Jameis Watch: Risky Business

April 19th, 2015

risky businesCrab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering, Heisman-Trophy-winning, former national champion James Winston, the pride of Florida State University, continues to look like a much better quarterback prospect than Mike Glennon and Josh McCown.

It’s Joe’s daily nugget on the Jameis Watch, celebrating the best quarterback to wear No. 5 ever in the state of Florida.

Yes, Joe knows the haters attack prospective Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston for his picks. Joe has written about how this likely is trivial for NFL teams.

Former seven-year NFLer turned talking head Matt Bowen of BleacherReport.com broke down some of the nastiest of Winston’s interceptions to see if there is cause for concern. In the long run, Bowen says, no.

Does Winston take too many risks? Yeah, I think he does. That’s why you see him forcing the ball at times into the smallest of windows instead of checking it down. But he plays with so much confidence that he isn’t afraid to challenge anyone with his ability to sling the ball. And because of that, there are a lot of positives on the tape.

Like I said above, this is the time of year when everyone’s flaws are exposed. But I would still be shocked if the Bucs passed on Winston. Even with the interceptions and the sometimes head-scratching decision-making, Winston is the top quarterback in the 2015 class based on projecting talent and the pro-style skill set he will bring to the league.

With proper coaching, Winston can refinte his game and not be so risky. In Joe’s eyes, there is nothing uniquely risky about drafting Winston.

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  1. Warren Says:

    Not sure if it’s appropriate to share this here but found it interesting: http://thebiglead.com/2014/09/18/peyton-manning-1996-tennessee-lawsuit-trainer-bare-butt-mooning/

    Man I could imagine if Manning or any other star athlete did something like that today…holy hell

  2. port richey george Says:

    if you don’t know who this guy is do a google search he is in the nfl hall of fame.
    bill polian said on espn if a team plans on drafting Winston they need to have the team psychologist do an extensive evaluation of him.
    polian said the bucs are not committing to Winston because they are hoping the phone would ring(regarding a trade of their pick).
    polian also said there is good reason why the bucs haven’t started any contract negotiations with Winston as of yet.

  3. ruggyup Says:

    Caution! You are entering the read every word zone. Redacted from Matt Bowen’s article, key words, “with proper coaching”. Uh, Bucs, need we say more?

  4. tmaxcon Says:

    Winston is safest pick in draft. His hunger and desire will not let him fail. Welcome to Tampa Jameis..

  5. Buc1987 Says:

    Tampa Bay Times – Matt Baker

    April 17, 2015

    Winston as a teen:

    “Winston spent some of his rare downtime traveling 30 miles each way to train with Leverette at Sports Blast, an indoor athletic complex southeast of downtown Birmingham.”

    “He had the physical tools but impressed Leverette most with his mind. Winston was the rare teenager who would not only notice if Leverette ever mixed up his instructions — he’d call the former NFL veteran on it.”

    “(If) you have all the physical gifts, you don’t learn the chess of the game,” said Leverette, who spent four years as a defensive end in Washington, San Diego and San Francisco. “He knew the chess early on.”

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    ruggyup…Koetter might do well with Jameis..

  7. Buc1987 Says:

    Then again Jameis might be smarter than Koetter….

  8. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Let me see if you have a loud mouth that equals hunger and desire.

    If you are quiet and respectful and put your nose to the grind stone that equals passivity and lack of motivation.

    The straws you guys grasp at are getting pretty funny.

    Just like all the BS with the “pro style” offense. Both QB’s have talent. And just like the failure of Jimbo to EVER produce an NFL QB worth a hill of beans will not impact Fameis…playing in Oregon’s spread will not hamper Mariota.

    Chucky and Jaws have made this point repeatedly. The kid has talent brains and is incredibly motivated and competitive. A loud freaking mouth does not mean Fameis is competitive nor do I hold it against him being able to succeed.

    It’s strictly a personality trait. And I can tell you when Fameis hits the NFL if he runs his mouth and has any failure it’ll be his butt big-time. He’ll be playing with grown men, professionals, who don’t appreciate college rah rah BS. See Greg Schiano!

  9. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    No it’s not appropriate. It’s from 1996!!! Times have changed dramatically!

    It’s the same deal with all this blather about “pro style” offense. Which “pro style”…that of the past or that of the future? The game is clearly changing and the rules are being rewritten every year. This is why Dungyball is no longer an option.

    Since Koetter is reported by SI to be ready to implement an uptempo offense with minimal time in the huddle. It’s also reported by SI that Koetter told Mariota…”You’re going to have no problem learning this when you come back.”

    I think people counting their chickens before their hatched may wish to take a breath and step back. Nothing is certain yet!

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    Hey Marcus…the NFL doesn’t use flash cards!

  11. Buc1987 Says:

    StPeteBucsFan Says:

    “It’s strictly a personality trait. And I can tell you when Fameis hits the NFL if he runs his mouth and has any failure it’ll be his butt big-time. He’ll be playing with grown men, professionals, who don’t appreciate college rah rah BS. See Greg Schiano!”

    I can say these grown men will appreciate his love, desire and fire for the game. Perhaps not in your world though…

  12. BUC IT Says:

    This is a perfect headline Joe…. and we don’t need Risky Business. Take Mariota… the safer pick

  13. jfat Says:

    Either personality will be fine if they show up on Sunday and give their team a chance to win. From most reports Mariota is a different guy with his teammates than he is in front of a camera, it’d be nice to see him open up a bit to the public but he might just need to grow a bit in that regard. Jameis is an extreme extrovert, he’ll be great on the Fox pre-game show when his playing days are over. How he’s received in the locker room will depend on how he performs on the field, the rah rah stuff won’t go over too well if he doesn’t back it up.

  14. Buc1987 Says:

    It’s been said MANY times, by many people that know Winston that players feed off of his energy…I don’t expect that to change all that much no matter his age.

    I’m sooo confident Winston is the pick I’ll be wearing my FSU Winston jersey and a Buc hat to Ray Jay’s draft party, I’m going to look like a jack ass if he’s not the pick. I wouldn’t put myself out like that in public if I was not THAT confident.

    It’s fine to look like a jack ass in here, it’s a blog. Public is a whole nother deal.

  15. Senor Mofo Says:

    Winston’s biggest risks are off the field. Sure, he has a gunslinger mentality and will no doubt throw a lot of picks in the NFL. But Brett Favre had that mentality and he did all right. Hell, Favre’s first NFL throw was a pick six.

    I’ve made my case for Mariota, because I think Mariota’s overall skill set is rare. Winston’s skill set is fairly common, but his football acumen is extremely high, and his sheer will to win is undeniable. I have no doubt that Winston will be successful in the NFL.

    I’m fine with us picking Winston, because I’m an FSU homer and have been rooting for him for the past two years anyway. But I’m still fairly certain that picking him will come back to bite us in the nuts eventually.

    The question is: how badly? If he does a couple of stupid minor things, that’s not a big deal in the long run, as long as it doesn’t result in any sort of long-term suspension.

    Let’s just pick one of these QBs, commit to that guy, build our team, be contenders, and move on with our lives.

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    port richey george…did Polian say anything about the Bucs tanking the last game and maybe part of the season just to trade the pick away?

  17. jfat Says:

    I really don’t think Jameis will have any new problems. It seems like he gets it, I don’t think he needs a “babysitter”, the only real concern I have is any distractions that will come along with his past.

    I’d prefer Mariota but I’m not gonna go light myself on fire in front of rayjay if Winston is the pick.

    Both guys need to grow a bit more as men, Jameis needs to reign himself in a bit and surround himself with the right people. Mariota needs to come out of his shell and get a little more comfortable in front of a mic.

  18. Seminole Bill Says:

    Joe – its not hatred to suggest the Bucs pass on Jameis. Not because he’s not the best QB in the draft – he is – not because of off the field controversy – that has been taken apart and found baseless – but because others have a different opinion on how the Bucs can become a better team, a winning team. I, for one, believe the Bucs should build around their best player – Gerald McCoy – who is a Selmon-line player – one of those who comes along only once a decade. Can we win with defense and an adequate offense? I say yes. We won the Super Bowl with that formula. Arguably the best QB in our division is Drew Brees. NO went 7-9 last year. Why? Even with a Brees at QB their defense was awful. So, I say trade down and get a quality veteran to complement McCoy plus a later number one pick. Then go with Mariota if he is still available or Bryce Petty. In round 2, another defender. Think about it, we get a quality defenders and a QB, for the price of one QB.

  19. Bogeyking Says:

    I hear that if Winston is drafted here that his biggest fan will be Joe Redner

  20. MarshallU Says:

    Yep, and it’s that HUGE ego of Winston’s that will make him a total BUST in the NFL

  21. Barry Says:

    Winston has his share of football flaws, but his biggest flaw is his character. He has a criminal mind, his own actions speak this. Now, does the worst organization in the NFL gamble with the most investigated, worst character player? Logic says no. Will they gamble? We’ll find out. Again 2 weeks before the draft and Bucs haven’t committed to Winston via meeting with his lawyers and/or agents. No NFL team trying to position themselves to move up for him. 6 to 8 teams are rumored to be trying to move up to 2 for Mariota.

    #DP #HGH #PEDs #BrainDeadRetard

  22. MarshallU Says:

    Bill – I agree with you. That is the best plan than only getting 1 player that is a total risk and crapshoot

  23. charactermatters Says:

    You’re right, the NFL doesn’t use flash cards — they communicate to the quarterback directly through their helmet. Must be real hard to adjust to hearing the words vs. seeing the picture.

    Also, isn’t that the same Matt Baker that FSU fan and Winston apologists have been trying to discredit for over a year? I guess when you like what he has to say he’s a pretty good quote.

  24. P'cola Buc Says:

    Mariota still a major project with no assurance he will even get up to the level of where Winston already is today. After many many years of waiting for any QB to develop and our recent years we put into Freeman hoping he will finally be “the one”….I’ll take Winston. My gut feeling is that with all the aggregation he has recently found himself in, along with a prohibitive contract written by the Bucs…. He will stay clear of such situations in the future. “We will rue the day if we pass on Winston”.

  25. MonsGM Says:

    Joe Redner will be happy with the increased business brought on by a winning team playing in front of a packed Ray Jay on Sundays.

  26. Bucs#1 Says:

    Publix Enemy #1, if drafted here (UGH) will be the 5th best QB in the NFC South. Comparing Winston to JaMarcus Russell is a major insult to JaMarcus Russell

  27. P'cola Buc Says:

    Aggravation not aggregation.

  28. jj Says:

    The article in thes pete times today about Winston and Mariota was awesome. Watch out what you wish for with Winston. Mariota all the way!

  29. Bucnut2 Says:

    I am not a hater but don’t want JW because he is too risky. I do think we need a QB and I’m fine with mariota. I think the local media is being played and the Jamies is a lock crowd will be disappointed a week from Thursday. The more nfl people I read and listen to the more I believe it will be Marcus. JW could be worried about a Johnny football type of slide hence his not attending the draft

  30. jj Says:

    The artical in the st pete times today about Winston and Mariota was awsome. Watch out what you wish for with Winston. Mariota all the way!

  31. Stanglassman Says:

    Thanks for clearing that up MonGM I couldn’t figure out what that guy meant by Joe would be his biggest fan. Winston isn’t know to be a club guy at all.

    Jameis will be the pick and for those of you too foolish to realize it’s clearly the best choice you will figure it out soon enough.

  32. WS99 Says:

    Haha. Mariota is a fumbler! Finally got to see gruden camp yesterday and they did a whole segment on mariotas fumbles. Then I watched highlights of manziel playing in the NFL and said to myself yup that’s what Mariota is going to do. Turnover machine who will get hurt the first time he takes off to run. The kid doesn’t understand the Xs and O’s either.

    Mariota is a much riskier pick than winston.

  33. Bucs#1 Says:

    If The Crab Legs Rapist is actually drafted here, Joe Redner can bring in his “Dancers” to be the new Swashbucklers, Publix can be the new food vendor and Ray Jay can be renamed “The Hunting Ground”. Tampa’s new #1 tourist attraction will be “Mons Jameis” and the new, most popular tailgating activity will be shooting BB guns at passing cars. A good time had by all!

  34. WS99 Says:

    ” 1987,
    You’re right, the NFL doesn’t use flash cards — they communicate to the quarterback directly through their helmet. Must be real hard to adjust to hearing the words vs. seeing the picture.”

    The problem is that even when you tell him the play he fcks up the call. In Oregon the flash cards were for the entire offense. They all looked at the play so Mariota didn’t need to call the play. That’s just ridiculous in the NFL. He’ll be a lame duck in the huddle. #lameduck

  35. Bucs#1 Says:

    And where did Winston meet his 2 victims? In a club

  36. Commonsense Says:

    The #1 killer in the NFL is turnovers. Ball security is one of the major keys to winning. That is one of the many reasons that I think that Winston will not live up to expectations. He will throw tons of interceptions in the NFL and cost his team many games. His ego will be his downfall thinking that in the NFL he can make any throw and get away with it like he could in the lowly ACC. This alone makes Mariota a much better, safer pick

  37. WS99 Says:

    Btw Wiz signed with the Jags. Yet another player who passed on playing for the Lovie Smith.

  38. WS99 Says:

    Mariota is a fumbler and gets sacked entirely too much for a lightning-fast mobile qb. That could be because he doesn’t know how to read defenses. Just watch the video people it’s freaking obvious.

  39. Buc1987 Says:

    The whiners and moaners are here.

    11 days kids 11 days and Winston will be shoved down your throat. I hope it taste yummy for you. Deal with it, grab a bottle of Jack, take some meds, either way you’re going to have to deal with it!

    WS99…I find it utterly hilarious that some people think Mariota will have an easy transition to the NFL from those flash cards. Utterly hilarious!

    It’s as if they’ve never seen Oregon play…

    I’m going to try damn hard to ignore these fools the rest of the way. Why insult them anyways, they are Buc fans after all? There’s nothing I can do or say anymore to make them wake up and get a clue.

  40. Buc1987 Says:

    Commonsense…I don’t see him throwing anymore INT’s in his first season than Peyton Manning’s 28 that he threw….

    Btw…do tell us what great defenses Mariota had to face playing in the Pac…
    Not all FSU games were just ACC alone..

  41. WS99 Says:

    Ignorance is bliss brother. Whatchagonnado?

  42. Bucfan4life Says:

    You know I see a major trend on these threads. The Winston supporters tend to focus on football issues and differences in leadership qualities. The Mariota supporters tend to say stuff like:

    “publix enemy #1”
    “comparing JW to Jamarcus Russell would be an insult to Russel”
    “JW has a criminal mind”

    It is kind after glaring. I think the term haters in regards to people opposed to Winston is appropriate. Not sure if it is a Gator/Nole thing, but there is a definite level of hatred and vitriol spewed at Winston. 80% of the time it seems to have nothing to do with whether or not he would be a good QB or not.

  43. Underdog Says:

    When you are coming off of a 2-14 season and have won only 6 games in the last 2 years you don’t gamble or play loosely with the #1 pick in the draft. You have to draft the most sure guy or trade out and fill your many holes. Risky thinking will keep you at 2-14. When you are 2-14, you are 2-14 for a reason and 1 player will not change that, especially if he’s highly overrated or has red flags or concerns

  44. WS99 Says:

    The beautiful thing is all the greats need haters. In fact you can’t be great without haters. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Winston thrives on the hate. Haters are required for greatness. See Mohammed Ali. 🙂

  45. Commonsense Says:


    If you want to say that Winston and Mariota played against comparible defenses this year, then Winston threw 18 picks while Mariota threw 4, and look at the differences in TD’s and yardage. Thanks for helping me make my point

  46. Bucfan4life Says:

    @ common sense – at least your talking football. Mariota’s low interception rate is impressive. Since Chip Kelly took over at Oregon do know how many Oregon QBs threw more than 10 interepceptions in a year? ZERO! Do you now how many of them put up gawdy numbers? ALL OF THEM! Did you watch Oregon play? Did you notice how many passes thrown at the line of scrimmage turned into big gains due to YAC? There is no way to deny that the system played a part in some of these two stats.

    By the way, fumbles are turnovers too and Mariota had lots of those.

  47. Buc1987 Says:

    WS99 Says :

    “Winston thrives on the hate.”

    You’ve got that right!

    Commonsense …yah you’re right Oregon never kept defenses off balance by running plays every 3 seconds. FSU and Oregon basically ran the same offense.
    Defenses never had to time adjust to Oregon’s offense, hence Mariota’s stats. That was college ball, that won’t fly in the NFL and Mariota in my opinion will suffer for it. That’s just common sense.

  48. gracelivin Says:

    To all the people who say Mariota is a fumbler, you need to look at all the fumbles JW had. You need to total all turn overs and JW has way more per year average than Marcus. To many act like JW never fumbled but he has quite a few on his resume.

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    Bucfan4life…some of them will say they saw Oregon and their college gimmick offense play, but there’s no way in hell they did when they bring up the numbers vs Winston. That’s always my first sign that they never saw them play or they are just clueless and think that running Oregon’s O will translate just fine to the NFL.

  50. Bucfan4life Says:

    I agree ’87. Every time they quote his stats I just scratch my head. What were they watching?

  51. Bucfan4life Says:

    @ grace livin I’m just pointing out that Mariota has some issues in this area. Apparently all Oregon QBs have the ability to avoid interceptions or possibly the scheme plays a part in that.

  52. Underdog Says:

    Hey guys, I’ve got a couple of questions and would like get your guys’ thoughts. May sound a little off topic, but not really

    #1 – If Bucs do draft one of the QB’s and start him from day 1 and he has a horrible rookie season like Peyton Manning did throwing like 28 or so interceptions and the Bucs winning like 4 games, would Lovie get another year or would the Glazers show him the door?

    #2 – Obviously whoever the Bucs QB is next season is going to need a much better O-Line or he will continueally get crushed. So who do you guys think is the best LT prospect in the draft?


  53. Commonsense Says:

    This past season, Lovie and Licht mis-spent/wasted millions in Glazer money on bad free agency deals. Then they went winless in their weak division, winless at home, and “earned” the #1 pick in the draft. If Bucs win 4 games next year I think they are out of here

    Also, I like Humphries out of Florida

  54. Buc1987 Says:


    Answer #1 I really think it depends on who was out there and available to replace him. I don’t think 4 wins would keep his job safe, 5-6 with improvement down the stretch might though.

    Answer #2 The best probably won’t be available when we pick again in the 2nd round. That’s why I’m all for drafting o-line in the 2nd 3rd, and 4th round. Hope the new DE Johnson pans out along with Jaquies Smith who came on late last season. Our middle looks pretty solid right now. They probably still need a decent MLB though. So I won’t be against them taking one with the 3rd or 4th pick, but I want o-line with the 2nd.

  55. Bucfan4life Says:

    Well Underdog we have seen that Glennon can’t win games. So if they don’t take a QB they go 3-13 and have 20k fans showing up L&L are definitely fired.

    If Winston struggles in his first year they can say hey, we had a rookie QB so give us time. If they go 3-13 with Winston struggling and getting killed they may get more time.

    Either way they’re in a bad spot but Winston is their best chance.

  56. BuccaneEric Says:

    Underdog, I think the Glazers will give him 2015 and 16. Having a rookie QB is a built in excuse for this season. If they don’t win at least 8 games in 2016 I think theyll let him go then.

  57. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m also not opposed to jumping back into the first round to pick up a stud LT if possible. Say Glennon and our high 2nd pick for a low first rounder if it’s at all possible. We might have to throw a little bit more sugar on top, but not much.

  58. WS99 Says:


    I think lovey has at least two more years regardless of the wins and I like D. Smith out of Penn State left tackle he’s an underdog I like underdogs.

  59. BuccaneEric Says:

    I’d be happy with Tackle with our second pick and a Guard with our third. I think we should keep Glennon for a little competition for our rookie QB. Glennon would be fighting for the starting job and I’d like to see our rookie earn his spot than having it handed to him. Lovie Smith loves having competition at the QB spot so that should work out fine. Oh, wait a miniute, I forgot. Forget what I just wrote!

  60. Bucfan4life Says:

    For what it’s worth I’m guessing these well reasoned explanations don’t
    fit into your plans underdog. Based on your post above I am guessing you wanted to say that trading down was the better option. That is the better option only if the Glazers want to lose money with an apathetic fan base not going to RayJay and Lovie wants to spend the fall of 2016 back in his basement.

  61. BuccaneEric Says:

    87, seriously though, I like your idea of using glennon as a trade chip to get back into the first instead of an extra draft pick. I think at best we could get a 4th rounder for him. A trade up might cost us a 3rd or 4th. And a team like Arizona or someone might not give us a 3rd rounder for him but they might take him instead of our third to move up. We won’t get the pick but we can use his value in a move up instead.

  62. MaHaBoNe.D Buc Says:


    Damn your sooooo funny!!(sarcasm) I guess you’ll change your name when Winston starts winning games for us. Along with the rest of these idiots.

  63. ATrain Says:

    Steven Hawkins asks Winston Questions

    Winston is so awesome Sugar asks Winston how to be Sweet

    87 is so awesome Timex asked Winston what time it is

  64. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    From most reports Mariota is a different guy with his teammates than he is in front of a camera,

    Yes Jfat. I read one piece where coaches admitted that during one practice that grew really heated the coaches had to pull Mariota out of the ensuing fight.

    I could see when the OSU players planted Mariota how Mariota’s OL did not hestitate and picked up personal fouls in his defense.

    There are some really tired memes on this blog that are simply untrue.
    Mariota is just as competitive as Fameis…just as much a leader…and he’s just as ready as Fameis to play in today’s NFL if you believe people like Chucky, Jaws, and Jim Mora and many others like Mike Mayock.

    Unfortunately once internet memes get started they are hard to stop.

    WS99 Great players need haters to bring out their greatness? Really?

    Andrew Luck has haters? Peyton Manning has haters? Bart Starr had haters?
    Russell Wilson has haters. Now Tom Brady certainly has plenty of haters.

    So I would simply say hatred has absolutely nothing to do with winning or losing. Some players who have been hated have been very successful. Other players who are widely admired for their class have been just as successful.

    If there is a constant on this blog it’s not the hatred for Fameis…it’s the absurd putdowns of Mariota’s game made by the Winston sycophants and you know who you are.

    BOTH Mariota and Winston are excellent prospect. One is on the cover of ESPN as the most polarizing player in America. That’s a national pub..it’s not the bloggers on JBF and it’s not disgruntled Gators.

    Stop grasping for straws and making up all these lameass excuses. Man up.
    Fameis has major issues on and off the field….just as Marcus has some on the field. BOTH players will be rookies and need some work. Depends totally on which team they go to. If SI’s Koetter quote and reporting are accurate and Koetter plans an uptempo offense with minimal time in the huddle it’s at least POSSIBLE that Marcus could be the better fit and ready sooner than Jameis.

    I can concede the possibility that Jameis will play better sooner…but it’s nowhere near the slam dunk you guys act like IF you believe Chucky, Jaws, Mora and others with NFL experience. But then again I don’t think any of those three posted on JBF, so what could they know?

  65. BuccoDav Says:

    Buc1987 Says: April 19th, 2015 at 12:43 pm

    “The whiners and moaners are here.”

    Hey, don’t blame the moaners… according to Jameis that just means they are having consensual sex!

  66. Warren Says:

    Really..moaning means it’s not consensual? Jesus…what kind of vanilla sex do you have?? Forget football Buccodave..go learn how women work dude

  67. BuccoDav Says:

    Warren, you sure did read alot into that… you seem sensitive (maybe guilty?).
    I have never said JW is guilty. I wasn’t the victim and I wasn’t even there. I don’t know…

    If you would read something other than JBF you might find out that many rape victims experience arousal and may even moan. Something for which most feel everlasting shame and guilt.

  68. Erik the WiseMMan Says:

    The most prominent QB evaluator in the country (Gruden) said he would pick Mariota.

    And possibly the most influential voice in Lovie’s ear (Dungy) says that we should pick Mariota.

    All I’m saying is: that’s alot to overcome for the Winstonites.

    2 voices with alot of clout for sure….

  69. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Winston isn’t know to be a club guy at all.

    Not at all eh. That’s right he picked up Kinsman in Sunday School.

    Can you guys ever stop apologizing and clean the crap out of your eyes.

    He MAY be the greatest QB of all time. He will never be confused however with any high character person no matter how much you apologists try and spin, spin, spin.

  70. Stanglassman Says:

    @Soon to be StPeteJetsFan Aka Both side do it guy.

    I know you are a old guy that didn’t know what a meme was and now use in it and full sentences. So I’ll teach you a new concept a Bar and a club are two different things. I’ve actually spoke to ex coaches and teammates of Jameis, I don’t think anyone on here has done. I know for a fact the guy doesn’t like clubs do you want to correct me again? I’m just thankful you will be on JJF (Joe Jets Fan) soon.

  71. Stanglassman Says:

    Does Potbelly’s sound like a club? For those of us who went to FSU know it’s far from a club.

  72. Mariota Joe Says:

    The Glazers obviously have no desire to have Winston as their “face of the franchise”……and I agree with them. You guys can forget about it, because it just ain’t happening. It’s either Marcus, or trade down. They’re businessmen, and they’re not going to take that 20 million dollar risk, not to mention pissing off half their meager fan base.

  73. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    And so what’s your point other than trying to prevent me from being a Bucs fan because unlike you I do not view him as St. Fameis.

    I’ll be cheering for the Bucs regardless of their first round selection!!!

    As for the difference between a bar and a club why not enlighten us? Are you saying Fameis hangs out in bars and that is better than hanging out in “clubs”.

    Technically most clubs are simply bars with a fancy name or if they’re literally clubs then they require membership. Hard to understand though the difference in danger between a bar and a club, and in fact clubs are generally safer places to hang than clubs.