“I Am Really Nobody In This League”

October 21st, 2015
Jameis believes the team is bigger than he is.

Jameis believes the team is bigger than he is.

When “America’s Quarterback,” Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, was at Florida State, so many times he put that team on his back and willed it to victory. He impressed the hell out of Joe.

That’s what Joe looks for in a quarterback. He saw it in Eli Manning. Saw it in Dan Marino, Teddy Bridgewater and many others. It’s called getting the job done. (Josh Freeman’s inability to do exactly that at Kansas State is one reason Joe was never enamored with the guy coming out of college.)

But in the NFL, Jameis, as he explained it today, is just a key in a giant cog. That is how painted it when asked about how opponents likely will force the rookie to beat them with his arm.

“I am really nobody in this league, yet,” Jameis said. NFL teams “don’t have to worry about me. I have great teammates. That is the biggest thing about this league, you have complete team wins. You can’t have a game where your offense plays really good and your defense and special teams don’t do well and win the game. Or have a game where defense plays outstanding or your offense and special teams don’t do good. You are setting yourself up for failure.

“This game [in the NFL] is a complete team game where in college; one person can take over a game.”

When asked if he aspires to be that guy who can take over a game if needed, Jameis didn’t hesitate.

“Hopefully one day, I can.”

24 Responses to ““I Am Really Nobody In This League””

  1. Tiny Tim Says:

    Tiny Tim thinks Jameis will be a legend. Tiny Tim knows JW will win a Super Bowl for the Bucs. Tiny Tim signing out now.

  2. TraumaMurse Says:

    How can you not be rooting for this kid? He has “IT”…this is coming from a diehard []_[] Canes fan…He was special in college and he is special right now. This is the first time in years I am excited for Sundays.

  3. Buc1987 Says:

    This kid is everything this team needed for the last 35 years!

    It’s been a long time coming, and yes I still appreciate Brad for what he did, but he wasn’t drafted by OUR team.

    Now I just want to jump in that time machine LWD was talking about pre-draft, set the gauge to Sept 2017 and watch the aerial display.

  4. tmaxcon Says:

    Love Jameis… we need more leaders and players with heart and drive like his.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    I am a Gator and Bulls fan, not happy Florida is the second most jailed school. FSU eh, not. First and foremost I have come around to warming up to Winston because he is the Bucs starter. All I can do is pull for Jameis to lead the wins. Go Jameis! Go Bucs! Beat them George Washington Redskins!

  6. mike Says:

    I’m a gator, and am starting to really like Jameis the person. You got to like him as the person if you started judging him the day we drafted him. My problem is so far I see the player as a little bit quicker/ better than byron lefty, who actually had a few really good year, just was slow and had that bad delivery but had great touch. I’m not a qb guru though, i thought freeman was better than ryan.

  7. Howard Cosell Says:

    Winston is turning out to be a high character kid.

    Howard slammed Winston a few times pre-draft for all of his college
    shenanigans but he’s been pleasantly surprised since then.

  8. Buc53 Says:

    This is the Jameis FSU fans have seen since his freshman year, when he wasn’t starting, but was still right on the sideline slappin five to everyone as they came off the field. I taught kids he went to high-school with and they say he was like this even then.

    It’s just the media didn’t let you see this part the last couple of years. Didn’t fit the narrative—now you see players getting arrested for truly heinous stuff, and it gets less coverage than when Jameis cursed. It’s a shame.

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So far so good….I’m good with the steady progress….patience is very tough for a Bucs fan….but we need it with Jameis.

  10. vegabuc Says:

    Not only he is rookie, but he is a young 21 years old rookie. Also in college he only play 2 years because he redshirted his freshman year. And to come into the NFL and show the flashes of becoming a good quarterback is amazing to say the least. To all the jaboo haters and the mariota lovers I say gfys (those are four words and they ain’t “thank you very much”), leave the man alone and let him grow into the savior of this franchise which I have no doubt one day he will be.

  11. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Interesting how all the Mariota fanboys have disappeared for awhile now..

    Dude hasn’t had a good game since the week 1 surprise Oregon offense gifted him an easy half of stats. Doesn’t mean he won’t be great one day but hopefully Brianbuc has re evaluated the idea of insane kneejerk reactions

  12. 813bucboi Says:

    im a diehard gator fan as well….I must admit its tough but like fan37 and mike im slowly coming around to Winston…GO BUCS!!!

  13. Tiny Tim Says:

    Tiny Tim Says:

    October 21st, 2015 at 3:30 pm

    Tiny Tim thinks Jameis will be a legend. Tiny Tim knows JW will win a Super Bowl for the Bucs. Tiny Tim signing out now.


    Joe whatever you did did not work. I can not understand how a site as popular as yours do not have things in place where posters can not have the same screen name. Just a shame and we have a b!%&* a$$ pu$$y on this site.

  14. DB55 Says:

    Not sure why but I was truly impressed with JW press conference. You can actually see him improving everyday on and off the field.

    Keep it up kid!

  15. Tiny Tim Says:

    FYI…………….Do you know you can create an account in some user’s name and in some user’s name it says screen name is already in use. Joe what is up with that? Why the inconsistency?

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    LOL Tiny Tim…not to rank on Joe, because this site rocks. But did you know that in the Message Boards on JBF that you, I or anyone else can edit another person’s post. I can take words out of someone’s post or add words to them.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    “Howard slammed Winston a few times pre-draft for all of his college
    shenanigans but he’s been pleasantly surprised since then.”

    That’s because it was what it was Howard. Like Buc1987 said before the draft taht college crap will be OVER. It’s actually been over since Sept 2014 that was the last incident to make news. But stay tuned any day now TMZ will do a piece on our rookie QB about how he was caught jaywalking at Clearwater Beach. They will then say : “when is this kid ever going to learn?” It’s the shyte(ketchup cups of soda at BK) us Noles fans had to deal with so get used to it and stay tuned.

  18. Steve from oregon Says:

    I really hope this kid realizes his potential.

  19. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Tiny Tim, at least you have a secret admirer!!!! Lol

  20. Dave Says:

    I don’t understand why people didn’t think he was good coming out of college. Instead of listening to BS media reports, listen to the people who know him. His coaches and others around all talked about him being a leader, likesble, coachable, etc… The bs off the field stuff was minor crisp except the one proven wrong

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    Correct Dave….Jimbo used to say practically every week after the game. “Jameis is a great kid”and I believed him. There was just too many people out there that knew him personally, that raved about what a nice kid he is. Enough people that I had no problem with him being a Buc. Believe me it mattered to me, so that’s why I did research on the kid. Sure I’m a Noles fan, but someone that could very well be the face of the franchise, his character mattered to me. There was a time when I wanted no part of Jameis on the Bucs. Sure I wanted him since 2013, but then all the immature stuff kept happening and I was leery. Research people. That’s how I knew he was going to be our pick. Lot’s and lots of research.

    He really is what Jimbo said…a great kid.

  22. Howard Cosell Says:

    I never once slammed Winstons playing. I just thought he might turn into
    some kind of a Manziel character where trouble just finds him because he
    has to have the hot girlfriend or be cool or whatever.
    I was OK with drafting Winston BECAUSE he’s good player.
    I was against drafting Manziel because he never looked pro-ready to me.
    I thought they were about equal w/r/t risk of self-destruction.

    Well, it turns out I was wrong about Winston. He reminds me more of
    Doug Martin or Logan Mankins than Aqib Talib.

  23. LongSeasons Says:

    Let Jameis be a rookie. The worst thing that can happen is to have a rookie QB think he has to do it all himself. When that happens the little things like bad footwork never get fixed.
    When a rookie QB has Jameis attitude, he knows he will get better with experience. He knows he can concentrate on learning how to play pro football. He can concentrate on learning to read defenses. He can learn how, when and why to make adjustments. He can concentrate on his footwork.
    If he is left to shoulder the entire franchise this year then it will be boom or bust. Most rookie QB’s end up bust because too much is asked of them, so they do not get the luxury of learning.
    Let Jameis learn and he stands a better chance of carrying this team on his arm for years.

  24. Buc1987 Says:

    Lightningbuc is the only Buc fan on this site recently that still calls Jameis a r-pist. Did so about a week ago. He hasn’t been on much, probably because he it’s hockey season too.

    I want to tell him something about just how despicable he is. I went to the Jags game wearing my FSU Jameis jersey and Buc hat. I was expecting to hear that word r-pist or r-pe at least ONE time during that game from Jags fans. I walked all over the concourse and tailgated for about 2 hours. Not one fan said that word.

    Which made me think about him. A Bucs fan and the fact that he still calls him that to this day. He calls me out on my Buc fandom every time he comes in here because I’m a Red Sox as well. Yet he still calls our rookie QB that word, and fans from opposing teams never even say it. Yet questions whether I’m actually a Bucs fan. Really?

    I hope you read this buddy, you’re an idiot!