The Weakest Link

June 20th, 2015
Deemed the worst of the worst last year for the Bucs.

Deemed the worst of the worst

Last year’s offensive line was a pile of mule dung that sat in the sun too long on the street outside a cheap French Quarter brothel.

Anyone who has ventured out on the streets of the French Quarter in the summer knows exactly how awful that truly is.

One could point to a lack of a barbecue grill or any number of offensive linemen who shat all over the place. No one was blameless. However, Joe was taken aback when he read that Pat Yasinskas of ESPN pointed a finger at Anthony Collins as being the biggest culprit. Yasinskas was writing about the high ceiling for Collins’ successor, Donovan Smith.

That was a problem spot last season as Anthony Collins ended up being a huge free-agent bust. Collins’ attitude and work ethic were poor and he ended up being benched for the last four games. Collins was the weakest link on an offensive line that allowed 52 sacks and didn’t block very well for the running game. The Bucs are counting on Smith to help turn the offensive line around. Smith should fit in quickly because coordinator Dirk Koetter’s offense is similar to the one Smith spent two years in under Bill O’Brien at Penn State.

The more Joe thinks about this, the more Yasinskas is right. Look, what is the most important position on the offensive line? If your left tackle is being a malcontent and plays matador football, then, yeah, how could anyone expect the line to produce?

Again, no one is blameless on that line. Each one urinated in the wind. But no one barfed on himself worse than Collins.

Funny how Collins is still unemployed, isn’t it?

20 Responses to “The Weakest Link”

  1. motorboat Says:

    More concerning and a possible insight into the future is the fact that the Lovie regime signed this waste for a bunch of $$ and paraded him out as a solid replacement for Penn.

  2. Dick2111 Says:

    @Joe … “Again, no one is blameless on that line. Each one urinated in the wind. But no one barfed on himself worse than Collins.”

    Bingo, we have a winner! The ENTIRE OLine stunk it up. It’s a wonder McCown and Glennon were still walking at the end of the season.

    But don’t leave out those who got rid of several perfectly serviceable OLinemen (Penn, Zuttah, even Larson) and substituted in Collins, Cousins, Smith and a couple of 5th round rookies. Makes you wonder just what the brain trust was thinking with those moves.

    This year’s additions will hopefully perform better, but if I were Jameis I’d be practicing my ‘Run Jameis Run’ routine for the first few games.

  3. MOBucs Says:


  4. WS99 Says:

    Collins and “he who should not be named” hold the most responsibility for last year.

  5. Tom Says:

    Can’t say I’ve ever heard the term “matador football” but you couldn’t find a more apt description of Anthony Collins

  6. Bobby Says:

    It’s almost like L&L came in and said “Let’s blow this thing up, get the #1 pick in the draft and start building a contender.” I don’t think that’s what actually happened but it may as well have. That’s the end result.

  7. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Congratulate me boys! Our business and the office that held it made it through closing Friday morning. I’M RETIRED!!!

    I say this because I’m excited, but also because of this line in the post..

    Funny how Collins is still unemployed, isn’t it?

    Congrats to Collins as well. He got over! I feel so incredibly blessed at 67 to have a tiny cottage on Lake Superior as well as a nice home in St. Pete. But Collins could buy and sell me many times over.

    As excited as I am about never having to go to work again, think about Collins!
    He never has to go to work again, he’s young, and he’s a millionaire. Life is good if you’re Anthony Collins.

  8. Kevin Says:

    His attitude must have changed dramatically after being paid his money. Had the Bucs not signed him last season, I find it hard to believe he wouldn’t have gotten a decent offer from multiple teams.

    Some guys get that contract and keep playing hard. some guys just don’t really care about the game or they’re team mates. Collins proved to be one of those. To not even be signed…..yeah he’s sipping rum and cokes by the beach right now. Who wants that on they’re football team?

  9. WS99 Says:

    Congrats St.pete. I assume that means you’ll be posting non-stop now. We’ve missed you the last couple of weeks.

  10. WalkdaPlank Says:


    Truer words have never been spoken. Congratulations!

  11. rayjay1122 Says:


    Congratulations!!! I am envious though since I have another 25 years to work. Enjoy yourself!!

  12. StPeteBucsFan Says:


  13. Mike Johnson Says:

    Look McCown is a tough cookie. He spent over 75% on his back last year. Bit that he was, all of that. But the guy took some hellava beat downs. Just a 45% improvement will be big for us on the O Line. Something tells me we will get that improvement this season. If our O line has not improved? Mr. Winston will also be flat on his back too!!

  14. tmaxcon Says:


    Congrats! enjoy yourself.

  15. Dave Pear Says:

    Hopefully Collins is as prudent with his finances as you were.
    You read way to often where these young atheletes can blow through a fortune in no time.

  16. The Real Malloy Says:

    This is a very valid point Joe’s…

    The LT stinks it up, Mankins isn’t really in that leadership role yet, and the other 3 to the right aren’t being accountable at this point when the left side has failed. Enter in a rejuvinated Logan Mankins taking ownership of this unit, with two EXTREMELY promising 2nd rd draft picks under The Barbecue Masters tutelidge….we have a recipe for a huge turn around. EDS (still don’t care about the name change) and Dotson have already proven they can play in the NFL at a high level.

    I think this line is going to shock everyone….

  17. Brent Says:

    And if smith gets hurt how’s are depth? That licht didn’t sign anybody in fa? Shocking! Yasinkas is always overly optimistic. Between omaneh Collins gulley that’s like judging between pigs at a beauty contest. I don’t know how pat does it or why it matters.

  18. Owlykat Says:

    Didn’t they move Masifillo from DT to OL? He is underweight for OL but he should still be better than incompetent Gilkey and should be able to give Omameh a run for his money too. For backups I expect Pamphile to be the backup for both OT positions and Edwards should be the backup for both Guard positions. If EDS goes down don’t forget Marpet played that position in the Senior Bowl and can move over and play there!

  19. BoJim Says:

    He sure had his share of “Hey. Look out” blocks.

  20. Brandon Says:

    Brent Says:

    June 20th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

    And if smith gets hurt how’s are depth? That licht didn’t sign anybody in fa? Shocking! Yasinkas is always overly optimistic. Between omaneh Collins gulley that’s like judging between pigs at a beauty contest. I don’t know how pat does it or why it matters.

    Like on many offensive lines, our RT, Demar Dotson, would shift over from RT to LT. How many teams have stud LTs just waiting in the wings? ZERO At least we have Dotson.or Pamphile…that’s a lot better at the #2 LT than a lot of teams.