The Tight Ends Washout

November 10th, 2015
"Just don't throw it to a tight end, Jameis."

“Just don’t throw it to a tight end, Jameis.”

A mystery surrounding the Bucs this season is the lack of throws to tight ends.

It’s almost as if offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter has waved the white flag since Austin Seferian-Jenkins was injured.

The Giants were supposed to be a defense vulnerable over the middle and to crossing routes. The Bucs threw just once to tight ends Sunday, a 17-yard completion to Cameron Brate.

That was especially bizarre considering the Bucs’ extremely limited experience at wide receiver. Plus, in Atlanta, the Bucs threw six times to tight ends, and five were caught — two for Brate and three for Brandon Myers.

Koetter is sure to be asked Wednesday about the limited role for tight ends in the offense. Myers leads all Bucs tight ends this season with nine catches. Keep in mind this is a guy who caught 126 balls and eight touchdowns combined in 2012 (Raiders) and 2013 (Giants), before arriving in Tampa last year.

Unless something changes, including Seferian-Jenkins getting a new body, the Bucs should look for significant tight ends help this offseason.

Perhaps they can somehow reacquire Tim Wright and use him as trade bait? The Bucs are very good at that.

23 Responses to “The Tight Ends Washout”

  1. kstoges Says:

    ASJ needs to grow a damn pair ive had two shoulder surgeries and wrestled i. Highschool through them both

  2. kstoges Says:


  3. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    that brate dude seems like a legit player

  4. Mark Says:


  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    No one but ASJ knows what kind of condition he is in. I suspect he wants to play but isn’t able to pass certain tests that are designed to test his shoulder.

    Why on earth would any talented player not want to play?… has the potential of costing him millions.

    Calling him soft is simply ignorant…..was AP soft?…..was Martin soft with his shoulder injury….was GMC soft for two years with his biceps injury? How about Spence & Demar Dotson….soft?

    There is absolutely not one shred of evidence that ASJ can play and chooses not to…..and no evidence that he is soft… more than any other players.
    Luke Stocker was constantly injured for two or three years….now he seems OK….was he soft?

  6. pelbuc Says:

    Regardless of his injury, his body of work is not impressive at all for a 2nd round pick. Costly penalties, game ending fumbles and stupid TD celebrations during blowouts and inability to block tell me all I need to know…bust!

  7. Dcbucsfan Says:

    ASJ is a China Doll!

  8. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    Note to Lovie Smith:

    If ASJ isn’t ready to play, put him on IR.
    If ASJ doesn’t want to play, cut him!

  9. 813bucboi Says:

    he needs to learn how to block…GO BUCS!!!

  10. BucTrooper Says:

    I’m still perplexed as to why they did not bring in Nick O’leary for just a look. He’s a familiar target to Winston.

  11. Jerseybuc Says:

    Giants had a THIRD string MLB starting his first game in the NFL on the road.
    You would think they would have tested him.

  12. Upthegut Says:

    I believe ASJ may have a YEAST infection,

  13. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    That was seriously funny.


    There is absolutely not one shred of evidence that ASJ can play

    While I certainly take your point, we are not very compassionate here…yeast infection? LMAO and I hestitate to use words like choke or other derogatory comments on guys who are probably giving it their all…in this case ASJ made an unfortunate mistake when he said he didn’t want to play until 100%

    That’s kind of like that SINGLE play where Mike Glennon ran out of bounds short of a first down instead trying to truck the DB ala Fameis.

    Both of those things might be wrong and something to grumble about but they do tend to get overblown.

    But ya gotta admit we’re just having fun. Yeast infection reminds me of the first time I took my wife to a hockey game…wait till you see how I connect this…lol

    No my wife didn’t have a UTI I’m referring to sexist putdowns of pro athletes.
    Two women were sitting behind us. Remember my wife’s FIRST experience at hockey. Cory Cross was a 6-4 defensemen for us who played about 5-4!

    He took a guy into the corner and displayed no violence or hitting just hugging.
    The two women behind us stand up and in unison shout…”Hit him with your purse Cory!” LMAO My wife was so impressed she has become a die hard hockey fan.

  14. Another J Says:

    Get O’Leary!

  15. Tnew Says:

    Hunter Henry. Second round.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ St. Pete

    I agree the 100% comment could be taken the wrong way……I think he could have said…..”I’d give 100% effort even if my body won’t”

    It make absolutely no sense that ASJ would deliberately refrain from playing….all players want to play….that is what they have been doing all their life. I think some fans simply want to vent and pick on anyone….Joe’s constant “hot tub” reminders don’t help…
    I choose to give ASJ the benefit of the doubt.

  17. GhostofSchiano Says:

    The NFL glory days of players playing hurt, playing for pride are over. The nFL needs the Jack Youngbloods of yesteryear.

  18. Tampa Tony Says:

    I don’t know why Koetter gets your ire when Jameis throws the ball? All 22 film shows TE’s open. Jameis kept force feeding stone hands

  19. crazy Says:

    Who cares if ASJ can play. He hasn’t shown enough on the field to care one way or the other if he’s in the lineup.

    I don’t understand why Koetter doesn’t make better use of the other TE’s. They’ve done fine with the few balls thrown their way. Why not use them? Especially when other showboats have the dropsies?

  20. Matt Says:

    That’s cause stocker and Myers suck and are gonna end up hurting this team and Winston .

  21. GerbilsGoneWild Says:

    Disagree Matt. Winston still needs development on reads and checkdowns.

  22. Johnny "America's Commenter" Dejay Says:

    ASJ said he wouldn’t play until he was 100%. Any competitive athlete in any sport will tell you that they are almost never at 100%. That statement creates the perception that ASJ is soft and selfish.

    Mike Evans is clearly not 100% and he’s out there competing as hard as he can. Even “King of the Softies” GMC is out there playing hard with a bad shoulder. Players have to learn to play through injuries and pain to be successful in this league.

    ASJ needs to wise up quickly, because at this rate, his second contract is going to be a lot lighter than his first contract.

  23. godzilla13 Says:

    Somehow reacquire Tim Wright and use him as trade bait? Funny. Actually he could really help this team right now. Didn’t see him dropping any passes? Another outstanding player personnel decision.