Evan Smith Talks Jameis (Indirectly)

July 12th, 2015
Bucs C Evan Smith Talks Jameis, without mentioning Jameis.

Evan Smith discusses Jameis, without mentioning Jameis.

Joe has had fun poking center Evan (nee: Dietrich-) Smith for how he refuses to acknowledge by name the guy who just may save his Tampa Bay career, “America’s Quarterback,” Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston.

Recently, Smith was speaking on the great show “Movin’ the Chains,” co-hosted by Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller, heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio. Of course, Smith was asked various questions about Jameis and largely dodged them or continued his odd practice of refusing to refer to Jameis by name.

But Kirwan pinned Smith to discuss Jameis and how he is developing and gelling with the team. Smith, again, using only the pronoun “he” when referring to Jameis, was rather positive concerning the rookie quarterback.

“I mean, lets put it this way: It is hard for a lot of kids to come out of college and just be truly prepared to be in the NFL and be really ready,” Smith said of Jameis. “I think there are a handful of guys every year who make the leap pretty easy. But as far as quarterback goes, especially in the league we play in today, it is very complicated.

“Not that he doesn’t have a great head start. Some of the guys that have come out in years past have struggled quite a bit. But I think, actually, he is very ready. The coaches have worked hard with him to get the system down. For the most part, I mean, he is a good kid. I enjoy having him out there. He is a guy’s guy. You know what I mean? When you talk about football players, he can go out there and shoot the crap with them, you know, things like that. He goofs off and is one of those kind of guys but when he steps in the huddle, you know he is serious. I have talked to him, too. I have talked trash to him. Make sure we are all on the same page and he’s calling the right plays because sometimes he is spitting out some of the plays, they don’t always come [out] right out of his mouth and we look at him funny.

“But he’s a good sport. You can see why he’s the No. 1 pick but you also see some of the rookie stuff. It’s still early. It’s a long ways to go before anyone can declare anything. I think he is definitely moving in the right direction.”

Well, that’s a breath of fresh air, isn’t it? Seemingly the lone guy on the football team who wasn’t embracing Jameis with open arms actually had nice things to say about him — without dropping his name.

Joe wonders what it will take for Smith to publicly mention Jameis by name? Maybe he has to throw four touchdowns in a game? Or maybe win more games than any Bucs quarterback last year. You know, two games.

27 Responses to “Evan Smith Talks Jameis (Indirectly)”

  1. Dick2111 Says:

    Don’t get it Joe. Why is it so important to you that Smith mention Winston by name? Reading your excerpt from that interview, everyone knows who Smith is talking about. Everything he said sounded pretty positive to me.

    I particularly liked his ‘bottom line’ assessment: “You can see why he’s the No. 1 pick but you also see some of the rookie stuff.”

  2. BucscsQcCity Says:

    I’m more concerned with its play and own mistake than the ones of our rookie QB.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’d be interested if Smith has singled Winston out or if he customarily talks about other players the same way. Joe, see if you can find an example of Smith using names with others.

  4. milenko Says:

    Because it would be mutual respect to call your co-worker by their name. Isn’t like smith is the best player in the league at his position to feel higher than a new co-worker.

  5. Terry4505 Says:

    I’ve never understood Joe’s gripe with the guy over this. Did you expect every player on the team to embrace him the day after the draft as the savior? That just isn’t how pro athletes are wired. Jameis has had to earn his respect, as he should have.

  6. Pickgrin Says:

    Here’s hoping Evan Smith has a much better year in 2015. His play last year left a lot to be desired. Smith talks like he’s a good player – but I have yet to see it it on the field.

  7. Buc1987 Says:

    Joe keeps pointing this out, because there still is many people out out there that don’t like Jameis because of the allegations brought against him. Evan Smith could be one of them and that could be a problem…am I right Joe?

    I was at a resort in Orlando over 4th of July weekend. I ran into a guy that was doing road work in Pasco county where I live. We got to talking Buc football. He then starts in on Jameis. At one point of the conversation he leans in close to me and practically whispers in my ear and says : “I think Jameis is a dumb N word.” That’s when things got a little heated for a few minutes, because I hate that word. There are many people still out there that want to see this kid fail. Let’s hope Evan Smith is not one of them.

  8. JabooBuc Says:

    This dude needs to worry about one person and one person only and that is Evan Smith. He sucked out loud last year and plays a position of great importance on this team.

  9. ADown88 Says:

    I understand the whole “earn your respect” thing, but EDS has been a borderline prick to/about Jameis. Like a jealous little girl. I think that has been Joe’s problem with him… At least that has been mine.

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    Sounds like a good contest, who can pick closest to the day that Smith mentions Winston by name. Everyone likes a good contest. Smith can refer to Winston as “he” all he wants, it is an intentional slight and says a lot about his character even though Smith is now giving Winston some credit otherwise.

  11. BucFan20 Says:

    Then again he could not be. But the usual people could want to bring out that card. And HE is the only one who will continue to make this a big issue. What ? I did not say Joe? Well that was my choice to use HE or Joe and did not mean a damn thing one way or another.

  12. Eric Says:

    Nothing wrong with the grizzled vet giving the rookie the cold shoulder.

    But it would be better if that grizzled veteran wasn’t a component of the worst oline in recent memory just last year.

  13. Buc Bob Says:

    Evan Smith Has Aaron Rogers on his brain, and no one else will measure up, unless proven so.

  14. Buc-A-New Says:

    “But he’s a good sport. You can see why he’s the No. 1 pick but you also see some of the rookie stuff. It’s still early. It’s a long ways to go before anyone can declare anything. I think he is definitely moving in the right direction.”

    Just let the kid be and realize that there will be growing pains. As of now he is a rookie. Not a savior, or a messiah, or America’s QB. Just a rookie who we are all hoping can be all of the names his is being given.

  15. P'cola Buc Says:

    Wonder if Jameis could positively role model for E.Smith by encouraging him if E.Smith messes up if he rolls the ball to the quarterback again this year. Winston has shown that he encourages teammates who have just fumbled or messed up. E. Smith seems to just show a sour puss at such times. Yes E. Smith can learn from Jameis. We can all learn from each other. Rookie and Veteran alike. As for E. Smith…. Straighten up and snap right!

  16. P'cola Buc Says:

    Wonder if Jameis could positively role model for E.Smith by showing some encouragement to him if E.Smith messes up and roles the ball to the quarterback again this year. Winston has shown that he encourages team mates who have just fumbled or otherwise messed up. E. Smith tends to only complain. Yes, E.Smith could actually learn from Jameis. We can all learn from each other….rookie and veteran alike.

  17. P'cola Buc Says:

    ^^ Sorry for the repeat above…..the 1st blog was “awaiting moderation” for the longest and I wrote it up again with changes”.^^

  18. bRETT Says:

    Hoping we upgrade C next year. Was hoping we would sign another G so Marpet could move in that direction. He was overrated. The Packers didn’t pay him for a reason.

  19. Bucnut2 Says:

    Buck a new, I’m with you. I’m really rooting for this kid. But, he not yet played a down in the NFL. Let’s remember that he’s very young. While talented, it’s going to take time. oh by the way, Evan smith may see some things in practice that Jamies is not doing well. Did anyone think that maybe he’ll just need some time to develop. Let’s give this kid a break.. Joes please knock it off, he’s not Americas QB, an elite QB or even a franchise QB yet. And he is not yet the savior of this franchise. Give the kid a break already!

  20. Buc1987 Says:

    Once again Joe. The majority of your posters DON’T get why you nicknamed him”America’s QB” please come in here and explain it once again. I get tired of speaking for you. Ahhh the hell with it. I’ll do it again for ya.

    Joe calls him America’s QB NOT because of how great he will be or how great he is, but because he’s always in the news national and local. Whether he’s hated or liked his name is always getting mentioned on ESPN, CNN, NFLN, NY Times. I could name 50 other media outlets if I wanted to.

    I hope this clears this up for the LAST time. Somehow I doubt that it will.

  21. Bucnut2 Says:

    But 1987 I get it. It’s still stupid. And it’s not just the publicity, anyone see smith that doesn’t have a man crush on JW incurs the joes wrath. The media including the joes have put WAY too much pressure on him.

  22. The Real Malloy Says:

    Yeah, im in agreement with Bucnut2…..the “Americas Quarterback” thing needs to go. He’s gonna struggle, throw alot of pics, and probably have a melt-down or two. That being said, I think he will be great down the road.

    Then again, The Joe’s are gonna do what they wanna do…it is after all their site!

  23. WS99 Says:

    Luke Stocker has a different perspective on how well Jameis is picking up the offense according to an article on NFL com

  24. GO BUCS Says:

    Joe anyone that has played or been around a team (like yourself for years and thank you for that by the way) Knows that a certain type of (dare I say because the Left might come ban me) hazing goes on! I see no different in the Centers point of view! Do you?

  25. cmurda Says:

    So far, Evan Smith hasn’t give me any reason to actually respect his opinion, but for the sake of this thread, I’ll act like he’s respected. It is nice to see the attempt to make Jameis earn it without anointing Jameis the savior prematurely. With that said, the outlook for Jameis is far more rosy than it is for EDS or ES or whatever the heck his name is.

  26. James Walker Says:

    Maybe I would respect EDS if he played well. As it is he is an injury away form never taking another snap, he will get no second chances.

  27. drdneast Says:

    Agree with your post Bucnut2.
    If someone doesn’t kiss Winston’s ass or bows to his mere presence on the field, Joe thinks they hate him.
    Joe continually thinks like a preteen girl.
    Smith is treating Winston like a rookie who hasnt proved anything because that is what he is.
    Get a grip, Joe.