Finally, A Quarterback

November 15th, 2015
God bless America!

God bless America!

The Bucs have been waiting for what seems like generations for a young quarterback who can, in a pinch, put a team on his back and win a damn game.

That’s what America’s Quarterback, Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston did today.

On a day when the offense was like a four-wheel drive pickup racing in Daytona, when Jameis threw two costly picks, one which likely took at least a field goal off the board, on a day when Jameis fumbled at the goal line only to be bailed out by a dumb Dallass penalty, Jameis did what leaders do: Take the bull by the horns.

Only in this case, he took a call from offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter and ran a naked boot when Koetter thought the Cowboys would totally bite on a run. Jameis won the game for the Bucs.

In doing so, the Bucs climbed out of last place and into a playoff chase. No, really. Suddenly, playoffs don’t look so ridiculous. The Bears stink, the Eagles may have to rely on Mark Sanchez after Sam Bradford got his bell rung today, the Rams are totally inconsistent, the Dixie Chicks and Saints have already lost to the Bucs, Andrew Luck is unlikely to play against the Bucs and the Stinking Panthers will likely be resting starters in Week 17.

A playoff chase is very real, folks. And you can thank your quarterback, America’s Quarterback. That would be Jameis!

Hey Dallass, America’s Team, you just got Jaboo’ed by America’s Quarterback!

God bless America!

40 Responses to “Finally, A Quarterback”

  1. Lovie Is Dog Poo Says:

    Jameis Christ is the savior. Lovie Smith should be the janitor.

  2. Zbuc10 Says:

    Jameis is the real deal. He’s missing several targets and dealing with drops. He’s the QB/leader we’ve always wanted.

  3. Young buc Says:


  4. Drew Says:


    Very poor taste on the picture. JW is not the Messiah. Let’s see who remembers JW, in let’s say 2000 years and then maybe, just maybe they’ll worship him in the same manner.

  5. Case Walk Says:

    Jameis Christ…… are on to something there Lovie is Dog Poo lol.

  6. bryan Says:

    Just think we could of had Johnny Football! Sorry could not help myself!

  7. Pawl Says:


  8. bee Says:

    Jameis really didn’t have a good day. Very inconsistent and inaccurate. But made the play when it mattered most. And most importantly, he won.

  9. Trubucfan22 Says:

    To be fair freeman was pretty good at game winning drives, he was just a roller coaster for the other parts of the game.

    Im a big winston believer, but today was another poor outing by winston. Sure he got us another win, but this was not a praise worthy performance. Koetter didnt help him either. I dont understand how koetter hasnt developed a #2 wr. Since jackson and murphy went down it’s been a heavy dose of evans. We need to get a game plan to spread the ball around. More passes to our RBs for instance. 1 screen pass all game. Even though they were blitzing us pretty much all game.

  10. youngjameis Says:

    The young jameis christ has done it again, what a win i feel so good.

  11. tmaxcon Says:

    His fragile gimmick qb counter part of titans who lost today had 2 fumbles and a pick. Our saviour was not perfect today but he did not quit and came through when it mattered. Nice pic joe… good luck with the criticisim from over sensitive crowd.

  12. Couch Fan Says:

    Relax people sheesh. so quick to try to judge a rookie with only 1 real receiver to throw to. Bottom line is he got the job done when we needed it most. The w is all that matters. Dont care how he looked doing it. He had a string of 5 turoverless games. He was do for a bad one. Congrats to Lovie though I’m not sure what he did well but next week he gets a chance to impress us by finally having his team get back to back wins and a .500 record. Make me a believer Lovie. I want to be a believer.

  13. MadMax Says:

    Use our 1st rounder on another WR. Jameis has the right tools but he also needs the right receivers.

  14. DavidBigBucsFan Says:

    Joe that picture is way too disrespectful to those and of us who are of the Christian faith. Any of you who say I’m being too sensitive you can go to the HOT HOT place that most of us are going to anyways….you can just go there a little earlier. I know in America we have freedom of speech and I’m cool with all that but still you could be more respectful. It’s bad enough to see posters use “Jameis Christ” the Messiah but being the operator of a website you could do much better. I would love to see you man up and show the prophet/god of the Islamic faith in such a disparaging way and see what happens to you in the following weeks. At least all you get from me is a simple request…..respect

  15. Tampatony Says:

    Let’s see back to back wins before we dream of playoffs

  16. Bucnut2 Says:

    This is total crap. The Bucs won in spite of, not because of JW. where is the praise for the defense, who did win this game for us?

  17. Greg Says:

    That game made me lose a lot of confidence in Jameis to be honest, but overall I’m very excited about his future.

  18. Joe Says:

    This is total crap. The Bucs won in spite of, not because of JW. where is the praise for the defense, who did win this game for us?

    Joe saw Jameis cross the goal line with the game-winning touchdown.

  19. loggedontosay Says:

    The first interception: the pass could have been thrown better, but the pass protection could have been better as well. Also, receiver has to help out the quarterback. The tight end did not help Jameis Winston. He was also being held. The second interception: that interception appeared to be the result of Jameis Winston expecting his receiver to sit in the opening he was in. It would have been a completion. The Bucs are getting better and they today despite the mistakes. The fumble came after the defensive holding call. So pointing to luck as the reason for winning the game is sadly misplaced.

  20. Tyree Says:

    Calm down Joe. I want Winston to be sucessful too, but your love afair of Wibston, and your pics of hot girls might be front for being a closet homo! Its ok to come out.

  21. Hbaker Says:

    Joe I saw Jameis get lucky. One pentely away from being the goat. Sure on his second try he got the score however he didint win this game for us the Defense did. Jameis was very eractic today. A win is a win but please stop with this Americas QB/Messiah stuff. We still have the 4th best QB in the division.

  22. Aubpierce Says:

    Even though I don’t to church I am a believer. That picture is so disrespectful and an example of the decline in American values. Even in the heat of the moment only a lesser man would post that picture.

  23. Ufour20 Says:

    His stats we’re pedestrian at best. If that was McCown, everyone would have said how he played like crap. He’s going to get our receivers kills throwing late and behind them. He already got Jackson hurt with one of his patented long wind up overthrows. He’s had 2 decent half’s of football – the rest is ‘eh to poor.

    Most pro-football ready? Laughable. I hope he picks it up the way he was looking before these last 2 games, but his accuracy and timing have sucked & they have nothing to do with our receivers or lack thereof. Bad throwing mechanics.

  24. LOL@joeBucFanPosters Says:

    @Joe, I saw JW score the final TD too. I also saw him take us on a final drove down field to score that TD. Fake fans finally have a franchise QB and still want to criticize a 21 yr old rookie who is the true leader of this team that has NEVER had a quality young QB. Nice pic btw, I love to read the hate and JW gets, the fact is he is the truth, and shows it after a few mishaps.

  25. Eric Says:

    Excellent game by Jameis Especially the game winning drive. One of many he will have as a buc.

    And Lovie and his defense held them to six points and zero in second half.


    Go Bucs!

  26. TAC Says:

    Damn haters. If’s, and butt’s, were candy and deez nutz. JW had an off day.
    This was the first game in weeks he looked confused by the Defense? Not as confident? I don’t really know, but he won the game.

    The end.

  27. @FamousBroy3434 Says:


  28. rayjay1122 Says:

    Give Joe a break on the picture…. He will kneel before GOD just like the rest of mankind to receive judgment for his sins. Hopefully the real Messiah’s blood shed on the cross will cover his sins too. I like Winston a lot but he will be kneeling before GOD at some point too.

  29. The Apostle Chris Says:

    Almighty Jameis!!

  30. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Well I’ve already gotten into it here over politics and now religion rears it’s ugly head. Religion and politics are always hot potatoes.

    Tell you what Christian friends we don’t really mean any disrespect, many of us believe that Jesus can handle a little humor at His expense but i get your take.
    Apologies for offending you…no snark intended. I try to respect everybody’s religion.

    As for this…Joe I saw Jameis get lucky. One pentely away from being the goat.

    You guys are so beaten down that you look at only the Buc’s breaks? One penalty away or SIX FREAKING INCHES from a TD on that Air Winston move.
    Did you all see where the ball came down. If you all want to beotch about luck why not the bad luck of missing that TD by less than a foot?

  31. Buc53 Says:

    Yeezus Effin Kriste, learn to take a joke and keep your annoying religious sensitivity off the boards.

  32. mike10 Says:

    I’m not sure which impresses me more Joe:

    – The defense shutting down Dez as well as they did today, or
    – You putting this article together so quickly after JW almost dogged the game away.

  33. Newbucsfan2 Says:

    Everyone has a bad day at the “office”. A win is still a win. All said he done he drove down the field and into the end zone when it mattered most. That’s what makes him a special player.

  34. Newbucsfan2 Says:

    “And done”

  35. Dave Says:

    Get a grip dude.

  36. Mord Says:

    If Jameis can start making throws on time and on target, the sky’s the limit

    Until then, he’s a rookie with a great leadership personality, a good OC, and some occasionally good luck

    (lifts invisible beer) — here’s hoping

  37. Mord Says:

    I should have said “-*more* throws on time and on target” up there ^

    And, for the picture-sensitive Christians out there: Jesus, being a nice Jewish boy, probably had a better sense of humor than you. I believe he would have been okay with the Joes’ picture

  38. Holy Facepalm Says:

    This boy doesn’t kneel

  39. Says:

    LOL maybe a little bad taste on the photo, but without a doubt, Jameis is “The Dude” after winning the game for us.

  40. Rob in Land O' Lakes Says:

    The God I worship has a FREAKING sense of humor, people! This just in: The kid did NOT turn water into wine… he won a football game. Joe, if the worst sin you’ve committed is to superimpose JW’s head on JC’s body, you are better men than ALL of us. Please lighten up, folks…