No Longer Covering For Kwon

November 19th, 2015
Bucs DC Leslie Frazier talked about LB Lavonte David's earlier struggles, which are no more.

Bucs DC Leslie Frazier talked about Lavonte David’s earlier struggles, which are no more.

Earlier in the season it got to the point that some Bucs fans wanted the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office to issue an Amber Alert for Lavonte David.

The stud Bucs linebacker was a shell of himself. Not just a massive dropoff in his number of tackles per game, but his mistackles were so obvious people began wondering what happened to the Nebraska product.

Some fans suspected David was covering for rookie middle linebacker Kwon Alexander, thus taking David out of position. Today, Bucs defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier admitted those same fans were correct when asked why was David, who has had two good games the past two weeks, struggling.

“I don’t think there was any one particular thing,” Frazier said. “He’s been playing some good football for us but not coming up with those plays where people go, “Ah, wow.” He has been pretty consistent. Just so happens Sunday some of the things [Dallass] did we were able to exploit thorough his play [Lavonte].

“It is possible [David’s play suffered due to covering for Alexander]. I know early on that was a little bit of it. We talked to him about that. Just focus on his responsibilities and not worry about if Kwon was lined up right or if he understood what the call was. Early on, that did have something to do with that. I don’t know if he would admit that but now that he is confident — as we all are — with Kwon doing his job, you just have to do your job.

“We need those splash plays, those interceptions. We did get that from him but we are [now] getting that from the guy next to him [Alexander]. The plays will come for Lavonte. He is too good of an athlete for that not to happen.”

It’s nice to know that David didn’t just take the money [new contract] and run like many fans suggested. Joe never, ever got the impression David was the kind of a guy to sign a big contract and then coast knowing the big checks are coming.

Good to know that theory is bulls(p)it.

19 Responses to “No Longer Covering For Kwon”

  1. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    That all makes sense and I can buy the explanation. What concerned me though was seeing LVD in perfect position and just whiffing on tackles and dropping certain critical ints. But we all have ups and downs in life…just ask Mike Evans.

    At this point I honestly do not care what made LVD have a bad first quarter of the season…he’s ballin’ now and as Lovie loves to point out…at the perfect time..November.

  2. Espo Says:

    None of that has to do with missing tackles. He was still taking good angles and shooting the correct gap, only to whiff. It looks like he’s corrected his mistakes so hopefully he stays on his game.

  3. WyldKat Says:

    This possibility never crossed my mind.

    Things can only get better, right, especially with the corner play improving lately?

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Bucs are no longer the sad sacks of the NFL. Go LVD!

  5. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    “…now that he is confident — as we all are — with Kwon doing his job, you just have to do your job.”

    This is the essence of Tampa 2. It only works is people cab trust their teammates to do their own jobs. Once that happens, it is very effective.

    As we see with the best defensive teams in the league.

  6. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    He could have been in position and still been distracted by watching over Kwon.

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucs appear to have developed some position stability over the past couple of games. Lavonte and Kwon are a big part of that (both played 100% defensive snaps last 2 games, as did Conte and Moore).

    Starting lineups on both sides of the ball over these last 2 games were essentially the same with only 2 exceptions it looks like. That kind of stability is what the Bucs were lacking in the first 7 games while the defense especially kept searching for the right players to make the defense work like it’s supposed to. Maybe now we’ve finally started to develop some chemistry on that side of the ball.

  8. OneLove Says:

    What impresses me most is the SPEED!! We might be talking about how the Bucs have the best LB core in the league in the next year or so!

  9. The Buc Realist Says:

    It also seemed like both LB’s were trying to cover up for the DL as well. No coincidence in the couple of random blitz’s they have started to run the last 4 games, has made everyone’s job easier!!! ( Even though it should have been adjusted over a year ago!!)

  10. Danati74 Says:

    Hopefully nobody has to cover for anyone and we can start playing football. Kwon is killing it, so hopefully LVD can just worry about playing football. Imagine when we replace Danny too. I like Danny, but he’s getting up there. So we can use him for the next year and groom a strongside LBer. Then we won’t have to worry for years about our LBers. Im sure in the next draft we will be getting Safetys, LBers, DL, CBs, and DEs.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Just think how good Sterling Moore will be when he stops covering for Hey Jude…..(joke)

  12. softastissueMcCoy93 Says:

    Now that the back end of the Defense have gotten their act together I hope that Jack Smith comes back healthy. If he does I predict some good games from the d-line soon.

  13. softastissueMcCoy93 Says:

    If LVD was covering for Alexander. I take back all of my negative comments regarding his play. McCoy its time to step it up. Go Bucs!

  14. Derrick Says:

    So he missed the tackles because why again?

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    @softastissueMcCoy93 … “McCoy its time to step it up.”

    You’d better hope than GMC can just hang in there until the end of the season. Pull him out of the DLine and we’d be hurtin’ puppies. We’ve already lost too many other DT/DEs.

    But then again, I’m not sure that you care. Gut feel tells me that you’re really a troll from Philly. Anyone with a handle like that obviously has it in for GMC and the Bucs.

  16. softastissueMcCoy93 Says:

    @ Defense,
    I have defended McCoy since he was drafted. I think he has a lot of athleticism, but he p1$$ed me off during the Giants game. During a TO at the end off the game on 3rd and short McCoy is shown on jumbo-tron talking to Giants linemen. While his teammates were huttled up getting water. I checked his stats to see that he has one tackle.Im sorry but that was not cool.
    I only thing I’ve heard McCoy talk passionately about is super heroes.

    With that being said, I will support him on Sundays as long as he is a Buc.

  17. JAB83 Says:

    Joe, seriously “some fans” thought he was covering for Kwon??? Pretty sure I am the one who broke that story and nobody took me serious… But its all good… That’s for reconigzing me to be the bigger than life supper hero of fan that I am…. I do display multiple personalities at times so perhaps that’s how you got me confused with more than one… Whatever I know….

    Now to the bigger even more coolester of stories…. All you need do is put the mic in his face and say, “Coach ” some fans” are still so curious, what was it exactly you did in your basement. The rumor is you became an offensive minded coach down there and figured out a way to tank a season to get The Pride of Tampa Americas QB Famous Jamies Win a Ton Winston.”

    Joe, be convinced with me. Had we assumed Lovie was gonna build the offense first we would all be elated about the progress… For crying out loud we had TWO 1000 yelard receivers last year one was a rookie…. We had no OC or QB or OL to boot!!!

    Face it everyone including Joe…. Lovie knein his basement… If he built it they would come!!!! Defense gets you in the game offense makes you a contender…. Both makes you a dynasty!!!!

    Thanks to Lovie WE ARE ON OUR WAY!!!!


    24-0 BUCS roll over Eagles…. Good things happen in 3s… The D will lagitimize themselves minus a pass rush… Meaning when that happens.we become contenders!!!,

  18. mike10 Says:

    That thought crossed my mind, however, he was finding himself in the right places just wasn’t able to wrap up and finish those tackles we’ve been used to seeing him make – that’s got nothing to do w covering for Kwon

  19. buc4life1979 Says:

    Called it.