Plenty Of Second-Team Reps For Jameis

June 3rd, 2015

Tuesday’s rainy practice photo courtesy of Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Day 4 of OTA practices at One Buc Palace saw America’s Quarterback spending quality time with guys on the Bucs’ roster bubble.

Yes, the Bucs had no fear of the rain yesterday and got in their work. Tampa Bay does not have one of those indoor practice bubbles Jameis Winston wants.

Jameis took snaps with the second team, per video and photos made public by the Buccaneers. The practice was closed to media.

Joe suspects Lovie Smith, who is determined to have Jameis humming on opening day, has Jameis with the second team to load up his repetitions.

Enjoy the video below, as Jameis zips a pass over the middle to rookie receiver Kaelin Clay, the Bucs’ sixth-round pick. For those wondering, further image study tells Joe that Kevin Pamphile remains the first-team left tackle.

14 Responses to “Plenty Of Second-Team Reps For Jameis”

  1. rayjay1122 Says:

    This is such a torturous time of year!!! This is like feeding a hungry Elephant just the skins around the peanut. Well this Elephant wants more!!! Feed me Bucs!!!

  2. Tom Edrington Says:

    If Jameis is going to be the opening day starter, he needs to get 90% of ALL the reps….

    Simple as that.

  3. WS99 Says:

    Jamei got demoted cuz he ain’t got no game. Lol. Oh I wish I was in the lockerroom when he walked in on Monday I would have been clowning him hard. I’d be opening doors for him everywhere he went like in the huddle and everything. Ahh camp, good times!!!!

  4. rayjay1122 Says:

    I agree that Winston needs the majority of the reps and that includes the preseason games. He has an ultra-high Football IQ as well as a rare skill-set but needs as much time to gain synchronization and timing with his wide outs as well as the critical Center to QB exchange. I hope EDS comes around with his attitude toward his rookie QB because that Center/QB cohesion is a critical one. What a painfully long off season. Thank GOD for the Bolts right now!!! GO BOLTS!!!!

  5. bucs4lyfe Says:

    doesn’t take very much to be better than captain checkdown. but it’s a new offense so I think it’s smart to see what both qb’s are gonna bring to the first team offense when training campa starts even though we already know what glennon is he still should get first crack. I have full confidence he’s take the bone and choke on it until he gets the heimlich from jameis and he takes control

  6. INDYbucsfan Says:

    Joe, when will you be out there?

  7. Eric Says:

    He is opening all sorts of doors.

    Actually, kinda cool to see a big fancy sports guy rejected. Now he knows how I feel on most weekends………….

    Go Jaboo!!!!!!!!

  8. rayjay1122 Says:


    Check out this comment from Mixxx31. If this is credible information, then I would deduct that the “fancy sports guy” was not actually rejected. Who really knows? I was not there, so I can only go by what I have read but I do think this has been extremely overblown just like everything quasi negative in relation to America’s QB.


    mixxx31 Says:
    June 3rd, 2015 at 11:26 am
    I was in that club that night. Believe me, before the cameras started rolling, that Draya chick was all on JW’s wood. At one point JW was actually laughing at her which made her mad. After he realized she was a little pissed he was trying to soften up a little. So when ahe got outside and the cameras were rolling, she started acting like he was bothering her. JW was in a no hard feelings type mode that’s it. He wasn’t stalking her at all.
    Nothing to see here.

  9. WS99 Says:

    Ahh make fun of him anyway, it build synergy. Lol

  10. Eric Says:


    I can accept that account.

    If the number one pick in the draft has any trouble I shudder to think what that means for the rest of us.

  11. Ray Rice Says:


    Lmfao. I bet they were talking $hit to him all day.

  12. Mariota Should Have Been the Pick Says:

    The basketball wive KNEW EXACTLY who Jameis WAS. Hello… I ain’t saying she a gold digga… but she ain’t messin with no broke-broke…

    That trick is so happy she got press… she is probably begging to know the next place he will be. She may even be setting him up.

  13. Owlykat Says:

    Making Winston start with the second team is a preference of Lovie to tell the Rookies there is competition and if you want to start you have to earn it.

  14. Smitty Says:

    Man, you cats are CYNICAL!

    Here I am, thinking, maybe they start Winston with the bubble guys just to see if any of them have some special chemistry with him?