“The Buzzards Are Starting To Circle”

September 18th, 2015

buzzardsDoom and gloom seems to be around the corner for Bucs coach Lovie Smith.

After his defense threw up all over themselves in a shameful performance at the Den of Depression to open the season, Bucs fans have been irate like Joe hasn’t seen since “MRSA” became part of the local lexicon.

Even the Custodian of Canton, eye=RAH! Kaufman of The Tampa Tribune, can feel the heat. Kaufman explained to the one and only Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, during Kaufman’s weekly appearance on “Mad Dog Radio,” part of the family of sports channels heard exclusively on SiriusXM Radio.

Kaufman detailed the local freakout and mentioned birds of prey are now targeting Lovie’s coaching carcass.

“I’ve got to tell you, the buzzards are starting to circle around Lovie Smith,” Kaufman said. “They turn quick, Chris. They turn quick. After a 2-14 [season], you can’t roll that out. Chris, I will say this: He has coached 17 games for this football team. Three of them have been total humiliations. Three out of 17. That can’t continue.”

Kaufman is correct. Blowouts are what sealed the deal to boot Raheem Morris after the 2011 season, and he was a young coach with scant defensive talent on the roster, save for Michael Bennett, Aqib Talib, injured second-year man Gerald McCoy, and an aging Ronde Barber. In fact, of the final five games of 2011, Morris, who like Lovie also served as defensive coordinator (remember, Lovie took over defensive play-calling duties this summer), saw his defense throttled for at least 38 points in four of the losses. In the remaining loss, Morris’ defense allowed 31.

Lovie, on the other hand, is a veteran coach who once brought a team to a Super Bowl. He has two of the best defenders in the NFL at his disposal, Lavonte David and GMC. Many of the other defenders Lovie personally hand-picked. Yet his defense was seal-clubbed last Sunday by a 2-14 team, even with four months to prepare!

If Morris, a young coach with limited experience, could get run, in part, because his defense couldn’t stop a cool breeze, Joe sure thinks it is logical to believe Lovie could meet the same fate if he doesn’t fix his defense.

Joe knows Lovie loves to talk and preach takeaways. Right now, that should be the furthest thing from his mind. Instead, he should start worrying about his defense getting off the field without an opponent finishing a drive in the end zone for a change.

52 Responses to ““The Buzzards Are Starting To Circle””

  1. J Says:

    Good luck pulling a good coach in here with an empty cupboard and a moldy crab cake at QB. Better trade him and get picks to entice a new Coach

  2. richbucsfan Says:

    If the buzzards are circling now, I wonder how many more will be circling after Sunday’s 48-13 beating by the Saints?

  3. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    J says, your comment shows me you know nothing about football. Don’t bother being a fan. Already calling Winston a bust with just one game shows your intelligence. I wish you would get judged as harsh as you just judged him.

  4. Tom Edrington Says:

    Lovie sure got a lot of mileage out of one failed Super Bowl appearance, didn’t he?

  5. rhenry Says:

    Even with the sissy rule changes of today’s NFL, it is still a violent sport with no room for passive play. So why on earth would you hire a passive HC who in turn hires a passive DC? Ask yourself this, taking into account Lovie’s demeanor, would you follow him into battle? I sure as hell would not.

  6. Phil Says:

    The Glazers should have known as soon as Lovie said he wanted to cut Revis that this guy was a mistake. No coach that wants to win games wants to cut one of the top three defensive players in the league. Most good coaches want more good players not less. Lovie has set this team back many years. God only knows how long it will take us to recover. I just hope the Glazers will move on from Lovie sooner rather than later.

  7. J Says:

    Lol “you know nothing about football” if your not with us, you’re not a true fan mentality. Just like Tebowites. I know plenty about the fame and I never said bust. I said moldy crab cake.

  8. J Says:

    Game not fame

  9. J Says:

    Saints defense is as bad as Tennessee so Bucscan score points if they run the ball and don’t throw picks sixes. If Bucs are in a hole Ryan will blitz our offense to death.

  10. SAPP, STFU Says:

    My only reason for keeping Lovie right now is knowing that no high-caliber coach wants to work for the Glaxers. That is our big problem in Tampa. They have no political clout in the league. They are basically Dan Snyder without the public controversy.

    I do feel bad saying that because I actually respect the family. But they are in over their heads with this team.

    Was not a famn of the Lovie signing but realized that was they best they could get. The right new owner, someone fo the caliber of Jeff Vinik, could get the talent. Unless we get that, we are destined to keep fighting for middle-level rankings, at best. Our next SB dreams passed with Malcolm, sadly.

  11. Bucs or Gtfo Says:

    @J you also said to trade him so technically you did call him a bust. This isn’t madden where you can just trade and pick up whoever you want.

  12. destro44 Says:

    So Lovie’s team has been blown out more times than it has won.

    As for our next coach, assuming things continue on this path. I like Josh Mcdaniels. I think Denver was to soon for him and he needed the humbling experience. Plus I think we need someone willing to cheat to give this team an advantage.

  13. mike10 Says:

    I want to see Lovie and Licht gone. Our team and most notably our defense are horrible and multiple free agents have passed up joining our team.

    But… this team is not going to get any better with another new regime. We have to pray for improvement this weekend, and that L + L are able to start building something here.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    At least the needless overselling of Winston has stopped…..he will eventually be fine but right now, he’s a rookie on a very bad football team.

    Last year, we took NO to overtime and then threw a game that we were winning at home….so we played them close.

    I’m not expecting a win….but I am expecting a competitive showing Sunday.

  15. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    ……this is pointless

    Two more days til BUCS anger returns

  16. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    I hope the Glazers have Dan Mullen at least on their radar of candidates to look at. I realize a lot of college coaches have difficulty adjusting to the pro game, but I believe we need a guy with some success at turning teams in shambles around. Regardless of how anyone feels about Schiano as a HC that was one of the main reasons he was hired, and to that end he put the team in the right direction (not his fault Lovie came in and blew up the OL as well as moving on Revis). I think Mullen has that skill set as well (though how it translates to the pros is anyone’s guess). Plus the guy is an offense minded guy and has connections to Chip Kelly (as in can think “outside the box” with schemes). Maybe we go established HC again, but I’m not sure many established NFL guys would hitch their career to a team with a newbie GM and a fanbase/ownership that has lost all patience with the losing culture? (rightfully so!)

  17. Posey99 Says:

    Another blowout like Sunday and it will be Koetter as the head coach.

  18. ChessMaster Says:

    We need consistency. Four coaches in seven years and six offensive coordinators in seven years has wrecked this team. Add to this bad drafts and poor free agent signings and you have what we are seeing in 2015.

  19. JMN Says:

    “Another blowout like Sunday and it will be Koetter as the head coach.”

    If this happens may as well ride the season out with Lovie and at least secure the number one draft pick again. Will be incentive for new coach candidates.

  20. The Buc Realist Says:


    The 2 Saints games are a little mis-leading!! The first game, the Bucs were coming of a confidence boost due to going to Pittsburgh and winning!! And the last game the Saint did not look like they even wanted to be on the field!!! Then Lovie was pulling everyone!! So Brees said screw it I will pad my stats, ( that is why they scored 17 in the 4th quarter!!!!

    having said that, it is a division game, And I really think that the coaching staff had the back 7 so scared of the run game that they bit on everything!!!

    I still see the Saints outscoring the Bucs by 10-14 points!!!!

  21. Bucco Brice Says:

    WIN OR LOSE, NO FUTURE WITH LOVIE…”simple as that”…

  22. Tom Edrington Says:


    Why in the heck is anyone so enamored with Koetter?

    How did his offensive preparation compare to Tennessee’s?

    Enough said.

  23. CC Says:

    Urban Meyer next head coach.

  24. destro44 Says:


    I agree that stability is ideal, but we have shown zero progress at this point. Maybe that changes, but sometimes the best decision is to admit you made a mistake and move on. I envy teams like the Steelers, their ownership runs a great franchise with tremendous stability, and the result is consistently being in the playoff contention. I think it shows that perhaps missing on a coach can set back a team more than missing on a 1st rd QB. Everytime you change coaches the new schemes pften need overhauled rosters.

    With that said if this season continues the way it started we need to get the next coach right and then stand behind the decision.

  25. Destinjohnny Says:

    Good thing he drafted Americas Qb jameis Winston over mariota said no one except fsu homers

  26. GhostofSchiano Says:

    At this point i would take morris or schiano back just please no performance like Sunday, please.

  27. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Lovie will be replaced by Koetter by mid-season at the latest.

  28. @Broy3434 Says:

    Peyton Manning on last nights game: “I don’t want them overreacting to one bad game. Let me play one or two or sixteen first”—from a hall of famer about himself. But yeah one game from a rookie. You guys r right Peyton’s wrong

  29. CC Says:

    Kevin Sumlin

  30. Nick Says:

    If we get blown out this week, could definitely see them firing Lovie, promoting Koetter to HC/OC and giving Frazier back the def.

  31. ChessMaster Says:

    If no coach can succeed here than the problems lie elsewhere.

  32. Deminion Says:

    Hire Pep Hamilton

  33. Deminion Says:

    Or Teryl Austin

  34. Joseph Mamma Says:

    You know what really made me laugh. Watching Jameis’ first game and remembering his press conference where he said he didn’t want to be compared to Mariota, he wanted to be compared to Peyton and Brady. One guy talks big, the other guy let’s his play do the talking. At least that’s what the first game taught us.

  35. rayjay1122 Says:

    I will never quit being a Bucs fan. I just can’t bring myself to do it because of the the years I have invested and the fact that I was a young child when they became a new franchise. That being said, it is like a troubled marriage. I won’t divorce the team but I feel like a separation is in order. The few individuals who are attacking others who are ready to throw in the towel need to slow their roll (Dave). If a fan is sick of not just the losing but the way they are losing displaying clueless coaches and players who are undisciplined, uninspired, untalented and show an overall lack of heart, then fans have a right if not a responsibility to demand change as they are not going to continue to support the product we have been give yet again. The trolls used to be negative and have switched tactics to posing as uber positive and attacking those who are fed up. Personally I am not going to continue to support this team with my money due to the heartless attitude and lackluster performances as well as coaching that is not NFL caliber. I will watch on TV and not expect anything other than more of the same garbage. I think many fans are fed up too. Certainly everyone has a personal right to continue to attend games and support the ineptitude but those who have had enough and are going to demand change have certainly seen enough from this team to have that right as well. We are suffering collectively and their is really no need at this point to attach other fans who are handling adversity differently than others. I will watch the Saints game on Sunday and expect us to get trounced but then again if we pull off an upset then it will be a pleasant surprise. Being negative about this team at this point is not a character flaw but more of an emotional defense mechanism. For the few who disagree with that, well get over it Felicia!

  36. Greg Schiano Says:

    It is not the players and it is not JW. The Falcons and the Niners all came out flying to the ball, playing very hard and very fast. I am not expecting the Buc’s to win more games than they lose…but I do want them to show some passion about playing the game of football.

    I place that directly on the HC. If they players are not big time passionate about playing….then they have no change of winning. Anyone who watched rookie HC’s saw players flying to the ball! This is Lovie’s year #2 and there is just no excitement. I enjoyed watching the Niners and the dirty birds play football Sunday….they were flying all over the place!

    If Lovie cannot inspire the players to play hard and fast, I would not be so harsh. Unfortuantely, I believe that Lovie is not inspiring the Buc’s, he has no game plan, he is unable to make changes at half time, and the players already seem to be worried about next year.

  37. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    “Best defenders in the NFL?” What type of plays are they making or what games have either of them taken over since they came in to the league gives them the right to this moniker? Don’t forget the 3 blowouts in the last 17 games (I beleive McCoy was injured for the Atlanta blowout) and the 2-15 record over the last 1 year plus. At this rate, the only way either of them will be eating pineapple will be from the Dole’s can from Publix (HEB if you are from Texas).

  38. Jason Says:


    I know it’s not the Glazer’s M.O., but do you see any realistic scenario where Lovie gets let go during the season?

  39. JMN Says:

    @Scotty in Fat Antonio

    Exactly what I was thinking! When a team wins 2 of their last 17 games I don’t think you can call anybody on this team “best of in the NFL” at this point.

  40. tickrdr Says:

    @Greg Schiano:
    Excellent post, that is spot on.


  41. Jeff Says:

    Lavonte David had a horrible game. He was far better in Shiano’s system. Back then, he attacked. Now, he passivly stands there and “keeps the play in fron of him.” That’s his job now. LOVIE is a JOKE! Fire Lovie, promote Dirk and ditch the Pillow 2 Defense.

  42. Supersam Says:

    His days are numbered. We need an offensive minded coach, and young innovative coach. We need a breath of fresh air. No more retreads.

  43. Buccfan37 Says:

    Somebody said Urban Meyer as head coach. A joke right? He only goes to teams that have abundant talent. The buzzards are circling but haven’t landed because they see the fans have already picked Lovie’s bones clean.

  44. TechNerd Says:

    Saban basically hinted if he was going to try the NFL again it would be with a ‘franchise qb’. If he thinks Jameis is that, maybe we can lure him in. We have lots of talent just a dated scheme and poor coaching.

  45. bucrightoff Says:

    Blowout losses or not, this just is a poorly prepared, poorly coached team who adapts in game poorly. Chicago fans warned Bucs fans and most them brushed aside those warnings because things were going to be different this time. 17 games in, Lovie hasn’t changed even slightly from the Chicago days. At his peak, he might take us to the playoffs once every few seasons. I don’t want to be the Bengals right now, who wants to not win anything?

  46. TheShaz Says:

    Barring a couple of wins…..and soon. Lovie’s tenure here is in question…..

    He talks the “TURNOVERS” all offseason…….but from what I witnessed last week. I think the media and fans got the “OFFICIAL LOVIE DEFINITION OF DEFENSIVE TURNOVER” all wrong.

    LOVIE SMITH’S DEFINITION OF A DEFENSIVE TURNOVER: When the other team scores and you get the ball back on the ensuing kickoff.

    If you just use the Official Lovie Definition….the Bucs defense did a wonderful job last week.

  47. Supersam Says:

    I read a stat the other day that Lovie smith has a losing record all time without Jay Cutler as his quarterback, his winning days came with Cutler at the helm which is interesting.

  48. Bucthis911 Says:

    Just win love win! All the rest will fall into place. Once the offensive line gel everything will start to fall into place. With the players we have there is no reason why we shouldn’t be in the top 5 defenses with a supposedly defensive minded coach. Just the first game I still have faith. We will win sunday M. Evans is back!

  49. Johnny Dejay Says:

    The good news is: It’s almost hockey season, so we won’t have to watch the Bucs sink their ship or the Rays sputter away a great first half of the season.

    The Bolts are showing what strong ownership, a fantastic front office, and a brilliant coach can do for a franchise. The Bucs and Rays would be wise to follow in their footsteps.

  50. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    @Johnny Dejay…
    Yeah brother GO BOLTS!!

    Good luck pulling a good coach in here with an empty cupboard and a moldy crab cake at QB. Better trade him and get picks to entice a new Coach

    A new coach will have no allegiance to JW. It will depend on what JW puts on video and what the new coach sees in him. A trade is NOT out of the question…see Drew Brees to the Saints when the Chargers drafted Rivers. That actually worked out well for both teams.

    We still have some assets including JW. Nobody is going to totally write him off on one game or one season. Again this is not something I’m suggesting should happen but it could happen.

    What is GMC worth in his prime. At least a first rounder and maybe another lower round pick. JW could probably fetch a 1st rounder. We will have our own first rounder, and it looks like a high pick if we continue like Sunday.

    Three first round picks plus perhaps another lower round could really pump talent into this team. Trading GMC would send a LOUD message to the rest of the team. The new coach would have a competent if not great NFL QB to play in 2016 for $675,000…chump change for a QB.

    That’s a worst case scenario but when you think about it, not the end of the world. That might attract a decent coach. Not Urban though. Unless he has some need to prove himself on a different level. Urban has the best of all worlds…he gets to recruit a team that will consistently field top 3 talent game after game. That never happens in the NFL.

  51. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Giving our Beloved Coach & Defense one last shot this weekend.

    Taking that plus money (Dogtime)

    +6 1st half
    +9.5 Game

  52. bucsbedabest Says:

    StPeteBucsFan Says: Right on! Clean house, start fresh. Fire Lovie, Licht, Koetter, Frazier and Warthog. Trade JW and GMC. Go for the first pick in the draft. Remember next year has one of the best FA years ever and the Bucs have like 50M to spend. Bring in two stud OL, a stud Safety and a CB like Rivas. Draft Bosa, a QB a RB and another DE and CB. Go with MG8 next year and let his replacement sit for a year.