Report: Doug Williams Is 2015 Ring Of Honor Choice

May 12th, 2015


Joe sure hopes this report is accurate. It’s a good bet, considering the excellent source.

Former Bucs QB Shaun King, currently of Yahoo! Sports, is reporting via Twitter that Tampa Bay’s first real franchise quarterback, Doug Williams, will be enshrined in the Buccaneers Ring of Honor this year.

Williams, one of three quarterbacks to the lead the Bucs to the NFC Championship game (1979), is deserving. And he already was in the defunct “Krewe of Honor” that lived in the old Tampa Stadium. There was even a gameday ceremony for that.

Williams is a hero of Jameis Winston, which makes this an especially great time to honor a Bucs hero.

Joe will have more on this later.

68 Responses to “Report: Doug Williams Is 2015 Ring Of Honor Choice”

  1. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Yeah…… Baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    Good Choice.

  3. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    The Krewe of Honor was a smallish bronze plaque in the bowels of The Ole Sombrero

  4. BuccaneEric Says:

    I wish I saw him play. Just missed him.

  5. HotRod Says:

    Man deserves some love, he wasn’t treated right and we need to make up for that as fans by showing him how much we appreciate the short time he was the Buc’s QB. Show up and be loud.

  6. JabooBuc Says:

    He is absolutely a great choice.

  7. WS99 Says:

    I was hoping for Josh McCown but Doug Wiliams will do.

  8. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Should be a great game for old Buc fans to go to….lots of his teammates will be there….thing is the Bucs historically have laid big eggs at such honorary games……

  9. robert 9 Says:

    no love for vinny?

  10. TheWatcher Says:

    What a horrible choice. He wasn’t here long enough, had more success elsewhere and bad-mouthed and insulted the Bucs organization on many occasions. Many old Bucs players are more deserving of this honor

  11. mac Says:

    That’s how crappy this franchise has been… A guy who had two decent years and led the team to a NFC championship loss then went on to win a Super Bowl for another team… This is a joke…

    Who’s next? Sean “fat cowboy” King… Oh borother… I’m going to go vomit now…

  12. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Unless you lived through the 0-26 and then what Doug Williams MEANT……stats just don’t tell the whole story….he was a huge competetor and willed the team to victories….all this when rosters were stacked by established teams before free agency

  13. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Exactly! on numerous occasions- Doug has talked major sh*t about the franchise.
    -head scratcher

  14. WalkdaPlank Says:

    “Doug Williams, one of two Buc quarterbacks that lost a NFC Championship game when his defense gave up 11 or fewer points.”

    But seriously, congrats.

  15. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Great news.

  16. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    If true, that is one game I will certainly attend. I loved Doug and those teams reflected his toughness and grit. Culverhouse treated him disgracefully.

  17. JabooBuc Says:

    I believe he had the right to talk sh$t about the franchise. He did play for the Culverhouse regime.

  18. BuccaneEric Says:

    Doug Williams was better than Shaun King, and the Defense only gave up 9 points in both championship game losses.

  19. ATrain Says:

    Doug can be in the Ring of Honor for his favorite team, which wasn’t the BUCS!!!

    How about ATrain, Barber, Lynch, Guys who love the Bucs..

    How about the only SB Coach CHUCKY

  20. Luther Says:

    This needs to happen. If you weren’t a fan back then, you wouldn’t understand.

  21. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    This is the most polarized site I have ever visited – people are either positive or negative about everything – there is no in between!

  22. Jbeachbuc Says:

    YES! 100 percent , All day every day YES!!!

  23. mac Says:

    They should change the name to “Ring of Average”…

  24. mac Says:

    Or “Ring of Mediocrity”…

  25. gbuc Says:

    Yea. Now if the glazers wouldn’t have killed the throwback game because of the “helmet” issue, it would make for a cool day.

  26. Hawk Says:

    I can still see it. The Bucs were in the ‘red zone’. Doug took the snap and rolled left. He abruptly stopped causing him to lose his footing. BOTH feet went out from under him and he found himself sitting on his butt with both feet pointing towards the goal. Effortlessly, Doug threw the ball to a wide open receiver for the touchdown. Oh, yea. He deserves to be there.
    I hope you don’t mind the video of this, Joe.
    Go to the 1:40 mark
    He shouldn’t get this honor as payment for the way he was treated. He should get this honor because of the way he played. He was the Buccaneer’s first franchise QB. The fact that ‘they’ blew it, by not being able to keep him, in no way lessens his impact.
    Congrats, Dougie.

  27. ATrain Says:

    Atrain – Bucs Records
    1st in TD
    2nd in total Rushing yards
    3rd in scoring Bucs (1st non kicker)
    4th in receiving yards

    I think we should Honor a man who is a top the Record books for this club

  28. OneBuc55 Says:

    Doug Williams was our Archie Manning

    Too bad ownership at the time was to ignorant to see it…Hugh let Williams walk away while still in his prime…I’m a 38 year old African-American from SW Florida and my dad is from Mississippi, he was a big Grambling fan back in the day therefore a big fan of Doug Williams and the Bucs; that’s how I became a Bucs fan…anyway, when Hugh did what he did to Doug my dad never rooted for the Bucs ever again…during the 80’s/90’s when the Bucs were really bad he use to always tell me “the Bucs are cursed for what they did to Doug Williams”…With that said, I’m happy to see Doug finally get the respect from this franchise he truly deserves; he was a trailblazer for this team…

  29. Oahubuc Says:

    Politics weighs heavily in this choice. It’s an olive branch. James Wilder would be the stronger choice. Oh well.

  30. Dave Pear Says:

    Doug Williams was a bad A$$ QB.
    He deserves to be in the Ring of Honor.
    One of my favorite memories of Doug was a home game against the Bears.
    He throws a 60 yard strike to Jimmie Giles and Doug Plank lights him up.
    I mean decleats poor Giles.
    Knocks him the ef out.
    Doug sprints down field and starts a fight with Plank.
    Flag is thrown.
    15 yards unsportsmanlike penalty on Doug.
    Crowd goes wild.
    Gives Doug a standing ovation.
    Doug Williams was a competitor and his team LOVED him.
    I see that in Jameis.
    Go Bucs.
    And thanks Doug for making us relevant.
    Even if for only a short time.

  31. Luther Says:

    Atrain was NOT a great player. He had great highlight runs for sure but Dunn and Blount were both better backs…sorry to tell you that

  32. Greg Says:

    surprise surprise to help over hype Jameis Winston they are honoring a former black quarterback who was average with Tampa Bay and had his best games in Washington.

  33. johnnytheMOON Says:

    Doug was only a starter 4 1/2 years and put up Tebow like stats …he won 5 regular season games after he left here ..I Always thought he was a average QB who was very inaccurate …and yes i am 46 so i saw him play ….I would of rather saw Hardy Nickerson or Ronde .

  34. Hawk Says:

    Good Lord! The way some people are whining, you would think this is the last year the Bucs will give this honor.
    ALL of the suggestions above (except Josh McCown) are deserving and, I am sure, will get their day in the sun. Take a deep breath and remember there are more important things in life… like the Bucs winning another Super Bowl!

  35. BucFan20 Says:

    If true congrats to you Doug. And to some of you. This is not the Super Bowl Ring Of Honor. Players from then and now will get their turn. But there are players that gave all they had when this team started you never knew. Alot are to young or transplants. But players like Doug, Wilder, Bell, and more SHOULD come first.

  36. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Doug Williams? Judging from the posts on this blog leading up to the draft I thought we already had that spot saved for Fameis!

  37. '74 Bucs Fan Says:

    Grew up watching Doug play. Receivers used to complain about how hard he threw. John McKay told Doug to keep it up and he’ll find receivers that are willing to catch them. John McKay was awesome – “what do you think of your teams execution?” “I’m all for it!”. awesome

  38. Tom Edrington Says:

    Doug Wililams, proud to have known him, proud to have written about him, proud to have followed his life after Tampa.

    Coached at my beloved Naval Academy, coached at his alma mater, Grambling.

    A man mistreated by the organization……many of you will be surprised to know that they didn’t sign him because they were $100,000 apart in the contract negotiation and they let him leave over that….

    One of the great feel good moments was when he became SUPER BOWL MVP with the Redskins!!! Justice served!

  39. Ray Rice Says:

    I was hoping Bo Jackson but their dumba$$e$ found a way to FUK that up too! #dumfux

  40. ATrain Says:

    Luther you are funny…

    What in the world do you base that on..

    Not any stats…
    Average Hahahaha

    You said Blount Really do uwatch football.

    Dunn was good but not as Good As the ATrain..

  41. Dave Pear Says:

    @Tom Edrington,
    I could not agree with you more.
    When Doug said he “Was going to Disney World.”
    I pretty much cried like a baby.
    Rumor has it, he is the one who told Bo Jackson to stay the hell away from Tampa Bay.
    Hugh Culverhouse was the poster child for a racist.

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    Dunn and Alstott are on an equal level in my mind even though their running style was no where near the same.

    Alstott was just an awesome Buc.

  43. Buc1987 Says:

    Is that Gator Buc?

  44. Dave Pear Says:

    That would be my guess.
    He has a way to piss the Joe’s off.

  45. Rrsrq Says:

    Doug was the heart and soul of not just a team, but a franchise before Hugh totally disrespected him in contract talks. His numbers pedestrian, but he willed this team, he willed the community to cheer for a team that was known as the Yucs before he got here. Things are lining up to go from worst to first.

  46. ATrain Says:

    Dunn was good but he did not accomplish what Alstott did..

    ATrain was awesome.

    I remember a game against the Panthers and they ran the same play 3times in a row. Alstott up the middle he gained over 10 yards each run..

    He is a beast…
    How do you measure a player ?
    His stats? What he gave the team? Or the Tampa Community?

    ATrain is great at all of the above and is still doing great things in the community

  47. BuccaneEric Says:

    It’s great to honor the Bucs that paved the way. Id vote for Wilder next.

  48. rayjay1122 Says:

    TheWatcher Says:
    May 12th, 2015 at 5:37 pm
    What a horrible choice. He wasn’t here long enough, had more success elsewhere and bad-mouthed and insulted the Bucs organization on many occasions. Many old Bucs players are more deserving of this honor


    Damn, some people will bitch about anything and everything. Get a life hater! Congrats to Doug Williams and hopefully he will remove the voodoo curse again! Seems like the only time we have won championships are the times were Williams and the Bucs were on good terms.

  49. Buccfan37 Says:

    Doug Williams is so cool. I’m so happy for him to be recognized by the Bucs organization, This should have happened a long time ago. Congratulations Doug!

  50. Dave Pear Says:

    How about Ricky Bell?

  51. Dave Pear Says:

    How about Kevin House?

  52. Dave Pear Says:

    How about me?
    Dave Pear.

  53. BuccaneEric Says:

    Dave, yes, yes, and uh ok? Lol

  54. BuccaneEric Says:

    Only if your the real Dave Pear!!!

  55. Dave Pear Says:

    I was the FIRST All Pro.
    I’m like the Rodney Dangerfield of the Bucs.

  56. BrianBucs Says:

    Doug Williams in the Ring Of Honor? What a frikin’ joke. Who’s next, Booker Reese?

  57. BrianBucs Says:


    As much as I really hate to agree with you on this, unfortunately I have to. You are 100% correct I’m sorry to say

  58. dusthty rhothdes Says:

    DJ SWEARINGER WILL LIKE it now that hes the starting safety

  59. Arealbucsfan Says:


  60. Luther Says:

    Atrain…I watch plenty football. I stand by what I said. Alstott was a great Buc but on the national stage, there were just too many backs that were way better. He certainly didn’t deserve all those Probowl trips as a Fullback when he was a not a true Fullback. He was a terrible blocker and that is a fact. His greatest asset was that he was a load to bring down once he got into the open field.

    Don’t confuse homerism with football knowledge. All of his TD carries were much deserved because of his bulk not that he was a great back.

    Blount is not a one dimensional back like Alstott because he is hard to bring down and he can make people miss. I don’t dislike Alstott, I just don’t worship him like many Buc fans do.

  61. tval Says:

    Wth? Joe joe fungi with a reasonable post? Lol! Well deserved, doug!!

  62. TheShaz Says:

    I am fine with that.

    But Lynch, Barber and Alstott belong up there as well.

  63. mac Says:

    Or “Ring of We Suck So Bad We Don’t Have Anyone Better to Put In”.

  64. mac Says:

    Lol… Doug Williams threw more interceptions then TDs three out of the five years he was here… And completed less then 50% of his passes…

    I am nominating Josh Freeman for the “Ring of Honor”…

  65. AfroBuc Says:

    Some of you guys would beyotch and moan even if somebody paid all your bills, cooked your food and drove you around all day in a luxury sports vehicle. Your constant miserable and negative posts barely contain your happy inner child.

    Doug Williams meant way more to this franchise that his stats. If you watched and followed from the first day he was drafted (No. 17 in the first round) until the day he played his last game as a Buc (Jan. 9, 1983 – a playoff loss to the Cowboys), you would get that. I hope he’s honored at the Nov. 15 home game this year against guess who? The Cowboys.

  66. FortMyersDave Says:

    Good choice though one could not argue if Wilder, Ronde or Hardy got the nod either. I grew up a Buc fan and endured many a bad day in the South End Zone seats (costing $5 to 8 a pop back in the late ’70s) and remember how Williams to Giles along with the running of the late great Ricky Bell were the only offensive options available to this offensively challenged team. The ’79 season was a magic season for those of us living on the SunCoast back then and it is fitting that Williams joins Giles in the ring of honor. And Tom Edrington was so spot on how bad it was when Williams left the Bucs for that Oklahoma USFL franchise all because Hugh Culverhouse and his Tangerine Blazer were simply too cheap to pay the man a reasonable salary… I always wondered if the Bucs would have been a bit better after the ’82 season if that cheap b@stard Hugh simply kept Williams on; I suspect the Buccos would not have been 2-14, 6-10, 2-14 and 2-14 from 1983 through 1986 as Tampa simply floundered w/o Williams and squandered draft picks for guys like Jack Thompson, I know that McKay finally gave up after the 1984 season and most of us fans did as well as soon as Leeman Bennett was hired to replace him….

  67. The True Buc Fan Says:

    I hope this is not true. Because it should only be one person this year, a person who cared, and loved this franchise so much, gave Tampa it’s first major sports championship. Malcom Glazer. RIP Mr Glazer, Thank you for everything.

  68. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    FTMyeresDave…I too sat in the south EZ in the Ole Sombrero….and RAyJay too…I’ve seen it all