Bucs 22, Dolphins 17

September 3rd, 2015

Photo Courtesy of Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Nothing quite like the sweet taste of a meaningless preseason road victory with backups — and Johnthan Banks and Alterraun Verner.

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The Bucs kick off the regular season against the Titans in 9 1/2 short days.

10 Responses to “Bucs 22, Dolphins 17”

  1. Buccfan37 Says:

    Glennon threw two bad picks although Licht said in the booth afterward something to the effect that he is on this team, so I guess that’s settled, or not. Freeman, well he was his usual self grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory. Did this game lead to much insight how this Bucs team will fare facing Tennessee, not that I noticed except none of the starters were injured.

  2. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m sorry, but they really need to do away with the 4th preseason game. I’ve never been so bored watching a Bucs game in my entire life (and that’s saying something). I get it they want to evaluate talent, but evaluate it at practice or have a scrimmage, or basically do anything besides force season ticket holders to pay for that crap.

    Is there anyone left that still thinks Glennon should start? Anyone? I’ve never understood the hype with that guy. Winston is going to make mistakes, but his upside is million times higher, and Glennon just flat out isn’t a franchise QB. I’m sure he could start “Trent Dilfer style” for a really good team, but we aren’t a really good team. Keep him as a backup, but if someone offers us something good for him, screw it and let’s move on. We’re not winning with that guy behind center. I’m sure he’s a great guy and a really hard worker, but he just can’t play at the level necessary to bring us any kind of success.

    There was a little bit of sweet revenge watching Freeman hand away the game. I don’t think anyone dislikes Schiano as much as I do, but I think it’s very clear that Freeman isn’t going to play in the NFL again because of Freeman, not because of Schiano. His fall from grace is unbelievable, but he did it to himself. I’m just a little pissed still because he tried to take down the entire team with him. I don’t even know if he’s a CFL QB.

    I actually feel like we are pretty adequate at depth in most positions. The problem is, we don’t have many quality starters in the trenches. We are pretty good at DT, but we have zero at end. If Johnson or Smith gets injured (almost inevitable that at least one will at some point), then who do we go to? They’re not even that good, but what is behind them is pure garbage. On the O-Line, I don’t think we have one quality starter (maybe Dotson, but of course he’s hurt). The rookies might end up good, but they are going to have some major growing pains. It’s not like they have great veteran linemen around them to help. Something needs to be switched up with our O-Line, and even though I really hate calling for anyone to get fired, Warhop has not done the job. If we are as bad as I fear we’re going to be, he’s got to go. Surely we can find someone who can do at least an equal job to what he’s done.

  3. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    That pic shows and empty stadium eh? Are the ‘phins drawing even worse than us? Although again how can we tell ANYTHING about a pre season game.

    All week folks have been going nuckin futs over the PS. Hey we won twice as many this year as last. LOL

    But I agree with you Bucfan37…we’re nine days away from any answers and probably nine weeks from any real answers.

  4. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    force season ticket holders to pay for that crap.

    That’s the rub! I always thought the solution of going to an 18 game schedule with two preseason games would be better. Toss the fans a crouton. Give the players a little more money. Perhaps we could stay at 16 and just expand the playoffs. That could generate replacement $$ for the owners…give the players a bump..and eliminate wear and tear on the players except for those that make it all the way to the SB. Kind of like Hockey’s Stanley Cup playoffs

    THANKS for that synopsis Hawaiian. Again I didn’t get the game up here in Packer country. Well written and I was waiting to get an unbiased take on MG8. You take matches what I always felt was MG8’s ceiling…Trent Dilfer indeed. Of course that Raven’s SB team had a defense arguably as good as the 85 Bears or our SB team.

    Did Melton play any DE? They’re going to have to be creative to get a rush and Lovie’s probably going to have to give up his no blitz mind set. At least we have some very quick athletic LB’s. LVD had seven sacks when Schiano turned him loose and that dropped to just one last year.

    Final question Hawaiian. Think we can cobble some protection if our backs can pick up the blitz and and TE’ stay in to block?

    Koetter’s 4 vertical might have to be scrapped unless they have a way to get the ball out of Fameis hands in 2 seconds or less.

  5. Danr Says:

    think about it stpete, every player that ‘stays in to block’ is another rusher coming in.

    if you are LB and see that the running back you are covering is blocking, you blitz, same with tight ends

    not always, but its a general understanding. every player we add to block is another one they choose to send.

  6. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    That works both ways. If they send an LB or CB to blitz somebody is uncovered. That’s on Koetter and Fameis to exploit.
    I’m thinking more about the mismatches in numbers…

    But traditionally teams that have trouble protecting only release a couple receivers into the pattern…of course that also means it’s tougher to get somebody open.

    It really is a fun chess match eh. At the end of the day though somebody has to make a play.

  7. MadMax Says:

    Well who wouldve thought it….Winston has more rushing TD’s than Mariotta, but no pass TD’s….lol, just goes to show the unpredictable that is the NFL.

  8. DB55 Says:

    if lovey thinks we’re going to beat Tennessee by letting them run up the gut and giving them 8 yard slants all day you got another thing coming.

    Couple guys that I think earned a job today humphries, bowers and Tandy. Honestly if we keep conte over Tandy I will lose it.

  9. owlykat Says:

    Unfortunately, the Bucs now won’t get any good trade offers for MG8 now that it is clear that he will never be starting material and is a lousy backup to boot! Lovie should have listened to my advice last year and traded the Albatross when he could and then grabbed Tebow when he could have signed him cheap.. Tebow is now going to make the Eagles who will be smart enough to use his talents, and when their fragile starter goes down, don’t be surprised if Tebow doesn’t take over and carry them to a Superbowl. Lovie blew that opportnity calling MG8 the future of the Bucs. Guess he was afraid of what the Tebow Haters would say, but having Tebow would have filled the stadium last year and given us a great backup this year if Winston goes down while the OL grows up. Now if Winston goes down we can kiss this year goodbye with MG8. Licht better grab a cut QB and put him on our roster right now or trade for Oakland’s backup and give them MG8 and a 5th round pick.

  10. 813bucboi Says:

    lol..I was thinking the same thing watching the game..who still wants m.glennon..Winston admitted during the game that vs Cleveland he didn’t have the right protections called for there blitz so im pretty sure they are working on that as we speak…the most important thing for this team and this city is for us to start off 1-0…if we lose vs the titans like we did vs the browns, I wont throw in the towel but I will be saying,”here we go”…GO BUCS!!!