Lovie Pleads With Bucs Fans

October 27th, 2015

Lovie Smith has a message

Secretary of Defense Lovie Smith is filled with optimism and says healing is in full swing after his staff and team watched game film of the capital collapse.

When players see their mistakes and realizes how they can fix them, Lovie said last night, then true football healing begins and it’s time to move on spiritually and tactically to the next game.

Joe adores listening to Lovie on the Buccaneers Radio Network.

Lovie also was asked by a fan what message he has for Bucs fans in the wake of such an unnatural disaster.

“And for our fans, I know it’s a lot, but we’re just asking you to stay with us,” Lovie said. “I mean, your team was up 24-0 and we didn’t get the job done, but eventually we’re going to get over that hump.”

Joe’s really had enough of Lovie’s silliness about how cool and inspiring it is that the Bucs were leading 24-0. That’s just a loser mentality, especially against the Redskins.

It was a tolerable attitude when Mike Glennon led 21-0 but lost in Seattle to the eventual Super Bowl champs in 2013, but that was a very different situation.

Finding optimism in having a big lead you evaporated to a losing team is about as ludicrous as being inspired by dropping a lot of close games in 2014.

Lovie said himself — last December — that “true football fans can see we’re on the verge.”

Now’s the time to execute.

153 Responses to “Lovie Pleads With Bucs Fans”

  1. buc4life1979 Says:

    Almost a 30 point lead choked away is a “hump” that needs to be gotten over smh…How about your other two wins that were only wins because the time-clock ran out b4 his defense was able to complete choking the game away. Lovie is “pleading” because he knows his days are numbered and he can’t see how he’s going to be able to pull another win out of this teams ass. Don’t worry Lovie, your next 2 years will be on the Glazers so you can go back to finding another house with a basement. FIRE LOVIE PROMOTE KOETTER NOW.

  2. bucrightoff Says:

    He’s already lost most of the fanbase, and his media quotes are not helping. Another bad loss Sunday and he’s lost all but the sycophants.

  3. Elle Says:

    Is this a joke, Lovie? Again with this BS? Enough of your excuses. Fans, at least not the mediocrity-lovers ones, care about Ws. Produce Ws or get the hell out of here.

  4. unbelievable Says:

    Can someone ask Lovie why the DBs never, ever, initiate any contact with the opposing teams WRs within the first 5 yards? EVER?

    Disrupting the timing routes, kinda seems like defense 101 to me.

    Or has he still not figured out how to stop a 3-step drop slant route? Stop making excuses Lovie. Admit that you’ve done a terrible job with this defense and that YOU need to be better. Maybe fans will show you some patience if YOU actually accept responsibility.

  5. The Buc Realist Says:

    The soft part of this very soft schedule is now over. Lovie has every chance to “fix it” with 10 games left. But for a lot of fans, it is now a “race to 8!!!!”

    Thats right, 8 losses and lovie will be a career losing coach!!!!

  6. buc4life1979 Says:

    GUARANDAMF!CKING TEE, a main qualification the Glazers will look for in their next HC hire, will be, when you have a min and a half left b4 halftime, do you kneel or make the most out of your time because POINTS WIN GAMES NOT “GOOD WEEKS OF PRACTICE”

  7. meh Says:

    I’ve been here longer than you, Lovie. I’ll be here longer than you will be too.

  8. John McKillop Says:

    @Joe, what did you mean, by it’s time to execute. It reminds me of John McKay when asked about his offenses execution, he said I’m all for it. I think that is how the fan base feels about the defense right now. Hope for brighter days ahead. Go Bucs!

  9. lightningbuc Says:

    Hey Lovie – SIEGE THIS you f’n moron!

  10. BirdDoggers Says:

    Lovie will run out of things to say if the losing continues. He’s already lost much of the fan base and even members of the media. Next up is losing the players. And that’s when the real problems start.

  11. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:


  12. flmike Says:

    I’m pretty sure Lovie has lost touch with reality….

  13. Yeogib Says:


  14. Elle Says:

    He hasn’t lost touch with reality, he knows how bad it looks. He’s just trying to keep his job, despite the poor results. He’s flat out lying about the state of the team, he’s shifting the blame to unfortunate circumstances and “acts of God”. Every week he keeps preaching the same BS and every week we see something seriously bad with his team, even when we actually manage to win one. He has totally lost the plot, the game is ahead of him now, he’s a coach who has no business being int he NFL anymore, at least not as an HC. The sooner the Glazers will realize this, the better. They’ve made mistakes after mistakes ever since Gruden was fired. Now it’s time to ride out this dreadful of a season and let Licht hire the next HC, “simple as that”.

    Firing Gruden has started this pathetic chain of events, and the Bucs have been mediocre/sucky ever since. Coach, if you visit Joe and you’re reading this, know that I still love you and I miss you!

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here are some possible quotes from Lovie that may satisfy fans.

    “I’ve lost my mind….please call an ambulance or uber to Tampa General”

    “Call the police because I’m stealing from the Glazers”

    “Is there room on the podium at the next Republican debate…I think running for President would be easier than winning in the NFL”

    “There are no basements in Florida for me to gamplan”

    “I need a Viagra/Xanax cocktail along with some heavy laxitives”

    and finally….

    “Yea though I walk through the valley of death”

  16. SchlomieBarMitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    When is “eventually going to get over that hump” going to happen? This team has beaten a terribel team in Jax and the Saints with an injured Drew Brees. How do you set a goal without a specific timeline?

  17. Anthony Says:

    How was that a very different situation, joe?
    It kind of looks the same from where im sitting.

  18. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Here are some possible quotes from Lovie that may satisfy fans.

    You forgot one that would actually work.

    “I’m going to follow in the footsteps of my good friend Steve Spurrier. After Sunday’s disheartening loss I realize it is time for me to step aside for the good of the team. Frazier/Koetter ? will be named interim head coach and the Glazers will begin their search for a new coach for next season immediately. Going forward this teams needs a giant change and it should start at the top with me. It’s as simple as that.”

  19. CalBucsFan Says:

    Wasn’t it Lovie who once said parenphetically when he first became the HC that the defense alone should win 8 games, so the offense only needs to win 2-3 games to make it to the playoffs? Now only 6 games in to the franchise QBs career and he seems to have gotten that backwards.

    Want to get “over the hump” Lovie? Well if you expect to finish out your contract, then take the leash off OC Koeter because your defense is not one at all. And it’s time to let DC Fraiser perform as titiled. And your prevent defense only prevents winning when defenders do not even touch a receiver until AFTER they’ve caught the ball 5-10 yards off the line.

  20. NewTampaChris Says:

    Lovie forgets that actual football fans have access to television and the RedZone Channel. We can watch real improvement in teams like Oakland and Minnesota. We’re not losing gut-wrenchers to Green Bay or New England — we’re losing to obviously bad teams like Houston, Tennessee and Washington.

    Don’t plead. Just win.

  21. Tom Edrington Says:

    Note to Lovie:

    The Buccaneer fans are vaaaary, vaaaary disappointed with you……

  22. Tampa Tony Says:

    Lovie, time to play the Dbs within 2 yards of the receiver maybe instruct them to touch the receiver, disrupt them just a bit

  23. BucFan20 Says:

    It is the same. Defense. Has been the defense giving games away or can’t hold leads. Now Lovie asking us to be patient again is that it? I feel for Winston. He has a losing record just like Glennon. Both should have more wins but this defense has sucked foe a long time now.

  24. BrianBucs Says:

    Soon to be 4-19

  25. godzilla13 Says:

    No comment.

  26. Phil Says:

    If Lovie really wants the Bucs to get over the hump he would resign. The sooner he is out of here the sooner we can start getting better.

  27. DallasBuc Says:

    StPete- I’m liking this new you! Starting to make some sense after all this time!

  28. DallasBuc Says:

    It’s not about the future. It’s always about the future.

    Incompetent Lovie Smith

  29. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    wait for it?

  30. Jake Says:

    I’ll be the first to admit im disgusted with the way we lost. Honestly what do you expect this season? Two OL rookies and a rookie QB. A new system on offense. A patchwork of a defensive secondary.. If you have the right players that can make the plays in their zone, this wont happen. Winston is playing like an all star. Mike Evans is making dbacks look like chumps. Martins playing for a monster contract, hopefully with Tampa. Though disappointing these bucs can make things happen.

  31. Buc You Says:

    I had to leave the Bucs thread on Facebook because every time I mentioned the fact that Lovie needs to be fired all the idiots on that thread would rip into me! Making comments like I don’t know what I’m talking about, or calling me names like stupid ass! Nice to see their are other Buc fans out their as frustrated as I am with this jack ass! I wish he would have been shit canned Monday morning. I no longer believe in his ability to coach our team or any other in the NFL. Until he is gone, & we can move on, & find a coach who knows what he is doing the Bucs will be garbage!

  32. BigDrew85OTR Says:

    This weekend was a job killer. And we can’t get over the hump making the same mistakes. I thought after the last “prevent” defense debacle, the bucs would have know better. I want to be a light amoung the darkness, but this one is 100% on Lovie. I don’t care what the players say, they had Washington beat and they changes the play calling and played to escape with a win rather than play to finish them. At the same time, remember who are we going to put in his place. Leaving us back to square one. Go Bucs……

  33. jose a Puron Says:

    We need a HC, That Loves the Buc¨s colors

  34. CAN'T FIX IT Says:

    Yeal, And if you throw rocks at a hole in the wall ones sooner or later will go through it , That’s like playing football , But you only got 16 rocks to put in the hole like football games you only got 16 games to make the play offs and if your only putting 2,3,or 4 threw than your a loser,, Because you have other teams trying to too.!! And they are putting 10 to 16 threw,,than your a loser, That means your not good enough , So you got to move on or be fired, That’s life !!!!!!! BYE LOVIE !!!

  35. Marcus B Says:

    I remember when Lovie came in all the fans were so optimistic about him and his defensive mindset and coaching philosophies….after a number of losses and hearing him repeat the same thing over in over in his press conferences about the team getting better, even though we are still losing is indeed very disheartening!! You’ve already lost your fanbase with your lack of emotion and cup half full approach….The Buccaneers have a great team on paper…..Coaching can’t get them to perform at their potential so the coach must stand up and be a man and take full responsibility for his inability to do so. Now it’s looking like Raheem Morris and Greg Shiano were better coaches than you. When you were fired from Chicago what did you learn…nothing at all!!

  36. Dlud Says:

    Time for lovie to go, he is a choke artist with no balls. 4th and goal on the 3, with a 3pt lead and you have no timeouts means you go for it with everything you got. Field goal meant nothing! I’m tired of his damn excuses!

  37. Daniel Says:

    This pass game was just a pain to watch.. I don’t know what’s worst getting blown out or losing to bad team, while making their QB look like a HOF. I was so upset on that final drive on offense. Why run a toss with no offense lineman pulling or shifting, literally where’s the play action.. Where’s the I-formation isolation, where’s the naked bootleg with Winston at… That last offensive possession was not on lovie but on the OC dirk. If we would have scored from the one yard line game would have been over.. I agree that these blitz packages and bump and run coverages need to be addressed. We need more play-makers as cornerbacks #C’mon we need some ball Hawks, Ints, guys who can adjust with the ball in the air.

  38. NJBucsFan Says:

    Smells of desperation

  39. Greg Schiano Says:

    I am screaming at the radio after listening to the Big Poodle on WDAE blah, blah, blah about how Lovie is not responsible for the players when they fail to focus on game day….STOP WITH THE LOVIE FEST!! It is all coaching! If that defense played for Bill Belichick there would be 6-8 less players on the roster today!! I am so tired of the excuses and the Big Poodle blasting the previous coach who by the way…won a whole lot more games than Loser Smith!

    Talk about a choke job….Lovie is supposed to be the defensive guru and yet it is the defense that is losing games. I do not want to here this crap that players are responsible…only 1 person is responsible and that is the guy who intentionally lost the last game of the 2014 season! FIRE LOVIE NOW!

    Greg Schiano

  40. Tim S Says:

    I typically avoid name calling but in Lovie’s case I’m gonna make an exception. He is an absolute moron. I HATE that I was initially excited when they hired him. This clown doesn’t have the slightest clue what he’s doing.

  41. OneLove Says:

    I agree with Lovie. Hang in there Ladies!!! Sooner or later he is going to find someone that can win 1v1 when their number is called!!!

    “It’s as simple as that” – Lovie Smith

  42. Strider.... Sec 146 Says:

    I got your back lovie

  43. JJV Says:

    Well said Lovie! We believe. Keep up the good work. Thanks for explaining it to all of us. The truth shall set us free.

  44. tmaxcon Says:

    In the immortal words of Diamond Dave “Somebody get me a doctor” Lovie needs professional help. I truly feel sorry for that man.


    It’s not a patchwork secondary it’s Lovies hand picked guys in the secondary which makes him more responsible for this mess.

  45. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Never wanted Lovie as the coach and thought Schiano deserved one more year….in my opinion the bucs need an offensive minded head coach and then hire a young assistant defensive coach as the DC…..the problem now is Lovie has messed this team up so bad defensively with his personnel, that is terrible…i mean jeff fischer has baron playing at a high level bradley has roy miller playing at pro bowl level and atlanta has claiborne playing at a high level and that is just the defensive misteps not to mention the entire OL that lovie let walk out the building…..this team is a good coach and a good 2 years away from being competitive…no more dungy disciples they all suck as HCs…go get mcdaniel or gruden

  46. GhostofSchiano Says:

    I have to admit at the start of training camp I thought our defense would be good, our offense bad. It must be recognized the outstanding work of Koetter and yes, even Warhop. I bashed Warhop pretty hard last year but I take it all back. The O-line has been good, Doug Martin and Sims are hitting holes all over the line. I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that our defense is so bad. We have what many would consider “Playmakers” throughout the line up. Yet they could not hold the Redskins with a lead, they allowed the Titans to drive up and down the field what will ATL, NYG, PHI and DAL do to them? The next 4-6 games could entail our worst and most embarrassing loss in team history. Is that what it will take for the Glazers to finally act? I would very much like to see Lovie “Turn it around / get over the hump” but if after almost a season and a half you digress rather than progress, I don’t see any hope and a possible repeat of 2-14 looms large.

  47. Pasco Jim Says:

    Lovie is way in over his head.
    It’s as simple as that.
    Bye Lovie!

  48. AceofAerospace Says:

    Most high school teams would’ve cleared the benches with a 24 point lead and still win handily. There is no lead I can rest easily with Lovies mentality. I can’t think of any rhymes as catchy as “suck for the duck” for Vernon Hargreaves III. The best I can come up with is “drop a turd for the third”. Yes, I’m a gator homer, but he is a great DB.

  49. OneLove Says:

    “We have what many would consider “Playmakers” throughout the line up.”

    I hope your not referring to our defense?!? If so, please walk up to a mirror and slap yourself silly for being so stupid…

    Thank you….

    “It’s as simple as that” – Lovie Smith

  50. OneLove Says:

    Getting rid of Lovie would be the DUMBEST thing this franchise could do. UNLESS you get a chance to bring in someone like Jim Harbaugh, BUT THAT AINT HAPPENING!!

    I agree, this defense is pathetic, but it has nothing to do with the scheme or the PLAYCALLING!! Sure you can foot the blame on who the players are, but WHAT ELSE CAN THIS GUY DO!!?? HE IS IN THE PROCESS OF REBUILDING THIS TEAM!! I REPEAT, YOU DO NOT REBUILD THROUGH FREE AGENCY!!! That has NEVER BEEN THE CASE!! Sure, you try to improve certain positions through free agency, but that’s a crapshoot!(JUST LOOK AT JIMMY GRAHAM!!!)

    Are you going to tell me that John Fox and John Harbaugh are also bad coaches!?!? The answer to that is NO LADIES!! They are suffering from a LACK of talent, which is also the case for us!

    Now if we were the Dolphins and Lovie had Suh, Vernon, and Wake to work with and we were still giving up 30 points a game then I’d be with you!! But he has McCoy, scrub, scrub, and another scrub to work with!!! AND DON’T YOU DARE GET ME STARTED ON THAT DOLPHINS SECONDARY!!

    So you need to all relax and do whatever you need to do to make yourselves feel happy, (smoke a dooby, watch fox news, put a wang in your mouth, etc) and let’s weather the storm together!!


    “It’s as simple as that” – Lovie Smith

  51. JHo$$ Says:


    Lovie is throwing games with the defense to unite Bucs fans behind Jameis. Notice how nobody is arguing about the offense and our rookie QB anymore?

    Now the defense will make a magical turn around and the team will be set up to succeed next year.

    It’s as simple as that.

  52. tmaxcon Says:


    Your admiration and unconditional Lovie for the incompetent Lovie Smith is admirable but severely misplaced. Say it with me…. Lovie is a failure.. repeat 100 times and your head should be clear of the delusional mindset that lovie the fool is doing a great job…

  53. bucrightoff Says:

    OneLove is pretty angry for a guy with Love in his name. Chill a bit man, Lovie will be fired soon and we’ll be on our way from there. Good times are coming once Lovie is gone, don’t worry.

  54. Chris Says:

    You guys want another rebuilding of the team? f*cking idiots! Stop talking so much trash.Yah it hurrrts to see my team like this but I have 1 team I root for and and look forward to seeing every sunday its Tampa Bay and it’s going to take time to find the right secondary but when it finally all comes together and it will it is going to be amazing to watch what lovie&kotter can do with this team so for now shut the f*ck up

  55. The Buc Realist Says:

    I wonder if Nos-Bos is still going to “wait on it”?????

  56. destro44 Says:

    Look we have given up 30or more points in 4 of 6 games so being up 24-0 was never going to be enough

  57. adam pavone Says:

    this is sad. I have been a fan of the bucs since 1997. I am 27 years old I really feel like I have lost faith and trust in the glazer family to hire a good head coach. lovie smith it is time to leave this organization and the glazier family its time to step up and find a good head coach or sell the team.

  58. tmaxcon Says:


    Has nos-bos even been around lately? Hope he’s ok. Maybe changed username

  59. Johnny "America's Commenter" Dejay Says:

    Lovie deserves this season and the 2016 season to complete the rebuilding effort. He inherited an unmitigated disaster and it takes time to rebuild a terrible team. Dominick, Raheem, and Schiano left the cupboard bare and the franchise was a dumpster fire. Frankly, the Bucs were lucky to have ties with Lovie Smith that helped lure him here, because Lovie had other options and he chose Tampa.

    It’s funny how the same people that wanted to turn the clock back and re-live the Dungy era forget how they used to complain about Dungy being too nice, too calm on the sideline, and how he didn’t have any dog in him. The Bucs have the same type of guy in Lovie Smith.

    Lovie and Licht will turn this thing around. It may take another season to get to .500 before making a serious run in 2017. But this team will have a very solid foundation, several years of continuity, and a nucleus of young players that can wreak havoc on the league for many years to come.

  60. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    For our freind…..87

    A song for Lovie…

    “And They’re coming to take me away Ha Ha
    They’re coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha
    to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time, and I’ll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats
    and they’re coming to take me away ha ha”

  61. OneLove Says:


    On the contrary, your hatred for lovie smith is admirable but SEVERELY misplaced. He inherited a roster full of holes and has tried to fix these areas through free agency and failed. Sure I’ll blame him for that, but you do NOT REBUILD a team through free agency!!!!!!!!!!! I mean why is this so hard for you to understand!?!?! You have to rebuild through the draft!! He has drafted ONE defensive player so far!!!! He drafted mostly offense and i’ve seen A BIG improvement so far this year!!

    Count me out of the “coaching carousel” movement, because that does nothing but hurt this team and Jameis!! What Jameis needs more than anything is consistancy! Lovie has adjusted the scheme, benched players for not playing well, but our PLAYERS are not winning 1v1. Sooner or later he is going to find someone who can execute and win! That is what REBUILDING is all about!!

    There is ONE thing I always hated about Lovie Smith. I hated the first day he stood in front of the media and said the Bucs are trying to make the playoffs. He got all the gullable idiots HOPES so HIGH that he could actually turn what he had(dog shit) into gold and actually win the division and now everyone thinks that we are the Miami Dolphins!!(A team full of talent who’s coach lost the locker room)

    I pray that the Lord guide you to find love in your heart. Will you all pray with me?? Lord, please guide tmaxcon and remove all the hatred from his heart and FILL it with looove. Help him turn that frown upside down and listen to some Bob Marley… Amen…

    One Love!

    “It’s as simple as that” – Lovie Smith

  62. tmaxcon Says:


    Lovie has never won nor contended consistently he is a mediocre coach, horrible game day manager and possibly the worst personnel man in nfl history. What makes you think he will change after 11 plus years of mediocrity and failure.

  63. bucrightoff Says:

    Lovie inherited an “unmitigated disaster” might be the saddest excuse to defend him there is. This is all within the first 3 months of Lovie being here by the way, without a single game played. Let’s see…

    Donald Penn, cut, starting and playing well for Oakland. Better than any lineman currently playing for the Bucs

    Jeremy Zuttah, traded, starting and playing well for Baltimore. Better than any lineman currently playing for the Bucs

    Darrelle Revis, cut, starting for the Jets, Best CB in the game, better than any Bucs defensive player, better than the entire Bucs secondary combined.

    Signed Anthony Collins. Spectacular disaster

    Signed Michael Johnson. Earned the nickname ghost

    Signed EDS. Waste of money

    Signed Verner. Not even starting anymore, waste of money

    Signed Brandon Myers. Who?

    So if it was an “unmitigated disaster”, Lovie came in an made it even worse. Why people have such a desire to act like he’s a football God who is taking us to dynasty status is really sad. I pity those fans who basically would be happy with 10 straight 8-8 seasons because at least they weren’t 4-12 seasons.

  64. DB55 Says:


    But I love how they preface their stupidity with “f’n idiots” lmao oh the irony.

  65. Mr. D Says:

    What we need is continuity. Yea, it’s frustrating to go through the losing. But we can’t fire a head coach every 2-3 years. That’s like throwing away a cake because it’s not done baking. Let’s face it, Lovie didn’t take over a great team. He didn’t take over a good team. He took over a crappy team. That’s why we fired Schiano. Our offense is better. That’s because Lovie, despite being a defensive coach, decided to try and fix our offensive woes FIRST. Does anybody really think Lovie wanted to draft only one defensive player up to this point? He (or upper management) decided to fix offense first. Now that we have what we need (mostly) on offense, Lovie will be able to focus on who he wants defensively IF we allow him to provide our team with much needed continuity. Let’s not toss the cake before it’s baked.

  66. BucTrooper Says:

    I don’t believe him. I’m not on board. I’m scalping my Dallas and New York tickets because I know I can get more than face value from the opposition. I’m already looking at the draft.

  67. Tampa Tony Says:

    @onelove- you sound like Loser Lovie’s son. Should’ve you get off this site and start coaching up the db’s????!!!!!

    It’s beyond logic how any fan who is not heavily medicated can defend this loser.

  68. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Nobody is arguing about the offense or Jameis because they have been playing well (for young guys and rookies). It’s Lovie’s handpicked, self-ran defense and shtty conservative decision making that is highly suspect.

  69. Patrickbucs Says:

    Great points bucrightoff I agree 100pct.

  70. Elle Says:

    Continuity is good only when a coach is actually capable of developing players and making the necessary adjustments for the betterment of the team. Lovie is incapable of this. He is the architect behind one of the worst defenses in the history of the NFL, and that can’t be ignored. Defense is his specialty, one would expect that the defense would be the strongest unist of the team, but no, that isn’t the case.

    Face reality, mediocrity-loving fans. We’ll be lucky if we’ll win another game this season. That wouldn’t be a significant improvement over last season and that would be all on Lovie. He is the HC, he has to pay the consequences.

  71. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    You Lovie supporters are outside your skulls…the first 3 moves Lovie made turned this into his team as bucrightoff pointed out…Lovie is a losing coach and it will NEVER get better those of you so blind to not see that need some spectacles, the bucs are at ROCK BOTTOM, lovie cant find a defense to let LVD play and be effective CMON MAN…schiano had the defense humming thsi defense is pathetic and it is probably coming close to another arse whooping at the woodshed, Lovie throws one of those up every 6-8 games so this seems like a good time for a 50 burger on the bucs

  72. Brett Says:

    Lovie the hame has passed you!!!!!!!!!

  73. MadMax Says:

    Hey Lovie, dont go away mad, just go away….thats what I WOULD plead, but he doesnt have the ability to get mad, or sad, or excited, or glad. I swear, I think he’s a drone, sent in to see how crazy he can make us Buc fans with all of his non emotional drivel.

    Im sick of it! Go away already!

  74. melvin Says:

    The only thing needs 2 be executed in Tampa is send Lovett back 2 Chicago. .

  75. rayjay1122 Says:

    OK, so let me get this straight, we should stay on board because we were up 24-0 over a very crappy Redskins team….then we could not hold on to win. A good team would have beat the Redskings 55-0. I aint your chump Lovie, so stick it buddy!!! The South won a few battles in the Civil war too but lost the war. There are not a ton of historians gloating about the battle victories of the Confederate States Of America are there? You are losing the war brother and you have lost your supporters. The only people pretending to still have hope in your abilities to lead this team are trolls who are using positivism tactics to annoy Bucs fans who are suffering. Lovie, you suck as a head football coach. Please go back to youur basement so I can be a fan of my favorite team again!!!

  76. MadMax Says:

    But he didnt want to score more points….he didnt want to be aggressive…..Lovie only knows how to go “full turtle”.

  77. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If the Glazers are content to keep Lovie until the end of the season….they should say so…..They should announce their support for Lovie….and state that they will evaluate things at the end of the season.

    Then, we as fans would be in a position of supporting him because he is our coach and he will not be fired now, no matter how much we call for his dismissal.

    The owners should either fire him or stand in support of him. Their silence under these circumstances is cowardly.

  78. rayjay1122 Says:

    This just in….the top rated 2016 draft prospects have stated that they will play baseball instead of for the Bucs if drafted by Lovie Smith.

  79. Buccfan37 Says:

    Lovie must be paying some attention to the angst from disgruntled fans to be trying to soothe the concerns over with repeated pie in the sky quotes and recovery scenarios. I’m over the loss already, time to move on. Been there, done that. Next. The eventual future looks brighter. I’ll have to wait along with the rest of the fans.

  80. JAB83 Says:


    IAM WITH YOU 100℅

    I believe the fans are as much to blame as Lovie is… I don’t even have to make my case for it… All I have to do is apply the same stupid logic they do… Seriously, think about this… The fans are to blame for running the last FOUR COACHES OUT OF HERE….

    We should of never got rid of Dungy really…

    BUT the Glazers LISTEN to the fans…. I SURE HOPE THEY IGNORE THESE DUMBOS this go around…

    Lovie is not the best but he is certainly not the worste and truth be told he is better than the last 3 coaches…. JUST SO HAPPENS he has to make up for them…

    You don’t have to like me but Lovie others the way you want to be Lovied folks!!!!

    Patients is a vertue, we are on the right track and your support as a fan always helps do one of two things…. Make things better or make things worste…. STOP HELPING MAKE THINGS WORSTE….Just roll with it and look for what matters not what you are lead to see…. Like wins vs losses…. If you new this is what it took to become dynamic you would ALL see things different… START SEEING THINGS DIFFERNT!!!!

  81. OneLove Says:


    It’s not an EXCUSE!! It’s the truth!!!

    Here we go with all this free agency talk again. What about this do you NOT understand?? You DO NOT REBUILD a team through free agency!! Lovie DID inherit a roster full of holes and he is in the process of REBUILDING the team. He had 2 straight all offensive drafts and the O line and offense is the best its been IN YEARS!(And thats with 2 rookie O linemen and a rookie QB!) Not to mention the fact that Pamphile was LITERALLY throwing around Jags when we inserted him at guard against the Jags!!

    The offense is rolling people! We are running the ball at will and I am looking like a Genius so far for picking up Doug Martin in my fantasy leagues!!

    It’s only a matter of time before the defensive situation gets fixed and I expect that to be addressed this offseason.

    “It’s as simple as that” – Lovie Smith

  82. ElioT Says:

    Complete loser mentality!!!!

    I hate to see constant turnover, but Bonnie Raitt said it best – “I can’t make you a winner Lovie if you won’t”…

    Which roughly translates to “Lovie sucks and you can’t keep the turd that wont flush”

    You can’t keep a coach if his well stocked team can’t improve in 22 freaking games!!! There’s been no improvement except on offense!

    It’s been two steps forward and three steps back with this loser since day one.

    Simple as that.

    Siege my Schwantz!

    Go Sucs!

  83. bucrightoff Says:

    The offense is the best it’s been since…2012. Wow what a long time ago that was, I almost forgot about it! And like that team, the pass defense is dooming this team, except that team actually got to 7-5. This team will be lucky to be 3-9 after 12 games. So you’re admitting Schiano is a significantly better coach than Lovie OneLove? Very interesting….

    And I like how you convinently ignore all the damage Lovie immediately did to make this team worse. You’re giving him a full pass on that. And that’s what I’d expect from Lovie’s kin.

  84. Johnny "America's Commenter" Dejay Says:

    bucrightoff – I can’t argue that this team wouldn’t be better with Penn, Zuttah, and Revis on the team, those were big mistakes by Lovie and Licht right off the bat. However, those players contributed to a horrific 4-12 season in 2013, and this team was a dumpster fire. The Bucs were fortunate to get Lovie and he will complete the rebuilding effort.

    Don’t overlook the positives. Winston is playing extremely well, the offensive line is much improved, the running backs are among the best in the league, and the wide receiver corps was very strong until Murphy and Jackson got injured.

    The defense is clearly not playing well; however, this scheme requires a Mike linebacker with blazing speed that can stuff the run and get downfield to cover the deep middle between the safeties. Kwon has the physical tools, but his role isn’t instinctual yet. When he steps his game up, the pieces will start to fall into place and the defense will improve dramatically.

    Changing coaches about halfway through a rebuilding effort is a recipe for perpetual failure.

  85. rayjay1122 Says:

    Speaking of trolls using unreasonable positive positions…Jab83 and one love…comical. They are either trolls or 8 year olds who know no better.

  86. scotty Says:

    Da Bucs,it’s the Chucky curse !!!!

  87. bucrightoff Says:

    Johnny “America’s Commenter” Dejay Says:
    October 27th, 2015 at 6:07 pm
    The Bucs were fortunate to get Lovie and he will complete the rebuilding effort.

    This honestly comes off as a pure troll. Sorry if it’s not, but seriously I have tons of stats and numbers that show Lovie in Chicago was mediocrity defined. We got Jim Caldwell basically, but named Lovie Smith. Sorry to break your hopes and dreams, but at his peak Lovie’s taking us to the playoffs 3 or 4 times in 10-12 years. Sorry but that’s just not good.

  88. Couch Fan Says:

    All the continuity in the world isnt going to help out a bad coach. Lovie is just awful at pretty much everything. Including defense which is suppose to be his specialty.

  89. Sick of Lovie Says:

    Sounds like all he did was reword what he says after every loss. Time to pull up anchor and leave this shipwreck behind.

  90. 911bucs Says:

    Of the post on this thread
    97% are negative towards Lovie.
    See a trend?

  91. passthebuc Says:

    How bad is the player evaluation. I am told that all the teams look every day to see Lovie cuts and there is a scramble to sign them.

    Its bad when you must plead with the fans for patience. Week after Week its the same show.

  92. JAB83 Says:

    Something called salary cap is part of rebuilding… You people thinking Revis was worth keep now know why you do not work in the NFL… Players like him are what you call an Achilles Heel… You only pay for it when your making a run not rebuilding… And for what its worth all the FA have come with good track records… On the cheap for the most part and don’t stay long…. Considering its only year two he is doing what he needs to do to get people to fill the wholes… Nobody is hating on what he has done on offence… As the head Coach he gets credit for everything right smart people???? Yeah you people need to get off the boat…. We will welcome you back when you want back on!!!!

  93. passthebuc Says:


  94. Legarrettes Blunt Says:

    Joe there is one thing I don’t understand. There are two types of coaches, defensive specialist and offensive specialist. Lovie is a defensive specialist who has talent on defense. However our defense is the weak part of our team. I have always supported Lovie, and I still would if our defense was playing lights out and our offense stunk. It’s the opposite! It’s time for an offensive guru head coach that would at least put a bunch of points on the board, or a defensive coach who’s defense is actually good. Enough of the pretty good offense with a Swiss cheese defense!

  95. Tampa Tony Says:

    @jab83-Lovie is better than the last 3 coaches even the one who won a super bowl? Get outta here you are drunk!!!

    It’s as simple as that, loser Lovie is a cancer that is infecting the Bay Area with loserdom

  96. BucFan20 Says:

    @ JAB83
    They come here on the cheap and don’t stay long? Thanks for making just about everyone’s point about this loser!!

  97. OneLove Says:


    YES!! PREACH BROTHER!!! I know it must feel like it’s a NEVER ending argument with a bunch of teenage girls on this site, BUT PLEASE… I BEG YOU!! Don’t give up the good fight!! Please continue to pray for these lost, hateful souls!! Pray that the Lord Almighty guide and enlighten them!! Pray that he removes the hatred from their hearts and souls!! Amen..


    “Of the post on this thread
    97% are negative towards Lovie.
    See a trend?”

    Yeah, that’s because 97% of the people don’t understand something that is so simple.

    “Changing coaches about halfway through a rebuilding effort is a recipe for perpetual failure.” – Johnny “America’s Commenter” Dejay

  98. JAB83 Says:

    LOL… Funny I’m a troll for supporting my team and being realistic with my perspective vs joining the witch hunt…

    JOE, you realize you cultivating this cult and IMO these type of threads do more harm than good… Its like giving a bunch of pediphiles a playground to play in…. Or like blood thirsty romans a pure savior to crusify…

    For the record trolls!!! What makes a troll is not being against a perspective… Its being unrealistic and not considering the situation that you are apposing with understanding… As if you have motive that is not applicable to the situation….


    If Lovie don’t no how to coach so be it… Hard to believe he would get a job offer and you wouldn’t…. Wonder why??? Your idiots that’s why… Wish someone would call for your job because you are struggling… This is also why they have contracts… Let it be flames let it be…

  99. DefenseRules Says:

    One (small) reason for optimism folks: last season our defense did play better in the second half of the year. Of course, everything’s relative … in that case, they played better relative to how bad they played in the first half of the season.

    If our offense keeps putting up 25-30 pts per game, and IF our defense improves somewhat, we still might be able to have a (somewhat) respectable season. Remember, most everyone only predicted 6 wins or so from this team. Season’s a third of the way over and we’ve already got 2 wins. Whoopee?

  100. OneLove Says:

    “LOL… Funny I’m a troll for supporting my team and being realistic with my perspective vs joining the witch hunt…

    JOE, you realize you cultivating this cult and IMO these type of threads do more harm than good… Its like giving a bunch of pediphiles a playground to play in…. Or like blood thirsty romans a pure savior to crusify…

    For the record trolls!!! What makes a troll is not being against a perspective… Its being unrealistic and not considering the situation that you are apposing with understanding… As if you have motive that is not applicable to the situation….


    If Lovie don’t no how to coach so be it… Hard to believe he would get a job offer and you wouldn’t…. Wonder why??? Your idiots that’s why… Wish someone would call for your job because you are struggling… This is also why they have contracts… Let it be flames let it be…”


    Full Disclsure: I have a BONER the size of the Statue of Liberty right now!!!

  101. Couch Fan Says:

    Keep up those cheer routines Jab. I’m sure Lovie loves your pewter colored tutu and pom poms.

  102. The Buc Realist Says:

    Its time for the Lovie non-confidence poll!!!!!

  103. DB55 Says:

    I’m just going to leave this right here:


  104. JAB83 Says:


    LOL, stay thirsty my friend stay thirsty….

    I have been calling for people to ignore the trolls for this reason… What you don’t beat you become!!! So sad how these would be fans don’t realize that as a fan your job is to be understanding and supportive of the people in place to provide you a successful product…. If they really wanted to make the point that they don’t support the team they would stop watching and not say a thing…. You know kinda like politics or something… Just let someone else handle what you can’t do nothing about and support it blindly…. Just imagine if all these “fans” directed all this energy towards something that mattered vs something they are suppose to you as entertainment….

    LOOK IF YOUR NOT ENTERTAIND RIGHT NOW PEOPLE…. GO AWAY AND COME BACK SOME OTHER DAY… Stop damming everything and one just because you think you know what’s best…. Just go away…. Of course real fans want things to be better but we don’t get to make that happen by forcing are opinions and feelings on our team.. That’s what politics and religion is for…. You can make a serious difference there…. Here you only make things harder and more complicated….

    Go away you fire this person or that person fools!!!! The entire team should be fired because they are all underperforming using your logic….

    And Gruden made things worst, so yes Lovie is if nothing else as good because he IS IMPROVING the structure back to where Chucky hacked it up like his namesake implys…. And I really like Gruden but its a fact!!! Lovie is restoring what Dungy built as well as Jason L is doing what Rich M help him to do…. If you can’t see that you need to look harder and think before you speak…

  105. JAB83 Says:

    Its not a Lovie thing jackwagon…. Its a Tampa thing… Its a Bug thing… Try growing up here and knowing what the F your talking about before you act like a donkey…

  106. JAB83 Says:

    And for every exception you just named. We can’t even began to list the norm…

    IT TAKES TIME… If you can’t wait go be a fan of one of those teams you just named!!!,

    Enjoy the success of winning the Superbowl oh wait… Write us back when they do!!!!

  107. ndog Says:

    I am tired of losing to guys and more than some as I am and have been a season ticket holder since 1996. But I think some of us are going to far with this crap about look at Miami and Atlanta and Andy Reid. I mean what have those guys actually won? The answer is nothing but the teams that have won A SUPERBOWL (which is the one and only goal ) have long standing coaches in place. I don’t know if Lovie is the guy but u would like this regime to at least get a chance to draft some defensive players because their drafts so far have been outstanding. Look at Jameis, Evans, Kwon, Marpet, Davis, Simms and ASJ. If they have the same success with defensI’ve picks imagine how good we could be. I day stay the course, F it.

  108. Jason Says:

    Nfl says were the 5th rank defense but I know we’re the number 1 ranked joke of the nfl but they will have a good week of practice though

  109. Yungry Says:

    Nobody is talking about a Super Bowl. We are talking about being competitive. Maybe some on this thread need to up their standards. This is what happens when losing is acceptable, its contagious and it has rubbed off on the fans. The Ravens, Falcons(56-0), Titans and Redskins games are signs of the team giving up. Could this get any worse, if he was fired? He is 4-18 but thats okay to some?Be a WINNER FOR ONCE

  110. JAB83 Says:

    Tos more of a loser than Lovie??? TROLLS who think calling for Lovies job after a year a few games into a 5 year project/contract that’s who…

    Y’all know who else you ran out of town… Joe Maddon…. But is a bad coach so its a bad example… Yeah, Lovie is no Maddon… But I will give my coach support till his contract is over regardless… Its how it is suppose to work… This way the next coach will know he has a lagit opportunity….


  111. The Buc Realist Says:


    When are you going to start asking , ” How can the Bucs win with the 4th best Head Coach in the Division”?????

  112. Back up kicker Says:

    The TEAM was getting over the hump on Sunday until Lovie got his weekly case of vaginitis

  113. Gobblegobble Says:

    The constant stupid penalties is 100% coaching, the problem has not been fixed at all. If you can’t fix very fixable things like that, there’s a problem, too many men on the field all the time is coaching, lovie is terrible and this will be the last time he is the head coach of a team.

  114. JAB83 Says:

    The only thing rubbing off is my nuts in your face…. If we are not talking about winning it all then who is the loser now??? See your not interested in what it takes to be a champion… Your interested in robbing peter to pay Paul… In “keeping up with the Joneses”. GET OUT OF HERE WITH YOU CRYING FOR A NEW COACH THAT CAN LEAD US TO BEING COMPETITIVE… You don’t even know what your asking for… Your just calling for blood because everyone else is doing it and you want to be a part of something…. Who is the real loser here… No really?!?! Go sell some girl scout cookies you would do better and not get nuts rubbed in your face…. Than again!!!! If your cute maybe you will who know…

  115. JAB83 Says:

    How Lovie gets the blame for allowing the second half debacle and not given the credit for a near shut out in the first half is curious… I wonder if the players have anything to do with that… Wounded if the guys do what they had been doing all game on the goal line if any of this stupid talk would even be happening….

    NO, THESE GUYS NEED TO LEARN HOW TO WIN… HOW TO SEAL THE DEAL…. THIS IS SO OBVIOUS… THEY ARE THERE BUT THEY ARE NOT OVER THE HUMP…… We need QBs to play like they want a job… Other wise they will be the ones out of job soon enough

  116. JAB83 Says:

    Haven’t seen a to many men on the field penalty in a while actually… But I have seen a bunch of game changing phantom penalties go against us…. NOT SURE WHO COACHES THE REFS BUT ITS NOT LOVIE…. Good try though… Can’t blame him for everything…

  117. Chuck King Says:

    I called this when Lovie took over. Really, does it surprise anyone that Lovie, that can’t get over the “Hump”! I and many Buc’s fans are deeply concerned.
    Is it that we have a young team that never played before? “NO”
    Is it because we don’t have a very talented team? “NO”
    Is it because we don’t finish our plays, execute or give up easily? “NO”
    Is it because we just aren’t very good? “NO”
    Do we run the wrong or inconsistent game plan? “NO”
    Is it that we play soooo much better teams than we are? “NO”
    Than there is nothing left except the coach and his staff. Put blame where blame is due – this spells one thing to all Buc’s Fans – Bye Bye Lovie!
    I am not a stats guy – but didn’t Schiano have a better one year single season record than Lovie – with an obvious lesser talented team!

  118. JAB83 Says:

    Actually that proves you only see things the way you want… Maddon and Matt Silverman both walked away from offers to stay and stated they wanted to be in cities with more support from the fan base… Have you payed attention to anything they have said since leaving….

    As far as getting some putang… Perhaps… However sounds like you been getting something different cause you sound butt hurt…

    Don’t try to out wit me or challenge my support of my city and teams… You lose but I’m sure your use to losing…

  119. Tampa Tony Says:

    For the record I’m not calling for Loser Lovie’s job. I’m willing to wait until the end of the year to see if he turns it around.

    All we heard all off season is that those last 8-10 games the d was getting better. They added beta familiar with Lovie and they are now worse…

    I have 4 season tickets and until I see some real improvement I’m not renewing. I hope Lovie turns it around as I hate losing but I’ve seen little to give me any confidence in loser Lovie.

    He’s 4-18 for a reason, others teams can turn it around in one year but for Lovie to change it would take a lobotomy. His unaggressive nature and bad clock management cost this team and unless he changes the losses will pile up

  120. JAB83 Says:

    Good night Trolls… If I have to get use to y’all being… Well trolls…. Y’all are gonna have to get use to me poopooing on you every which way I feel lead to at the time… But really that’s what y’all want so I’m sure you will enjoy the pee and poo I will shove in your faces like feces you post…

  121. JAB83 Says:

    Good post Tony… For the record I gave up my season tickets when they fired Gruden… I only came back on board because despite the WS and Ls… Good things are happening internally and we true fans need to understand firing coaches just because the fans want change won’t work

  122. DB55 Says:

    No wait don’t go

  123. Yungry Says:

    JAB83:Y’all know who else you ran out of town… Joe Maddon…
    JAB83 Says:
    October 27th, 2015 at 7:45 pm

    Actually that proves you only see things the way you want… Maddon and Matt Silverman both walked away from offers to stay and stated they wanted to be in cities with more support from the fan base…
    Do you have multiple personalities? You said 1st Maddon got ran out of town then 2nd you said he left voluntarily. Are you on medication dude?

  124. BucFan20 Says:


  125. BucFan20 Says:


  126. tsbucsfan Says:

    JAB83 – I give you credit for taking on the majority of the fan base on this issue and almost entirely alone. I admire anyone willing to stick to their guns. That said, you must be related to Lovie. It’s the only logical explanation.

  127. BucFan20 Says:

    That’s double talk

  128. Armybucsfan Says:

    How about this. If we put up billboards that say Fire lovie and beg Gruden to come back !!!! Well at least it would get more national attention then this team has gotten since Gruden has left.

  129. Buccfan37 Says:

    JAB83…is mentally ill.

  130. SteveK Says:

    Andy Reid, Dan Campbell, Dan Quinn, and Todd Bowles may not have won anything in this league as head coaches, but their players are playing hard.

    Our team is soft, too conservative, sloppy, and most of all lacking accountability. There is simply no excuse to lose to the Deadskins after obtaining a 24-0 lead. The Skins are a bad team.

    Chucky’s brother and Kirk Freaking Cousins shredded Lovie’s D.



  131. Ray Rice Says:

    FUUUUUUUUK YOU LOVIE!!! Black Monday can’t come soon enough.

  132. MTM Says:

    Are the fans suppose to wait until Lovie learns how to coach before the team is over the hump. I understand the players ultimately win games but Lovie makes a ton of bad decisions throughout each game that help attribute to them losing.

  133. cmurda Says:

    Lovie is making perfect sense. We were up 24-0 on a terrible team that lacks any semblance of an offense. That team that has no offense went up against a defense that can make Ryan Leaf types look like world beaters. It takes a special type of defensive incompetence to pull that off. Thanks for this “special” team that you’ve assembled in Tampa Lovie. I can’t wait to ride off into Category 5 hurricane winds with this horse.

  134. Michael Hodosky Says:

    I’m sure you all would say Jimmy Johnson, Super Bowl winning coach of the Cowboys, was a pretty good coach right? He was 8-24 his first two years in Dallas. Building a franchise is not an overnight process. Have faith fellow Buca fans.

  135. Yungry Says:

    Lovie can blame the secondary players if he wants but he brought them in here himself, so he is still responsible. Conte, Jennings(dnp), Verner, Jenkins, Wright, Swearinger, McDougal, Moore…etc. Notice the only 1 good defensive back we have is Banks, a Schiano pick. He released Revis and traded Goldson who shined on Sunday! Mistake after Mistake after Mistake.

  136. Lovie Is Dog Poo Says:

    He’s a snake oil salesman but he’s terrible at selling.

  137. meat Says:


  138. meat Says:

    Just read some of Jabs stuff- he is Lovie’s son or something. I grew up here, Love the Bucs. But I dont like not resigning Zuttah, going into halftime scarred with all 3 timeouts, and generally looking like a keystone cops operation. We dont even get talked about on national shows, PERIOD. Lovie HAS to go and he personally has made us more irrelevant than any other person I can think of.

  139. vegabuc Says:


  140. DB55 Says:

    Does anyone know if there is an explanation for the timeout call with 4:45 left in the 4th qrt? It’s 3rd&2 on the TB 32y line and the trainers run out onto the field. Jameis is like wth and Lovie is throwing his arms in the air. What happened? Panic over the play clock or miscommunications on the sidelines

  141. Scaber Says:

    I would like to ask Lovie, “What was your last job in which you made less than $50,000 a year? When you worked at that job would you pay to see this product?”

  142. passthebuc Says:

    Law of supply and demand. The lightening are fun to watch, they win, they have a great operation. My money and time has already gone to Hockey. When you are dissatisfied with a product, you find an alternative.

  143. MadMax Says:

    Whew, thank goodness I only wasted time on a few of Jab’s posts….saw the dik references and immediately knew this was some kid with a childish mentality.

    You’re (not your) out of “your” league here son….

  144. Lovie Smith has a message to the fans: 'Stay with us' | The Daily Sports Blog Says:

    […] While the most common theme we’ve heard from Tampa Bay currently is how brutal the loss was on the team, Lovie Smith apparently has another message, according to JoeBucsFan.com. […]

  145. Matt Says:

    Jason licht needs too be fired too if he don’t trade glennon for a CB or safety prospect . Team needs some change only have like a week left too do it

  146. godzilla13 Says:

    I thought the JoeBucsfan website takes a nosedive after such a humiliating loss? Seems to be doing just fine! How many Buccaneer fans go over GamePlay on NFL.com? It is mind altering to see the absolute inferior, low-grade coaching mistakes made in the Redskin debacle. Contrary to ones own manifestation of how overpaid entertainers are supposed to perform, the comical nature to which our defense disciplines itself has yet to become reactionary as opposed to the derangement of the scheme within. ACT I – The second Redskin score which Grant was uncovered in the end zone because Johnthan Banks covered the wrong player. Lavonte David threw his arms up in a fit of rage. ACT II – Onside kick. Danny Lansanah lines up wrong on the kickoff, leaving the Redskins to take advantage and recover the on sides kick. ACT III – Grant over the middle with Alexander chasing. Same play again, David wondering. McDougald pushes Conte to the left before the next play telling him “your on that side”! Conte replies “I am on that side. Next play TD. ACT IV – Doug Martin long run to 3 yard line. Dontee Dye does not block his man who tackles Martin preventing TD. 3rd and goal from the one. Pitch to Sims on the side Skins have 3 extra rushers. Donovan Smith blocks no one so make it four. Play fails. Go for it? No. Game over. ACT V – Bradley McDougald forgets that he is supposed to not let Jordan Reed go inside of him. Reed goes inside slant, McDougald bites on out move, TD Skins. Game over. Lovie wants us to stand by him? Time for a change.

  147. Lovie Smith has a message to the fans: ‘Stay with us’ | 1010 WCSI Says:

    […] While the most common theme we’ve heard from Tampa Bay currently is how brutal the loss was on the team, Lovie Smith apparently has another message, according to JoeBucsFan.com. […]

  148. FortMyersDave Says:

    Fire Lovie, what else can we say? Does anyone think the Bucs have a chance of beating the ATL???? <>>

  149. DB55 Says:


    ACT 1- was the new cb with the hyphenated name, that wasn’t Banks.

  150. kraymuthaphukinglocz Says:

    well lovie dovie im tru to my bucs team I don’t know if I speak for all buc fans but I stay with the BUCS but as far ur concerned ur done here my friend I believe sterlin moore @ cb2 is our better chance

  151. Matt Says:

    I’ll keep the faith for another year or two. This team has drafted predominantly offense and it seems to be working well. It wasn’t long ago we struggled tof get anywhere near 20pts. Now draft defense and we’ll be good! Imagine VH3 in a Bucs uniform! Keep strong guys…we’re close!

  152. Jim Palm Harbor Says:

    For those of us that have been foolish enough to keep our season tickets over the years, perhaps Lovie will help avoid price increases next season.

  153. robert long Says:

    lovie is the d coordinator of the worst team giving up points hes the head coach of a team with 16 penalties with an extra week off and a pass defense that couldnt cover me and im 58