Keeping Glennon To Push Winston

April 7th, 2015
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Pushing Jameis Winston for a starting gig?

Barring Jameis Winston doing something really, really, really stupid in the next three weeks (Joe hopes his family has him locked up at home), it would be a shock beyond words if the Bucs don’t draft Winston No. 1 overall the night of April 30.

The Bucs haven’t even tried to deny such a suggestion — although they are politically correct about the issue and going through the motions with other potential top picks.

(Only the diehard Marcus Mariota loyalists think he is still going to be picked by the Bucs over Winston.)

This brings backup quarterback Mike Glennon into the picture. Many believe the Bucs are trying to shop him. Hey, if the Bucs can get a third-round pick, then Joe would pull the trigger in a heartbeat. But that may be wishful thinking.

However, one NFL man Joe has the upmost respect for, former Bucs scout, Jets linebackers coach and Jets front office man Pat Kirwan, thinks it is best to keep Glennon.

In fact, Kirwan believes Glennon will push Winston for a starting job.


Look, Glennon, who Bucs coach Lovie Smith deemed the “quarterback of the future,” was benched twice by Lovie. Now Lovie is about the pull the trigger on a quarterback at No. 1 overall. Glennon is in no way going to push Winston for a starting job.

Oh, Glennon may start a few games until Winston gets his feet wet in the NFL. But if the Bucs draft Winston No. 1 overall, a guy who Lovie already has benched twice is not going to usurp Winston as the starter, unless Winston himself gets hurt. Thinking Glennon is going to compete with Winston for playing time is just silly.

Joe can never remember a backup pushing a No. 1 overall pick for a starting job unless the No. 1 pick was a complete and total bust.

96 Responses to “Keeping Glennon To Push Winston”

  1. bucs4lyfe Says:

    lol push Winston big jokes to start of the day I love it….mike glennon couldn’t even push josh mccown, he’s easily forgettable but he can think lovie because it was smart to sign mccown because he helped prepare glennon for life on the bench

  2. Harry Says:

    I agree with you Joe. If the Bucs can get a 3rd rd, or even a 4th rd pick for MG8, I say push the button on that deal. We need too much new talent not to grab every draft pick we can.

    Yea, yea, some MGMers will say nothing short of a 1st rd pick, but I ask, what the heck has The Future done that deserves that compensation? He has played like a good backup, hence the 3rd rd pick that he was.

  3. bucs4lyfe Says:

    if bucs haven’t gotten an offer of atleast a 3rd round pick then you know why. he’s not worth a 3rd according to his play….a few good throws a game doesn’t make you a franchise player. he plays like he’ll get a 5th but chances are teams are smart enough to wait until after the draft to go after glennon so they can keep their picks for this year

  4. Bucfan4life Says:

    The fact that Glennon is cheap is irrelevant. He is not part off the Bucs future and they need to fill a lot of holes. They need to try and get a 3rd or 4th round pick for him. That could end up being a useful piece in trading back into the 1st round to try and land a stud OT or DE.

    The can bring in some career back up with more experience than Glennon to help groom Winston.

  5. Chef Paul Says:

    I agree, he wont be pushing Winston. But trading him this year is too stupid and short sided. There’s too many “what ifs” going into this year already.

  6. tmaxcon Says:

    If Licht can get anything above a 6th Rd pick he has no choice but to move on. Glennon is not going to make a difference no matter what therefore get what you can. Challenging Winston that must have been hard to type within hurting yourself laughing. it’s simply to early for jokes like that.

  7. kaput Says:

    Glennon isn’t going to take anyone to the playoffs but he might be a top five back up quarterback. He seems to work hard and appreciate his role, whatever it might be.

    Plus, he’s cheap.

    I’d keep him around instead of signing a journeyman quarterback that will cost more.

    I think it would be good roster management for him to stick around for at least this year. Perhaps trade him next season?

  8. The Buc Realist Says:

    It depends on which side you seat. As a Bucs fan you want them to keep MG8. No one works harder, from all reports the kid is smart in film study and the QB room.

    But as a MG8 the faster he gets away from Lovie the better his career will be!

    As trade offers go, no less than 2 3rd rounders! and seeing how Freeman was just plain cut from the team, At least that the Bucs know what there QB’s are worth!

  9. Skyline Crew Says:

    We’d have to draft two QBs if we trade Glennon.

  10. BirdDoggers Says:

    If last season was any indication, Lovie doesn’t believe in QB competitions.

  11. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    The opposing DE’s ~LB’s~DT~CB’s will give all the pushing he ever dream for.
    Actually Glennon will make it tough for Jameis to get on the field before Holloween…..

  12. LJS4th Says:

    With Wiston’s family keeping him locked up, taking away his passwords to social media and not letting him have a phone, we need to keep Glennon, because when Winston gets loose…..look out!!!! That guy is going to go wild and he has about 25 million to do what he wants, so we will need a quarterback for the Bucs and Glennon can handle that until we draft first again next year!!!

  13. tmaxcon Says:


    You could argue every player on the bucs roster with the exception of the broken down prove it players would be better off getting away from Lovie. I don’t like glennon but he will be much better off away from Lovie there is no doubt.

  14. tortured orlando bucs fan Says:

    Anything less than a 3rd rounder this year for glennon is a bad trade, while imo, he will never be an elite or (whatever the level right below that is called, the romo, roethlisberger,ryan level is…i guess really good franchise qb) he is one of the best qb backup options currently in the nfl given his age and experience(in being thrown into terrible situations)…other than matt moore, i wouldn’t take any other backup before mg…and a good backup is always important with a rookie qb comming in

  15. JW5alltheway Says:

    @LJS4th hahaha be prepared to come up with a new screen name after next season to comment on here about how much you love Jameis and how you knew he was going to be the next best thing! Dont worry though, you will not be alone. There will be tons and tons of JW haters lining up to suck on the teet..

  16. bucs4lyfe Says:

    tmaxcon Says:

    April 7th, 2015 at 8:03 am

    You could argue every player on the bucs roster with the exception of the broken down prove it players would be better off getting away from Lovie. I don’t like glennon but he will be much better off away from Lovie there is no doubt
    glennon played about 4 games under lovie….he was dubbed mediocre long before lovie got there. it’s bad enough people think we can get a 3rd round for glennon but 2 lol. glennon is as useless as mike kafka was and he couldn’t beat out JW or MM in an open competition…maybe he could in training camp but once games started you’ll see the obvious, he buckles under the pressure of the pocket and he has no idea how to scramble, forget running for first downs he has no clue how to move within the pocket, might as well develop the young guy unless you think this is a playoff team which most of you don’t so let Winston or mariota get their growing pains out of the way

  17. TheShaz Says:

    We will know pretty quick of Jameis will take the Johnny Football route of playing professional football. If Jaboo is hanging in Vegas after signing a contract…..pray Glennon is still on the roster. But if he keeps his nose in the play book and studies the new offense. We might have a winner.

    I don’t see a deal for Glennon happening and he would be a decent backup.

    But since his last game with the Noles and declaring his eligibility has Jameis done anything remotely negative?

    Did well at the combine.
    Did Game Changers with Mooch, that showed him in a positive light.
    Worked with QB guru to speed up his delivery.
    Did TV show with Chucky and the clips I have seen are positive.
    Did well at his Pro Day.

    No TMZ pictures of him drunk in a Vegas pool yet. So let’s wait for him to get drafted and the big paycheck. But so far I can’t complain about anything he has done since the end of his collegiate career.

  18. bucs4lyfe Says:

    if teams like the browns or Arizona or Chicago and even Kansas city chiefs don’t draft a quarterback or have a decent backups they should be calling for glennon around training camp time

  19. BFFL Says:

    I truly believe Jimbo Fisher would have won a national championship with Glennon as his QB with all that talent he had on both sides of the ball. Could you imagine that parallel universe with all these FSU fans banging the drum for Glennon.

  20. Ken Says:

    Winston or Mariota, it doesn’t matter. If you choose a guy at number 1 and he has to be pushed, or you think he needs to be pushed, for the starting job then you took the wrong guy.

  21. bucs4lyfe Says:

    who cares if glennon works harder than anyone else in the building….im sure lots of players work hard but work ethic doesn’t equal talent. lol is anyone out there saying josh mccown is a lazy quarterback no they are simply saying he sucks, glennon is the hard worker he went out of the way to tell us he is but doesn’t mean he has talent

  22. Chef Paul Says:

    “No TMZ pictures of him drunk in a Vegas pool yet.”

    That’s a great point. Forget teams following him around. TMZ is probably following him so closely, if he so much as farts in front of a nun, we will hear hear about…. a lot!!

  23. OB Says:

    This is a laughable post, “Joe hopes his family has him locked up at home” and Lovie and QBs let alone offense.

    If Winston has to be locked up at home to be number one pick, we don’t want him because no one will keep him locked up at home with all the money he is going to get for signing. He has either learned his ways and is trustworthy or not.

    As for Lovie and offense, that is why we have Koetter this year, we had no one including Lovie last year.

    So what does Koetter say about Glennon, have you asked and got a straight answer? That is the question on him.

  24. robert 9 Says:

    push him?

    he’s gonna beat him like a red headed step child

  25. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Glennon is worth a third round pick and if we can get that, we should trade him…if not keep him.
    All it takes is one injury to make keeping him worthwhile. I stil think AZ would be a good place for him.

  26. Patrick in VA Says:

    I really don’t understand why people would want Glennon to be traded. Whether he pushes Winston or not, he’s a backup that I’m pumped about having. Why do people want to get rid of him so we can scramble to bring in Vince Young or some other schleprock QB. You guys scream about depth and then you want to trade away our depth when we get it

  27. Pickgrin Says:

    Despite the needs at other positions, I wouldn’t trade Glennon this year. What is a good back up worth? Potentially quite a bit if your starter goes down. And that happens all the time in this league.

    I believe Glennon actually can provide some solid competition for Winston initially. Considering Winston’s very competitive personality – that actual competition and the possibility that he might be beat out for the starting job for the opening game is likely to bring out the best in Winston right out of the gate. That’s a good thing and perhaps in and of itself is worth more than a 3rd or 4th round pick.

    If you trade the only real QB currently on your roster – then you have nothing left but a rookie QB and a scrub who is not qualified to play in the NFL – and would have to go find a qualified back-up who would inevitably cost a good bit more $ than Glennon does and yet would likely not be as good as Glennon if needed to play.

    I don’t believe Glennon is actually good enough to be a full time starter in the NFL – not at this point anyway – but he may be one of the better back ups available – so why trade him?

    Its an interesting situation really. Best to trade him now for what you can get? Keep him for 1 year and have the option to trade him next year, or keep him for 2 more years and squeeze as much value out of that 2013 3rd round pick as you can in 4 years before he moves on?

    Its possible that the last option is actually in the best interest of the team.

  28. rhenry Says:

    No way I would trade Glennon for less than a second. The kid is a hard worker that would keep Jameis on his toes.

  29. flmike Says:

    But since his last game with the Noles and declaring his eligibility has Jameis done anything remotely negative?

    His agent’s TLG, have him sequestered, remember at this point he works for them, until he has the financial ability and where with all to pay back any loans or advances they have given him (with accruing interest) does that dynamic change. You can bet he’s under explicit orders to do nothing that would jeopardize his draft standing.

  30. bucs4lyfe Says:

    No one year has to to say why on earth they think glennon has done anything to warrant a 3rd round pick in a trade? delusional and honestly it just comes from being homers and knowing your players better than any others. people in TAMPA think he’s worth a 3rd round but no one around the league is giving up a 3rd round pick for glennon. doug martin would get more in a trade than glennon would

  31. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Mike Glennon…still the most NFL ready QB on the roster today and even after April 30th (regardless of who the Bucs actually draft). I can’t wait to read the whining posts after the Bucs open the season with Glennon as the starting QB.

  32. The Buc Realist Says:

    Every year, some of the local media tries to predict the demise of Glennon, while the national media has a different opinion of MG8.

    Reminds me of when the nation media was telling us the truth of Freeman, while local media wrongly said they were slandering the franchise!!!

  33. JBuc Says:

    You keep Glennon as insurance and see what you can get for the muscle hamster. This is the NFL where you usually only as good as your depth. While I don’t think Glennon is a full time starter in this league, I do think he is a better than average back up. Presuming you start Winston in game one behind this line, you need to have someone that can step up and play well at s moments notice. Who is out there currently that is a better backup than Glennon?

  34. pick6 Says:

    @flmike, are you implying that if his agents weren’t holding some sort of short term debt over his head he would be out terrorizing the town? i’m convinced this guy could have tom brady’s career arc and people would still be implying that he is a knucklehead in his mid-30s. actually, if he had tom brady’s career arc, much more negative attention would come to his baby mama situation and people would think all that yelling and getting fired up out on the field was “thuggish”

  35. UF Alum that likes a few Noles here. Says:

    Those of you that don’t understand the concept of having a good back up to a Rookie QB then you should be commenting on the Professional Knitting site.

  36. bucs4lyfe Says:

    this is glennon’s third year coming up so he better be NFL ready otherwise he’s useless. I think he’ll start the season simply because if the bucs don’t have a roster ready to compete for the division then it wont matter if Winston sits. I don’t understand it….why is anyone predicting the demise of glennon he hasn’t rose to some high stature that im aware of, he’s never been a day one starter in this league before and people think he’s worth a 3rd round pick. if he was then why did bucs feel the need to go out and immediately get a quarterback. NFL ready does not mean starting caliber player, matt Flynn and josh mccown are nfl ready, doesn’t make them good quarterbacks

  37. pick6 Says:

    100% of JW’s “issues” are the product of the campus fishbowl and the NCAA’s absurd policy of not allowing schools to (legally) compensate top athletes. i’m not using them as an excuse for his behavior, just saying that outside of that context and as a professional earning money in the real(ish) world, it is hard to imagine jameis even being in a situation to consider doing what he did in the student union or feeling the need to get any food or drink without paying for it.

  38. 87SizeXLCreamsicle! Says:

    Been saying it. I think they’re keeping him. Which will surely piss Glennon, robert 9 and Glennon’s brother off. Oh well who cares, let them pound sand.

    Same goes for the rest of the MGM.

  39. Eric Says:

    Lovie usually wants to give a guy an opportunity to go elsewhere if he can’t start.

    That might come into play.

    Id prefer to keep the guy but that’s kinda unfair to him. The number one pick is going to be the QB of the future obviously.

    He’s earned the courtesy of going somewhere where he might get to start.

  40. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Jameis would have to suck out loud for ANY QB to push him in this situation.
    Too many reps are on the line behind this choice and even if Fameis is a bust, which I don’t believe he will be, OBP will stand behind him till the bitter end.
    Can you say JFro.

    A “franchise QB” always gets to start deservedly or not.

    And anybody who thinks Josh McCown “deserved” to be our starting QB last year over MG8 needs to hook up with me. I have some cheap stock in the Sunshine Skyway bridge I need to unload.

    McCown was Lovie’s boy. McCown was making millions. Lovie desperately needed to vindicate that decision and stuck with McCown long past the time it was clear the McCown was choking out there. Brought in for ball security he made rookie like mistakes that I don’t even expect to see out of Fameis. Although that fumble in the Rose Bowl was a true “McCown”.

    Players start for a variety of reasons not always because they are the best.
    How many games do we suppose Michael Johnson started instead of Jack Smith. Yeah I know opposite sides of the DL but do we really believe Johnson “earned” a spot on the field ahead of Smith. No Johnson’s contract and L&L’s need to justify that deal is what kept Johnson on the field.

  41. robert 9 Says:

    lol @ 87

    the guy says he won’t respond to me, yet continues to post about me. thats about as bit*h as it gets…….just another day lol

    so many people, including joe, jumped on the MGM train real quick a while back, yet are now rooting for winston. I get it, dude has skills. but what a short minded approach from most people. Glennon is the best insurance policy we have and trading him for camp meat is about as smart as handing a rook QB the job….oh wait, lovie handed mcclown the job lol, so you know damn well there will be no competition.

  42. ChessMaster Says:

    Glennon is a top notch backup. I would keep him.

  43. P'cola Buc Says:

    Glennon may not be starting QB material at this point but I believe Koetter sees his potential to be worked with. Glennon also at the very least provides a safety net in case Winston messes up. Let’s see if Koetter can work some magic with both of them…. And no….my sense is that Winston will show enough fortitude to not mess up off the field.

  44. 87SizeXLCreamsicle! Says:

    I’m also still not sold on Koetter.

    Better than Arroyo? Of course he will be, but I think fans are getting excited for this guy a little too much.

  45. Architek Says:

    GLENNON is a non-story!

  46. jimmy53 Says:

    Fyi–to those who keep talking about Winston pulling a Manziel.

    By all reports, Jameis doesn’t go out much, and isn’t known as a party guy. The Kinesman mistake was three years ago, and there’s never been another report of him even being at a bar.

    The same was not true of Biloxi hotel signing–money flashing–rolled dollars in the bathroom–Manziel.

  47. Yungry Says:

    Joe said:
    Thinking Glennon is going to compete with Winston for playing time is just silly.
    It is silly because Marcus will be competing with Glennon. Just ask Lovie/Licht, oh wait nevermind they are on a 5 1/2 hour flight to Eugene as I am writing this.

  48. Architek Says:

    LOL how can you all possibly know what Koetter wants and is asking for his offense?

  49. Bucfan4life Says:

    UF Alum because the Bucs have not been able to address the needs on both lines they most likely are going to be terrible next year. Glennon doesn’t win anymore than some retread they could find off the trash heap. I would prefer they get what they can for Glennon, trudge out some retread to take the pounding rather then Winston. Use next years top 3 pick gon someone to protect Winston and send him out to start in his second year.

  50. imathenone Says:

    How many games did we loose by 1 score?
    How many times was that due to the defense loosing the lead.

    Draft winston, but do not forget that MG could have had done a lot more with just a bit more help. Hard to excel as a qb with 1.5 seconds to work with.

  51. 87SizeXLCreamsicle! Says:

    LOL at these people still holding out hope for Mariota. You can’t even bother with them anymore.

    They’re like little fluffy kittens.

  52. Aaron Says:

    If the Bucs were going to compete for anything this year – I would be more inclined to keep Glennon, but we have way to many holes to fill not to take a 5th round or better to help fill those holes.

    There has to be a vet QB out there that replicates Glennon’s skill set. (check down to a RB or under throw a deep ball to one of WR)

  53. Barry Bryan Joel all agree Says:

    Joe’s hoping they continue to keep Winston locked up so he won’t do anything stupid #RapingYoungGirls #CommittingCrimes

    You would think Joe would do something responsible, like ask Smith-Licht-Glazers why is Winston being locked up? When he had the opportunity to do so. This is why you can’t trust non objective media, people.

    Again, Joe and Winston’s handlers themselves don’t trust Jameis Winston, but the Glazers should?

    #FaceOfFranchise #hahaha

    #DP #HGH #PEDs #MushBrainRetard

  54. 87SizeXLCreamsicle! Says:


  55. bucrightoff Says:

    How can anyone truly say what they think Mike Glennon is as a QB, when he’s been thrown to the wolves in total dumpster fire situations twice? Never mind that he actually performed as well as conceivably possible in those situations. What could he look like in an actually decent situation? I’d like to find out, too bad it’s almost certainly going to be on another team.

    I think this is where there’s a disconnect between what people think a franchise QB is versus what one actually is. There are really 4 true franchise QBs, QBs who can win a Super Bowl with a mediocre teams around them: Brady, Rodgers, Luck and Manning (though not even really he can do it anymore).

    But even guys like Roethlesberger and Philip Rivers, they can’t do it without a good team around them. Ben just went through a bunch of 8-8 seasons because they weren’t that good around him. Chargers have done nothing post-2009. Neither Mariota or Winston are guys who can take mediocrity to the next level. They’re going to need good teams around them. And right now the Bucs are a looong way from that. Drafting either of them alone is basically irrelevant if the rest of the team doesn’t significantly improve. It won’t look much different than it did with Glennon.

  56. Wausa Says:

    Unless he is injured it is pretty obvious Jameis will start the Bucs first regular season game

  57. 87SizeXLCreamsicle! Says:

    Wausa…correct sir. Day 1.

  58. P'cola Buc Says:

    @ Architek

    Never said I “know” that Koetter wants to work with Glennon I said I “believe” Koetter sees potential in Glennon. Glennon has often been compared to Matty Ice and Koetter worked well with him. I’m not part of the MGM….however I disagree with your comment that Glennon is a “non story”. Whether they keep Glennon or trade him he may be one of the pivotal pieces in the Bucs story of 2015.

  59. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Agree with Kirwan. How many times have we seen rookie QBs thrown into the fire before they are ready. If the Bucs take Winston (or Mariota for that matter), wouldn’t it be nice to have another good young QB on the roster so we don’t push a rook into the fire before they understand what they are doing? I know that in the NFL a that is not always possible, but I think if we can do it here, it would pay dividends down the line. Besides, as has already been pointed out, Glennon is very inexpensive for a QB and we can always trade him after the season is over. This rebuild will take at least 2-3 years…anyone who thinks the BUCS are suddenly a playoff team with Winston is either smoking dope or just a huge idiot!

  60. Yungry Says:

    If the Bucs move Glennon they will replace him with Jason Campbell(Lovie’s boy)

  61. LutzBuczFan Says:

    NFL quarterbacks need time to develop, and a system to grow in. Glennon has had neither. Knowing that Glennon doesn’t turn the ball over much (and he took last year’s crumby team to Pittsburg and won), he seems like a good back-up QB to me. I hope we keep him.

  62. Jolly Bucs fan Says:

    I want Glennon to be traded because I like him, he’s a good guy and has a future in this league. No not a star, but I think he’ll be a good quality starter in this league.
    With Winston coming to town we will not need him as we will have a star, let this kid fight it out somewhere he has a chance

  63. P'cola Buc Says:

    @ Yungry

    That makes alot of sense. (Jason Campbell in if Mike Glennon out)

  64. 87SizeXLCreamsicle! Says:

    Jeagan1999 Says:

    “This rebuild will take at least 2-3 years…anyone who thinks the BUCS are suddenly a playoff team with Winston is either smoking dope or just a huge idiot!”

    Here we go again. One more time. No one on this site thinks this team is going to the playoffs by just drafting Jameis.

    No one. Point them out to me when you see one.

  65. Yungry Says:

    Lovie Smith has been close to Campbell for a long time now and could complement the rookie well. He brings a lot of experience which we will need!

  66. Yungry Says:

    Lovie/Licht are in Oregon today to workout Jake Fisher for their 2nd pick

  67. BlogTalkFootball Says:

    Michael Vick will be pushing Winston…

  68. P'cola Buc Says:

    Winston will be the begining buillding block for the new Buccaneers. I don’t think the team will even play .500 this year even with Winston here. This year and next we really need to build the oline and fill in some of the defensive pieces. Let’s see how the draft pans out.

  69. bucs4lyfe Says:

    it’s amazing to hear tampa bay fans talk about quarterbacks like they know, like we’ve had a franchise quarterback here before…..bottom line is glennon is garbage and not because he plays for the bucs but because he is garbage. matt ryan, ryan tannehill, cam newton, Russell Wilson, big ben, RG3 just to name a few, Winston or mariota may be none of those players MAYBE but it’s already obvious glennon is not, he had the chance to save this season but played like garbage. if your a good quarterback coming in starting day one is no big deal. RG3 came in and first season Washington earned a wild card and the franchise was electrified plus all his stupid commercial like cam. people sound crazy thinking glennon could hold off quarterbacks like MM or JW.

    I don’t care if he’s traded or rides the bench he’s not good enough to beat out any one of those rookies coming out. how do I know that? I don’t but look at the list of NFC starting Quarterbacks, glennon is dead last in wins and talent shaun hill would be better

  70. Aaron Says:

    Using the “Coaches” tape teams grade out each player’s performance based on “X” criteria.

    Using QB as an example – the evaluator of the tape grades out each passing play. Did the QB change to a better play based on what the defense showed, did the QB make the correct read etc…

    So if the QB checks down to a RB and the 1st read, 2nd read etc…was open it counts as a negative grad to the QB. If everyone was covered and the QB checks down it’s a positive grad. If the 1st read was open but the QB held the ball to long and took a sack or ran…its counted as a neg play.

    We could say the Bucs suck at evaluating anything but I heard negative (or bad) game grades over and over by evaluators outside of the Bucs.

    This is why Glennon was benched and why there is not a huge trade market for him. (he, just not the Bucs in general, is not very good)

  71. P'cola Buc Says:

    @ BlogTalkFootball

    Hmmmm who will Lovie choose to mentor Winston…Vick and his legal past or Campbell a known devout Christian?

  72. Architek Says:

    Agreed Bucs4Lyfe-
    Young promising quarterbacks never give back the starting position once they get their shot.

    He’s had MULTIPLE opportunities and each time he whiffs.

    I think people around here just want someone to pull for but in 3 weeks his era of wishful thinking will be over when the Bucs draft a rookie QB.

    Glennon doesn’t deserve the traffic we are generating on Joes site.

  73. Celly Says:

    If they keep Glennon, and that’s a BIG IF, I doubt he even beats him in training camp.

    If offered a 3-5 round pick in this years draft, take it, then sign Campbell to back up Winston.

  74. bucs4lyfe Says:


    lol it’s amazing to see. it’s like after catching a serial killer our government trys to get into his mind to figure out why he did it, I want to get into their minds because im extremely curious what evidence people have seen that glennon is a starting caliber quarterback.

  75. The Buc Realist Says:

    No one can argue the fact that every year that MG8 has been on the roster, he has been by far the best QB on the roster! Let us see if the #1 overall can outperform him in training camp. And if he does it will only make the Bucs better!

  76. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    “(Only the diehard Marcus Mariota loyalists think he is still going to be picked by the Bucs over Winston.)”

    These people need to learn the difference between “I want the Bucs to pick Mariotta because…” and “The Bucs are going to pick…” – What you want may not match reality.

  77. bucrightoff Says:

    Architek Says:
    April 7th, 2015 at 10:06 am
    Agreed Bucs4Lyfe-
    Young promising quarterbacks never give back the starting position once they get their shot.

    He’s had MULTIPLE opportunities and each time he whiffs.

    I think people around here just want someone to pull for but in 3 weeks his era of wishful thinking will be over when the Bucs draft a rookie QB.

    Glennon doesn’t deserve the traffic we are generating on Joes site.

    Pure idiocy. It’s not Glennon’s fault one of the worst QB evaluators in NFL history was his coach last year. Every one who isn’t riding Lovie’s knob ripped him for going with McCown over Glennon. McCown didn’t earn it, Lovie just sucks donkey dick at evaluating all talent, but especially QBs. Makes me wonder why people are excited at the worst QB evaluator in the league making a critical QB decision this year.

  78. Ufour2 Says:

    Glennon or another veteran QB yet to be signed will be our opening day starter. Our pick will be Leonard Williams or another pass rusher. Why would Lovie, knowing his job is under scrutiny and could possibly be canned after another disastrous year, pick a college QB with questionable feet, throwing mechanics and off-field decision making, to start for the Buc’s in 2015? So we can go 4 and 12 again? He certainly wouldn’t keep his job then and every goober salivating over Jamurcus Winston will quietly retreat just like last years Manziel homers.

  79. Couch Fan Says:

    it’s amazing to hear tampa bay fans talk about quarterbacks like they know, like we’ve had a franchise quarterback here before



    You do realize you are a Tampa fan to who is acting like you know it all. Or is your stupidity blinding your intelligence? You are the same idiot who is in love with Miami’s 3rd string bench player….

    I dont think your opinion is any better than anyone elses.

    As far as Glennon goes, it would be a mistake to get rid of him and sign an older player that costs twice as much and is half the player. Glennon is worth more than a 3rd to us. Some people just never learn from past mistakes.

  80. Buccfan37 Says:

    Glennon aint going nowhere right yet, or that is just wishful thinking on my part.

  81. The Buc Realist Says:


    I think Drew Brees, Kurt Warner, Brett Farve, Trent Dilfer and their superbowl rings would disagree with your statement!

  82. LargoBuc Says:

    If Winston wasn’t the first overall pick, I would say let the two compete. But Winston would be the first overall so you kinda gotta hand him the starting job in that rare instance. Wether Glennon would be worthy competition or not dosen’t matter.
    Although I should add that when Mccown got injured it was easy to see that Glennon was the better quarterback so saying that he couldn’t outplay Mccown is foolish. Despite under throwing Evans in Cleveland, I saw a better quarterback in Glennon.
    But once we draft Winston, no more draft talk, no more Glennon, no more Mccown. We can finally look to 2015!

  83. Architek Says:

    Fair enough, I was just reading what you communicated and possibly took your post to a literal stance but my point is you all know “coach speak” and Koetter mentioning Glennon in the same breath as Matt Ryan is about as substantial as Lovie mentioning:
    – Revis
    – M Williams
    – Glennon
    – A Collins
    – M Johnson
    – Goldson
    – and others he said would be a part of the future

    It’s all just coach speak is my point.

    Lovie has proven to be a poker player and unpredictable.

  84. Architek Says:

    Pure idiocy. It’s not Glennon’s fault one of the worst QB evaluators in NFL history was his coach last year. Every one who isn’t riding Lovie’s knob ripped him for going with McCown over Glennon. McCown didn’t earn it, Lovie just sucks donkey dick at evaluating all talent, but especially QBs. Makes me wonder why people are excited at the worst QB evaluator in the league making a critical QB decision this year.”

    Well this is easy – when you win two games and have arguably the worst offense production and quarterback play in the league you don’t have to be a astronaut to figure out the problem.

    Take me back – in our franchise history what quarterback have we drafted that lived up to his potential in Tampa???

    (I’m still waiting) so the point is that no HC in Tampa has had a lasting solution with drafted QBs in Tampa. I’m no Lovie fan but to single him out is irresponsible because no HC has drafted a successful Qb here that stayed pass the first contract.

    So it’s not Glennon fault that he consistently make the same mistakes he did in college and still shows why he was a 3rd draftee instead of higher in a weak qb class?

    You’re intelligent so help me understand what idiotic about those FACTS???

  85. Architek Says:

    Above for you Bucrightoff ^^^^^

  86. Architek Says:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    April 7th, 2015 at 11:58 am

    I think Drew Brees, Kurt Warner, Brett Farve, Trent Dilfer and their superbowl rings would disagree with your statement!
    You just singled out 3 of 4 super bowl qb’s and 3 HOFs.

    Not sure if that’s exactly a fair comparison. Let’s look more recent quarterbacks that aren’t HOFers. Russell Wilson took the starting job, Tony Romo took starting job , Foles took starting job from Vick, Eli took starting job from Warner, and even in San Diego Brees was unseated by the up and coming Rivers.

    I’m sure they would disagree but excluding the HOF greats of all time majority of starting quality qbs do not look back once they have tgat opportunity.

  87. bucrightoff Says:

    So what you’re saying is the success of any offense is 100% on the QB. Ok then. Wrong, but you can believe it. And if they draft a rookie and he struggles because the offensive line sucks, you’re going to put that 100% on the QB? Somehow, I seriously, seriously, doubt it. You’ll suffer back spasms making excuses for the rookie. Why? Because he was picked #1? Strong, consistent logic there…

    Glennon has been in arguably the two worst situations any QB has been in the last two years, and he’s looked better than top 3 drafted Blake Bortles. So Bortles deserves more chances than Glennon based on draft position? By the way, are you also suggesting Glennon has peaked? That all QBs must show everything within 2 years or it’s all downhill from there? Good thing you weren’t the Saints GM in 2006 or they’d have Daunte Culppeper instead of Drew Brees.

    And calling out Lovie is 100% correct. He is a terrible QB evaluator, one of the worst ever. He doesn’t know what a good QB is despite 10 years of NFL coaching experience. Him playing McCown instead of Glennon doesn’t say anything about Glennon, it says Love sucks and should never be involved in QB decisions (or any offensive decisions for that matter).

  88. The Buc Realist Says:

    Every once in a while someone will ask me when the MGM actually started? It was in 2013 training camp when we all watched that Glennnon was twice the Qb that Freeman was at that point!

    And since then all the MGM has asked for was a fair QB competition. Not that he would be given a starting position. But just the chance to compete!

  89. KingFish Says:

    Wow Joe…. Your hatred/disgusting dislike for Glennon sure can stir up a column. I just wish Lovey would trade or cut him already. Then he could at least have a fair shot at playing his position. I know he is counting the days till next season is over so he can go to a team that wants him.

  90. Joe Says:

    Wow Joe…. Your hatred/disgusting dislike for Glennon sure can stir up a column.


    Joe doesn’t “dislike” Glennon in any way. In fact, he got hosed over by Lovie. However, if the Bucs pick Winston, it will all have worked itself out.

  91. Mike10 Says:

    Explain to me how it’s a stretch to get a third rd pick for an up and coming QB w talent when you trade a 4th for an over the hill offensive lineman?

  92. crayhopper Says:

    #1 risk for Jameis is immature behavior. As any parent knows, if you are not willing to give child consequences for bad behavior, then child will run roughshod over you. Therefore, important that credible threat of benching exists to keep Jameis on the straight and narrow and keeping a good back up with possible starting upside is a great way to keep Jameis from running wild. Let’s not hand Jameis the ‘franchise quarterback’ keys like Raheem did with Josh Freeman. Jameis needs tough love, Lovie!

  93. The Original Kevin Says:

    Glennon was benched twice by Lovie….Seriously Joe??? I understand you like Winston and dislike Glennon for whatever reason, but do you honestly think Josh McCown was a better QB than Glennon last season? Do you really think Lovie believes McCown is better than glen when he kept Glennon over McCown????

    I can’t believe how many people think Glennon is garbage!!! He is no guarantee but to assume the guy has no chance as a starter under a good OC is just idiotic. I would LOVE to see Glennon tear it up somewhere else just to make his critics look foolish.

    I’m not saying he’s the guy but to throw him out before you know for sure is just plain stupid…I think Glennon will push Winston for the starting job.

    That is IF they draft Winston…

  94. Pickgrin Says:

    LargoBuc Says:
    April 7th, 2015 at 12:03 pm
    If Winston wasn’t the first overall pick, I would say let the two compete. But Winston would be the first overall so you kinda gotta hand him the starting job in that rare instance. Wether Glennon would be worthy competition or not dosen’t matter.

    I’m all in on Winston and have been for a very long time. But I strongly disagree with the idea that the #1 pick (especially a QB) should automatically be handed the starting hob from day 1. and I’m sure the coaches do too.

    You know Lovie doesn’t trust rookies all that much in the 1st place for starters. And rightfully so. Rookie starters make mistakes. Even if they play well – they still make some mistakes that are mainly due to inexperience in numerous situations. They are still getting used to the speed of the game – and the majorly upgraded talent level of their competitors.

    In 1 sense its good to get your franchise QB into real games quickly so he can gain experience and get those inevitable rookie mistakes out of his system early on in his career.

    But if the rookie’s not ready and the vet gives you a better chance to win on opening day – then you have to go with whoever gives you the best chance to win. Lovies job is on the line in only his 2nd season. If they only win 3 or 4 or even 5 games this year – he might well be out of here – and rightfully so.

    You are not going to see Lovie make the mistake this year of naming a starting QB early on. In fact – I would not be a bit surprised for Lovie to play it coy and keep everyone in the dark as to who the opening day starter is until the very day of the 1st game.

    My expectation is that Winston is gonna make it obvious from the very beginning of training camp who the starter should be – based on superior play. So its probably going to be a moot point. But if not and he struggles early – then the best QB who gives the best chance to win should be starting. When Winston is ready – he is ready. It might be a few games into the season – or it might be day 1. Time will tell.

    I do hope they keep Glennon for at least this year though. I’m actually thinking they will. It makes a lot of sense from my viewpoint.

  95. BoJim Says:

    Uh guys? Who will back up Winston if we trade Glennon? Sign some scrub like we did last year? Glennon knows the system already. Duhhhhhhhhh

  96. Mr. T Says:

    I’m hoping they keep Glennon. I would like to see what he can do now that we have a proven OC on board. If Koetter said that he saw elements of Ryan in Glennon then he may be able to coach him up to be much better than many of you believe possible. He seems to have a history of being able to do that with QB’s. We’ll see.