ASJ Making Strides

June 7th, 2015
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An exciting update emerges

As Joe has stated before, if the regime of Jason Licht is to hang on for more than a handful of years, Licht must get production, solid production, out of his second-round draft picks.

Licht put a lot on the line drafting left tackle Donovan Smith hoping he can protect “America’s Quarterback,” Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston. And Licht took a helluva gamble on fellow second-round pick, Division-III product Ali Marpet, tabbing him to be the answer at right guard.

However, let’s not forget about last year’s second-round pick, tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins. A lot is made of Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson — especially from Jameis himself — being great 6-5 targets. Well, so too is ASJ.

Last year, ASJ never got on track. College commitments left him ineligible for much of spring offseason work with the Bucs, and he was still hobbled from February foot surgery that kept him out of the NFL Scouting Combine. With a bad ankle sprain on opening day, plus back problems and other ailments, ASJ never made much of a rookie impact.

But to hear Woody Cummings of The Tampa Tribune, ASJ is a changed man.

In fact, Cummings offered on a recent hit on WHBO-AM 1040 with Jenna Laine that ASJ may be the most improved player in underwear football for the Bucs.

“Right now he looks like he is healthy and looks like he is really going to be a difference maker for this team,” Cummings said. “Again, it is only June. You can’t get too excited. But the one guy who looks like he has taken a big step forward, maybe a couple of big steps forward in just his development as a player and his adjustment to the league, Austin Seferian-Jenkins is one of those guys for sure.”

If the Bucs are going to have a dynamic offense, ASJ could very well be the key. Of course defenses will focus on Vincent Jackson. And it should be very interesting to see how defensive coordinators, who had all offseason to develop schemes, go after Mike Evans.

So there should be opportunities for ASJ to make an impact, with defenses so worried about Evans and Jackson. Young Jameis, with three 6-5 targets and blocking, could have a field day.

18 Responses to “ASJ Making Strides”

  1. OB Says:

    Great article on ASJ.

    I wonder what the DCs are going to do if we have a burner at the slot who is good, I don’t think you can cover four of them unless your rush stops the QB, your thoughts Joe.

  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    Good news, think ASJ can be the player many were expecting him to be.

  3. BUCutalkinbout Says:

    To me, ASG is the key to taking eight out the box. Running game here we go! Some dorm of the west coast passing game, short to medium shots down field. Slot wr would b icing on the cake
    YO JOE!!!
    GO BUCS!!!

  4. BUCutalkinbout Says:

    ^^^some form

  5. Dean Says:

    I think the real exciting thing about this year vs. last year, is the new Offensive Coordinator. Dirk will use the two big receivers, the 6-5 massive TE and will incorporate a shifty inside receiver and backs coming out of the backfield. If the new offensive line can give Winston time to let plays develop, this could be one of the most dynamic passing attacks the Bucs have put on the field.

    Hold on to your seats!!!!

  6. Buc-A-New Says:

    All of my Falcons buddies are scared to death of what Koetter is going to do with ASJ considering the way he used TG so much. If ASJ actually breaks out this yr who are opposing defenses going to double cover??????

  7. Ray Rice Says:

    If ASJ can give even half of TG production the YUCS are in business.

  8. BucTrooper Says:

    I think it is the Ali Marpet pick that will define the Licht regime. We’re either going to look at that one as a brilliant move or a “WTH was he thinking?”

  9. Martinii Says:

    Thanks for the update Joe. so far hasn’t been much news about ASJ. Any concerns over the Dotson contract?

  10. drdneast Says:

    Hard to imagine anyone who calls the Bucs the YUCS, lives on the west coast, and always posts something negative about the team is a fan and not just a troll, Ray Rice.
    Last year the Bucs hardly ever utilized the tight end or the middle of the field under Mark Arroyo. Defenses caught on as the Bucs continued to go vertical to Evans and Jackson.
    And you wonder why the offensive line was having trouble blocking.

  11. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    As defenses scramble to cover all 3 of our big receivers going downfield, those little dump passes to Simms are gonna burn them badly.
    I think both Simms and ASJ are going to have big years for us this year, if they can both stay healthy.

  12. Rrsrq Says:

    I’m looking forward to downfield blocking as well from the big three, when Sims, Martin and Bell break lose.

  13. Ray Rice Says:


    Shows how much you pay attention. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from the person who said, “the only thing holding Leonard Johnson’s career back is his speed.” I don’t need to prove my loyalty for the YUCS to you. Right now they are the YUCS (2-14 remember?), and as I’ve said before JDubb will turn this franchise around in due time. There is plenty to like and dislike about the team. Just because I don’t live in your fantasy land and say all positive things about the team. I call it how I see it. Yes. I’m on the West Coast. So! What’s your point? Anyone who isn’t from Florida can’t be a fan? If you don’t agree just skip the post. Problem solved.

  14. SOOFIERCE Says:

    You are what your record says you are; Yuck! However, in order to forge our swords we must hit it with a hammer. The hammer of truth… We were a bad team with a few talented players. Now this season, will have the chance to show if we have become a team we so desperately desire.

    In the meantime, keep it real..

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    ASJ has the skills to be an elite player. And Jameis loves to throw to TEs down the center of the field.

    Hope that both he and Sims take the big step, and Kenny Bell adds some speed to the mix.
    Wouldn’t give up on Herron just yet- he could still improve his concentration, and add depth.

    This offense could really grow into a monster

  16. Patrick in VA Says:

    Seems like ASJ was one of those guys that needed to learn how to be a pro. Seemed like he had the right mindset and work ethic last year based on the things he said in interviews but I think he needed his first year to figure out the right way to conduct himself and what direction to focus his efforts to be his best. Here’s hoping he pans out.

  17. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    If ASJ becomes what we think he can become, Jameis will have an easier time adjusting to the NFL. ASJ and Sims as surefire checkdowns will allow Winston the confidence to scan downfield knowing he’s got a bailout throw.

  18. 813beastmode Says:

    i hope asj can make an impact…off.coor. and the oline really hurt us last be honest I would love to see ali malpet at center with kevin pamphill and mankins at guard..leave d.smith and d.dotson at the tckls..I think we have a better oline…Collins wasn’t the only one whiffing on blocks..a lot of the pressure came straight up the middle as well…the only worries I have are the oline and qb..defense and special teams should be decent but we’ll see…GO BUCS!!!