Different Week, Same Old…

September 3rd, 2015
The Dolphins came heavy and hard with inside pass pressure on C Jeremiah Warren and other Bucs offensive linemen.

The Dolphins came heavy and hard with inside pass pressure on C Jeremiah Warren and other Bucs offensive linemen, which rattled QB Mike Glennon.

A polite memo to America’s Quarterback, Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston:

There will be blitzes coming up the middle after you. A lot. Probably every drive, every time you take the field.

There really isn’t much to glean from the worthless exhibition that is Week Four of the preseason, other than to give players game tape for their next tryout in the arena league.

One thing Joe learned, aside from the fact the razor-thin defensive end spot is now almost invisible with injuries to T.J. Fatinikun and Larry English (on top of already injured Jacquies Smith), is teams are going to gun for Jameis until the offensive line learns to stop an inside pass rush.

Despite the first team not playing tonight, the Dolphins got pressure up the middle pretty easily. Of course, Ndamukong Suh started for the Dolphins facing the likes of (also injured) Garrett Gilkey. That’s just not fair.

So Buckle up Jameis — and you, too, Bucs fans. The rush inside and the blitzes inside are going to keep a comin’ until or unless the Bucs figure out a way to slow them down.

28 Responses to “Different Week, Same Old…”

  1. Tampa Tony Says:

    Stock up on beer Buc fans as this offensive line will make us all alcoholics

  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    Release the crackems, Jameis you better be wide eyed when the Titanics wash into Tampa.

  3. Wesley Says:

    hopefully they can pick up someone thru waivers.

  4. The Real Drew Says:

    “Of course, Ndamukong Suh started for the Dolphins facing the likes of (also injured) Garrett Gilke”

    I don’t believe Suh played at all.

  5. Danr Says:

    i heard them say suh wasnt playing, was he in there?

  6. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I did not see the game and sadly the NFL Net hasn’t even shown highlights.

    Reading the game thread though I gathered some love for Mike James.

    He and Javorski Lane are the only big backs we have and I too have always liked James and wonder why he doesn’t get more opportunities.

    Some of you guys really check out the video and break everything down. So tell me this. Can James pick up a blitz?

    I saw Martin pick up a blitz against Cleveland. Hope he’s getting good at that.
    If we’re going to stop gap blitzes up the middle with a mismatch in numbers our backs better be GREAT at picking up blitzers.

    It’s clear the OL isn’t going to do this by themselves. It’s going to take an all hands on deck approach with TE’s and backs helping out bigtime.

    That and Koetter’s playcalling are all we have to lean on.

  7. tdtb2015 Says:

    I’m sure Koetter has dealt with that problem in resent years…

    8-8 Baby!

  8. Danr Says:

    ronde said suh wasnt playing. let me check.

  9. Danr Says:

    suh did not start, or at the very least was not in on the first play from scrimmage.

  10. Namakamdmanndnasuh Says:

    No way Suh was playing the 4th game with his contract.

  11. Danr Says:

    this gamepass is a nice tool to check these things.

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    And Joe has been calling for Warren to start…

  13. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    So Danr did you notice if any of our backs can block and pick up a blitz?

    How about MG8…I saw the scroll in the GB-N.O. game where MG8 tossed a TD and I thought oh noes…a QB controversy. But then he apparently played poorly enough..2 ints? to eliminate that fear.

    So what’s the verdict on MG8’s play…horrid…decent…or just inconsistent?

  14. Lakeland Buc Says:

    Last week against the Browns all of our o-linemen had positives grades at PFF except for Ali Marpet. But every week it’s the same old lie, our o-line is killing us. These sportswriters are misleading their blind followers. Matthew Masifilo has been one of the highest gaded guards in the NFL this preseason. He should make the final 53, if not I would be schocked.

  15. LargoBuc Says:

    Didnt we bring in Kotter to maximize what we have despite our weakness? He needs to call it. Jameis needs to execute. I gave hell to Mccown and Arroyo for awful play calling and execution. So I will not give Jameis and Koetter a pass. Oh no. A seasond play caller and a first overall pick. I dont wana hear it. Get it done or get out. SIMPLE AS THAT 😉

  16. Lakeland Buc Says:

    Mike Glennon has always played horrible during the preseason, that’s why he has never started an opener.

  17. Delson Says:

    SPBF my opinion on how mike glennon played may seem different from others but I thot he played decent. He drove the ball down the field. He had a calm confidence even with the picks and drops. It wasnt the captain checkdown mike glennon that many know him to be. No qb controversy bc Winston will start no matter what but we have a good backup that could win us some games if ever needed to be called on.

  18. Destinjohnny Says:

    So we will go 4-12 Fire Lovie then keep the same scouting dept. new coach with no talent same thing fired after 2nd year etc etc. strip Lovie of any personal decisions and build a first class scouting dept. until u do that we will never win consistently.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Can we agree that we would rather have Glennon as our backup than Josh Freeman

  20. Lakeland Buc Says:

    @LargoBuc, Dirk Koetter hasn’t shown his hand during this preseason, I always watch all of the Falcons games. And last season the Falcons RBs caught 102 passes and this preseason we haven’t even look at the backs. I’m thinking that they are preparing Jameis for the vertical throws, once the season starts. He should open up the offense, i’m not concern right now. If we can get 2000 yards rushing and get our backs involve in the passing game. We should win this division,our defense will be rank in the top 10 this season.

  21. Delson Says:


    Our defense in the top 10? Maybe top 15 but I think our takeaways will be Top 10.

  22. Danr Says:

    mg8 played solid, but inconsistent, stared down wrs

    one rb had a nice pass rush pickup of a safety blitzing in the backfield when we were backed up to our endzone (it was either rainey or sims) but but it was a weak block (but it would have to be the safety has been running full speed for 10 yards and the rb had one step to adjust to him) i dont recall or care to look for much more

    the gamepass has replays and you can sign up for a free trial (video is only in preseason)

  23. alanbucs Says:

    I agree Lakeland Buc. I believe we will see some things offensively that we haven’t seen before once the reall bullets start flying. I have already seen some things such as (slants, screens, play action) that we barely saw last year. It easy for people to overreact when we have seen such poor play in recent years. What’s going to happen when this team starts to really improve? I won’t be shocked because the odds are on our side that this team has to improve.

  24. Red86 Says:

    Well roll out plays are going to be popular… I hope.

  25. mike10 Says:

    Is that true Lakeland?

    And Joe, I’m usually critical of the Oline, but were all of Glennons turnovers bc of pressure? I know for sure on one, he just stared down the receiver.

  26. mike10 Says:

    Now I will say the OL did not run block well at all. I didn’t see any lanes

  27. Stanglassman Says:

    Who thinks it’s a good idea to cut Mankins to save the Glaziers 7 million? The Bucs hope ton find him replacement a few days before game 1 off the waiver wire?

    LUVMY and MADMAX seem to think this is a great plan.

  28. Another J Says:

    Same Ole O-line coach too…
    There must be a coincidence!