“We Gotta Catch The Ball”

September 30th, 2015

Dirk Koetter gets all amped up answering Joe’s question about drops

Joe asked offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter about drops today.

Drops maimed the Bucs on Sunday, in addition to lousy special teams and the mighty Alfred Blue carving the Bucs like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Koetter got all hyped up when Joe asked whether he charts drops and, if so, how many did he register against the Texans.

“Too many. That’s how many I had,” Koetter said. “Charting dropped passes, you know, is an inexact science, for sure. But how many is too many? Probably one is too many, depends on how tough the catch is. “I always just try to judge,: ‘Should the guy have made that catch?’

Koetter praised Texans cornerback Jonathan Joseph for three excellent pass breakups and continued.

“There were some flat out drops,” Koetter said. “I mean, you’re going to have some over the course of the year. “I’m not one of those guys that’s sittin’ there beating the drum over ‘Catch the damn ball.’ That just not, think those guys don’t know that? I mean, that’s the most obvious coaching thing in America. I don’t ever really talk to them. It’s a fact. Alright. It’s a fact. You guys know it; I know it. All we’re doing is stating a fact. We’re not going to beat’em up. We’re not going to say, ‘Quit doing it.’ We gotta catch the ball.”

Koetter is so refreshing. He’s right. Drops are drops and there’s nothing to say.

In the case of Mike Evans’ three drops, by Joe’s count, the Bucs just have to press on. Evans is the No. 1 target and that will continue.

As for Russell Shepard and Brandon Myers, there are alternatives. Joe suspects wide receiver Adam Humphries will be active on Sunday. He was inactive in Houston. Humphries also returns punts and kicks, and Bobby Rainey couldn’t squeeze the ball, either.

4 Responses to ““We Gotta Catch The Ball””

  1. bubbasjock Says:

    meh, had JW not throw the blatant pick the whole game could have went the other way.

  2. SCBucsFan Says:


    Yeah, that one pick threw the whole game. Not the porous defense, not the penalties (both BS and legitimate), not the dropped passes, not the missed FGs, but a single pick that led to 3 points.

  3. Mike Johnso Says:

    It seems to me as a lifetime Bucs fan, Our current Bucs don’t have that fire to win. We came out after an embarrasing loss to Tenn and played well. Not so against the Texans. Just 50% more on Defense and that game was ours. Now..here comes hurricane Carolina with Cam Newton. I don’t like him but he is playing well. I don’t hear or see that fire from our Bucs this week. So I see..a loss!! Our Defense says they must make some..minor adjustments. Ok lets see them. Cause Cam is going to throw. And if we do not get pressure like we did not last week? Cam Newton is gonna have a field day at Ray Jay. Catch the ball and play defense Bucs!!! This game is winnable. Very much so. I just don’t see it though. Prove me wrong Bucs….Please!!!!

  4. Matt Says:

    Well if he used more 3 receiver sets its wouldn’t be such an issue , however he really can’t when going against good pass rushing teams . He’s adjusting the offense too protect the QB . Drops are a problem , but when they’re are more WRs on the field at once it’s easier too catch the ball because now they’re are more players too throw it too. We didn’t have any sacks allowed last week for a reason , but the cost was we used 2 primary WRs the entire game . It’s a risk but it’s better than injuring you’re QB and it’s better than chancing more turnovers . It gets the QB in rhythm and comfortable. I’m not mad about the 2 WR sets , but I am mad we didn’t get Humphries in the game . I am mad we had all those drops . Those guys gotta catch the damn ball . Go too 2 WR sets again and see who is dropping the ball .