May 12th, 2015

 Joe is appalled that a big national stink is being made because iconic former Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden said Jameis Winston was widely considered an “embarrassment” to the university by fans and boosters.

Bowden went on to say Jameis is young enough to recover from his mistakes, and is one of the greatest players to wear the Seminoles colors.

In one form or another, these are all things Bowden has said previously.

Well, duh! Of course Jameis was an embarrassment. Living under an extreme spotlight, he did embarrassing things. His brushes with the law brought embarrassment to his school. That doesn’t take away from all he accomplished, all the revenue he generated for the university, and all the good things he did.

Jameis, Lovie Smith and others would be the first to agree. This was neither news nor fresh.

It’s really sad how many national media types are dying to pounce on Jameis and embarrass themselves by trying to embarrass him. That’s an embarrassment.

38 Responses to “Duh!”

  1. Brion Says:

    Byron Leftwich’s coach never called him an embarrassment. Just sayin.

  2. SteveK Says:


    Were you on BigDog Radio Today? I can’t find the podcast here, nor on 620’s site.



    Also, Bowden is just and old school coach, still a little sour from being forced out. I hope Jameis years up the league, it’s exciting to be a fan again. I am thrilled we took Jameis, especially if the pick was a QB.

  3. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Haters gonna hate. Just have to put that noise aside.

  4. chickster Says:

    This is what you will have to get use too as a buc fan rape allegations court dates and this is the face of a franchise hope this works out but Tennessee will coming out on top of this deal

  5. The Real Malloy Says:

    Hey SteveK……..get a rooom!

  6. Stanglassman Says:

    Off Topic-I don’t do gossip. I do like Bucs news.

    Re: Bucs signing DJ Swearinger and Kyle Arrington playing SS. Arrington wasn’t ask back to camp this week was he? I noticed he wasn’t one of the four and don’t see him on their site and they already have Swearingter. I do like the fact that DJ plays with intensity and some serious attitude. I think he is a bit of a bad seed though. My Brother is on the board of trustees for the Texans and lives next door to the GM so I’m going to ask for some insight on this guy.

    Congrats Lightning!

  7. DEEnice07 Says:

    Raymond Jameis the savior!! Hate on haters, turn the page already!

  8. WS99 Says:


    Ha! It’s amazing what you can learn on Google. It’s a bucs life baby!

    From tbo .com
    “Bucs re-sign CB Arrington to practice squad
    Sunday, September 6, 2009 4:40pm

    The Bucs have signed defensive back Kyle Arrington to the practice squad. Arrington was released Saturday as the team trimmed its roster to reach the 53-man roster limit.”

  9. Buc2015 Says:

    I highly doubt Bowden would have ever used the word “embarrassment” if that slime ball Finebaum (a notorious Jameis and FSU hater) hadn’t used it himself in setting up the q, basically taking advantage of an 85-year old man to get a hot juicy quote out there.

    That said, as an FSU fan I would agree that a couple things Jameis did brought embarrassment to the University, in large part due to the extreme spotlight he was under. But Jameis on the whole certainly was not an embarrassment … the majority of FSU fans would not agree on that wording. A few bad decisions do not define the man.

  10. Stanglassman Says:

    I was referring to him on the team this year not back in 2009. He was at the rookie/FA mini camp last week. Joe had the story of He and Jameis eating lunch together when Jameis was asking him about Brady preparation. Isn’t that the same guy you and Luvmy were discussing if he could play SS better than DJ?

  11. Destinjohnny Says:

    He did some stupid sheit when he went there so you can basically say bobby is right

  12. JFF Says:

    This time of year the national NFL media is like a pool of starving sharks frantically chasing the tiniest drops of blood.

    Much ado about nothing here. Just let the kid play and then the media can start circling the waters. So sick of the old news forced controversy.

  13. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t care what they say. Winston is our QB and I’m behind him 110%. He’s obviously working hard and trying to be the guy they want him to be.
    Just win baby!

  14. RealityCheck Says:

    When the media gets a hold of a dead horse, they beat the crap out of it. People love to hate the kid, so inflammatory articles will continue to be published for years.

  15. Waterboy Says:

    Bobby Bowden is just upset that FSU hasn’t missed a beat since pushing him out the door and already has 1 National Title in that short period of time. I don’t have to go thru the list of incidents that occurred during his watch FSU but we all know that he didn’t have a group of choir boys.

  16. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Fact is fact sometimes the truth hurts…

    joe where’s the story on our new starting safety dj swearenger??? that ia a great pick up

  17. Stanglassman Says:

    Lets see how many of these ‘character matters’ Mariota supporters like the Swearinger pick up. It doesn’t seem to bother FunkyMunkey. I just hope the Bucs did there homework on this guy. I realize it’s a low risk pick up. I do like his alpha dog toughness and think the Bucs def could use it. I just know he is trouble on and off the field.

    Two plays people remember him by are:
    #1 The helmet to knee tackle where he blew out the TE Keller knee against the Dolphins.

    #2 P. Manning already mad at him because he concussed Welker Manning got a person foul call when he was defending his WR Sanders when swearinger tried to spear him in the end zone after he scored a TD.

  18. MadMax Says:


    Swearinger has always been an intense player. You should utube some of his college highlights. I love it, but now it could cost us penalties and he needs to realize that. He also needs to work on wrapping up his tackles. Hopefully we’re catching him at a good time in his career after being knocked down a notch from his release, and he’ll listen more and can be coached better. He def has the athleticism though. Im glad we got him (Im a Gamecock)

  19. Andrew 1 Says:

    Swearinger. Seems like one of those guys you would love as a teammate but would hate him otherwise. What I like about him though is that it seems like he HATES the falcons. For that reason alone I’m glad we picked him up. Feel free to light up some dirty birds till your hearts content Swearinger.


  20. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    A FSU booster called Paul Finebaum show today and said he hardly knew anyone who considered Jameis an embarrassment. He did say that the alumni wished he wasn’t a knucklehead, but he more than made up for it with his play. He also said some issues that happened under Bowden were actually an embarrassment, such as Free Shoes, Seminoles being dubbed Criminoles when he let his teams do what ever they wished and Bowdens attempt to hire his son as the OC.

  21. Big Irish Says:

    Time to wipe the slate clean. He’s not in the minors anymore. Drafted #1. The staring QB. Now that he’s playing with men I’ll bet he acts like one. Give the guy a break!

  22. Digga101 Says:

    @Brion that was stupid keep it bucs and relevant! !!!

  23. tval Says:

    Not half as embarrassing as rix’s play, and missing finals, weatherfords play, academic cheating scandals, korey mangum having a roster spot, and being a paterno apologist. Ill side with jameis over a man who thinks the internets are evil..lmao!!

  24. tval Says:

    Not “attempt” to hire jeff, the outright refusal he be demoted, despite his atrocious track record is what really upset fsu fans. Jimbo was exactly what fsu needed, or another adrian mcpherson or xavier Lee, in jameis would be sitting behind sean maguire. I couod see bobby & jeff playing maguire until jameis is a rs jr..lol!! Ridiculously out of touch. Finebaum has to dig up fossils to find a similar viewpoint..:)

  25. Mariota Joe Says:

    Hmmmm…..JBF, why did you delete my first post on this thread? Embarrassed? What I had said was….What’s embarrassing is how you Infamous jock-sniffers feign “embarrassment” over something the most revered coach in FSU history said about Infamous. And how you feign embarrassment over the media simply reporting on Bowden’s comments. Infamous is an embarrassment, and he will continue his off-field career at the next level. Better hire more baby sitters.

  26. rayjay1122 Says:

    @Mariota Joe

    FYI….The Titans also have fan sites. Since you ate such a Mariota jock sniffer, I figured you may want to spend your time there instead of harassing Bucs fans on this site.

  27. Mariota Joe Says:

    rayjay…you still sadly do not understand. I am not “harassing” Bucs fans….I’m one of them (albeit “on the sidelines” because I cannot root for Infamous). Just trying to inject a dose of reality about blindly cheering for a POC because he can throw a football. Btw, is Bowden harassing you? Just ignore me. Or I’m guessing JBF will eject me soon (although I help increase his click counts….truth will do that).

  28. nate_tweetz Says:

    Hotels.com needs to make a commercial with Bobby Bowden as “Captain Obvious”. Who doesn’t already know this? I don’t disagree with what Bobby said. However, I do have an issue with BSPN pushing this non-story and literally taking half of what Bowden said in his statement instead of using his whole statement. That’s some National Inquirer ish!

  29. JabooBuc Says:

    Mariota Troll or Mariota Douche? I’m taking a poll. Anyone?

  30. Bucman0620 Says:

    HAHA Mariota Josephine, You are NO Bucs fan. I am sure there are many on this site that like me went to the games of the early years and still cheered for a team that we knew didn’t have a chance to win. We went and hoped because we are fans. Your dose of reality is doing nothing but showing how little you know about the game itself. It also shows ignorant you are by walking around with blinders on. You think that just because some one says he did this, it is a fact. You think crucifying him for the incidents he DID do are worth it. Well, how about I say you raped me.

  31. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Fan of team but dislike the franchise QB. Sounds counter productive if you ask me guy. And inform us of this truth you speak of,maybe you mean the POC part which in part would be your opinion not your truth guy. Can’t wait till week one when you are forced to sit back and observe the Buccs manhandle fragile marita.

  32. Mariota Joe Says:

    The only manhandling that Infamous can do is …….ohhhh, never mind.

  33. Barry Neanderthal Man Says:

    Besides Joe, who are the official Winston excuse makers on this board? You know the it’s never his fault crowd.

    You can be a Buccaneers fan and also hate Winston, the Accused.


  34. drdneast Says:

    I am not a Jameis hater and am glad the Bucs drafted him.
    But I despise the way Joe fawns over this guy and calls him “America’s QB” without the guy having taking an NFL snap.
    What is truly embarrassing is the way a person who is supposed to be a journalist has turned into such a sycophant for one player who he is supposed to report on objectively.
    I am waiting for the day when Winston farts next to Joe and he describes it as the sweet smell of orange blossoms.

  35. ThunderBuc81 Says:

    I do not condone his actions while in college but I sure didn’t hear any of these guys complaining when Jameis was bring home the Heisman and the Championship

  36. Stanglassman Says:


    I loved to watch the guy play for the ‘ol ball coach. I watched every Gamecock game I could to see he and Marcus Lattimore. My Brother a Texan trustee is giving me sh1t because I told him on draft day a few years back was going to love the guy.

    I was never saying I didn’t like him it’s just that he is a lot of the things that the MM supporters were trying to paint Jameis.

  37. Mariota Joe Says:

    Bucman0620, I doubt a horny, drugged up, disease ridden, over-sexed, hormone-injected Darren Sharper would….oh, never mind.

  38. Rick Says:

    For once, Joe is absolutely correct. Bobby Bowden hit the bulls eye by identifying Jameis Winston as an embarrassment for Florida State. Any of you who would argue otherwise have your heads planted firmly where the sun doesn’t shine.

    Similarly and inarguably, Winston was a great football player for the Seminoles. Only football historians will decide whether he’s the greatest Seminole ever, at least through the time he played there.

    As a pro only time will tell whether Winston learned from his mistakes, is capable of adapting to the pro game and goes on to become a great NFL player and good Buccaneers citizen off the field.