“Getting Our Draft The Way Coach Smith Wants It”

December 25th, 2015
What does Lovie want?

What does Lovie want?

Who is the real Santa Claus at One Buc Palace when it comes to the NFL Draft?

Who’s placing gifts under the Tampa Bay tree in late April?

Determining the guy really in charge of drafting a player is a fun sport among fans of most NFL teams. You almost never really know who gets — or had — the final hammer on draft day with any particular pick.

Therefore, any insider hint to the chain of command always is intriguing.

Enter Larry Marmie, the Bucs’ nickel backs coach and longtime Lovie Smith mentor and confidante. Marmie chatted via the Buccaneers Radio Network this week and talked about how the Bucs are winning more close games this year and how they must keep building under Lovie’s direction.

“So we’re going to keep pounding on the rock and keep, you know, getting our draft the way Coach Smith wants it and free agency,” Marmie said. “And just keep working toward a finished product here that we think’s going to be [something] people will be proud of.”

Hmmm, so the Bucs must get the draft and free agency “the way Coach Smith wants it.” Interesting word selection there by Lovie’s friend and staff member. Combine that with Lovie saying this week that the Bucs’ draft direction seems pretty clear, and there’s plenty to think about over your egg nog.

The only thing Joe can type with certainty about the 2016 offseason is the Bucs will be in hot pursuit of a pass rusher.

Lovie failed miserably investing in Michael Johnson in 2014. This year, he failed big time acquiring George Johnson to solve the Bucs’ edge rush woes. Look for the Bucs to attack signing another allegedly live, edge-rusher body when the free agency dinner bell rings in March. What choice do they have?

21 Responses to ““Getting Our Draft The Way Coach Smith Wants It””

  1. Capt. Tim Says:

    Merry Christmas to all!!
    Who ever is doing the drafting- hes gotta find a a CB and a DE
    With their record the last Two years, I have faith they will

  2. LargoBuc Says:

    What team dosent draft with heavy input from their hc? Both Lovie and Licht have done a good job in the draft.

  3. Supersam Says:

    I really like Emmanuel Ogbah defensive end for OSU he has the prototypical size and speed to fit our defense, he sacked Winston 3 times In college and Winston is hard to sack. He’s a Lott award finalist this year which means he’s a good person, we all know you have to be a good person to be on Lovies football team. He’s someone to keep an eye on as the draft approaches.

  4. HIRE JIMBO Says:

    I like Carl Nassib in the 2nd round too. Mind as well double up on pass rush if he is there. Depending on how free agency goes

  5. dave Says:

    should get a mix of fa and draft picks on de, cb, and wr. need to create as much competition as possible there. get another olineman or two. try our best to keep koetter. love the direction the team has taken this year. all it takes is a qb that at least has a chance of winning to change things around. glad the bucs finally figured that out with winston!

  6. Bryce Says:

    Sua Cravens from USC there’s word he’ll declare for the draft

  7. Rob in Land O' Lakes Says:

    Supersam wrote: <>

    Totally agree. I wrote the same thing under a different thread. He seems like a really good fit.

  8. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Lol, so superman spent 6 months leading up to the draft saying what an awful person Jameis was! Now he is saying that you have to be a good person to play for Lovie. Dude you crack me up!

  9. Wombat Says:

    I think we are heading in the right direction, my only fear is we lose Koetter before the job is done…..

  10. Howard Cosell Says:

    Like Pablo, Howard also wishes the Hoes Merry Christmas.

    That said, Howard believes that Koetter & Licht had the most influence
    in the recent offensive drafts which were coup d’é·tat’s. Similarly Howard
    believes that Lovie & Licht have the most influence for defensive drafts
    with the Glazers retaining veto power. If Kwon was Lovies
    idea then that (contrary to the h8terz) means Lovie is a great judge of
    defensive talent. I don’t think the “blind squirrel” analogy applies here at all.
    Alexander was the steal of the draft. Que the Realist with PED comments in 2…3…

    Yes, Howard is grateful on Christmas that the Hoes provide Howard a fun place to indulge his Buccaneer addiction. Merry Christmas!

  11. 1nebuc Says:


    I know the bucs wont go after two head cases (Greg HARDY being 1 )but i think you grab jpp to help at de. Then you sign either cb from the rams being Jenkins or Johnson. Then you gamble and go after Josh Gordon #12 froms the Brown’s. I think the spot we are in we can snatch Ramsey put him at free safety. Then trade our 3rd round pick to Seattle for Cam chancellor resign Moore . trade glennon to Cleveland for a 2nd then use those 2 picks on a de and a o lineman. Now you have youth , skills , attitude,and most important a REAL CHANCE TO WIN

  12. q Says:

    Michael bennett

  13. Seminole Bill Says:

    Who woulda thunk at point in the season we could say “the offense has been fixed”? Yet, it is. I would have predicted just the opposite, a weak O-line contributing to a weak, weak offense. Just goes to show you; our o-linemen had the skills and ability all along – they just needed a QB they felt was worth blocking for.

    Now for the defense. For Lovie, a defensive coach, this should be a laydown.

  14. BeeMoney Says:

    Free agency:

    DE – Greg Hardy or Micheal Bennett
    S – Eric Berry
    CB – 1. Josh Norman, 2. Trumaine Johnson, 3. Morris Claiborne
    Nickel CB – Jeremey Lane
    WR – Desean Jackson
    PR/KR – Devin Hester…. cause he will get cut by the falcons this offseason


    1. DE Emmanul Ogah
    2. CB Desmond King
    3. Safety or Guard
    4. WR Charone Peake from Clemson aka Wide Receiver University
    5. Another CB
    (Only First 2 picks should be right on point)

    Hire Clemson WR Coach
    Hire Rod Marinelli for DC

    We will be money next year!!!

  15. Pierce Says:

    Is it still a fail when every free agency guru believed that Michael Johnson was a great pickup? I get that he sucked, but i never read one article from any supposed ‘expert’ say that Johnson was a bad pickup.

  16. Lou. Says:


    Sure you did. They wrote tons of negative analysis AFTER the FA signing failed.

    Personnel analysts are often in error but never in doubt.

  17. HolyBuc Says:


    DE: Olivier Vernon

  18. Tampa Tony Says:

    For anyone who thinks a rookie pass rusher is going to come in and turn around this awful defense you need to wake up.

    In 2015 no rookie pass rusher has more than 4 sacks…

    As well as the Bucs did in the draft in 2015 I doubt they duplicate that success this next draft

  19. satchseven Says:

    tampa tony, the bucs need all the help they can get the draft will help.

  20. satchseven Says:

    I like greg hardy but can you imagine how ignorant the media and the kkk so called fans would act. I do not even draw that picture with two guys who were accused by nut jobs

  21. grafikdetail Says:

    decent edge rushers hardly ever hit the market unless your GM is just a damn idiot… still don’t know why the “rock star” let Michael Bennet walk out of tampa for dirt cheap