Better Than 2012?

November 7th, 2015

Doug Martin made quite a comparison yesterday

Doug Martin set quite a high bar during his Pro Bowl rookie season of 2012.

But Martin drew quite a line in the sand yesterday.

Martin told local media that his current offensive line is the most consistent he’s had to run behind.

 “Oh yeah, definitely,” Martin said. “They work really well together. We had injuries, people filling in for each other and they are carrying the flag very well. Everybody is consistent across the line.”

That’s a strong statement. Martin’s 2012 line impressed, anchoring the NFL’s ninth-ranked offense that year. Donald Penn at left tackle. Carl Nicks at left guard for half a season. Jeremy Zuttah and Ted Larsen juggled left guard and center duties. Jamon Meredith and Demar Dotson were the other starters as the Bucs dealt with shuffling after multiple injuries.

Coming off that ’12 season, many experts believed the Bucs had a top-5 offensive line entering 2013, with Davin Joseph returning.

In 2012, Martin averaged 4.6 yards per carry on a whopping 319 attempts. Ironically, Martin is averaging the same 4.6 yards a carry this season.

Regarding the consistency of the Bucs’ O-line, it should show up big against the sad Giants defense tomorrow. The healthy mashing line should dominate.

13 Responses to “Better Than 2012?”

  1. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe, when I see comments like ‘the sad Giants defense’ I cringe.
    Give the Giants a mulligan for the Saints game, and they’ve been allowing an average of 22 pts/game for the other 7 games. Sorry, but I don’t consider that to be a ‘sad Giants defense’.

    Add to that a Giants offense that scored 7 TDs last week and controlled the ball for 35 mins in the game, and I’d say that it’d be a really big mistake to assume anything. Oh ya, forgot to mention that Giants are #1 in their division, and we’re #4 in ours. Sunday looks like it’ll be a tough, tough game to me, although I still pick the Bucs 25-21.

  2. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Defense Rules

    Agree with your observations completely. As for 25-21 Bucs that would be waaay cool. I’m hopeful but for exactly the reasons you mentioned I’m still worried.

    I don’t think either the Giants or the Bucs are yet a fully formed teams. They are still gelling and finding themselves. Let’s hope the Bucs are farther along their learning and bonding curve than the Giants.

    Bottom line is I look for an exciting game…IF our D shows up with some fire.

  3. BucfanBF Says:

    The offensive line is improved but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Doug is running much better then even his rookie campaign. He is quicker, shiftier, nimble and is showing way more vision and power then all the previous seasons combined. Sign him to a long term contract before the season is over. Please!!!!

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    Scamper Doug scamper!, Go Doug Go! Team MVP so far imo.

  5. DraftJameis Says:

    I feel like the Bucs will get down early, and Jameis will lead them back in the 4th for his first real signature moment at home.

  6. mike10 Says:

    37, I agree although JW is proving to be a close second.

    I’m concerned tho, what are the odds of us re-signing him next year and is that something we should be looking to do before the end of the season?

  7. JAB83 Says:

    Yeah The Musel Hamster is back and should be embracing the return of his alter ego by now….Owell if he is not… Fans should :-p

    Anyways… I see 3 major keys two this game…

    1) No pick 6 to start the game
    2) D”TMH”M needs to go off for 150 plus all purpose yards… 100 rushing would be wonderful to help control the clock.
    3) The D needs to come out playing inspired after what the saw Kwon do last week… When the O takes the lead for the first time we need to sack Eli force a fumble or pick him off… Give the ball back to the O and let them score again… Do this for 60minutes and its gonna be a shocking upset and a statement game shutout!!!!

    I am more then likely over confident but I believe our D is gonna be playing the most inspired game of the year tomorrow…. Might not see a better one all year!!!!

    31-17 BUCS is my hope…. But with 5 plus sacks and a LVD pick 6 it will be a shut out….

    The only caviot is those lack luster corners…. I am trying so hard to believe they can…..


    Time for The Fans of Inspiration to be The 12th man!!!! We got this and our boys our gonna need us…..

    Win or lose let’s make them earn anything they get…

  8. mike10 Says:

    I see this as probably the most important game of the year. This is a culture-changer.

    Are we going to win our first back-to-back game against a team that always beats us or continue to be the same inconsistent team that can’t build off wins?

  9. Matt Says:

    He had 11 rushing TDs then though . Kinda upset why he can’t get in the end zone this year vs anyone . He can run for 100+ yards and avg 4.5 ypc all year but can’t find the end zone for a TD ever . He needs too make sure he gets in the end zone him and Winston have too make sure this team finds TDs not Fgs.

  10. godzilla13 Says:

    The Offensive Line is night and day improved from prior year but still has a ways to go before it is even a top ten OL. Saying the OL will dominate a sad Giants defense is slightly over kill. Visiting Joe’s favorite statistical site for some OL insite, PFF has the Buccaneers OL ranked 24th overall. Pass blocking rank: 19th. Run blocking rank: 23rd. Penalties rank: 32nd. Dud: It’s not been easy for Donovan Smith, who needs to do better in the run game. Summary: If you’ve got a problem on this line, it’s both tackles, who each rank in the bottom eight of offensive tackles. Pro Football Outsiders has the Buccaneers OL ranked 12th in run blocking and 22nd in pass protection. Stuffed rank 14th.

  11. Buccfan37 Says:

    Wow that’s rank.

  12. Danati74 Says:

    Comeback player of the year.

  13. James Walker Says:

    @Defense Rules
    You’re right, let’s not play the game and just give them the victory.