Not Good Enough

December 13th, 2015
Saints RB Tim Hightower celebrates a touchdown against the Bucs.

Saints RB Tim Hightower celebrates what proved to be the winning touchdown against the Bucs.

It’s time to face facts: The Bucs aren’t good enough. The Bucs are not a playoff team.

Oh, sure, America’s Quarterback, Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, stated after the game the Bucs “absolutely” are still in the playoff hunt, but reality suggests otherwise.

Today was reality. Playing a s(p)it defense, the Bucs were stuck in second gear. Playing the worst rush defense in the NFL, the Bucs were stuck in first gear.

Oh, late it seemed the Bucs got the running game going, only to begin to throw to a guy who is as reliable as a broken clock at catching the ball (ref-baiting Mike Evans), and an undrafted rookie free agent (what playoff team banks on an undrafted rookie free agent to get yards in crunchtime?).

No, the Bucs are not good enough to overcome their own mistakes. They pretty much have to play perfect football to win, even against a garbage defense like the Saints.

“Coach told us that penalties sooner or later will come back to haunt you,” Bradley McDougald said.

No s(p)it! The Bucs had enough of those, too (hello, Evans!). Left tackle Donovan Smith was called for holding on the game’s very first play from scrimmage wiping out a 36-yard gain.

Almost like a high school team, this rattled the Bucs so badly, they never seemed to recover. Playoff teams don’t fold into a fetal position at the very first hint of adversity.

8 Responses to “Not Good Enough”

  1. Buccfan37 Says:

    Major bummer man.

  2. Lovie Is Dog Poo Says:

    Considering that there was a playoff push on the line, this effort was as pathetic as the game against the Titans. Tough to watch such a dreadful effort from coaching on down.

  3. Oahubuc Says:

    Statistically, sure, we are “in the hunt.” You can also be “in the hunt” during deer season when all you are doing is sitting in a stand with no will to actually pull the trigger. Abysmal effort, and not first important game this season where this happened.

  4. buccfan305 Says:

    I still believe !!!!

    Go Bucs….we can do it (with alot of luck) But we can…..LETS GO!!!!

  5. rufus du bucs Says:

    This team won 2 games all of last year (more this year than past 2 seasons combined) and yet people bitch and cry as if they expect a win every Sunday. Patience assholes.

  6. Connor Says:

    We’re in if we win out and the Vikings lose 2 of their next 3. Quite a long shot

  7. Clint Says:

    We’ve blown so many games that were winnable.

  8. godzilla13 Says:

    Does anyone really think this team belongs in the playoffs? The sad thing is most of the problems should be fixable but they never go away. The worst part is that they have shown that they can be a good team. Focus, desire and intensity were all missing today. Stupid penalties and it is always the same people. Alterraun Verner, how hard is it really, when the game and the playoffs are on the line, to not put your hands on the receiver? When I heard the game was going to be a sell out, we were in trouble.