David Needs To Show Up (Weekly)

October 31st, 2015
Not a good year.

Not a good year.

Joe is aware fans like to rant on Gerald McCoy for the woes of the Bucs.

Trust Joe, the Bucs are not a garbage football team because of GMC. Far from it.

It seems fans are irked that GMC makes cash. That’s the only reason Joe can drum up for the hatred of a good player (not a great player, yet).

There also is a guy who pocketed a wad of Team Glazer loot this summer with a new contract. By comparison, he’s having a terrible season for his standards. That would be outside linebacker Lavonte David.

Once thought to be a near-equal of Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks, the way David is playing he’s closer to Quincy Black.

David has been a shell of his former self. What is really glaring is that David, once one of the best NFL tacklers, is whiffing on ballcarriers like he was Karlos Peña.

For the Bucs’ defense to turn things around, Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune noted David has to show up. Each and every game. That’s what Cummings told Miller and Moulton on WWCN-FM 99.3 in Fort Myers this week.

“There are two star-caliber players, Pro Bowlers, on this defense,” Cummings said. “The two stars on this defense are Lavonte David and Gerald McCoy. And it seems like every week, one of them is absent, one of them is missing in action. That can’t happen. They have to have these guys out there playing and playing their best football. And they don’t have it yet.”

Again, Joe just doesn’t get the vile hatred of GMC. He’s having a better year than David and, like GMC, David also signed a new deal. But fans are more than willing to give David a pass for uneven play (to be polite) just so they can throw rocks at GMC.

Joe is beginning to wonder about David. Since Lovie took over, David has declined. Not sure if this is a troubling pattern or just a hiccup.

41 Responses to “David Needs To Show Up (Weekly)”

  1. Tom Edrington Says:

    AGP Syndrome……..common in NFL….

    Already Got Paid

  2. The Buc Realist Says:

    I just don’t understand why a couple of sheep (lovie loyalist) want to watch the Bucs limp along with lovie. This team could be vastly improved with a real NFL head coach!!!

    If Lovie is fired this offseason then the dead money in head coaching is 8 million, ( 3 for Coach Schiano last year and 5 for Lovie) Lovie waste double that easily every free-agency period easy!!!!!

    I am tired of predicting doom and failure for this team!!! I am tired of being disgusted with this team!! I am tired of counting the huge blowout losses make the change and roll the dice!!!!

  3. JAB83 Says:

    I got an idea for fans who expect the worst from every game… Let’s call you fans of depression instead of trolls… This way going forward, we can ha e 3 categories…

    1) Trolls: people who have nothing better to do then to instagate divide and cause frivolous arguments that take up message board space and should be ignored for that reason. Alone!!,

    2) Fans of Depression: people who no matter what will see the negative and will continuously drag themselves and others deeper into depression. Who always blame other issues for the depression they are expressing vs addressing the real problems and being honest with themselves and cause strif amongst others.

    3)Fans of Inspiration: people who understand the issue and look for ways to overcome them when it seems like to much to bare. Who don’t make excuses but try to find building blocks to achieve the desired hope that will help bring the results needed to fix the problems that cause Fans of Depression to exist…

    I know you Fans of Depression don’t want to hear this but let’s try it just for the sake of it… I want so bad for us to have a winning football team in Tampa again… More so than most of you I’m sure… More importantly I want you Fans of Depression to enjoy life and your entertainment/football team… I see first hand how much you love your team and it really does depres a lot of you… That’s not healthy and you should seriously consider your health… However try this and see if it don’t work for you… Just. Consider what your seeing as a game… The results win or lose REALLY means nothing… Its just a game… Now that you understand that… Hope for the best… The worst you don’t have to prepare for BECAUSE ITS JUST A GAME!!!!

    Results will very but the less Fans of Depression the better the vibe we can generate and the team will benifit in a more positive direction I promise…

  4. Lovie Is Dog Poo Says:

    JAB83 Says:
    October 31st, 2015 at 9:43 am
    I got an idea for fans who expect the worst from every game

    I got a better idea: Stop spamming every post with this.

  5. JAB83 Says:

    LVD is more of a cause and effect victim… The effect of his poor play is because Kwon being rookie that he is not jelling with… I think LVD misses Foster… In my opinion Mason Foster was one of the worst guys the BUCS could of let walk because he and LVD were clicking so well together… Those kind of thing are hard to figure out but I’m hoping Kwon starts flashing so LVD stops over thinking or second guessing him

  6. JAB83 Says:

    What constitute s every post??? This goes to my point… You are a classic “Fan of Depression”. You will be OK my friend… Your depression won’t last much longer if you don’t want it to… You can start by changing your name… It really is silly you would think so low of yourself that you would have people call you ” crap”… And by the sound of your post… Your the wet runny kind of “crap” spreads when it hits the water and not the solid healthy kind that floats… Just a thought

  7. Lovie Is Dog Poo Says:

    I’m an actual Bucs fan, and you’re most likely a troll fan from another team. I mean you must be having fun thinking you can actually post and post and post and get us stuck with Lovie, but he’s finished and maybe after Sunday if it gets ugly again. 95% of real Buc fans want this loser gone, yet you keep making impassioned pleas for him to stay (and probably get a 5 year extension). I get that as a Panther fan things are great right now, but we will be back don’t worry. And then you’ll be gone.

  8. JAB83 Says:

    I’m only replying back because I feel sorry for you… That said, that’s all I really have to say “real BUCS fan who speaks for 95% of BUCS fans who want Lovie fired because that’s what’s best for a team in its rebuilding phase”. Guess I don’t qualify as part of that 5% because secretly I’m a panthers fan who is hoping you get stuck with Lovie so that my Puttie Cats can beat your Buccaneers for years and years…

    Yeah I have nothing more to say to you… A person that likes to be call Lovies Dog Poo… Why not be Lovies hat or his shirt or his cat or just the dog itself… Why do you want to be known as his dogs poo…

    But whatever to each their own I guess… Troll I am not, Fan of Depression I am not…. Fan of Inspiration….??? I AM

    Have a blessed day my friend and enjoy being JAB83s Dog Poo

  9. Lovie Is Dog Poo Says:

    JAB83 Says:
    October 31st, 2015 at 10:13 am
    Yeah I have nothing more to say to you… A person that likes to be call Lovies Dog Poo…

    If you’re going to troll, at least get my name right? Lovie Is Dog Poo because he’s the worst gameday coach in the league (maybe even worse than Schiano). You could give him the 2007 Patriots and he’d go 9-7. Only his family could be so convinced he’s a great coach. Or a troll from another team.

  10. DB55 Says:

    19 tackles and an Int in the last two games. I’ll take that!

  11. NonyaDamnBucsiness Says:

    I remember an article Joe wrote at the beginning of Lovie’s tenure talking about how LVD played for demanding coaches all his career and questioned how would he do under Lovie and his passive coaching style. I guess we now know.

    LVD apparently can only aaccelerate under a screamer such as Greg S. I hate to say it but I think we have seen LVD’s prime. I don’t think we will see that LVD anymore unless we get another hardarse coach, which the fans want… until they get one. We should have kept Greg. SMDH.

    This story is the most telling of the season. Indicative of things to come.

  12. JAB83 Says:

    Sorry your to easy to make fun of… Look I will give you your point of Lovie not being the best coach… I have never contested that at any point with any one…

    HOWEVER, as a “true fan” you have to do your part to “support” the team… If you are a player in the locker room you don’t call for your coach to be fired… You yourself would then be a bigger part of the problem…. Fans are a part of that locker room… They consider us the 12th man for a reason… On and off the field we have an impact…

    The point is to do your part to make the team better not worst… Firing a coach less then half way through his second season of a MINUM 3-5 year rebuilding process is STUPID…

    Simple as that…

    As far as your name…. I got it right make no mistake about it kid….

  13. JAB83 Says:

    Noya that is a great point…

    Question, do you think Hardy Nickerson the LB coach is effect by Lovies style of coaching as well??? Can he be the hardA that LVD needs???

    I sure hope we have not seen the last of LVD in his prime… The guy has look demoralized at the end of some of these game though…. 🙁

  14. Buccfan37 Says:

    David’s funk is just a hiccup as you suggest I think. Lovie has his game all discombobulated. By the way, that little thing whatever it’s called over the n in Pena is missing from this keyboard. Flavor missing.

  15. Lovie Is Dog Poo Says:

    This team’s future is very bright…once they fire Lovie. Then the hope returns. But Lovie sucks as a coach, his gameday management is pathetic. Everyone has hope for the team, we just have none for Lovie. He’ll always hold the Bucs back from their true potential.

  16. Buccfan37 Says:

    The rules of fandom more than once is overkill.

  17. BucMania Says:

    It’s not a hiccup .. It’s Lovies scheme which does not work any longer. Not to mention it seems to have no room for adjustments . Once a team figures out how to beat our D it’s a flood gate of offensive plays that we cannot stop. That’s coaching and scheme and the game has passed Lovie by.

  18. NonyaDamnBucsiness Says:


    I’m not sure Nickerson is any more demanding than Lovie. Also, just because he may have been a great player doesn’t make him a good coach. The LBs haven’t been all that good this year. Some of that can be chalked up to a rookie MLB but the rest is coaching, or lack thereof.

    I sure would love to see LVD turn his game back around but I fear that won’t happen under Lovie.

  19. tickrdr Says:

    Is JAB83 the poster known as “Nole on Sat…Buc on Sun” reincarnate?


  20. DB55 Says:


    Consider that Verner made the pro-bowl in Tenn and is now second string on the worst secondary in the NFL.

  21. McAlpinMike Says:

    Oh Great, another Super Fan! Gonna tell us all, over and over, how to be “REAL” fans.

  22. DB55 Says:

    Sup Tickrdr how are you?

  23. Supersam Says:

    I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.- Lavonte Overated David. There’s a good chance our new head coach cleans house. Starting with overpaid underachieving players, McCoy, David, Jackson, Verner.

  24. DB55 Says:


    Are you starting MM on your fantasy team this week? Lol!!!

  25. The Buc Realist Says:


    If every first letter of the 7th word spells out “wait on it” then we have a conspiracy!!!!

    otherwise just a troll from another team!!!! Real fans want to fix what is ailing this team!!!!

  26. JAB83 Says:

    Fair enough Nonya…I was thinking along those same lines… Hardy should be capable but he might not have the ability to communicate the compete factor… Kinda like Lovie… I can see LVD rebounding but he needs to take on that JW mindset… I heard its contagious and is spreading to to the Defence from other offensive players… But Jamies needs to take LVD to dinner for some crab legs and say look here man… This is how you overcome adversity!!!!

  27. NonyaDamnBucsiness Says:

    Exactly DB55!

    And who is coaching DBs? One hint… his last name is Smith.

    Greg was a better coach, just needed more seasoning at the Pro level.

  28. denjoe Says:

    NFL.com Elliot Harrison – Falcons

    Around the NFL Consensus – Falcons

    ESPN.com Consensus – Falcons

    ProFootballTalk, Mike Florio – Falcons

    Rotoworld, Evan Silva – Falcons

    USA Today, Consensus – Falcons

    SBNation.com, Consensus – Falcons

    CBSSports.com, Consensus – Falcons

    FoxSports.com, Consensus – Falcons

    Microsoft Cortana – Falcons
    This is from the buc’s website and it’s the same every week I quess all these people are trolls.

  29. DB55 Says:

    Greg was too hard nose for Revis and McCoy. Revis was bitchn before the season started and McCoy didn’t think Greg was friendly enough to his opponents. So he had to go, now everyone can be nice to eachother.

    Participation trophies for everyone.

  30. JAB83 Says:

    LOL realist calling people trolls… My my how the turd has spread its stink….

    Any hoot real fans… Excuse me, Fans of Depression… Enjoy y’all potty party and blame fest… I’m sure some real bright ideas and solutions will come of this… Maybe y’all can start by working on a plan to fix things over night… Show the world how Rome was really built…
    Genius morns band together to create the world larges Fan depression zone…

    Just a couple ideas to help you really depressed fans of depression out….

    Oh and just an FYI… I put all you sofa king we taught it fans of depression and trolls on notice before the season started… The real fans of inspiration are returning and you cats days are numbered… So enjoy bashing your team while you can… Your gonna be really lost when its over…. Actually most of you will just find a different team to pee on…


  31. The Buc Realist Says:


    Bucs Cheerleading auditions are usually in March!!!!

  32. This Guy Right Here Says:

    Just wasted talent all around.. Another wasted year..

    All thanks to that stubborn, arrogant, stuck-in-his-2005-ways HC.

    He Cant scheme, Cant adjust, Cant get the talent out of his players. Screw You Lovie.

  33. tickrdr Says:


    Top of the morning to you, sir!
    I’m just enjoying a lazy Saturday morning reading all of the inane comments of some of the posters here on JBF, and SMDH.


  34. DB55 Says:


    Lol, me too!

  35. chickster Says:

    Only time I seen David step up is 3 years ago when he late hit a player out of bounds to give them a field goal to win the game .

  36. McAlpinMike Says:

    You’re peeing on people? What a D!CK!!

  37. Mike Johnson Says:

    How about the entire defense giving us a Holloween scare and showin up? Offense seems to be pulling their weight. Everytime the opposition goes by to pass, I take a shot of whatever I have..cause I know a completion is coming with extra running yards. No lead is a safe lead for our offense. So we’d better score lotsa points.

  38. Buccfan37 Says:

    No, we get the post Halloween Bucs, like the day after when all the treats are reduced to half off. Treat us Bucs to some full price treats. A close game would be like a full size candy bar in the sack. A win will be like the whole neighborhood’s candy in your sack. I remember when I was a little trick or treater. Big kids would snatch your sack of candy. Let’s snatch Atlanta’s sack of candy.

  39. PRBucFan Says:

    Oh please lol

    GMC is a ghost when it counts.

    LVD has had some bad moments but has still produced.

  40. Danati74 Says:

    Im going to blame it on scheme. As soon as Lovie came LVD had has less splash plays. Just like when Lovie got a hold of A. Verner. He’s in the process of holding back J. Winston. I mean if Lovie didn’t start holding back when we have the lead after halftime, then Winston would probably have more TD’s. As Lovie goes down, he is bringing everyone with him. Including the fans.

  41. K1ngadroc Says:

    give him time. He is a great player with exceptional work ethic. He’s trying to do too much, pressing because of contract (he cares) , assist Kwon (rookie making calls) all the time and deal with all the changes in the secondary. He’s the least of our worries