Teams Daring Jameis

November 19th, 2015
Center Joe Hawley discusses opposing defensive strategies.

Center Joe Hawley discusses opposing defensive strategies.

As Joe noted earlier, the Bucs’ running game has sort of declined. For a team that likes to run the ball, this is not promising.

Yesterday, Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter suggested the running game is not in a dire circumstance. Just a few tweaks here, a small change there, and all will be well.

When Joe talked to center Joe Hawley today, Hawley sort of said the same thing with different words. No sense of panic in the least.

But Joe finds the timing of the decline in the running game more than interesting. The last time Doug Martin ran for 100 yards was the Capital Collapse at Washington. It was in that game the Bucs lost two of their top three wide receivers to injury, Vincent Jackson and Louis Murphy.

Given that the Bucs are now using two undrafted rookies at wide receiver, along with a stud who lately has been inconsistent hauling in the ball, and a rookie quarterback, defenses appear to be daring the Bucs to throw the ball and only worrying about shutting down the Bucs’ rushing attack?

Hawley didn’t dispute this and hinted it is indeed a factor in the lesser rushing results.

“Yeah, you could say that,” Hawley said. “They are playing the run a little more. If I was a defensive coordinator, and you lose great receivers like that [stopping the run would be a focus]. “

But Hawley said while the running game may not be clicking like it was, even without Jackson, Murphy and ASJ, the passing game has not suffered.

“I think we are throwing the ball fine, just details we need to clean up,” Hawley said. Opponents “may be putting more guys in the box.”

There is no question that when the Bucs went to a smashmouth offense, Jameis shined. But it is hard to play smashmouth without running the ball well.

8 Responses to “Teams Daring Jameis”

  1. The original "Kevin" Says:

    Give Adam Humphries around 8 to 10 more targets and our passing game should have its spark. The only pass he caught least sunday was for a first down and proba ly the toughest catch by any receiver in the that game. One target was all I saw. The guy doesnt drop passes. He didnt drop them in preseason and he was getting open throughout the whole game. Until kenny bell or vjax steps up we need a true no 2 receiver. Cant find out who it will be without some opportunities.

  2. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I think the one thing you have to realize is Humphries isn’t getting open. He wasn’t open on that catch you are talking about. It was a great catch, but probably a throw that shouldn’t have been made. He struggles with press coverage (as do most of our receivers), so you will see plays where he can’t even get off the line. Again, I like the kid, but he has a looooooong way to go before he gets 8-10 targets in a game.

  3. The Buc Realist Says:

    Don’t forget that VJ is a huge WR and most likely the best blocking WR the bucs had!!!! The Bucs need a super fast wr that would keep a safety high and CB on the outside!!! maybe next draft!!!

  4. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Don’t disagree with the press coverage problems for the rookie receivers. Perhaps they need to watch a lot of tape of Welker and Edelman to see how they manage to get off the line. Same of course for Dye.

    And speaking of Dye…let’s use his 4.4 speed to open things up a bit. I think the Bucs should take several shots down the field deep. Even if we don’t complete them at least it sends a message to the defense and I have to believe if Dye and #3 keep working they’ll eventually hook up,

  5. Tom Edrington Says:

    Love Joe Hawley on his way to the “ZZ Top” look…..

  6. godzilla13 Says:

    I agree, the Bucs should take several shots down the field deep. Yes, it sends the defense a message and will open things up but what I like about taking that chance is how the referees have been calling PI on the defensive backs. There are games that if you as much as touch the receiver you are going to get flagged. Great call by Dallas on the last offensive play when Bradley McDougald intercepted. Go deep, take a chance and if all else fails, hope for the PI. Except Dez flat out gave up after McDougald pushed him.

  7. loggedontosay Says:

    In the way that the Bucs offensive line is moved Dallas defensive line, it was shown on the Bucs site with the retired tight end whats he name, something is wrong with the running game and Davin Cook can fix it.

  8. OnlyGodnoles Says:

    …Dalvin Cook??? and how long do you want the bucs to wait for the said Davin Cook to fix it? Are you saying the bucs will be so bad for the next couple years to be in a position draft the said Davin Cook? And what meds are you on? so many questions so little time.