Back To The Drawing Board With O-Line

August 29th, 2015

Mankins and Dietrich-SmithRight guard Ali Marpet was abused tonight. Logan Mankins was beaten badly a couple of times and looks nothing like the guy who played for the Patriots.

And Evan Smith isn’t playing average ball yet.

Geez, an A-gap blitz nearly got Jameis Winston killed.

Anyone miss Jeremiah Warren starting at center? Joe did.

Donovan Smith seemed pretty solid at left tackle, and big-money right tackle Gosder Cherilus debuted with the first team and had some crushing blocks. He should settle in just fine on opening day.

But in all, the Bucs’ offensive line is a major work in progress.

If Jameis doesn’t learn how to get rid of the football or take cover en route to the turf, then he might not be around once this O-line decides to jell — or just block the guys in front of them.

34 Responses to “Back To The Drawing Board With O-Line”

  1. Nirobe Says:

    “If Jameis doesn’t learn how to get rid of the football or take cover en route to the turf”
    JAMEIS? you sound like EDS without calling his real name “America’s Quarterback”

  2. Pawel Says:


  3. DB55 Says:

    Wow, Joe say it isn’t so, tell me Lovie Smith has a solution.

  4. White Tiger Says:

    This was the best look at how NFL ready this offense would be – and it’s apparent that those with some wisdom, born of watching this team since it’s inception, know exactly what they’re talking about…without an offensive line, a dropback QB is a liability.

    If they HOPE to have kid fameis around by the time the line STARTS to get it (i.e., gel)…then they better start Napoleon Dynamite.

    It does me no benefit to be proven right. You fly-by-night ‘nole fans (turned Buc fans) just got served…it’s going to be a long season.

    When you have an o-line this young and better suited/built for the run (and a running QB (that also has a LOT of familiarity with blocking schemes used with the spread-o) – might do well to consider a QB that can make that system work.

    On the field, nothing wrong with kid fameis, he has the tools to be a good NFL QB, he has the receivers to make it work, he’s got the RB’s to make it work….he’s just about two seasons away from the offensive line he needs to bring it all together.

    If you’re not going to start Napoleon Dynamite, I hope your boy survives.

  5. Pete Says:

    The selection and / or development of an Oline continues to befuddle this coaching staff.

  6. FortMyersDave Says:

    Okay so the OL looks like a mess again; should we all go to Vegas and load up on the Titans now? I mean it is preseason and the third game where we were supposed to see what the starting lineups could actually do in the first half and what I saw leads me to believe that the Bucs might be looking for a new head coach next season and might pull a Leeman Bennett with back to back 2-14 seasons…. Or is this over reacting? I remember a few preseason games in the past where the Bucs whipped someone like the Browns did the Bucs tonight but then the Bucs simply stunk it up when it counted… I doubt if Pittsburgh or Raven fans are jumping off the Skyway because theirteams looked real bad in the first half of their 3rd games but here in Tampa the sky always seems to be falling. The problem is that with Lovie as coach I really have trouble believing this team can win even if it has the talent which it may not: at least on the OL……

  7. Lefty Says:

    I’m a huge Jameis guy but I think White Tiger’s point is totally valid. I blame Lovie and the GM for choreographing this predicament with a #1 pick rookie QB though, they can’t assemble a better O line than this dung heap?

  8. NYbucsfan Says:

    The line sucks. If jameis is so smart you would think he could tell what an all out blitz looks like. The sacks he took on those plays are his falt. Not the lines falt if there are more rushers than blockers. Let’s be fair joe he needs to show he has football IQ and make the pay on those plays or just throw the ball away.

  9. White Tiger Says:

    There is nothing wrong with the coaching staff – it has to do with the expectations of Buc FANS.

    The line talent is there – this is what you get when you draft a drop-back offensive line. By the time these competent picks learn how to play the NFL game – they’ll be very good. There’s simply NO WAY around experience.

    The idiot GM sold you some some slow-growth beanstalk beans. Drafting an o-line that can protect for a slow dropback QB – AFTER selecting said QB – equals two years of losing more than you win.

    If you’re all still around by then, we’ll probably watch them win a lot of games.

  10. JabooBuc Says:

    Look, despite the one long Doug Martin run, the line sucked in both run and pass blocking. If you are constantly in long down and distance and you can’t pass protect up the middle, I don’t care who you have back there.

  11. BucFan20 Says:

    All will be everyone else fault here but not Winston. You see Joes’ man crush has shown he can score 6 points in each game with the same kind of BAD line McClown and Glennon had. So with a defense that still likes to give up points Where was the problem?

  12. Buc1987 Says:

    4-6 wins tops.

  13. Lefty Says:

    Yeah maybe..but where is it written that drafting an O Line to protect your Rookie QB is the route to take. A seasoned vet or two may have slowed the onslaught and bleeding. And by the way, those new uniforms suck veiny Moose shaft.

  14. Traew Says:

    All you f-tards who wanted Winston over Mariota are getting to see why a mobile and efficient QB who can move around, throw on the run, and be accurate is a vastly superior alternative, especially with this god awful O Line, than a statue QB who wildly throws into triple coverage and takes a ridiculous pounding.

  15. Tampa Tony Says:

    Offensive line continues to baffle Lovie. Any optimism created from Monday night was killed tonight

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    Traew…the team wasn’t going to win that many games this season anyways..jackass.

  17. DB55 Says:

    Chris Conte got run over by the second string QB. (Insert porky pig – that’s all folks- video)

  18. Lakeland Buc Says:

    This is a preseason game, nothing more, nothing less. Jameis Winston will be ok, I have no concern about him. The O-Line is ok and will be better, this was a short week for us. But when the season starts, we will be ready. I have absolutely zero doubt, nothing has change from last week. I’m looking forward to a good season from us, and a good season from Jameis. I have a better idea tonight, about our final 53. Lovie should have his list ready now, for the first wave of cuts. I’m not putting too much into preseason games, they have no meaning. LET’S GO BUCS

  19. FortMyersDave Says:

    I am with Buc1987 on the win prediction: 6-10 would be nice but from what I saw tonight this team has 4-12 written all over it and some of those wins we circled when the schedule came out: Titans, Jags, etc may actually be bad losses for our Bucs. Bucs were 3 point faves over the Titans in the early lines; I bet its a pick’em or Titan favorite by game time. frustrating as hell to be a Buc fan…

  20. DB55 Says:

    The fact that Winston is playing on a bun leg should not deter Winston from running. We all no Jameis can’t rush the ball, especially into the end zone.

  21. DB55 Says:

    Lakeland please put conte and eds on that list.

  22. Buc1987 Says:

    I still said 4-6 wins tops on Tuesday…and have been saying even after they drafted Winston.

    I don’t know what fans are expecting this season, but that’s it for me.

  23. Brian Says:

    Ahhhh White Tiger couldnt stand his arse whipping on PR and decides people here would agree with him more. Awesome.

  24. White Tiger Says:

    Hey Brian, you know whats arguing about who is right with a bunch of retarded morons who only posted after their mom’s checked their homework?

    Watching EVERYTHING I posted come true – right in from of my (but more importantly YOUR) eyes!

    Yep, now I know you’re reading AND learning.

    Maybe in a couple years you can tell me how wrong I was…er wait, you won’t be around then…so, what was it you were talking about?

    Oh yeah – TAKING A POUNDING.

    Get ready noob – you’re about to learn why you don’t start celebrating at the 5 yard line, before the game starts.

    Now get off my screen – the adults are talking.

  25. CL Bucs Says:

    Where is the Bucs Realist at?? We need an offensive minded coach this 4 man pass rush ain’t getting it done. And how about Lavonte David and GMC not.showing up at all.

  26. Lakeland Buc Says:

    I still say we win the NFC South this season, I may stand alone. But I really believe this and I won’t change my mind until we are eliminated from winning it. I think what confuse Ali Marpet and Jameis Winston tonight was the 3-4 defense. It’s new to them, but i’m glad they got a lot of work tonight. Because the Titans run a 3-4, and the Falcons are switching over to a 3-4 this season. I seen a lot of positives tonight, and I seen a lot of negative. But a lot of that negative will be gone Tuesday, that’s the beauty of preseason football. I’m sure this is Logan Mankins last season, but i’m not sure if he makes the final cuts this season. He haven’t shown me anything this preseason, his backups has out played him. We can spend that $7,000,000 on other positions. I notice when we get poor guard play, we get poor play from EDS. But that’s common in the NFL, because the center is only as good as his guards. GO BUCS

  27. Buc1987 Says:

    White Tiger Says:
    August 29th, 2015 at 10:32 pm

    “Hey Brian, you know whats arguing about who is right with a bunch of retarded morons who only posted after their mom’s checked their homework?

    Watching EVERYTHING I posted come true – right in from of my (but more importantly YOUR) eyes!

    Yep, now I know you’re reading AND learning.”

    You’ve got to be on the wrong site like Brian was talking about. I don’t remember you coming on here at all and running your mouth and making bold predictions of doom and gloom. Nor do I remember you warning us that Mariota was the guy to take. I remember many of the posters that were pro-Mariota, but you were never around. Go do another line or something.

  28. Jeagan1999 Says:

    This is what happens when you get rid of decent players and replace them with….whoever it is we currently have on our offensive line. 3-13 this year and another Top 5 draft pick! The only question is whether Lovie/Licht are around next year to waste the pick.

  29. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Where was White Tiger McCown last week. I haven’t seen him around here lately UNTIL tonight. I do not frequent the other Buc sites so my only knowledge of posters here is from HERE.

    I just have no respect for somebody who hides after his predictions look bad and then gloats after one preseason game.

    And anybody who thinks McCown is a good QB after playing a decade for multiple teams and winning 1/3 of his games. And White Tiger McCown wants to rank on us for having low standards?

  30. Jason McLaurin Says:

    They really need to get rid of Evan Smith. I can’t say it enough. There are going to be some changes and there will be opening day starters that will come as a surprise. Dotson being out is killing them but I think they’re ready to move on from Evan Smith after tonight and give Warren a shot this season as a starter for one and Cherilus needs to start for the opener. Practice will be different Monday I can tell you that

  31. White Tiger Says:

    I don’t know what’s better – knowing YOU know I’m right – or knowing you know I know?!

    Listen, I never said your favorite college QB wouldn’t be good, I never even said his rookie offensive linemen wouldn’t be good, I just pointed out – they aren’t all going to arrive at the same point, at the same time. They’re about two seasons from “gelling”.

    It’s pretty amazing watching the light bulb FINANLLY go on for some of you FSU/fameis fanboy’s! You’ve all arrived ever so s-l-o-w-l-y to this point, and only after seeing what happens when a real NFL defensive coordinator starts game planning for your boy. Regardless, your here now – so you might as well get the rest of your education.

    As long as he’s been a Buc, heck longer than that, Winston’s talent has never matched the understanding of his offensive line. Sure – like every other spread offensive linemen coming out of college nowadays – EVENTUALLY, they’ll get “it”.
    However, adding the learning to the sheer and utter SPEED of the defensive linemen they now line up against – magnifying any and all hesitation bred by the unfamiliarity – and boom, your suddenly understanding why many of us did not want the liability of bringing along a dropback QB WHILE bringing along an entire offensive line, SIMULTANEOUSLY.

    That is the reason many of us who have been paying attention wanted Mariota. Not because he was better – just because his skill and talent was a better fit for the type of offensive line play he was drafted into. They’re ALL very similar and compliment each others skills. Our CURRENT offensive line would have been a MUCH better fit for Mariota…and everything else was perfectly attuned for a QB like Mariota to step in and have the best chance to win more than we lost – immediately!

    Longterm – kid fameis behind this line may workout – IF (and after watching the BEATING fameis has taken these past two weeks, that’s a BIG “IF” for a reason) kid fameis can remain un-injured an entire season.

    I think I’ve decided – it’s the knowing you know, I know – that’s the best.

    I mean, so long as I have to get drug through more of this losing regardless of my correctness – it still warms my heart to watch your education unfold.

  32. buc4life1979 Says:

    @ Joe Bucs posters
    White Tiger= Super Sam
    Who’s with me?

  33. White Tiger Says:

    No one – know why? Because it’s the Bucs who are full of suck and no one gets mad at the one who points out why.

    Now, go back to the student union, the big boys are talking and the big words are just going to confuse you more.

  34. Joe Cool Says:

    RGIII was a “Mobile” QB on a team with a CRAP offensive line. Look where he is at. LOL people (so called football fans) think that if you have a garbage offensive line, a scrambling, fast, QB will make EEVRYTHINGGGGG better. LOL you guys kill me!!!!