Evan Smith Quite Happy With Koetter

July 8th, 2015
Still won't acknowledge "America's Quarterback."

Still won’t acknowledge “America’s Quarterback.”

The man closest to “America’s Quarterback,” Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, on the football field this summer and fall and winter will be none other than center Evan (nee: Dietrich-) Smith, who didn’t seem too fond of Jameis after the NFL Draft.

Smith continued his strange silent-treatment public stance on Jameis yesterday.

When asked about Jameis this spring, Smith refused to acknowledge Jameis by his name. That pattern remained in tact yesterday, when Smith was asked various questions about Jameis and would only refer to him by using the pronoun “He,” while appearing on “Movin’ the Chains,” co-hosted by Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller, heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Despite that, Smith seems fairly geeked that the Bucs have not only upgraded at quarterback, but at offensive coordinator, as well. It was one of the strangest interviews Joe has ever heard on that show. At times, it seemed Smith was talking to a family member on his side of the phone more than he was answering questions from Kirwan and Miller. It was confusing and hard to listen to.

“It was awesome,” Smith said, referring to working with Jameis and Koetter. “It’s great to have a guy who is basically the head coach of the offense. Lovie is obviously highly regarded as a defensive mind in the league and it is well-deserving. But for the most part, [when the head coach is tending to other duties, your coordinator] is actually your head coach as far as when it comes to that group. That’s who we all look to. And on top of that, he’s just a great coach. We had a really good offseason as far as the install went. And the nice thing, too, is … I think we will be very much improved in that aspect this year. I am excited about that.”

Feel free to read between the lines here, but for Joe it is pretty obvious Smith is relieved to have an offensive coordinator again. It just further reinforces that ill-suited acting offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo was so far over his head he couldn’t see the surface.

Twice recently, Joe spoke with a trusted Bucs source, and when Joe asked how badly Jeff Tedford’s illness blew up the offense, both times the response Joe received was, “You have no idea.”

17 Responses to “Evan Smith Quite Happy With Koetter”

  1. The Real Malloy Says:

    The back-fire with Tedford last season as well as the addition of Koetter is going to leave us primed to shock people this season….

    Dirk Koetter….America’s OC

  2. Buc1987 Says:

    Such a happy looking man in the picture. Makes me wonder how much he missed Green Bay.

  3. Curtis Gatorboy Says:

    “americas thug QB”

  4. Mike10 Says:

    I’m glad the O lineman are making Winston earn his name/stripes. Do I get a sense of culture developing??

  5. Buc-A-New Says:

    “that’s who we look to” …….. …. They were lost last yr with Arroyo.

  6. lovinthecrablegs Says:

    “He”(smith) better get his act together, and get behind and in synch with jameis or “He” will be looking for work next year, because as they say in tampa town you’re either with us or against us, so get you’re head out of you’re ass, and quit being the lone wolf, disgruntled spoiled biotch (smith) you freaking “He”athen!!!!!

  7. buc4life1979 Says:

    Have another take on Smith after reading this. If you were literally at the center of that offensive offense from last season, wouldn’t you be skeptical of everyone raving over one guy (#3) like he’s your savior, when he hasn’t even played one meaningful down of real football yet? Especially after being told essentially keep ur head down and grind, nevermind that we don’t have an OC who can actually put together a gameplan each week. Sounds like now that training camp is right around the corner, and the offseason stuff is over with, Smith is a little more optimistic after having experienced Koetter’s offense and Jameis on the same field. I’d say that after having your offense last season implode and a HC that handled it like Lovie did, the guy is definately “reserved” in his enthusiasm.

  8. Arealbucsfan Says:

    That @Curtis Gaytor guy is a trip lol

  9. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    “Despite that, Smith seems fairly geeked that the Bucs have not only upgraded at quarterback…”

    When does he say that’s geeked about Winston?

  10. Mo_Downs Says:

    This guy has Jameis’ back…and front..?? Being an enigma pays off for Marshawn Lynch because he produces on the field, big-time. Smith..?? Not so much.

    This Smith character seems to be marching to his own tune. And, the hierarchy of the team leadership including McCoy, David and Jackson better put an end to this PR-rebel crap before he divides the team. There is only one side in pro ball. That is being on the side of the team.

    At this point his different drummer is on the edge of a very big cliff whereby he thinks the imposition of humility is his alone to teach Jameis. I disagree strongly because “unity” is better than whatever this joker has in mind.

  11. tampa2bucsforever Says:

    Any offensive lineman who has the ability to piss off Ndamukong-Suh to the point that he stomps his head like he was trying to kill a potato bug is alright by me. Smith played better than people gave him credit for last year. He only gave up two sacks. Yea his personality is that of an no nonsense a-hole. So what. We need more richards on this team.

  12. The original "Kevin" Says:

    So why is it so hard for people to imagine an immidiat drastic improvment on offense???

    I think by the the second half of the season our offense will be our strong point. I dont think leslie frazier will ever be able to fill the role of maranelli…(spelled wrong I know). Not saying he is bad. We will have an above average D for sure but this offense is built with better weapons than atlanta and koetter had no problem making that work.

    It wasnt Matt Ryan….I cant wait to see him playing like Mike Glennon did in his rokkie season with the way that team is right now

  13. salish_seamonster Says:

    I believe you’re milking Smith’s supposed dislike for Jameis a little bit much… It’s tedious, just like the BBQ and Mankins.

  14. BUCSFAN68 Says:

    Curtis Gator-small minded racist

  15. Joe Says:

    I believe you’re milking Smith’s supposed dislike for Jameis a little bit much… It’s tedious, just like the BBQ and Mankins.

    Welcome to Joe’s site in July! Belly up to the bar.

  16. drdneast Says:

    I agree Salish Seamonster with your post. Also with yours Mike 10. Just because Joe has a school girl crush on Jameis, it doesn’t mean we have to give the keys to the city to the young man before he even takes a regular snap in the NFL.
    The way Joe acts, if Jameis joined the Army, Joe would give him the Medal of Honor before he even completed basic training.
    Let’s not all forget that Joe was also in love with Johnny Manzell last year as well.

  17. Buc-rage Says:

    “America’s Turd”, the jock sniffing JBF is really annoying. I read this column for the comments from the fans. If he wouldn’t get in trouble for it I’d like to see Jameis knock his stupid ass out.