With The 231st Overall Pick The Bucs’ Select Fullback Joey Iosefa

May 2nd, 2015


The defunct Marcus Mariota Gang will like this one. The Bucs drafted the wrong guy from Hawaii.

In the seventh round, they drafted Samoan fullback Joey Iosefa from the University of Hawaii.

He’s a long shot, for sure.

Iosefa measured 6-0, 247 pounds at the NFL Scouting Combine, and he ran the 40-yard dash slower than Jameis Winston.


22 Responses to “With The 231st Overall Pick The Bucs’ Select Fullback Joey Iosefa”

  1. Creamsiclebucsfan Says:

    For that , I’d have taken la’el Collins

  2. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Actually doesn’t look horrible as a FB.

  3. Matt B Says:

    Wasted pick. Could’ve had Ifo. Sure, he might not see the field until 2016 but he’s a 1st or 2nd round talent.

  4. mac Says:

    He caught a lot of passes… He will be used as an H back type as well as fullback… 22 TDs… Has a nose for the end zone…

    I like the pick… Koetter probably had some influence on this whole draft including this guy…

  5. lurker Says:

    like him wayyyyy better than mariota.

  6. Bryce Says:

    dont worry about the 40 time this guy will run people over defenses will have to bring the lunch pale to tackle this guy.

  7. Wally Says:

    Just watched highlights. Nothing special. North south runner.

  8. Nybucsfan Says:

    Our first round was an easy pick but over all they are terrible at drafting.

  9. Kevinm813 Says:

    this kid is a beast!

  10. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Camp Fodder! Not enough room for everybody! Is this kid supposed to be out Jevorskie Lane?

  11. Rrsrq Says:

    The “I” train

  12. alanbucs Says:


    I don’t understand how your write off most of our draft picks on the third day of the draft! Really?

  13. distraughtfan Says:

    Awesome we got the slowest Quarterback and the slowest running back in in the draft…Great job guys!!!!! what a joke

  14. topdoggie Says:

    @nybucfan where do you have access to game film and the time to study it? I can’t believe any fan can know Jack about more than a handful of college players.

  15. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    distraughrfan how about you what a joke yo a$$ another team to follow.

  16. lurker Says:

    and the fastest olineman!

    quit ur b1tchin. u guys know nothing.

  17. alanbucs Says:

    Some people just love to complain about everything. smh.

  18. Phillip Says:

    He played RB in college.. Seems like a practice squad player imo.. Also couldn’t stay healthy the past two years.. Not sure I understand the pick.. I know it’s just a 7th rounder but damn the Oregon CB was still on the board I believe…

  19. Maleko Says:

    I live in Hawaii and I can tell you this guy is a beast.

  20. White Tiger prefers Mariota Says:

    I suspect the guy can pick up a blitz, and will be handy in MAXPRO…a protection our rookie signal caller with no wheels, will operate from quite often.

    ..they gambled on the big fella, the Hobart graduate is a Guard and Dotson-the-swing-tackle will be heading back to the right side …and the aging BBQ guy and EDS…they still have some holes up front…

    …they’ll need a blocking TE…and and a Fullback that can block and pick-up the blitz…and maybe even contribute some lead blocking…maybe, just maybe a short drop will be enough to hit one of those big receivers…

    he’s just a guy.

  21. HawaiianBuc Says:

    You guys are great. You’re complaining because he’s not an elite player – in the freaking 7th round!!! SMDH

  22. sumosam Says:

    This is not a wasted pick. What are you guys watching? Forget about the speed. This guy is a FOOTBALL PLAYER. He will make the team. He can run, block, lead block and catch extremely well. He might even throw a pass now and then (High School QB). Old time football here we come and thank you L&L for bringing this dude in here. He will be a gas to watch. He eats up goal lines too and that is the most important asset.