The Calls For Lovie’s Head

September 14th, 2015

lovie 0613bLegions of Bucs fans are calling for their head coach’s head this morning.

The anger, disbelief and loss of hope is understandable.

NFL teams should not get slaughtered, especially not at home. Maybe that’s acceptable once every few years, but Lovie Smith’s team has made it commonplace.

In case you missed it somehow, the Bucs were not competitive while losing 42-14 yesterday to a Tennessee Titans team that will be lucky to have a winning season.

Regarding those calls for Lovie’s head, well, they’re completely unreasonable today. It’s Week 1. Simple as that. It’s just stupid talk.

But it is reasonable to start debating the appropriate line in the sand for Lovie. He earned it after yesterday’s debacle — and the horror of 2014. Lovie can’t continue to be employed without significant improvement in 2015.

Back in July, Joe wrote about the great divide at world headquarters surrounding Lovie’s job security. It’s safe to say that debate isn’t much of a debate any longer.

Lovie’s job is not secure, but he surely can secure it by playing competitive football and winning a handful of games in 2015.

That’s not much to ask. Will four games do it?

Only Team Glazer knows. And only Team Glazer knows at what point they would start a preliminary coaching search. Joe suspects a 2-8 record through the first 10 games would spark an urgent executive discussion.

125 Responses to “The Calls For Lovie’s Head”

  1. Harry Says:

    Joe’s, you really missed an opportunity to do a before and after “faith in Lovie” poll.

  2. JerseyBucsFan Says:

    No way i’m going to blame winston for his first game. The way i look at it if winton was going against this D he would have had the same stats. i don’t think the cover 2 has much to do with it but the fact player are open tells me a lot about our secondary

  3. Ufcguy32 Says:

    Ive got his job secure. In the freaking unemployment line. Bc after he got torched outcoached on a simple concept that anyone could see. And didnt do anything to confuse mariota. Simple defense pitch and catch. Way to go lovie. How freaking long did it take you to game plan this debacle. Hope you enjoy your next basement

  4. NYbucsfan Says:

    2-15 enough said

  5. Horice Says:

    I was all for Lovie @ the hiring, but it’s not unreasonable to ask for his head this early. If my last name was Glazier, he would have been fired @ half time. Earlier in the week he joked that he needed one more week to be Titans ready. After yesterday, he needed 9 more months. They were out coached on every label. I have NEVER seen a team so constantly ill-prepared to play football games, as Lovie’s teams are. And here I thought Schiano was an embarrassment to the organization…

  6. Charlie V Says:

    The plan Lovie devised in his Chicago basement is working perfectly. A plan to steal millions from the Glazers while sticking it to the fans of the Buc’s.

  7. Louis Friend Says:

    It’s not reasonable to fire him today, but it wouldn’t be shocking if he were.

    Early too soon candidate for HC in 2016: Chuck Pagano. He’s on his way out in Indy, and could write his own ticket in Tampa.

  8. Bucco Brice Says:

    Why not fire now? Unprecedented or not. Koetter can get through the season as well as Lovie. I backed Lovie for a time, I’ve seen enough. The same issues are here this year. Defensive collapse, penalties, horrid game management and seemingly clueless on the sideline. It’s enough. Going nowhere with him as coach. Licht gets another year, has drafted some gems, but who really made the call on Jameis?? Lovie or Licht?

  9. This Guy Right Here Says:

    Lovie better liven the hell up, instead of trying to act too-cool-for school all the time!

    Wheres the passion?? Wheres the fire?!! LOVIE, YOU SUCK!!!

  10. Harry Says:

    I truly don’t get what the problem is. I put it on Lovie because he is responsible. But how does Lovie rise to the position he has, have the success he had in CHI, go to a SB, but make the Bucs so completely inept?

    At the same time, I question if the players are giving their all. How do they allow themselves to play so flat and pathetic when it’s the first game of the season, and they make so much money for playing just 16 friggin games? Where is their heart and pride? And why the heck am I asking these questions after only the first game of the season?!

  11. Aceofaerospace Says:

    “Stupid talk”. That’s insulting. It’s not going to happen. But wanting the inevitable to happen now is not stupid talk. Stupid is waiting until another season is lost before taking action.

  12. Louis Friend Says:

    @Harry – if they’re not giving it their all, then the man in charge bears responsibility for allowing it. He sets the tone and the level of effort, right?

  13. tmaxcon Says:

    Lovie has lost this locker room. They maybe signing Kumbaya in the hallways of one buc palace and all the employees are happy that Schiano is gone but Lovie is putting diarrhea on the field each week. How can the glazers not see this. And for Bonzi and those of you who say Lovie has given Koetter complete control of offense are in more denial than a crack head in search of rocks.

    I am not giving up on Winston it was not his defense that laid down and played dead. Even the most die hard Lovie support can not make excuses or justify the lack of effort and the fact this team is unprepared week in and week out.

    5 months to prepare for a rookie qb and he goes out and puts up a perfect qb rating. Lovie knows defense…

  14. Louis Friend Says:

    After they get back from their road trip at 0-3, which they will certainly be, then this talk is going to begin in earnest.

    Once they break the record for most consecutive home losses (14), it’ll be a certainty and we can start planning the wake.

    One the final curtain falls on the season, we can prepare to begin the next cycle of futility with whoever they bring in to replace him.

    3 straight head coaches with the same results. Who expects it to be any different the 4th time?

  15. bucrightoff Says:

    Harry Says:
    September 14th, 2015 at 9:12 am
    I truly don’t get what the problem is. I put it on Lovie because he is responsible. But how does Lovie rise to the position he has, have the success he had in CHI, go to a SB, but make the Bucs so completely inept?

    Because if all you look at is going to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman, then yeah Lovie is great. If examine the entire record in Chicago, then you realize why Lovie was such a bad hire. Success? Check out his record against .500 or better teams. To sum it briefly, it’s statistically impossible to expect Lovie to lead us to the Super Bowl. Playoffs once every 3-4 years? Maybe.

    If the Bucs had the pieces in place when he arrived, we might be ok with Lovie. Expecting him to build the foundation is frightening, and he needs to be fired now to not inflict permanent damage.

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    Lovie has perfected the “Cover 0” defense. I would cut my losses with him today and promote Dirk as interim HC, then replace Leslie quickly.

  17. Bucnjim Says:

    It was Winstons pick six and multiple three and outs with the score still at 14 that were the nail in the coffin. Winston fumbled, bumbled and stumbled his way through the entire game.

  18. Louis Friend Says:


    He’s completely wiped out the previous roster and replaced it with ‘his’ kind of player. What’s left for him to do?

    The Glazers won’t fire anyone during the season. No matter how bad it gets. It’ll never happen.

  19. Buc Neckid Says:

    This Koetter for Head Coach is a bunch of crap too.
    What did he prove yesterday?

  20. This Guy Right Here Says:

    Koetter as Interim HC, Gruden in 2016!

    Lovie lost his locker room, he lost his fans, now he’s gonna lose his job.


  21. tmaxcon Says:


    please really research lovies numbers in chicago he was NOT great. he had some nice seasons but has a lifetime 3-3 playoff record hardly great… he won 2 of those playoff games during the Superbowl run and has WON one playoff game since hardly Great… He is not a great head coach. If you look closely at lovies chicago tenure the team went to hell once he gained full control of the roster. Lovie was not in full control of the roster that went to the Superbowl and his big three defensive players were on the roster and had pro-bowls under their belt prior to lovies arrival. Bonzi and others like to point out Raheems 10 win season was “Lucky” well I subscribe to the belief that Lovie’s Superbowl run was LUCK. This team has quit on the so called players coach. Nice guy crappy coach and even worse personnel man… Simple as that!

  22. BrianBucs Says:

    If the Packers, Seahawks or Patriots come in and rout you, then you accept it. But the TITANS? TITANS? THE 2-14 TITANS? Just totally unacceptable. Actually it’s shamefull

  23. DallasBuc Says:

    Where is Pickgrin this morning? Tell me more about how good of a coach LovieDovie is? Still think he is competent?

  24. T in Orlando Says:

    @ Joes, how can you consider the talk of firing Lovie unreasonable, when both of you considered this game a “Must-Win”, and then the team came out and played the way it did. If the game were closer, or if the Bucs actually would have lost due to a Rookie Mistake by Winston, I could more easily accept the loss.

    You were right, this game was a “Must-Win” and considering the Bucs lost the way the lost, someone needs to be held accountable, and why not the HC? Also, with the exception of 1 drive when the Bucs were down 21-7 (the one that should have resulted in safety, because forward progress doesn’t count when the QB is trying to run backwards), the defense played horribly, and Lovie is now directly responsible for those plays being called.

    Fire Lovie, put Koetter in as HC, give Fraizer back his play calling duties (perhaps he’ll do better without Lovie looking over his shoulder, he did ok in Minnesota when he was just the DC), and let’s see what can happen these next 15 games.

    I’ve seen enough of Lovie to know that he’s unable to adapt to the changes in the NFL offenses over the 5 years.

  25. mike10 Says:

    It’s stupid to to call for Lovie’s head because it’s week 1.

    But if I dropped his Bucs resume in front of you, on paper, this guy has taken this team backwards and you’d be foolish to keep him.

    Also, why the lack of finger pointing at Licht? He’s just as responsible..

  26. Clodhopper Says:

    Fire Lovie today! Call me stupid all you want I don’t care. What more do we need to see? Derek Anderson Matt Ryan Joe Flacco third stringer from Rams now a rookie QB in his very first game sits out entire 4th quarter. Fire Lovie today. He effin sucks! He passed the line in the sand yesterday.

  27. BucFanForever Says:

    He is already done. Now he is playing a lame duck season. All the Glazers ever say is that they look for signs of improvement. This was a clearly regression.

    Buy a new recliner for your basement Lovie.

  28. Fartman Says:

    I also think any one who tried to convince us Winston was the better pick over Mariota should look for a new line of work.

  29. tmaxcon Says:


    It’s not week one sir. it’s week 17 of the lovie experiment. In less than a year he has produced 3 of the most EMBARRASSING losses in NFL history not bucs history NFL history. He had months to prepare for an equally bad team and put that crap on the field. Sorry but there is no excuse nor justification for the product that Lovie has assembled and put on the field. The glazers have no choice but to admit their mistake. Lovie must go. Simple as that.

  30. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Just pathetic man. I feel embarrassed as a fan for having high expectations and placing any faith in the coaching staff. What a f*cking nightmare.

    Sign me up for the anti Lovie animosity amigos until he can string together a lot of good results. no excuse for that performance.

  31. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Another year of Yuc Ball

  32. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Joe….it’s not stupid, it’s not unreasonable, and it’s not week 1. We are 17 games into the Lovie/Licht regime! You tell me, are we a better team 17 games in, or are we worse? Are we moving in the right direction, or are we backsliding? Are we a more competitive team, or are we even more pathetic than the team they inherited 2 years ago? Are we showing progress, or are we still making the same mistakes?

    Lovie seems like a very decent man….but he is not the right fit for THIS team. Time to admit we made a mistake and move on.

  33. This Guy Right Here Says:

    I wanna knock Lovie the fck out for making me wait 10 months, for a game that ended before the 2nd qtr


  34. Aceofaerospace Says:

    I’m a retired air traffic controller. In my former career, when you make a mistake, the worst thing you can do is to take action that makes the situation worse. The second worst thing is to do nothing at all to fix the situation. Firing Lovie today can’t possibly make this situation worse. Doing nothing and allowing this to continue, will make it worse. He is not a good coach. Explain Josh Mcknown to me and show me good coaching. Either he thought Josh was the better quarterback or he lost on purpose. Either way, he should be fired. I don’t care that losing got Jameis. Big deal. If your goal is the first pick in the draft every year then why try. My goal is victories. Stupid talk, my a##.

  35. Dave Says:

    The Vegas over/ under odds for the Bucs to win a home game is 2021

  36. tmaxcon Says:

    Winston played horrible no doubt and he has a lot of learning to go but the bucs biggest obstacle is Lovie Smith not Jameis Winston. I firmly believe that both Mariota and Winston will be very successful in the NFL providing good health. Lovie setup Winston to fail by placing him behind that pathetic offensive line.

  37. mjc Says:

    It’s not stupid talk. What has Lovie and Licht done to keep their job. Cut ties now. why wait to the bye week after we are 0-5.

    These 2 are going to kill Jameis and hopes for the team.

  38. passthebuc Says:

    The mantra with great business minds is cut your losses early.
    Why is it too soon to be calling for Lovie’s head?

    The answer is that in the Buc’s organization there are no great business minds.

  39. passthebuc Says:


    And which 2 teams are we going to beat?

    Have I missed something, is there a high school team on the schedule.

  40. rayjay1122 Says:

    Here is the deal. We looked like crap on offense which I can somewhat have a little patience for with a rookie QB and missing Mike Evans as well as starting 2 OL rookies and another veteran new addition. What I can’t tolerate is getting blown out by another team starting a rookie QB. We made Mariota look like the best QB to ever play the game of football….EVER!!! We have an outdated defense with overrated players and an offense that cant sustain drives and score. They would have been better off letting Brindza try FG’s every 4th down. Hell who knows, maybe at least he would have nailed an NFL record long FG. Seriously, that was like watching a college mismatch game like Ohio State versus New Mexico State. Our owners suck which trickles down to the staff and players. Mark my words, The Bucs WILL NEVER BE A PLAYOFF TEAM EVER AGAIN WITH THE GLAZER BOYS AS OWNERS. I am normally realistic to optimistic, but I am finally just done. I will watch a laugh at these bums every week out of habit, but I am done with them. Year in and year out it is the same crap. Also, I do not blame Winston. He is what he is, a rookie who is football smart, charismatic but careless with the football and a notorious slow starter. You can’t dig holes in the 1st half and come back in the 2nd half in the NFL with a non existent defense and coaches who can’t make adjustments at the half. I was more for us drafting Mariota but when it became clear Winston would be the guy, I obviously have been a supporter but we picked the wrong guy. Winston can be a good QB on the right team with a good support structure and coaching. Not gonna happen in Tampa. He will be another Steve Young, sucking here and winning Super bowls elsewhere. Like I said before, it is always the same crap.

  41. DallasBuc Says:

    tmaxcon- all well said. Fair is fair. Amazing what it takes for opinions to change so quickly around here. At least he isn’t barely competetive because it would take so much longer. Sad statement

  42. Tom S. Says:

    We have one entity to blame for this history of dysfunction and it’s not Lovie. It’s not Licht, it’s not Schiano and it’s not even “Rockstar” Mark Dominik. It’s the Glazer babies. The Glazer babies fired Gruden when he yelled at them for resources to field a competitive team. They went cheap and hired inexperienced/incompetence at HC and GM, then went for moonshots since then hoping something/anything would fix the mess they made.

    Blame the Glazer babies for this.

  43. NCbucfan Says:

    I’m saying fire lovie and bring in Brian Kelly!!! Guy turned ND into a team again and has nothing but fire!

  44. mike10 Says:

    TMAX, o no my man don’t confuse me – Lovie is all but definitely coaching himself out of a job! And I just hope that when his ‘day of reckoning’ comes, Licht is given the swift boot too (although I doubt it)

  45. Jon Says:

    Screw team Glazer

  46. JMN Says:

    4 games won will keep Lovie’s job only if the games they lose in there are at least competitive and have a chance.

  47. tmaxcon Says:


    I am on the fence with Licht… It’s hard to tell how much control he has. Lovie is clearly a control freak which can not be denied. All you have to do is look at the track record of Lovie burning through offensive coordinators and defensive coordinators. He clearly has not turned complete control of offense to Koetter that game plan had lovies finger prints all over it during the first 15 to 20 plays. Anyhow, I am not sold on Licht but not sure how big of a problem he is given the circumstances and the fact the glazer clowns gave lovie all the power in the world.

  48. DallasBuc Says:

    Bring in StPete’s hairdresser! Anything is better that this stinkhole effort and competence.
    It would not be enough for idiot Lovie to resign immediately and give back the money he negotiated out of Glazer pockets. Since he can’t win football games there is simply nothing that rube can do that would be enough. Leaving his job and hiding in his basement is just not good enough for me. It’s just a start.

  49. LargoBuc Says:

    Lovie sucks. He does nothing well. At least Schiano could evaluate talent. Not that Schi has a resume like Lovie but, I dont get it. Its as if Lovie could care less. His playcalling and gameplanning sucks. His players suck. There is not one redeeming quality with Lovie or his jv squad. This whole team sucks. The defense sucks. Their quarterback is a stumbling idiot who keeps tripping over his own feet. He cant read a defense. He stares down defenders and ulike Mariota, he has this big, dumb goofy realease. For someone to be that mechanically flawed, especially compared to the “spread” guy.
    Maybe keep Licht. Maybe. But after we fire Lovie, I say we hire Josh Mcdaniels. Some team is going to give him his second shot as a head coach and why not a coach that is as versatile as it comes. And hey, why not try to get a first for Mccoy lol. Seriously. This team has to be gutted top to bottom. I would keep Evans and Martin and LVD. Thats it. The rest can go to Canada. They dont deserveve to get paid to play in the NFL. And Lovie, you can suck it.

  50. tmaxcon Says:


    At StPete’s age I doubt he needs a hairdresser… Luv you sir but could not let that slip by without being an arse… Happy retirement…

  51. The Buc Realist Says:

    The only 2 things I am upset about is that Joe did not do the Lovie Confidence Poll before Sunday’s game!!

    That and the Pirate ship did not sink at RJS yesterday!!!!

    Other than that. Everything else was just about expected!! So the question now is are we all negative trolls??? Is this website full of “Animosity Amigos”???? Where is Nos-Bos!!!!!

  52. rhenry Says:

    Well said Tom S. The only way the Glazer babies ever hire a good coach is to do like their daddy did and draft a winner from another team.

  53. DallasBuc Says:

    Yeah Realist, we are all just haters and trolls and racists who aren’t “true” fans.

  54. CC Says:

    Fire Lovie now. I didn’t think it was possible to get any worse than last year but we did.Game was over by the 2nd quarter against a bad 2-14 team. The season will be over “AGAIN’ by week 5. WTF. If Lovie has a nut sack, he would resign.

  55. Bucsfan1979 Says:

    You know what is Pathetic is that Lovie played WINSTON the whole 2nd half _hit i would have taken him out and put glannon in. it’s bad enough WINSTON was playing hurt from his ankle. PLEASE Bucs don’t down play that. Lovie Smartin the _uck up Dud PLease or leave NOW

  56. bucrightoff Says:

    That’s what really worries me about Lovie, he doesn’t care if he ruins Jameis if he’s going to get fired anyway. $20 million guaranteed and he doesn’t have to care about the future of this franchise. He obviously hates Glennon so he very well might just let Jameis get destroyed.

  57. Couch Fan Says:

    I think its hilarious that all the Mariota jock riders are out in full force to declare Mariota the better pick as if he had such a great game rather than Lovie’s Defense stinking it up to high heaven. LoL. Mariota had a good game for a rookie but this was about Incompetent Lovie doing what he does best. LOSE!! I believe the Glazers now are paying attention. Lovie has embarrised this city and team more so than anything The 2 previous coaches have done. A vet coach simply should never get dominated by a rookie that was doing the samething over and over. There’s nothing unreasonable about wanting a bad coach fired and Lovie is exactly that. I really dont trust the Glazers to hire a competent coach anymore so all I ask is they try to get creative and try something different with the next coach. Maybe an offensive coach with a different philosophy. Get innovative.

  58. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I agree with Harry…..

    I’ve been calling for a “Lovie” poll for months…..

    It would be meaningless now, after that game…..but it would have been nice to know the numbers before and after….

    Too bad!!!

  59. Clintro Says:

    Yes, because what we need is more turnover in our coaching staff.

  60. DB55 Says:

    Best thing glazers can do is call a press conference and fire Lovie. Concede the season n move to London. Good riddance!

  61. CC Says:

    Hey Clitro….what gives you any hope that Lovie is going to turn this around?

  62. Simpleasthat Says:

    There seems to be no accountability on this team @ all. Its as simple as that.
    I was looking forward to an over all improved product but it seems the defense has digressed.

  63. bucrightoff Says:

    Clintro Says:
    September 14th, 2015 at 10:17 am
    Yes, because what we need is more turnover in our coaching staff.

    Yeah accepting piss poor play/coaching is also what we need. Lovie is a loser, though he should be commended for conning the Glazers morons out of $20 million. Good for him I guess

  64. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Joe, calling for Lovie’s head is neither stupid nor unreasonable. It is NOT week 1. It is week 17. The CEO of any business gets rid of people who perform this wretchedly. If it were clear that Lovie had a winning organizational plan and was executing it, and just needed more time, then of course calling for his would be stupid. But there is no evidence to suggest that is what he’s doing. And there certainly is no evidence his plan is working or more importantly, ever will work.

    Perhaps the strongest evidence against Lovie is the performance of HIS defense yesterday. What we saw was a microcosm of how the entire organization has been functioning under his direction.

    So, if the Glazers were my client, and they asked for my advice, here is what I’d tell them: be honest with Lovie and Licht. Tell them this is unacceptable, but apologize and accept the blame. Tell them you are firing you. Tell them you are going to hire the top executive search firm in the U.S. to look for a CEO to replace you and run the organization. Tell them they will be evaluated on their performance this season, but any decision about their futures will be decided by the new CEO. Wish them well, tell them to get back to work, and then start researching that executive search firm.

    But that’s just me.

  65. a Says:

    its not that they got smeared.
    Lovie said they were titans ready the day before the game.
    Makes himself and the organization look like idiots.
    His first move as coach was to cut donald penn who started 108 straight games and played well. Anthony Collins is better he says.How many starts did he last? They signed him to a 5 year deal with tons of guaranteed money. Idiots
    Micheal Johnson 4 sacks=43 million dollars???? idiot move number 2.
    Evan smith replaced jeremy zuttah(who was also great) idiot move number 3
    cut darrell revis? that guy stinks? at least trade him and get something for him(4)
    At Dt we had akeem spence and gerald McCoy. They added clinton mcdonald?
    I would argue they needed DE much worse than DT. But this 2015 they add
    Henry Melton? How many Dt’s can we play ? and what good will they be without any DE’s????????(5)
    josh Mccown(6)
    Offensive line is offensive to my nose.
    I say keep hardy nickerson and koetter and fire everyone else.
    Hire former nfl head coaches to be coordinators on offense, defense and special teams and bring some people who can communicate clearly and coach the talent we have.
    I am officially done with the bucs until they can make a change
    Dirk for head coach

  66. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    You guys never get it. Since Dungy left this team…under Gruden, Raheem, Schiano and Lovie, this team has nearly always struggled with their first game of the season.


    We’ve occasionally won one, but most of the time it is a loss.

    The whole team dropped the ball on this one. Defense, Offense, Special Teams and the coaches.

    But it is just one game…

    Things WILL get better. The problem is all of you expected the new additions to make the team great out of the gates.

    I warned you over and over. Setting such high expectations would result in stress and giving up. You guys were not realistic at all.

    Once again, I will lay it out for you:

    We have a rookie Left Tackle. He needs to develop, get the swing of things. You can tell he was nervous. Look at his penalties.

    We have a rookie guard who also need to develop and get the swing of things. Marpet actually did fairy well for his first game. He had several good blocks, and opened holes for Doug.

    We have a rookie, gun-slinging quarterback. He’s going to make a lot of mistakes this year. He’s going to make bad decisions. He’s going to throw a lot of picks. You people just refused to grasp that.

    We have a rookie MLB. He made some plays, but we can’t expect him to be perfect right away. He’s only recently moved to the starting role. Gotta give him time to develop as well.

    We have injury prone defensive players out the nose. More than half of them were never much good anyway.

    We have George Johnson billed as out solution at defensive end…a man how had five completely unproductive years and one average year.

    We have a new OC and the players need to get use to the playbook. Several times there were guys out of position during the game. Heck, Rainey didn’t even know he was supposed to get the ball on two running plays! Winston had to hold him up and point him in the right direction!

    All of these things will fix themselves, but we have to give it time.

  67. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Chris Conte actually showed up.

    Kwon Alexander may have played like a rookie, but he still made some good plays.

    Jacquies Smith showed good effort. Not good enough, but he showed some good potential.

    Under the circumstances, Jacob Schum had some amazing punts. Given that he was pinned behind the ten yard line on most of them, he actually got some decent range.

    And finally…

    Austin Seferian-Jenkins finally showed some of the spark we want to see in him. The dude did really good yesterday, and if he keeps doing that, he’s going to become a great pass catching tight end.

  68. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Jameis Winston will be good….mariotta will come back to earth this week against a very good browns defense…..but IT IS INEXCUSABLE that LOVIE had that crap defense against a rookie….does lovie even know how to cover a TE or the middle of the field………blitz mariotta the first play and knock a tooth out who cares about the penalty….

  69. Simpleasthat Says:

    @ Bonzai
    I think one thing you failed to mention is we have inept coaching, for example the Patriots have three rookies on their OL and managed to provide decent protection. Its as simple as that.

  70. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    History will reflect the fact that we missed badly on the first pick in the NFL Draft.

  71. DallasBuc Says:

    Bonzai- are you seriously taking that much time to make excuses for what we saw yesterday?
    Okay be honest, are you really Brian Glazer? I knew it!!!

  72. tmaxcon Says:


    you need to stop acting all condescending you are not as accurate as you like to point out each and every day. hope you are double jointed patting yourself on the pack so much must be painful. You are often very wrong and see things through the Lovie colored glasses. The real problem is the team is unprepared and play with no emotion. it’s not just one game its 17 games into the failed lovie experiment. You can no longer defend that buffoon nor can you deny the fact this team is not responding to the so called players coach. Lovie has failed miserably and is just stealing paychecks at this point. There are no valid excuses left to defend this fool. Lovie is a control freak and the history of burning through defensive and offensive coordinators is all the proof you need. Not letting Koetter bring in his own staff was the final straw. Lovie’s team plays with no heart and are totally unprepared week in and week out. It’s not one game it’s a pattern of games including 3 of the most embarrassing Losses in NFL history. I realize having a discussion with a closed minded lovie supporter like yourself is foolish on my part but man it’s ridiculous for you to imply you can find good in anything that was put on the filed during lovie’s tenure. it’s a failed experiment simple as that.

  73. buc15 Says:

    In all honesty, I wonder what it would actually take to get Gruden back.

  74. CC Says:

    Gruden will never come back as long as the Glazers own this team.

  75. DallasBuc Says:

    Are there any fans left that believe this is last embarrassing blowout under the leadership of incompetent Lovie Smith?

  76. The original "Kevin" Says:

    I dont blame Winston for the loss…there are no excuses…it starts from the top. All the way at the top. The glazier boys are clueless. BUT!!!!!!!!Any fool that tries to argue Mariota is not the better quarterback is just that. Its clear as day!

  77. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    First…I NEVER said Raheem’s 10-6 season was lucky, so stop misquoting me.

    Second, I am a bit condescending, aren’t I? Well, it’s not like I’m the only one here. You play the role pretty well yourself. Pretty much everyone here does.

    You may not see the good from the game, but it was there. You just had to look hard.

    For example, all last year, fans complained that Austin Seferian-Jenkins wasn’t living up to his potential. Yesterday, he played his best game to date. The good we can draw from that is that he’s getting much better.

    Or how about Jacquies Smith actually getting a sack? That’s a positive. We had a DE actually get a sack.

    Or how about Doug Martin? Officially, he only had 52 yards, but that was because his best plays were called back on stupid penalties. He still averaged 4.7 yards per carry. That is much, much better than last year.

    How about Ali Marpet, who actually pulled off some great blocking at guard? His mistakes were minimal. And he’s a roolkie, so he is only going to get better.

    Or how about Jeremiah Warren (when he spelled Evans), setting up a good run by opening a hole?

    Or Evan Smith actually having a decent game?

    There are positives. In a loss this bad, they may be hard to see, and the team as a hole needs to get much better. But look hard enough and you will find them. Rewatch the game and look at individual performances. Not all of them were bad.

  78. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    And yes, I still support Lovie Smith.


  79. Buccfan37 Says:

    Lovie is so blase, I’m surprised the pigeons aren’t roosting on his head on the sideline. At home he is probably checking out his critic’s on this site while laughing his ass off.

  80. Couch Fan Says:

    There are no positives good enough to excuse a 42-14 beating by a team every bit as bad as you are, also starting a rookie QB. “It’s as simple as that.” And Lovie is suppose to be a great defensive coach? Thats laughable. He should be thoroughly embarrised as well as fired. I respect your right to be optimistic but there was nothing optimistic about that game for me.

  81. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    DallasBuc Says
    “Bonzai- are you seriously taking that much time to make excuses…”

    I’m not making excuses. I tried to tell everyone that it would take time for the team to gel and get better. I said this all preseason. All off season.

    The homer in me hoped for a come from behind victory yesterday, so I started pushing for it during the game, but I had predicted that game as a loss long ago.

    No loss is pretty.

    Fans had unrealistic expectations and now they are hurting because of it. I was prepared. No stress in me at all. Because I KNOW the team will improve.

  82. Clodhopper Says:

    This is not just one week
    This is the same thing we saw last year. Rookies and new guys can say just one game. We lost the same way we lost all those games last year. Three step drop wide open first read. Just one game is a fools excuse. No one’s buying it and you shouldn’t be selling it.

  83. crazy Says:

    Lovie’s biggest problem is not that he can’t evaluate talent, build a winning game plan, make winning in-game decisions, or motivate his team to play with intensity and discipline it’s that he measures readiness against his own guys.

    His bad D looks good against his bad O in practice and his bad O looks good against his bad D in practice leading him and the team to get outplayed in the first half of game after game and forcing the team to abandon the game plan week after week in favor of low-percentage make something happen plays.

    There are enough pieces here to field a competitive winning team but Lovie and his coaches aren’t managing to get it done.

  84. tdtb2015 Says:

    Damning Words For


    So Joe who do you recommend for the Bucs to pick in the draft?

    High School QBs throw those kind of interceptions.
    Drafting high school prospects does not work in the NFL!

    The 2015 Bucs have earned the title AGAIN – Laughingstock III.
    Are we a dynasty of futility?

    I LOST TRUST IN Lovie & Winston!!!

  85. Kalind Says:

    Couldn’t disagree more, Joe. What is the reason FOR keeping him? I haven’t heard one. He provides nothing. Like. Seriously. Nothing. Why keep him?

  86. Another J Says:

    Lovie got out coached again!

    I thought he was going to throw all he had against Mariota, It looks like he as out schemed by a rookie!

  87. Big Irish Says:

    I’m gonna go over to Hooter’s a drink a mess of beers with Chucky!

  88. Scott Says:

    fire this dude seriously

  89. Bubashep Says:

    All I know is that if I showed up to my job for a big meeting and my team was as ill-prepared and inept as these guys were yesterday, I would expect to be shit-canned or at least be made very uncomfortable by my boss!

  90. LargoBuc Says:

    The Titans looked like the 1980’s 49’ers. Lovie can not game plan. He can not call plays. And all of the players he brought in can not play at the NFL level. We will see if this defense still beleives in their “players” coach. Alteraun Verner wether or not he is buying what Lovie is selling, can not play. He got shredded yesterday. Too often the middle of the field was left unoccupied. No pass rush. Linebackers got torched by the read option. If K White is repeatedley burning your corner, why does Lovie not change the coverage or double team him. Why were our corners playing off the receivers? Why not put them up close on the inside of the receiver to mess up the timing and not give Mariota such an open window. Maybe then our d line would have a shot at breaking down the play.
    And on offense, Tennessee obviously knew Jameis would check down when pressured. Sure enough, they counter that and it results in a pick six. Maybe Jameis dosent have the accuracy or the quick release to run a three step drop, which is what you need to account for a bad oline and an aggressive front seven.
    The Bucs have terrible coaching all around. They have no talent either. I hope this team is ready to play the Saints, but I doubt it.

  91. Doc Says:

    Trade Gerald McCoy and get two young all pro offense lineman on this team. McDonald,plays better football then McCoy. The player’s on this team do not have the talent or the smarts to play this type of defense. These player’s come cheap and rejects from other teams. why do we have money under the salary cap. Folks the owner’s want to save money. spent money and get some real football players.

  92. CAN'T FIX IT Says:


  93. Lord Cornelius Says:

    The only hope I can have at this point is based on nothing really other than week 2 preseason performance lol.

    Only positives were Doug Martin looking good and ASJ. If we can keep games close I think Winston will shine when it matters but that was never the case and he was definitely partly to blame.

    Mariota outplayed Winston but doing so didn’t require anything too spectacular. It’s not like he was threading needles in triple coverage. He was just hitting wide open WRs in space 5-7 yards out and watching them run through our pathetic defense. If Winston had the same game plan and same easy open passes all day I’d think he could hit them.

    I’m not really in panic mode at all about which QB we took. I’m in panic mode over a defensive coach giving up that many points to a rookie while making it look easy for him. Lovie Smith is supposed to equal a top 1/2 defense worst case and instead it looked like one of the worst defensive performances in the last few years.

    I just feel like an idiot fan. Here’s me officially eating crow for the animosity amigos. You guys were apparently right all a long.

    I hope Lovie can prove us all wrong now that this was some sort of freak fluke game that was dictated by a horrible start but I do not have confidence.

    Only fun fact I can really think of- the Titans dominated the Chiefs last year 26-10 (up 23-3 going into 4th) in game 1. They only won 1 more game the rest of the year while the Chiefs won 9 games.

  94. Buc1987 Says:

    To those that gave me crap for supporting Winston after the draft and not supporting Lovie. Now do you see why I don’t support Lovie?

    He got me what I wanted with drafting Winston, but I envisioned that happening first and then Lovie would lose his job afterwards. I swore no allegiance to Lovie. Not after last season.

    This team looks worse than last year. Perhaps we’re all wrong and the Titans are going to be a playoff contender this year, but I don’t think so.

    Fire Love when ready. Today, tomorrow, next week or next month. The sooner the better, because it’s only going to get worse from here. Bring in an interim coach that I can root for. Give me a reason to root for this team again. I’ll still cheer and holler at games regardless, but I know the inevitable.

    SOLD OUT crowd, home opener, a 2-14 team last year, a rookie QB, you wern’t playing the Patriots, or the Packers, but the Titans. You got blown out by the Titans in your home opener after a season in which you went 2-14 prior to this beatdown.


    The Glazers HAVE to step up. They HAVE to fire him mid-season. Bring back Greg Schiano and say we were sorry. Greg Schiano put a better product out on the field. That’s a fact that can’t be disputed right now!

  95. FortMyersDave Says:

    If the Bucs are winless at the bye week then it is time to start thinking about who will be the next coach of the Bucs in 2016; I doubt if the Glazers will even do this though a lot of people will be calling for it if the Bucs lose at New orleans, at Houston, to Carolina and especially to the Jags…. Lovie is out of excuses but not too many coaches get the axe during the bye week anymore though the raiders did it recently (did not help them much either, they might be the only team that looked as bad as Tampa yesterday)…. So lets just say the Bucs keep Lovie past the bye week even if the Bucs are 1-4 or a likely 0-5? Could he keep his job at 4-12 or 5-11. Going 4-4 after starting 0-8 did not help Schiano but will Lovie get “preferential” treatment? I’m hoping the Bucs actually win enough games so that we can debate if Lovie should get fired not if he gets fired but yesterday makes it hard for anyone to believe in L&L anymore…. Christ Almighty; how many times has lovie allowed this team to play so unprepared and overmatched???? At least Schiano did not get rolled up this bad so often, neither did rah for that matter…. Does anyone think the Bucs have a chance in New Orleans? I think most of us who are playing fantasy football ought to see if guys like Marques Colston are available; its likely the Saints will be angry after their beat down in the desert and will take it out on the Bucs…

  96. John Ensch Says:

    I can see by all the comments that most people are as frustrated as I am about how bad the Bucs looked. When you see a team come out and not look prepared week after week(2014) and then you see them start the next season the same way how can you not call for the GM and head coaches firing. As far as Jameis Freeman goes, I have no words.

  97. FortMyersDave Says:

    Buc1987: I have a feeling the Browns will handle the Titans next week: just a guess but somehow I suspect that the Cleveland defensive coaches will come up with some semblance of a gameplan that will force Mariota into some mistakes: something Lovie’s boys never accomplished…. That being said: the Titans will win some games and show improvement; perhaps 6-10 or so. Our Bucs: right now I think 4-12 might be a reach and you have to go back to Ray Perkins getting canned by Hugh Culverhouse to see a Buc coach replaced during the season so I think its gonna get ugly around here…. Believing that the Bucs could be successful and then seeing that garbage yesterday is like finding out that the used car you bought needs a new head gasket and transmission all rolled into one; just a sick feeling in the gut of your stomach; thanks for nothing L&L!

  98. Phil Says:

    The Glazers should offer Jon Gruden $20,000,000.00 a year and tell him he can coach the team as long as he likes. 9-7 would look so good right now which was Gruden’s record when he was fired.

  99. Greig Says:

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to call for the dinosaurs head when it was obvious to anyone with even half a brain that hiring him was going to be a mistake that would hold us back for years.
    He was fired with good reason in Chicago and seems to have only got worse in his year sitting on the couch because he couldn’t find anyone stupid enough to hire him as a head coach.
    Looks like this will be the 7th season out of his last 8 coaching that his team sits at home watching the playoffs.
    Do you think he’s already got his scapegoat lined up for the end of this season?

  100. FortMyersDave Says:

    Greig, I think the only scapegoat Lovie can use as a shield right now is Licht; his GM. Perhaps he can throw him under the bus but all the other coaches he retained: Frazier, ST coach O’Dea, OL Coach Warhop: well that is all on Lovie. I’m for canning Lovie if the Bucs are 0-5 at the bye and naming OC Koetter interim HC and promoting Frazier back to DC, heck I think it should even be done if the Bucs manage to upset someone like the saints or Jags (yep the Jags will be favored at RJS) but I have my doubts whether the Baby Glazers have the stones to axe their guy Lovie….. But if the Bucs finish 4-12 or worse how do they justify keeping him and if they are 1-4 at the bye its doubtful the team will win more than 3 or 4 total as this is not like the ’96 Dungy squad; heck it is not as talented as the 4-12 team that got Schiano fired. frutrating as hell!

  101. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Chuck Pagano would look great in Bucs colors just saying

  102. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    @Tmax No offense taken. 🙂 I love me some good self deprecating humor.
    But amazingly I actually still have some hair…I go to my wife’s hairdresser to get it cut and trust me you do not want him coaching or playing or involved with anything but the Buc’s hair. 😉

    Realist and Dallas you guys have scoreboard and so I concede that. I’ll still stick to my demands of at least six wins this year before jumping on the fire Lovie bandwagon but I completely sympathize with those who have seen enough. That performance was awful. I just wish the #3 supporters could admit the truth.,,that was just a horrible performance. We were running the ball well early but when Fameis comes out and throws a moronic pick six it’s 14-0 no margin of error at all left in NFL games. They’s 21-0 and the game was over.

    As to those who want to fire Lovie now…you do realize the next coach in will have NO allegiance to the pick of Fameis. If you give up on Lovie at this point you could very well be giving up on Fameis. The next guy in might decide to bench Fameis for MG8 and try to get a late first rounder or high 2nd rounder of multiple picks and begin the search anew for our franchise QB.

    And for those who want Koetter promoted to HC…remember ALL the reports that said Koetter wanted Mariota? He reportedly told Mariota he would enjoy working with the Bucs. We do not know for certain if Koetter was overruled or if he was totally on board with picking #3.

    I’m not ready to blow this thing up yet. It’s ONE game. But if we decide to blow it up then lets really blow it up. Let’s see what we can get for Fameis…let’s see what we can get for GMC. If those two represented 4 picks in the first two rounds….

  103. Clodhopper Says:

    I wish Lovie would shut up about the don’t over react about one game BS. He is 2-15. The last 101 games we are 30-71. It’s not an over reaction any more you dunce! It’s not just one game either. It’s a continuation of the same exact bull that got us the #1 pick. If they don’t have the nuts to fire you, at least have the decency to get the hell out!

  104. Greg Schiano Says:

    It is not just one game…It it not Fameis or MG8….it is a culture of coaching that has not improved. It did not improve while the HC was at da Bears…so they fired him with 10 wins. Kind of like when John Fox was fired last year…if the culture is not changing, time to move on.

    I have been and still believe that the HC should be fired because of the total lack of improvement with game planning, the dismal clock managment, and the total lack of improvement of the defense. I do not mean the roster…I do not mean the players. The defense was not running to the ball…playing balls out football where the Buc’s defense would be feared. It really looked like they were just going through the motions which is the culture resulting from the HC and his ability to coach.

    Gee- I had a winning record and was sent packing!

  105. Greg Schiano Says:

    I also agree with Clod…stop with the blah, blah, blah…..If I hear Lovie state the Buc’s are 1 game out of first place or 1 game out of playoff contention…I am gonna go Jim Mora on the whole place!! Fameis up there stating “can’t have this kind of performance on the home opener”…….welll news flash genius…you did have that kind of performance on the home opener. Stop talking…stop with the were getting better every day…just shut up and play.

    Stop with the annointing of Fameis as “America’s Quarterback”! He ain’t done nothing to earn any nick names except have two million media types think that his performance in the college playoffs earned him the spot as the #1 pick. Heck, Tebow has more wins, more playoff wins, and a winning record. When you can beat Tebow’s record, then start talking…but until then stop with the noise. Oh, JW is a gunslinger…..well he looked like he was playing with my grand dad’s gout yesterday….was nothing about yesterday or the college playoff that says gunslinger to me.

  106. meat Says:

    He should be gone today- a position coach that was promoted based on the teams overall success.

  107. BucTrooper Says:

    How many times can you stand up as a head coach and admit that your team wasn’t prepared? What are you doing all week/summer?

  108. Day1BucFan Says:

    I am not calling for Lovie’s head, but I am calling for the collective Joes’ heads. We readers had to endure the “Countdown to Fameis” and the “America’s Quarterback” bull#$%^ every single day this offseason and preseason. Never has a sports writer(s) tied his credibility so closely to one person.

    The players and coaches just tried to win the game. Joe you proclaimed greatness. That makes you Joe, The Biggest Loser.

  109. Dan Art Says:

    How did Humphries beat out Robert Herron, Kaelin Clay, and Rannell Hall for a roster spot, and get so much playing time? He couldn’t get open, and he is undersized.

    How did we not make a move for Aldon Smith?

    How did we not make a move for La’ el Collins (the LSU stud OL 1st rnd talent) after everyone overreacted about his case? How do we only have three activate Tackles and one is a rookie while the other is a mediocre FA signing?

    I am not calling for Lovie’s head just yet, but it all starts with the personnel and I think we missed some key opportunities to improve our team. Ali will get get better and Smith…well D.Smith is getting beat a lot for a big guy with “quick feet.”

  110. samit23 Says:

    I’m not sure why anybody would think this guy deserves a job. It shouldn’t take you 2 years to get a home victory in the NFL under any circumstances. I don;t see real coaches like Andy Reed and Bruce Arians taking 2-3 years to find players that “fit the system.” How about tweaking your system to win with the players you have now? Or, how about going out and getting real players? This guy is terrible and we are staring down the barrel of another 2-14 campaign. What a joke.

  111. samit23 Says:

    Lovie is also out of touch. If he thinks the fans will return after a couple of wins then he is insane. How you win is just as important as winning these days when it comes to getting fans in the seat. The trust is gone and he will need to reel off 7-8 straight to get anybody to buy in. The difference between Lovie and Whisenhunt is that Whis let Mariotta come out and throw the ball. Lovie on the other hand started the game with a 2 straight runs up the gut and then forced his rookie QB into his first career throw on a 3rd and medium. This guy coaches like it is 1998. Lets find a coach that will coach like its 2015.

  112. Buc1987 Says:

    Day1BucFan….and someone held a gun to your head to come to JBF to endure Joe’s daily onlsaught of news and opinion you didn’t believe in.

    Is that how it went down?

  113. FireLovieNow Says:

    0-9 in home games. 0-9! Lovie couldn’t even win one by freaking accident. And yesterday wasn’t even close… he had 5 months to prepare for Tennessee and we were slaughtered! Unfair to call for his head? No, unfair is to defend this mess. Fire him now – not later today, not tomorrow morning – NOW. Promote Koetter to HC and let’s see how he does. It can’t be worse than this mess.

  114. tmaxcon Says:


    Glad you were not offended sir… and very happy that the dome is still covered… I thought of you yesterday I heard from a friend in Sault Ste Mara on the UP. Had not heard from him in years… made me think of you.

    Firing Lovie needs to happen yes timing is bad but I am tired of seeing his team go out and crap the bed each and every week while he stands up at the podium with his condescending BS… He asked for full control and received it which was a mistake by the glazers and now it’s time for him to take responsibility for putting a pathetic product on the field. No more excuses. His team, his staff, his roster and his failures. There is no excuse for a team not to be prepared week in and week out.

  115. Harry Says:

    @Louis Friend Says:
    “… if they’re not giving it their all, then the man in charge bears responsibility for allowing it. He sets the tone and the level of effort, right?”

    Totally agree!

    @bucrightoff. @tmax,
    I partially agree with you both, but one does not get to the SB on luck, please. As bucrightoff said, CHI had the pieces in place and needed just a little more and Lovie might have been ok if we had that here. But The Bucs are a rebuilding job and I think that is the difference. Lovie is clearly not adept at rebuilding an Oline (the old one took apart was FAR better), finding quality DEs (the fool gave up a 2nd rd pick for our 1st rd mistake in Gaines Adams), and any other personnel moves

  116. Aceofaerospace Says:

    I don’t blame Jamarcus Leaf for this loss. He played just as he did in college. His competitors are just a lot better. The blame is squarely on Ray Perkins Jr and the soccer fans that fired Gruden/hired Raheem/hired Schiano/hired Ray Perkins jr.

  117. Johnny Dejay Says:

    Anything less than Winston overcoming the rough start, playing well, and the team winning 7 games should be enough to land Lovie and Licht on the unemployment line. They staked their careers on Winston being NFL ready and better than Mariota, so if he doesn’t deliver on both of those tenants, they’re goners, and rightfully so.

  118. nick Says:

    I agree with ace

  119. Jon Says:

    Why do you think Chip Kelly got cold feet and we’re not in the running for coaches who have other options? Why does it seem like there are NFL-caliber GMs/HCs available to only certain top franchises and then a not-ready-for-primetime or retread candidate pool only available to us, Skins, Raiders, Browns, Jags?

    Forget Brian Kelly. He’ll have options in more functional settings. And truly forget Gruden redux. Fool me once…

  120. cmurda Says:

    I respectfully disagree Joe. I’ve had a day to cool off and I’m still calling for Lovie’s head. That wasn’t just another loss. That was a loss against a rookie QB who faced zero pressure all game long. If my head coach watched a rookie carve us up while we sit in our outdated Tampa – 2 and isn’t smart enough to call some blitzes, then he deserves to be unemployed. If my head coach doesn’t have the discipline or create an atmosphere of discipline to avoid yet another 12 penalties then I’m sorry. The guy has no use coaching for this team. We need somebody that is not going to tolerate that crap. When is the last time you remember seeing a Belichick team get 10 penalties. Yeah, I can’t remember either but that happens EVERY given Sunday to us. I believed in Lovie and I wished for the best but we are 1 game in and I’m officially done with his ” well, we didn’t get the job done; we didn’t perform” post-game pressers. We deserve better and the Glazers will see that when there are more opposing fans in our stadium than Bucs fans. That will be happening.

  121. Dracula Says:

    Aren’t we still paying Schiano? Doesn’t Lovie still this year and 3 more left on his contract?

  122. EH77 Says:

    I try not commenting when angry or pissed off, but after what I endured yesterday it might be some time before I calm down. Lovie had AMPLE time to prepare this team for almost ANY scenario imaginable; I don’t care if the Titans blitzed less, more, or not at all. It doesn’t matter that Evans was not on the field. What does matter is the ones that WERE on the field. How do you amass an entire offensive line (IN THE NFL) of people that CANT block the run or pass? How do we amass an entire defensive line (IN THE NFL) that cant get off a block, pressure the quarterback, or stop the run? How do we amass a group of backs (CB,SS,FS) that cant defend against the pass, doesn’t provide run support, and gives up more YAC yards in a real game than most people can achieve on Madden? The LBs were spending most the day tackling from behind and not being in position. The ENTIRE COACHING staff is responsible for this failure as is Licht. Lovie should have been FIRED this morning along with Licht. If Lovie cared one bit about one single fan, he would of resigned prior to leaving the Bucs HQ last night. Period. We don’t have an NFL ready QB…or offensive line, defensive line. Im tired of hearing about McCoy and David being such great leaders… think Nickerson, Brooks, or Sapp would have put up with the crap THESE BUCS are putting on the field each week? Garbage….absolute GARBAGE. Missed tackles, missed blocks, off sides, false starts, holding, not lined up right…..honestly, we would all be better entertained watching a flag football game between 5 year olds over this group of Bucs. Instead of practicing today, EACH PLAYER, COACH, AND OWNER should sit down and write an apology letter to us fans….for the waste of our time, money, and thoughts of hope. I put more effort into turning on the TV Sunday than the entire team collectively put out on the field. SMFH

  123. Lakeland Buc Says:

    There’s no need to push the panic button, we have 15 games left and we will win a lot of them. You don’t throw in the towel after one game, we will rebound. I don’t like Lovie ways, but I believe that we have a good football team. We will persist and we ill succeed, that’s the only way. I’m not ready to throw in the towel, we will rebound and win some games.

  124. mark2001 Says:

    I said that Lovie wasn’t the guy many of you thought he was…saw him in consequential NFC North matchups in the NFC north and knew he wasn’t the guy you thought he was….wish I was wrong, but unfortunately this is exactly the guy I saw in Chicago…and they gave him the keys to the franchise….Wow.

  125. Whocares Says:

    Hey lovie. Are we New Orleans ready yet? Smh.

    Same ol bucs