Vincent Jackson Explains His Ligament Injury

November 21st, 2015
Medical details emerge

Medical details emerge

It’s time to get into the medical details of Vincent Jackson’s injury.

The Bucs wide receiver wants everyone to know.

That’s why Jackson was sharing on the Buccaneers Radio Network last night. And, of course, that’s why Joe was listening.

Jackson explained that he doesn’t like the term “knee injury” when it comes to what’s kept him out of the lineup since Dashon Goldson drilled his leg on October 25.

“I wouldn’t even really classify it as the knee. I mean, it’s in the knee region, but this is actually more of a, I don’t want to be technical with the terms, but I believe it’s called the popliteus ligament,” Jackson said. “Just throwing it out there. It’s more to do with the fibular head and things like. So it’s not anything to do with like a ligament in my knee, per se. Still in that region. Still gets kind of diagnosed the same, as if it was a lateral cruciate ligament [injury].”

For those that want to dive deep into this type of knee injury, here’s one of many links from Joe’s research. It’s common after impact car crashes and after bookies club a guy with a baseball bat.

Jackson resumed practicing late this week, but the Bucs’ medical staff is sticking to its plan.

“Again, there’s a protocol. There’s a plan of action the trainers and the doctors put together. Obviously, the coaching staff are going to respect them and their orders. So we’ve just stuck to the plan and I’m feeling a lot better. It’s been great. I’m really hoping to get back to action soon.

Regarding how he felt in practice, Jackson was uplifted.

“To get back out there on the grass in some cleats and to actually make cuts and do dynamic stuff was, you know, refreshing and reassuring, that hey, ‘You haven’t lost it.’  You know what I mean. You’re still going to go to be about there and keep that rhythm. So I did feel very strong.”

As Joe reported weeks ago, Jackson’s initial prognosis was out six weeks. Whether his rehabilitation has accelerated that timetable is unclear. Regardless, Joe would be shocked if Jackson plays tomorrow.

5 Responses to “Vincent Jackson Explains His Ligament Injury”

  1. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “It’s common after impact car crashes and after bookies club a guy with a baseball bat.”

    Haven’t heard anything about VJax being in a car crash Joe. So I’m wondering, do we have any video of Dashon Goldson clubbing VJax with a baseball bat?

    Oh wait, we weren’t supposed to take that literally?

  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    Ask ASJ about the specifics of his injury. Shhh, It’s a secret. Thanks VJackson for letting the fans know.

  3. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Great for VJAX! As far as ASJ I’m beginning to wonder about the Buc’s medical/training staff.

    How did they not know that Carl Nicks had played his last game. How could a guy that damaged be counted on to play?

    With ASJ did they not know the severity of his injury. Why didn’t they simply IR him long, long ago. If he misses Sunday’s game he will have missed half the season!!! Were they not aware of the severity of ASJ’s problem. Why waste a roster spot for a guy that clearly was not going to play for at least half a season and until we see him it might be even more than half a season.

  4. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Man I wish VJax was out there playing! I”m starting to maybe feel like the team is coming around a bit, and I’d sure feel better having Jackson out there to give Winston another reliable pass catcher!

  5. The Big Unit Says:

    ASJ is soft, he has hardly played in the the two years he has been here. I have never seen so much hype but so little production. Half of ability is availability. ..and he hasn’t been available. I really question his desire to play