Licht: Only 1 Buccaneer Is Best At His Position

December 28th, 2015
The GM sounds off

The GM sounds off

The Bucs have a couple of superstars on defense, but Jason Licht says only one of them is the best of the best.

And the winner is … Lavonte David.

Licht hopped on the Buccaneers Radio Network yesterday and showered the Bucs’ leading tackler and fourth-year linebacker with boundless love. The chatter was prompted by a Pro Bowl discussion.

“Lavonte David, he’s an alternate [for this season’s Pro Bowl] but I think he’s the best at his position in the NFL, 4-3 outside linebacker, did not get named. I think it’s a little bit of a tragedy because he’s the one player on our team I can say, ‘He’s the best in the NFL at his position,'” Licht said. “And he’s left off, but he’s had a great year.”

David deserves plenty of love, but Joe must keep it real and add that David has not exactly had a great year, especially by his prior standards.

David had a rough first half, highlighted by leading an admitted mental breakdown on opening day, many missed tackles and a key dropped interception. Heck, Bucs coaches even acknowledged David’s play had fallen off. They claimed it was, in part, because he was distracted by a perceived need to cover for Kwon Alexander. But David has rebounded magnificently in the second half.

The fact David collectively had a strong season after a bad start just reaffirms his talent and ability.

Of course, it’s somewhat interesting that Licht doesn’t think Gerald McCoy is the best at his position in the NFL. Lovie Smith and Leslie Frazier often volunteer that McCoy is.

18 Responses to “Licht: Only 1 Buccaneer Is Best At His Position”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I agree with Licht….but in the case of Martin & GMC…..teams carry more than one running back & DT….so, they make my all-pro team also.

  2. ElioT Says:

    Of course he doesn’t think McCoy is the best DT. McCoy can’t hold Aaron Donald’s jock, even when he’s healthy.

    David gets snubbed because he doesn’t make many if any impact, game changing plays, he’s not a vocal/visible leader on game day, and…


    The Sucs are irrelevant and their defense is an abortion to the NFL, so #54 isn’t going to get any recognition.

    Siege my ****!

    Go Sucs!

    Losers again!

  3. Tampa Tony Says:

    David plays for a inept head coach with a bad scheme. He racks up a lot of tackles but very few impact plays

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    Crazy that the best player had his best year ( like many other players ) with Coach Schiano!!!!

  5. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    If you believe Lovie, David gets what he’s gonna get if he plays his position correctly. If he is playing his position correctly and what he gets sucks, that’s on the defensive scheme.

  6. NJBucsFan Says:

    Wish we had one of the best 37 coaches in the league

  7. road warrior Says:

    It’s time for Licht to take total control of this team real quick or walk away if he’s told he has to keep Lovie. If he really thinks Lovie is the right guy then Ok go with it but i don’t think lovie is the man. hopefully I’m wrong and this all works out for L&L. The last thing this team needs is another new head coach right now but if Licht thinks Lovie isn’t the man let’s do it. Or do something new DC .

  8. Ray Rice Says:

    Where are all the MF’s riding Aunt Geraldine’s diznick now? Even the GM said he’s not the best. Yet you dumb MF’s keep arguing he is. LMFAO. What’s your excuse now? Take the truth for what it is. Houdini Geraldini isn’t and will never be mentioned amongst the best at his position.

  9. ndog Says:

    Nothing about what he says is a surprise to anyone who knows football and actually watches this team each week. David started rough this year and then picked it up whereas McCoy stared well then got hurt like usually then vanished like usual. The only other players on this team that have the talent to one day be the best at their position are Kwon, Jameis, and Marpet but they all have quite a ways to go.

  10. loggedontosay Says:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    December 28th, 2015 at 5:23 pm
    Crazy that the best player had his best year ( like many other players ) with Coach Schiano!!!!

    Give it Schiano; we all know that it you!

  11. uncle donny Says:

    I don’t understand why some of you people call yourselves bucs fans why don’t you do the real buc fans a favor and jump ship now all you people do is talk bad about our coaches and players probably never played football in your life so how could you possibly understand what is really going on I love my team coaches included gm as well so all you fake fans kick rocks Go Bucs draft well like always as of late like we’ve been doing and try it again

  12. orlbucfan Says:

    @Ray Rice: do me a favor and suit up, go out and play GMC’s position with a injured arm, broken hand and then come back and tell me he’s a wuss. While you’re at it, sack the QB, too. Gas bag! Go Bucs!! BTW, LVD deserved to be in the Pro Bowl. The snub is probably why Licht shot off his mouth.

  13. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I love how people claim david doesnt make impact plays. Like he needs to have 20 ints in a season to impactful.

    What is an impact play?
    Turnovers? obviously.
    Sacks? Yeah, most likely everyone considers that an impact play.
    Tackle for loss? Most actually just glance over this one, but it is ultimately the same thing as a sack. Loss of yards. And quite frankly LVD is one of the top TFL guys in the league.
    What about tackle on third down leading to a forth down? Forcing a three and out because you made a tackle short of the sticks is a pretty impactful play imo. David is usually great at that.

    Point is being an impact player is more than getting sacks and interceptions. Those are the glory stats, but doing your job every play at a high level is ever more impactful. And if anyone wants to dispute David as he best 4-3 outside backer please name a better one. I’ll wait.

  14. Supersam Says:

    Wow! Talk about taking a shot at Gerald McCoy, maybe the front office is just as unhappy with him as the fan base is.

  15. 1sparkybuc Says:

    McCoy’s issue is staying healthy. He simply can’t.

  16. JAB83 Says:

    Barrett Rudd did as much as LVD does in the run game. Hence all the tackles. IMO, I don’t see LVD doing much more then Rudd did. In fact I would like to see the numbers comparison between the two.

    The thing I like about LVD vs Rudd is that I think LVD just rolls out of bed and plays as well as he does. Where as Rudd had to play his tale off.

    So I think he gets snubbed because he is not and really has not play to his full potential as of yet. Same goes for GMC.

    My hope is JW will give these guys some fire come next season now that they no for sure the reason they are losers is because they let it happen.

  17. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Hmm,headline does not match direct quote from Licht. read between quote marks.

    It sure does match, Bob. –Joe

  18. 813bucboi Says:

    @ realist…”Crazy that the best player had his best year ( like many other players ) with Coach Schiano!!!!”…individual success doesn’t equal team success!!!!individual player success can lead to a coach getting ousted if the team isn’t successful….hence schianos ousting….GO BUCS!!!!