Gerald McCoy Unplugged

September 18th, 2015
gmc 0918

Mic’ed up.

If there was anything neat to come out of that pile of puke that was last Sunday’s game, it is this piece of NFL Films.

Gerald McCoy was mic’ed up. Really interesting perspective from angles that not even Joe has access to, much less beer-swilling fans.

Remember that fumble/touchdown taken from the Bucs when GMC sacked Marcus Mariota in the end zone? NFL Films has an angle of the play that will make you want to Frisbee your bowl of Corn Flakes across the room.

Just click here to watch.

39 Responses to “Gerald McCoy Unplugged”

  1. ilg insomniac XBOX gamertag hmu Says:

    lovie is not a bad coach…Hes just not cut out to be a head coach..same as wade Philips denver d coordinator , former buffalo HC..Norv tuner same thing..good maybe even great position/coordinators , but head coaches , not at all…As yall knownif we play that same passive watered down version of the tampa 2 , then absolutely expect to lose…how many more blow outs does lovie and or the Glazers need to see before a change is inevitable…I truly feel we at this point bcuz of obvious lack of pass rush , should then blitz constantly..if yur gonna give up 50 points a game , mind as well make em earn it , instead giving to them freely..yall comment on this and tell me what you think..

  2. Bucco brice Says:


  3. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Just wait on it.

  4. Bucs4821 Says:

    >blitz constantly

    See Schiano, Greg 🙂

  5. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Wow that about made me vomit. What kind of intensity is that? I would be embarrassed if people saw me just caring on around the sidelines when my team was getting their a$$ beat. When I played football guys new not to talk to me when the game was on. I would get on the bus and not say a thing, and I would literally be steaming with smoke from my body working so hard during a game. Where is the focus and passion? Gerald was just having a good ole time while us fans who were at the game were losing our minds. He should not be a captain after seeing that. You could tell at the end of it too he was just worried about that fumble and stats. Forget about losing the game. This crap scares me, and is starting to make me wonder why do I even go. Im pissed right now just typing this. Daing where is the heart people…..Somebody needs to step up and quit screwing around. BUC Life!

  6. orichbucsfan Says:

    I wonder why people still go to the games. You know they’ll lose, it’s just a matter by how much. I gave up my season tickets because I will not support a team that is not even competitive. Why do you go? What value is it to your life to spend 3-4 hours watching this poor excuse for a team? You’re frustrated and angry most every week. I don’t get it.

  7. Tampa Tony Says:

    Glad I sold the majority of my season tickets. Team is a joke and GMC is the ring master

  8. JJV Says:

    Watching this team is like watching the Twilight Zone. The things that happen when they play a game. The things the players and coaches say. Their reality versus the truth. It is not only defies all logic but is truly unreal. Just when you think it can not get any worse it does. They continue to add to this weight of hopelessness each season. We need solutions and effective actions from this ongoing misery that starts at the top of any organization. There are reasons that the same teams continue to be successful year after year while other teams seem to never find a way. This team is stuck in quicksand for far too long. Yet we are asked to have patience with one excuse after another. It is totally beyond acceptable. At this point I’m unsure of the answers or solutions anymore. There are too many problems with this team as well as entire franchise. Being a Bucs fan since 1976 and going to games then gives me a feeling now that is worse about this current team.No more words and empty promises. Actions speak louder than words. Winning should be the only accepted result. That is what the good teams seem to do every season.

  9. tdtb2015 Says:

    I’m ready for something new. I’m pass anger. At this point, I don’t expect a win.

    ZERO expectation from the defense…
    …hoping to see a spark of hope from the offense – specially Winston


    Their PAYCHECK should give them the fire to perform 100%!

  10. Josh Says:

    That sack fumble should have counted… seeing it live it was obvious. The slower replays make it seem like Mariota was in the grasp!

  11. David Says:

    I like Gerald.. I really do. But, the NFL has gotten soft and it seems the players have too. I neva talked to opposing players when I played unless it was trash…lol…and moat times where I’m from I knew at least one or two players feom the other team!

  12. BucsFan99 Says:

    I wouldn’t follow this heartless,emotionless, loser of a HC Lovie and Team Captain McCoy into battle. How about this basic principle from a true winner Patton:
    “Americans play to win at all times. I wouldn’t give a hoot and hell for a man(Gerald McCoy) who lost and laughed. You think Derrick Brooks or any of the old champions on this team would be telling their opponent to keep eating more in the next game after getting their assess handed to them? You think they would be telling their own teammates to relax during the game? You have got to be kidding me! As long as Gerald McCoy and Loser Lovie are leading this team, we have no fighting chance. What a disgraceful display of leadership.

  13. BucsFan99 Says:

    Fire Lovie and this clown McCoy!

  14. mike10 Says:

    Genuinely a nice guy. A really, really nice guy.

    But I believe I heard the word “sheesh” and then “take it easy guys” at least 3 times… would have probably rather seen him in the middle of the scrum throwing words than breaking it up.

    He has no dog though.

  15. mike10 Says:

    I’l take it a step further. I don’t want him as the leader. If he is building the culture, I’m concerned.

  16. mike10 Says:

    Dam, I wish I didn’t watch that

  17. Bucco Brice Says:

    TRADE BAIT…”simple as that”…

  18. BucGator Says:

    Too nice

  19. D-Rome Says:

    I love when he tells the ref, “I’ll cross the whole front if we’re not making a play it’s holding. Just giving you a heads up.”

  20. rjhurst813 Says:

    People love to say Sapp was an a-hole, but at least he showed up on gameday. This fool is cool with losing. Film don’t lie and the mic doesn’t either.

  21. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I mentioned this video yesterday in the comments. The guy has no fire to win. He’s clearly comfortable losing. Where is the passion on this team? That might be a good question next time you’re in the locker room Joe.

  22. D-Rome Says:

    Joe often talks about hitting the bottle of whiskey after Bucs games. Well, half the time I feel like hitting the bottle after reading some of these comments. Some of you are unbelievable but quite frankly I shouldn’t be surprised after all these years. With you guys it’s either “He’s too nice, trade him!” or in the case (for example) of elite CB Aqib Talib “He’s too much of a trouble maker, trade him!” If Suh was here you guys would be like, “Get rid of him. He gets too many penalties by playing dirty.”

    McCoy plays hard when it matters which is between the whistles.

    When I first moved here 15 years ago most of the fan base wanted Dungy fired because he was too nice, showed no fire during press conferences, and could never lead a team to a Super Bowl. Gruden was awesome for a year until he started losing and then most Bucs fans were like, “Waaaaaaah, I miss Dungy. Gruden won the Super Bowl with Dungy’s guys.”

  23. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Serious question. While McCoy is a decent player (not great tho) does anyone think we should consider trading him for maybe a late 1st or 2nd round pick. This team is years away from even being competitive. If it does ever happen McCoy will be in the later stages of his carreer. I think we need to start rebuilding now. This team will be lucky to get a single win with or without MCCoy. Lovie has come in and wrecked the franchise. Why not stockpile the team with youth and hope that in 3-4 years the team can start to compete again.

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’ve seen it 50 times and am yet to understand why that wasn’t a fumble by Mariota. I know we would have lost anyway, but that would have made it 21-7 and given us the ball back with good field position. You guys can continue to criticize McCoy all you want, but he forced 2 fumbles (that was a fumble) and had a sack. Could he have done more? Absolutely. But don’t say he disappeared or didn’t do anything, because it’s simply not true.

    As for him not having enough fight in him for your tastes, that has nothing to do with anything. That’s his personality. Reggie White was the same way (no, I’m not saying he’s Reggie White, just proving the point that you don’t have to be nasty to be a great football player). I can tell you with 100% certainty that these losses are eating him up, but if you expect him to stomp on people or punch someone, you’re going to be disappointed.

    As I keep saying, he’s not the reason we are sorry. We are sorry because we don’t have the coaches and players around him to be good. If you put McCoy on a team with good players around him and good coaching, he will absolutely tear it up. I remember everyone here saying how sorry Aqib Talib was. Now he’s a premier corner in the league. You think he just all of a sudden learned how to play? Alterran Verner was a Pro Bowl CB. Now he looks like he couldn’t start for USF. You think he forgot how to play? We do not put our players in a position to succeed, period. Lavonte looked like hot garbage on Sunday. There’s no way he’s a bad football player. You can get mad at McCoy and David all you want, but they aren’t the problem. They could both absolutely do better, but with this coaching, JJ Watt would struggle. That’s just the truth.

  25. OklahomaBucFan Says:

    Watching the video without seeing the score, from his demeanor you would have thought we won the game. I’m sick this. After the first quarter on Sunday I was just numb. I am usually pumped up and angry when we are behind, but I was past that. We need some guys with some balls on this team. I think the attitude in the building has rubbed off on Winston and suppressed his winning attitude. They probably told him to cool it with all the winning talk. I know Winston can be a great player, but not with Lovie in the building. We need a Bill Cowher type that will ride the players and go after the refs when they step out of line. I am just tired of all this happy-go-lucky attitude about losing. People can say what they want about Warren Sapp, but he brought the nasty every game and put fear into the opponent. No one fears us now. Playing us is like having a bye week.

    And…(ranting continues) EDS should go away. His attitude is part of the problem. I don’t understand why Warren is not starting center. He’s bigger and did great in preseason. I bet no one would even pick up Evan Smith if we cut him. He is a fat arrogant lazy bum. Am I wrong?

  26. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Bucs are so bad that every day there is a different player or coach to rake over the coals. A win would be special right about now. And quit making USF the butt of your discontent.

  27. Dave Says:

    You people who are upset because McCoy was smiling or laughing after he lost our fricking ridiculous
    Thousands of players always act the same way forever as long as I can remember. Who cares.
    Opposing players on every team talk to each other after games in every damn sport their professionals change cities change teams and know each other. They ones who really care about stuff like that are idiotic fans who’s whole life revolves around every little thing with football.
    I love football, but get a freaking grip

    The only thing that should matter in that whole video is how the Bucs had a sack fumble and touchdown at the beginning of the game that could’ve and would have changed everything

  28. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Oklahoma Buc Fan,

    You have to understand the source – the Bucs. They would never include anything negative towards the team. We have no idea what was said on the other clips that we will never see.

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I’m glad you brought that up. You are 100% right. This isn’t a new thing. Opposing players have done this for forever.

  30. LargoBuc Says:

    Wheres the fire? This defense is way to lax with Lovie on the sideline. Maybe it wasnt all Schianos fault and he just had a team of whiney pu$$ies!

  31. mac Says:

    I can finally say it without being attacked on here…

    McCoy is overrated!!!

    One of the most overrated over hyped players in the NFL…

    20% of career on IR
    Nearly 25% of sacks came in two games
    Mr. Nice Guy
    $100 million dollars?

    The guy is average… Sorry but its true…

  32. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    If he’s overrated, why does he get love from all the experts and players? What Buccaneer player do you ever know of that got national hype that he didn’t deserve? The overrated players almost always are on good teams, which obviously eliminates us. A 3 technique isn’t going to pile up a bunch of stats unless the guys around him are doing their job. He’s never had that. Sorry but its true……..

  33. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Hawaiian Buc

    Now that’s Hawaiian Buc, that I’m use to reading.

    Good post

  34. 1trubuc Says:

    You so called “fans” get me more pissed off than Lovie calling D! This A/V clip was good stuff of GMC! level headed, not fighting just bc wants to lose his cool on sideline like others. I’m saying he’s a good leader on the line. He’s no Sapp, and that’s bc he doesn’t have the line mates or backend help. We need 1 more corner and both Safties replaced and then the backend of our D will start to come around. But with that we do need a hell of a lot more from our D-line. Sapp had Rice, Culpepper, Booger and The Crane! What does GMC have that looks like this? McDaniel? So why bash our best player week in and out? Feel free to take aim at Lovie for his grandioso attitude in how he took play calling away from Frazier just to end up turning or Deffense into roadkill. But, really people this is our team and if your a fan act like one everyone with Buc”this” or Buc”fart” for names and just ripp and trash our team – get off the wagon go route for the Jags! I for one love my team! Yes it’s hard at times to not cringe but after this game comes next weeks and as the saying is “Any given Sunday” Right? Anyways stop all the Bithing if your truly a fan. GO BUCS!!

  35. mac Says:

    He is overrated…

    Maybe he can do something on Sunday and change my opinion… But there is nothing you can do… Sorry…

  36. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “He is overrated…

    Maybe he can do something on Sunday and change my opinion… But there is nothing you can do… Sorry…”


    Well, there it is. Great point.

  37. Jaboo3 Says:

    For all the ppl who say Tampa 2 this or that, for the record we was getting beat in man, cover 3, cover 2 man, etc…players just wasn’t playing their keys at all…nothing to do w/ the play being called, I think the way they’re being taught might have something to do w/ it…when you have numerous ppl on a given play w/ breakdowns is definitely a coaching problem…maybe positional coach, the LBs were the worst so maybe somebody needs to start looking @ Hardy…I know David hasn’t been himself since Hardy got in town

  38. mike10 Says:

    TouchdownTB – I hear you trollin the radio

  39. John McKillop Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc and @Dave, finally some sanity, I just don’t understand some of these people. As far as McCoy getting national love, it’s because he graded out as the second best defensive lineman every week behind only JJ Watt. Stop the McCoy bashing, it’s ridiculous, this guy is a very good football player and leader.