Bucs Still Allergic To Tight Ends

August 29th, 2015
Doesn't matter who is calling the defense the way it ignores tight ends.

Doesn’t matter who is calling the defense when it ignores tight ends.

Why do the Bucs think the tight end position is a friggin’ guard?

How many times last season did we witness this vaunted Bucs defense get gouged by tight ends worse than George Patton slicing through France?

This happened too many times to count last year. Yet with Bucs defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier having his defensive play-calling duties stripped by Lovie Smith, it doesn’t matter who is running the defense on gameday. Same old s(p)it!

The Browns sealed the win over the Bucs tonight when Josh McClown — JOSH McCLOWN! — marched the Brownies 78 yards on but 11 plays, capped by a touchdown pass to a wide, wide, wide freaking open tight end, Gary Barnidge.

If that wasn’t bad enough to give Bucs fans flashbacks for the rest of an otherwise peaceful Saturday evening, on that drive McClown had enough time each pass play to fill out an application for AshleyMadison.com.

(No, the first-team defensive line was not in the game at that point.)

It is almost like this team, the Bucs, are hellbent on trying to drive fans mental with the way year after damned year they just cannot or will not develop a blankety-blank pass rush of any sort!

“Defensively, we’ve got to take the ball away,” Lovie said at halftime.

Will you just knock off this takeaway stuff and just concentrate of stopping a tight end for a change! Or how about just getting your defense back on the sideline without getting run up and down the field by a slug like McClown? Geez!

Yeah, it is the lack of takeaways not your defense getting ripped up every other drive. Right.

10 Responses to “Bucs Still Allergic To Tight Ends”

  1. Tampa Tony Says:

    Mariotta is gonna carve up this d on opening day.

  2. Soggy Says:


  3. America's D-Bag Says:

    Maybe the Bucs can trade for Johnny Foosball?

  4. FortMyersDave Says:

    The fact that McNown looked like a Hall of Famer on that drive was embarrassing. TEs seem to tear the Bucs D apart; watch out for Olson when the Bucs play the Panthers and I’ll probably seek out the TE who replaced Graham in New Orleans for fantasy football purposes when they play the Bucs. In fact I might pick up any available starting TE who plays the Bucs for a week and then drop them after as it seems like a given that the TE will exploit Lovie’s D this year and though I am a Buc fan and hate to see this team get embarrassed week after week I might as well take advantage of Lovie’s ineptitude on the fantasy side of things…. This was a damned depressing game to watch. BTW: O’Dea’s special teams unit looked ragged as well, still amazed that he did not get a pink slip with Arroyo….

  5. Zoocomics Says:

    Well contrary to this sites moderators, McCown was not our problem last year, though we used to get weekly dose from them of how bad McCown was for us, and everyone on this site ate it up as gospel. My recollection was McCown running for his life and getting killed for this football team. God for bid he didn’t throw a TD when he had 1 clean pocket out of 6 QB pressures, as Joe would have expected him to do… but hey, I digress, because our QBs are now suffering his same fate because we still have problems on the offensive line.

  6. Pelbuc Says:

    There are certain truths about this coming season that will be evident all season long. 1. Winston and the Oline will be very inconsistent. 2. No pass rush 3. Horrendous special teams and 4. Lovie is not a good game day coach at all. Other than that as John McKay once said, ” We’re a couple of plane crashes from making the playoffs”. I’m buying more alcohol for the season.

  7. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Mariotta is gonna carve up this d on opening day.

    Where is the stuff coming from? Really!!! Here are the actual Tennessee headlines concerning THEIR first round pick..

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After three preseason games, Marcus Mariota is still in search of his first touchdown.

    The Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback and second overall draft pick didn’t complete his first pass until the second quarter of the Titans’ 34-10 loss to the Chiefs on Friday night at Arrowhead Stadium, as Tennessee’s starters, playing on a short week, were dominated by Kansas City.

    Aside from the fact that Fameis at least has rushing TD’s that story is EXACTLY what happened tonight in Tampa.

    They are BOTH rookie QB’s. They BOTH have talent. It’s a long season and an even longer career before we really know which is better. And even then we may up with a Brett Favre- Aaron Rodgers comparison. Which of those guys was better. And obviously we may end up with two more busts.

  8. Tampa Tony Says:

    St. Pete, if McClown can avoid sacks and lead td drives why can’t mariotta? D still can’t get a rush or cause a turnover against a career backup

  9. buc4life1979 Says:

    @ StPete, Preach it StPete, Preach it for the world to hear.
    @Soggy, was thinking the same thing as I was choking on my coffe from laughing at seeing ur post.

  10. buc4life1979 Says:

    @Tampa Tony
    True Bucs fans knew last nite was coming bro…Know why?? Career back up or not, Mccown was the scapegoat for Lovie’s absolute blatant and reckless abandon of the Bucs offense last year, PERIOD. WE HAD NO OC!!! And we had our starting QB trying to help someone who had NEVER done so b4 at the professional level put together not even a half ass game plan instead of worrying about installing and practicing that gameplan. In all actuality, what head coach could get away with s stunt like the one Lovie pulled last year and get away with it..or NOT get grilled like he should have been noscratch that, raked over hot coals like he should have been by the media for having his starting QB help “coach” his acting OC with putting game plans together.