Oregon. I wonder if maybe we all anointed him too soon?

  37. Sick of Lovie Says:

    Couch Fan

    You nailed it on your second to last post. The talent level of some of the offenses that have shredded us this season is appalling. Sure, Cam will get his, Brees will get his. But, Case Keenum? He was too comfortable last night. You cant tell me that Lovie couldn’t put something together that would just mildly disrupt his timing. Hell, Bucs corners play 10 yards off the receiver some times. I could make those throws, especially when there is no pressure on the QB. I’ve never before seen guys in coverage spinning around doing pirouettes looking the the receiver they should be covering. It is laughable at this point.

    I will always use Belicheat as an exame on this. One of his starters goes down and they just plug some dude in and he contributes in a big way. All they all pro bowlers? Nope. They are all taught very well how to play in his scheme.

  38. bucrightoff Says:

    Johnny “America’s Commenter” Dejay Says:
    December 18th, 2015 at 3:08 pm
    The stage almost looked a bit too big for him again, like it did at home against New Orleans and like it did in the Rose Bowl vs Oregon. I wonder if maybe we all anointed him too soon?

    Well I’d hope no one anoints any rookie QBs any more after RGIII went from HOF to career backup within 3 years. But my big concern from last night is he appeared on the verge of being out of control emotionally. He’s gotta learn how to better control himself, both because it throws him off but it shows other teams they can get into his head.

  39. Couch Fan Says:

    ^^ Exactly coaches coach up what they have. Especially if they are the ones who brought these guys on to their team.

    Talent is one thing but when you dont even look like you know what you are suppose to be doing out there. Thats an entirely different story.

  40. TampaBayYuckFan.com Says:

    No need to get too shook up about yelling at the special team. Somebody just forget to order pepperoni on the pizza.

  41. J Says:

    Spin factory

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    JW, Ali, Kwon, LVD, Banks, Evans, ASJ, Bell, and DONAVAN (not Lovie) Smith are the future of this team.

    Everyone else better stand up and recognize including the fan base, yes you know who you are.

    This team IS going to follow JW, no matter WHAT some of you so-called Bucs fans like to say or BS about. Enjoy and embrace Jameis Winston, it’s easier than what you’re trying to do now.

    “Jameis Winston WILL win a Super Bowl within 3 years of entering the NFL regardless of which team drafts him.” – Buc1987

    Embrace what is.

  43. godzilla13 Says:

    MadMax Says:
    December 18th, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    Look, I love JW, but whose getting in HIS face when he’s doing poorly and over throwing his receivers?????

    Never said better. Ever notice who the leaders are on other teams? They are the elite players who are consistent performers. They lead by example. In case you haven’t figured it out Jameis, your not in college anymore. You can not treat grown men who are paid to perform like kids. It is not Winston’s place to be having those types of discussions with Special Teams. It does not work and if you do, make sure your not throwing INT, fumbling the ball or overthowing your receivers. Winston acted immature and was out of control and where were the coaches or a veteran to mentor him and tell him to chill out? There is a major disconnect between him and his OL. What happened? What triggered it? It was just two weeks ago after the Atlanta game that Winston and this team were riding high?

  44. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    People talking about coaching up. These players simply cannot be coached up its obvious by now.

  45. Buc1987 Says:

    godzilla13 won’t stand up and recognize. This is going to take longer than I thought Jameis. Give it more time.

  46. godzilla13 Says:

    Buc1987 Says – “godzilla13 won’t stand up and recognize”.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Jameis and I know he will one day be the leader and the QB we all want him to be. Does not excuse him for losing his composure. My problem is how so many give him a free pass. There is a reason the OL did not back him up.

  47. Oahubuc Says:

    Meh. Young guy, heat of the game, dealing with a bunch of bums. A lot of us who are leaders of some kind have overreacted when we were young. Just something else to correct and learn from. Man, people are nancies about this kid.

  48. Couch Fan Says:

    You can call it losing his composure or whatever you want but I for one and glad to see someone getting angry over this pile of puke thats been being served up to Buc fans. I wish the coach was as angry over the stupidity as Jameis is.

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    “There is a reason the OL did not back him up.”

    godzilla13..could it be that they are a little weary of getting flagged, like they do if they sneeze the wrong way?

    I think so.

  50. orlbucfan Says:

    I noticed that Rams’ defensive guy everyone is comparing GMC to played with 2 unbroken left/right arms and hands. Wowie. If GMC was healthy like that, he would have outplayed the Ram doofus. Boy, Jeff Fisher really has regressed since his Oiler/Titan coaching days. He’s gotta have refs help him win ballgames anymore. There really are some imbeciles on this site. Hey, always good for a laugh. BTW, 31-24 isn’t a blowout according to math dweebs. Go Bucs!!

  51. Bobby Says:

    Look, Aaron Donald is a beast. I don’t contest that. What I do contest is people saying that because GMC isn’t playing like Aaron Donald we can easily replace him. Go to NFL.com and click on the statistics link. Go to defensive linemen and see how many DT’s are on the first sack page. It’s 6 out of about 60 players. GMC is #4 DT listed just behind Geno Atkins. You people act like DT’s are supposed to get double digit sacks and that’s just not the case. That usually goes to the DE if the DT is doing his job and forcing the QB to the outside and not letting them get comfortable in the pocket. What Aaron Donald is doing is not normal. GMC is doing just what he’s supposed to do and that is blow up the interior and force runs and the QB to the outside. GMC is a huge part of why our run D is so good. He causes the runner to change direction a lot and they miss their hole. If we had a couple of decent DE’s who knew how to take a proper angle they’d be getting a lot more sacks because opposing QB’s don’t very often get to set up comfortably in the middle of the pocket. GMC desperately needs help from the outside. It’s a two way street, the DT forces the QB to the outside for a DE sack and the DE forces the QB to step up into the pocket for a DT sack. Right now it’s just not clicking for us but we’ll get help in the off season.