Overreaction: Murphy Locks Up No. 3

August 15th, 2015
Bucs WR Louis Murphy did nothing to lose his job tonight.

Bucs WR Louis Murphy did nothing to lose his job tonight.

Joe knows Bucs fans are racing to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge at this very moment they are so freaked out over the first preseason game tonight. So Joe will sort of play along too, but won’t get wet.

(Remember, the Vikes already had one preseason game under their belts.)

Just based on tonight’s play, Louis Murphy should be your No. 3 wide receiver. Yes, you read that right.

Murphy, having less than a week of training camp practice, didn’t look like he missed a beat after being sidelined with a freak, mysterious ankle injury suffered away from the football field (maybe he had a nightmare about Garrett Gilkey in the wee hours of the morning and began sleep-running in terror and tripped over the dog?)

Murphy sure looked solid tonight.

Prospective No. 3 receiver candidates did less than secure a job. Kenny Bell was inconsistent. Rannell Hall has a leg injury of some sort and didn’t dress. Robert Herron was no more than OK. Kaelin Clay? Eh.

Murphy, however, looked every bit the seasoned veteran he is. He played a key role in successful two-minute drill engineered by “America’s Quarterback,” Jameis Winston. Overall, Murphy had 54 yards on four catches.

Murphy did nothing tonight to suggest he isn’t the team’s No. 3 receiver. Yet there is a long way to go before that is locked up. Murphy, currently, has the edge after tonight.

15 Responses to “Overreaction: Murphy Locks Up No. 3”

  1. Dave Says:

    Yes but I thought heron looked decent too.
    Bell needs more time.

  2. pete Says:

    Inadequate personnel, inadequately prepared. Again!

  3. DallasBuc Says:

    Completely agree. Murphy looked like the only quality depth on this team. Some things never change when it comes to scouting and coaching for this football team.
    Joe- would you please do the honors in advising the fans of who our right tackle is after the loss of Dot?

  4. Lakeland Buc Says:

    Louis Murphy looked good last preseason and the Bucs cut him, and then brought him back later .

  5. BlogTalkFootball Says:

    Third string center Warren was passable. So that is a positive.

  6. Joe Says:

    would you please do the honors in advising the fans of who our right tackle is after the loss of Dot?


  7. DallasBuc Says:

    Joe- Thank you. My sister-in-law is also free on Sundays after church. Lovie Smith approved depth has been solved

  8. Nuc if u Buc Says:

    Hall looked the best by not playing, hope the injury is better by next week cause he has hands and cuts to help some team…

  9. Donald Kicker Says:

    They looked like the same team from last season. It was the same porous offensive line, that nearly put McCowan in a body cast, with their bullnfighter blocking… Toro. The defense..phfttt. Winston, is going to get drilled on just about every passing play. Why are people so surprise by this observation? It is based on pure logic. I know, it was not the glamorous thing to do at the draft, an it is too late now, but with as many holes/needs that the Bucks have…trade down for more picks and grab a extra first round pick for the next year or two. At least if they had Mariota, he could run for his life, but he is just.a.rookie. If we get the first pick again next year and that would mean they’d have to be Leeman Bennett bad, trade down…I am still hopefu but that offensive lines p issues me off. Another QB, offered up as a sacrifice because of a lousy front office…Scooby Doo, in the mystery ,ghost of Hugh Culverhouse…”Hi everybody I’m back and I just want to sing a song for you that got me through the humiliating experience that was attempting to draft Bo Jackson…it’s called that’s what friends are for…..

  10. Owlykat Says:

    Great to see Murphy excel tonight. On his own time he went with Winston and Evans to FSU to work out and developed the chemistry you saw tonight. Too bad Sefarian Jenkins did not do the same because he underwhelmed tonight. He drops too many passes and continues to not live up to his potential. But how about Herron tonight! I think he will make this team along with Bell. If we keep seven WRs we need to keep Hall too.

  11. firethecannons Says:

    Louis Murphy solid. Dirk koetter needs to get plays that are easygoing for QB although JW threw a couple passes for long yardage that were seriously catchable but were batted away–our guys could of fought a little harder for those. Super easy at first blush to think JW sucked but look a little closer. Mostly JW needs to stop having to jump to catch Gilkeys crazy tosses–crying out loud! Gilkey did that in practice too–he is sabotaging our guy! He should be our first roster cut.

  12. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Murphy had the best game.

    Dirk Koetter doesn’t need to get plays that are easy going…Winston just needs a little time to pick things up.

    I STILL say playing him the entire half was risky. The offensive line needs to gel…at least for a couple games. By playing him so long, you risked scrubs injuring him.

  13. LargoBuc Says:

    The entire team needs to play the first half against Cincy, especially the offense. Too many cobwebs. Otherwise, this will be the third year in a row, second under Lovie, this team came in week one completely unprepared.

  14. gracelivin Says:

    Murphy look fine but it wasn’t until Minn 2nd and 3rd stringers were in that Jamis started completing passes. Most were overthrown, short, behind only the pass to VJ was anywhere near a good pass,though he had decent time. The defense was atrocious there was never anyone within 4 yds of a receiver or the QB…. we need a new scheme.

  15. Wausa Says:

    I thought Murphy played well
    And I saw good burst from Herron and Bell.
    Clay looked terrible to me
    From his bad decisions to his inability to get open