White House Snub Still Bugs Derrick Brooks

November 19th, 2015

BushPittmanHall of Famer Derrick Brooks works as an NFL appeals officer, runs the Tampa Bay Storm, plays a role in his acclaimed Tampa charter school, raises his family, co-hosts a weekly radio show on WDAE-AM 620, stars in Bright House commercials, and makes public appearances for the Buccaneers, among other interests, but Brooks still finds a time to seethe about his Buccaneers getting snubbed.

The little-known subject of the Super Bowl champion Bucs never getting invited to the White House came up yesterday on Tampa-2, the WDAE show Brooks hosts with Steve Duemig.

Brooks admitted that he’s put a lot of effort into letting important people know the visit never happened and his team is ready head to Washington D.C., but the right people haven’t listened.

Duemig asked Brooks, “It’s gotta eat you alive?” And Brooks replied, “When I think about it, it does. I don’t know how much our organization pushed for it, if our owners pushed to have it done. I don’t know. Yeah, it does bother me a little bit because other teams, they’ve made up with the other championship teams and hosted them.”

Brooks said honorary trips to the White House were suspended after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but Presidents have since scheduled make up visits, except not with the Bucs. “All the other teams have made up their trip except us,” Brooks said.

Duemig said to Brooks, “Why don’t you write a letter to Obama?”

“Trust me, I’ve made it known (laughs) to a lot of people,” Brooks said. “I thought it was the right people.”

It’s really time to right this wrong. Joe’s going to make a few phone calls.

49 Responses to “White House Snub Still Bugs Derrick Brooks”

  1. Tom Says:

    Interestingly enough, the 2013 National Champion Florida State Seminoles weren’t invited to the White House either

  2. BucFanForever Says:

    Don’t these officials know that Florida is the key to wining the White House? They should shower us and our teams with love.

  3. The Buc Realist Says:

    You would think that the bigger snub was done by the league!!! Making the Bucs go on the road back to philly when the Bucs were the Champs!!!! Of course we would not have gotten to see Gruden yelling “We beat Balboa” ” We beat Balboa”!!! after they stomped the Eagles!!!

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    No, keep the snub going. Obama wasnt around then. I couldnt stand listening to his phony accolades anyway. The Shrub? Forget it! He cant put a whole sentence together. Who needs their approval?

  5. Espo Says:

    Or playing a game in Tokyo. TOKYO!

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    That’s okay Derrick 14 years from now, I’ll still hate Obama. That is if America still exists by then…

  7. Buc1987 Says:

    Joe you’re going to call the white house?

  8. Warren Says:

    Lol at all the Obama haters. All he did was pull the country back from the brink of a depression for one. Ah well…can’t wait for the Trump clown show to really bury the Republicants once and for all.

  9. Buccfan37 Says:

    Obama wasnt around in 2003, the visit had to be in that same year to make it legitimate imo, not a decade plus down the road. The Bucs are not kiss a$$ material.

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sorry D, if you’re not a refugee or illegal alien, he doesn’t care about you. He believes that you will support them regardless. Maybe try sending a letter to Trump.

  11. Buccfan37 Says:

    Lol at all the Obama lovers. He stepped right in Bush’s place and continued the exact same policies weakening America further. Nothing has been averted, only worsened.

  12. na na nelson Says:

    @Buccfan37 …ditto

    @Warren…name one policy that “averted” a depression.

    Domestic oil & nat. gas (see fracking) kept our economy going (we’re still in trouble by the way) not the great community organizer in chief.

    p.s. hows that obama care working out for the country? prices higher and most didn’t keep their Dr. POTUS is a POS….IMO

  13. Luther Says:

    A visit to the Whitehouse is not about politics. Obama haters should get over themselves. Bush or Obama, the honor is still the same.

  14. The Real Malloy Says:

    anyone who uses this platform to push their own political agenda/opinion in a complete ass clown……..period. Grow up….

  15. na na nelson Says:


    Bush blew and Obama stepped in and blew some more. I can’t get over it, because the country is on fire. My kids and their kids will never be able to pay off the debt…not to mention the unfunded liabilities…see medcaid and social security. while you read all about joe, the bucs and your fantasy league our country is being dismantled. I suggest you check “the rise and fall of the roman empire”. this is getting too deep….you zombies are on your own.

  16. na na nelson Says:

    the real malloy….an intellectual midget. off to your reality tv and porn while the country burns. let me guess…your an independent (aka too ignorant to have an opinion)?

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    Actually Bush currently has a higher approval rating than Obama right now. True they both sucked. BTW Nelson…my little brother even lost his medicaid doctor due to Obamacare. The whole thing is about total government control of your life. Once they have your health in their hands, they also have your vote in their hands.

    It’s a simple as that.

    Malloy….ummm I know none of this belongs on a sports website, but it is political season right now, and many of us are already whipped into a frenzy. The mere mention of Obama and some people are going to pounce. Even I tried to refrain, but failed.

  18. Buc1987 Says:

    na na nelson…I became an independent when George Bush claimed that illegals are doing jobs americans don’t want. All I had to do is look around my city and know that was total BS. They’re doing 15 different jobs in Raleigh NC that americans are still doing in the state of Florida.

    I’m an independent that leans so far to the right that I simply can’t identify with the GOP. I’m further to the right than Rush Limbaugh. I’ve already switched from Trump to Carson. I don’t think that’s going to change either. Carson/Rubio 2106 landslide.

  19. Warren Says:

    I never said he was the perfect President, but he undeniably led an economic recovery with a massive increase in jobs. No time for the history lesson right now and it seems it will bore others if we get into all that. But his record on jobs and the economy speaks for itself. More “trickle down” right wing untenable hogwash is never going to cut it. Anyway back to sports.

  20. Buc1987 Says:

    Warren…they’re all part-time jobs sunshine. Obamacare in itself has made sure of that.

    Okay I’m done…

    Everyone have a great night. I know I am, having my first drink in 3 months. Yippee it’s like Mardi Gras for me up in here.

  21. Warren Says:

    Screw the politicians…Go Bucs!

  22. Buccfan37 Says:

    One last thing, Obama has not been a friend of veterans or their care. Quite the opposite! Now the government is trying to push through mandated vaccinations for vets receiving VA medical care. No shots, no VA medical care. Total BS! We don’t want your big pharma poison tainted shots.

  23. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Political knuckle-dragging at its worst on JoeBucsFan.
    You’re right, Real Malloy

  24. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Agree completely with BKNYfootballhead!!!

    And RealMalloy who nailed it…

    anyone who uses this platform to push their own political agenda/opinion in a complete ass clown……..period. Grow up….

    Exactly!!! When I want politics I go to political blogs…I don’t come here to read ass clowns who are devoid of information or critical thinking skills.

    RealMalloy is right.. GROW THE EFF UP!!! And do we really need more nattering nabobs of negativity as Spiro once called them.

  25. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    BTW I can’t resist one final political observation that is totally non partisan.

    People think I’m a lefty so let’s go with a righty Speaker Paul Ryan.

    On 60 Minutes Ryan…a Republican..but Dems would feel like him..said the saddest thing is that people now demonize the opposition instead of just debating the policies. Don’t talk about facts…FROM EITHER SIDE…just call your opponents names. Rush Limbaugh a totat P O S who made fun of Chelsea Clintons looks when she was just a teenager. That’s crap. You can disagree completely with Clinton’s policies but ad hominem attacks (you’ll need to look that up 87) do not advance the nation one bit.

    Tell me how HATING any politician accomplishes anything. Learn the freaking issues and talk about them with out demeaning the pols of either party..

    It’s not the personalities it’s the policies that count!!!

  26. Buccfan37 Says:

    What? Sports and politics mix just too F’d up. I enjoy the mix when it comes up and it’s smart and cool. It not like it is a forbidden topic.

  27. Buc1987 Says:

    SPBF…I haven’t listened to Rush in over 5 years now. Oh and your side is just as guilty with Palin and her kids too. It works both ways. Rush does his thing though, yet he still has the audience numbers to back it up. I’m more of a Mark Levin guy myself(further to the right than Rush). I love his pitbull, attack dog nature. Rush is too soft core for me.

  28. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    All I can say is you have my sympathy. I wouldn’t want to be inside your hate filled head.

  29. BucTrooper Says:

    I would insist on visiting George W. Bush’s ranch rather than see that disgrace of a president we have today.

  30. JAB83 Says:

    Simple answer here…. Pirates don’t invite pirates of different clans.to the party… They are to worried about their booty GETTEM stolen!!!

    Seriously, Buccaneers are the kind of pirate that would kick the A hole out off the band of pirates that currently control things…. That would be a bad PR move to show the world a band of BUCCANEERS invading the White House….

    Just saying, it might send the wrong kind of message to people who know nothing of the NFL…. Which might surprise some of you to know…. MOST PEOPLE COULD CARELESS ABOUT AMERICAN FOOTBALL….

    That’s the scoop folks…

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    Oh and I have numerous validated reasons to “hate” Obama. I don’t hate unless it’s justified. Obama The GOP came to thecare was passed through back room deals behind closed doors in which the GOP was totally shut out of those meetings. The GOP came to Obama and said hey we have some ideas if you’ll listen to us. His answer was “elections have consequences” and it’s my way or the highway from here on out. Reagan NEVER did stuff like that. He worked with dems all the time to get things done. 95% of the time Obama’s like, talk to the hand.

  32. Buc1987 Says:

    Okay well I’m really done now seeing how this is the first time I’ve had a drink in nearly 3 months. Major typos.

  33. BuccoDav Says:

    Blah, blah, blah… sounds like first world problems there Derrick.

  34. LAB Says:

    Buccfan137.. I’m a 20-year ret & 100% Svs disabled vet and your comment about mandated vaccinations by VA or no healthcare is so not true! Where do y’all come up with some of this stuff! The Legislative Branch–Congress whole catch backlash from the many VSOs’ if a proposed bill made it to the floors of each HoR and Senate! Don’t believe the rumors..

  35. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Days after top House Republicans asked President Obama to expand a provision in the Affordable Care Act, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) admitted on Wednesday that the ACA incorporates provisions that Republicans “have always been talking about,” including solutions he himself proposed in 2009.

    You hate 87 because you’ve surrounded yourself in a bubble of hate. Levin is toxic as Limbaugh. Wake up and do some independent research.

  36. JAB83 Says:

    Another point I would like to make along the lines of.my first…. Seeings how a global power eleite control the world… (Some would call them alleans, some would call them a brake away civilization some might go as far to call them an AI or technocratic band of master minds.or.something.) Politics really does not matter anymore… If we want.it to matter again we would need to get back to.what our founding fathers realized and.figured out…. While they all came from different back grounds.and all kinda had negative baggage of their own…. They all realized one.thing…. The Creator.of man kind had all ready figured.out all the BS of governing a fallen creation threw sending His only begotten Son Christ Jesus to die.for our sins… Read John chapter 3 in your Bible… The thing they realized is that the powers.that be are undefeatable in.this world… It is the mother of all AIs… Fallen angels in fact run this world…..


    There is no political solution.for a spiritual problem…. Hints why having a BAND OF BUCCANEERS at The WH.could upset the order of mind control that most everyone.including myself is exposed to…
    Sorry if.you don’t get it…. But you will soon enough I THUS SAITH THE LORD!!!!

  37. Buccfan37 Says:

    I dislike all the right wing aholes also. Hate’s too strong a word for expecting some truth from so called popularly elected representatives. Both sides do not represent the American people.

  38. JAB83 Says:

    Onee thing for perspective…. Rooting for any political solutions or politicians is like.rooting for a losing sports team…. You can do it all you want but your still just a hopeless fool at the end of the day….

    Let’s keep this really reaa!!! When Hilary is elected ask yourself how does a treasonous witch like her even have a chance much less why is she not being hung for her crimes!!! And if you vote for her… Welcome to the machine …. Never mind the fact The current renegade and Chief Berry Satoro not having to prove he was an American even though he is clearly a Muslim who is in favor of sharia law…. Welcome my friends to the show that never ends…. If Hilary is not elected we won’t have another election… Or I should say… If Trump ain’t the real deal we will never be close to having a real president again… Sometime.the truth is Scarry… But don’t be scared… Get to know hour real King and savior… Don’t be deceived…. Order out of chaos is the plan… Read the back of your dollar bill or have someone translate the Latin on it.for.you…. A new world order is.coming regardless if you believe it or not… They do and that’s all that matters… Jesus will eventually run the show but one comes before Him and he you will receive… BUT PLEASE DONT!!! Anyways…

    Be a Inspiration in someone’s.life everyday and.together we can change the world…

    Be blessed and be a blessing

  39. Kevin Says:

    Who cares? They won the Super Bowl. Why do sports teams have to get a trip to the White House? Why would anyone want to shake hands with the man who is driving this country into the ground? Unless Sapp, Lynch, or D.B. get a chance to lay a helmet on him, the trip would be a waste.

  40. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo will make a call…..Pablo has lots of pull with Barack…..no, not because Pablo is Hispanic….Pablo did some private table dancing for BO during his 2012 campaign…..Pablo wouldn’t accept any tips from POTUS…so Barack told Pablo he owed him a favor. Pablo will cash it in”

  41. Sick of Lovie Says:

    I remember this one time, I went to this political forum/blog to talk and read about politics. And then some jerk started posting his opinion on Buccaneers football, we were all like… hey bro, go to joebucsfan.com if you wanna talk about football. And then the strangest thing happened, orhers started to chine in with their two cents. They just kept talking about it. It was like they were all just trying to get the last word in. Because, just like politics, everybody is an expert on Buccaneers football and they all have an axe to grind. Wow, it was like, insane that they would keep talking about Buccaneers football on a political website.

    The moral here is, lets get back to who hates/loves whatever player. This here is my mental relief time and all I have to do is turn a tv on and I get all the politics I want/dont want.

    I predict another Bucs win (28 -17) this week if anybody wants to talk about FOOTBALL. Predictions???

  42. Jena W Says:

    So much for FOOTBALL comments!

    Keep your politics to political sites. I’m certain there are others like me who don’t want to hear/read about the political leanings pro or con of any of you!

    JOE(S) this kind of crap will have people running from your blog faster than you can type ‘America’s Quarterback’! MM trolls on this site are bad enough; adding political hacks is way out of line!

  43. lurker Says:

    “So much for FOOTBALL comments!

    Keep your politics to political sites. I’m certain there are others like me who don’t want to hear/read about the political leanings pro or con of any of you!

    JOE(S) this kind of crap will have people running from your blog faster than you can type ‘America’s Quarterback’! MM trolls on this site are bad enough; adding political hacks is way out of line!”

    hear hear!

    this is not a reese’s peanut butter cup commercial…i do not want politics in my football, please.

    thank you

  44. simeon 97 Says:

    Weren’t we one of the few teams also to not start the following seasons in our own stadium. Though it was awesome to beat down the eagles on the road though.

  45. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    Agree with 55. This still burns me up. Maybe the Bucs can get a meeting with W now that he is a former President.

  46. Buccfan37 Says:

    LAB… I only stated what I’ve read about mandated vaccinations for veterans receiving VA medical care. It is on more than one place on the net. Some will take these shots, most refuse them. The attempt is to take away the choice. Many will be the willing guinea pigs. I stand by the story being legitimate.

  47. Makie Lovie Says:

    I bet Derrick would pass if was offered an opportunity to see W.
    This became a political article because of the pic & subject matter. We were trolled on purpose…
    I do have to laugh at the fools who believe the economy has turned around and that the job market has improved. 93 million Americans are out of work- highest in 30+ years. National Debt has doubled what all other administrations have collected Combined (yes that is since Washington).
    Just because you have high gains in the workforce, doesn’t mean its good, since we lost so many. That is like saying we scored two TDs, but we happened to get beat 65 to 14 and it was in “garbage time”. Folks the US economy is in “garbage time” – gains mean little when you’re getting routed.

  48. Fsuking Says:

    Michael Pittman’s son was on my brother Football team back in the day. Those arms are one of the most incredible sights on the planet

  49. KeithInTampa Says:

    “They” (folks like “Warren”) walk among us….Amazing that anyone that ignorant can function in the New Millennium…..