“We Tried To Slow Him Down”

November 21st, 2015
GMC talks about America's Quarterback.

GMC talks about America’s Quarterback.

Albert Breer of NFL.com typed up an interesting nugget about the growth of America’s Quarterback, Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston.

The story isn’t so much about his growth on the field, but how he has taken over the locker room by his cult of personality. The team and some players tried to keep him shackled to ease Jameis’ transition into the NFL, but it was a lost cause because Jameis is so strong-willed.

Gerald McCoy shared that Jameis is the team leader just nine weeks into his NFL career.

“We tried to slow him down, let him just be a rookie, just be our quarterback,” GMC said. “We tried. It didn’t work. He takes over. He can’t help it, it’s in his blood to lead — and to win. You see what he’s done over the last couple weeks. … He’s really starting to understand how to play this game. And being a leader, that’s in his blood. He can’t help it.”

GMC went on to tell a story about Jameis that hearkens to his days at Florida State. GMC said Jameis is the first one off the field during game warm-ups and greets each teammate as he comes off the field to offer words of encouragement.

That’s exactly what Jameis did in Tallahassee. There was video of Jameis, before a home game, standing just outside the tunnel where he met each player individually as he stepped off the field, offering words, a pat on the shoulder pads, or a handshake.

GMC even admitted if anyone can turn the Bucs from losers into winners, it is Jameis.

“I think he’s gonna be an elite quarterback in this league for a long time,” GMC said. “If he just stays the course and keeps doing the right things on and off the field, he can change this team for the better.”

It is really cool to see how veterans like Logan Mankins, Clinton McDonald and Vincent Jackson are fully and totally behind Jameis.

Each of those guys has played in championship games and McDonald has a ring. Yet in virtually every piece with Jameis addressing the team before a game, you can find McDonald right behind Jameis, nodding his head like he’s at a tent revival. Jackson, emotionally, seems reborn thanks to Jameis, and he can also be caught bouncing to Jameis’ words.

It is a really cool transformation to watch.

10 Responses to ““We Tried To Slow Him Down””

  1. Ray Rice Says:

    Now I know what’s been bothering Geraldine. Storming out of the locker room, one tackle a game, etc… Move aside #93. Someone’s about to do what you’ve failed to do your whole time in Tampa.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think GMC’s production problem is due to injury……it is certainly possible that losing the leadership role has had some emotional impact.

    What’s called for here is just a small bit of empathy……GMC was this team’s leader for years….and it was a miserable losing team…..now here comes this “kid” and takes all that away….and may be far more successful.

    Imagine yourself in that position…..lets give GMC a chance to adjust….I think he will especially if it means winning….

  3. Architek Says:

    Operation Tank: Mission Accomplished

  4. dreambig Says:

    I love that Jameis is taking over the leadership role. It is clearly his team and has been for weeks. One thing that makes me nervous, is him possibly getting to mentally hyped up before games. Koetter said as much a few weeks ago and you can make a case he might have done that last week as well. He can dance and throw his helmet in the air and act all crazy before the game, I just hope he can come out and play with calm efficiency afer the game starts. I am sure he will get there, after all he is still only 21 years old. Thats just crazy.

  5. Big Marlon B Says:

    Man, when I was 21 I couldn’t lead my friends and decide what bar to go to. Impressive stuff.

  6. Bobby Says:

    I hope this puts to rest any idea that GMC has been pouting because he “lost the leadership role”. I always knew that was ridiculous but some of the fans on here are like gossiping teenage girls. Most of the time it’s a good idea to let a rookie just be a rookie and adapt to the NFL and let leadership come naturally, don’t force it. There’s enough pressure just being a starter your rookie year. With Jameis it was different. That kid was just born to be a leader and he has put in the time, effort, and performed so that the rest of the team respects him enough to follow. Sounds to me like GMC is happy to have this kid as his QB and knows that Winston will be great for years to come.

  7. LargoBuc Says:

    I heard an interesting stat the other day comparing tackles per game between Mccoy and Sapp ( I beleive i heard it on one of the local sports shows on the radio ). It had Sapp at 2.2 tackles per game and Mccoy at 1.8 or so. It was close. So really Mccoy being bashed is unfair especially considering all he has done. If he were to not play another game this year, he would finish at 22.5 sacks the the past three seasons, an astounding amount for a dt.
    And guys wtf do u mean when u say Mccoy never makes splash plays when it counts? Do you mean he dosent record sacks in tackles in the fourth quarter and guys like Sapp and Suh do? Maybe one of the Mccoy haters can bring up a sacks by quarter on Mccoy and Sapp/Suh.

  8. FanOfBucs Says:

    Mccoy is a good teammate. Sounds very much in support of #3!

    Go BUCS!

  9. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Imagine yourself in that position…..lets give GMC a chance to adjust….I think he will especially if it means winning….

    Well said sir. Winning cures everything and if there ever were any hurt feelings they will all disappear with wins.

    As the late Al Davis used to say…”Just win baby!”

  10. softastissueMcCoy93 Says:

    Go Bucs Im expecting a good day for the Bucs tomorrow. Let’s go Defense dominate tomorrow.