Behind The Scenes Of Workouts

April 10th, 2015

jameis 0405

Bucs brass was busy this week. Flying Air Team Glazer to Eugene, Ore., and then to Tallahassee and then back to Tampa, that’s a helluva two-day roll.

Why go through that? Well, the Bucs wanted to work out Marcus Mariota, and then with his workout fresh in their minds, tackle Jameis Winston just hours later.

And guess who tagged along with general manager Jason Licht and coach Lovie Smith and other coaches? That would be senior writer Scott Smith and his staff of worker bees.

In this video hosted by Casey Phillips, Smith describes what it was like to be on the trip with peeks into the private workouts. Also, there are clips of Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter and quarterbacks coach Mike Bajakian discussing both Winston and Mariota.

14 Responses to “Behind The Scenes Of Workouts”

  1. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Casey Phillips sure is easy on the eyes.

  2. WS99 Says:

    Yes yes she is.

  3. tval Says:

    Thats exactly how i put it..they wanted to look at jameis right after seeing marcus, and it only took, what, 25 throws before they knew it wasnt a comparison? 🙂

  4. port richey george Says:

    very good revealing video of the 2 QB’S. it is obvious to anyone watching mariota throws harder and uses fast twitch muscles. Winston throws softer and a very rounded throwing motion. Merrill hodge on nfl live espn studied film of both guys. he has talked about the fast twitch and more powerful throwing of mariota compared to Winston. anyone that has watched the video cannot dispute this. they show both guys making the same throws. mariota throws harder and quicker.

  5. Adamant Says:

    Port richer George: wow, probably the most uneducated post I have seen

  6. Bert Says:

    @Adament. That seems to be the trend with the Mariota supporters

  7. Mr. T Says:


    If you have some specific factual criticism about port richey george’s post then state it but to make some lame, vague comment that says nothing makes you look like the uneducated one.

  8. Adamant Says:

    Mr T – I shouldn’t have to waste my energy. The guy clearly hasn’t done his homework. Winston makes all the throws, outperforming Mariota at the combine, has leadership skills far beyond Mariota and can start day one unlike MM. It’s not even close on the field, which matters most.

  9. grafikdetail Says:

    a knock on MM that i’ve heard the “experts” say is that he throws the ball hard/fast a little too much instead of throwing with touch… which its no secret throwing w/ touch is not a strength with winston

  10. Will Says:

    TBH, the eye test tells me that Mariota looks better. Can’t really pinpoint it but, Mariota just seems much quicker in everything. Winston just looks methodical and longer developing and IMO we need a dual threat QB.

  11. Adamant Says:

    Excellent pocket passer
    Phenomenal at making progressions through his receivers
    Great pocket presence
    Accurate thrower
    Phenomenal anticipation
    Innate timing
    Quick release
    Throws into tight windows
    Generally a good decision-maker
    Advanced field vision
    Keeps his eyes downfield while scrambling
    Mobile with running ability
    Makes plays with his feet
    Throws well on the run
    Bails out blockers with ability to avoid sacks
    Hard to tackle; tough to bring down for sacks
    Very intelligent; understands the chess match
    Audibles well
    Mastered a pro-style offense
    Has worked under center as well as shotgun
    Impressive football I.Q.
    Proven leader with passion for the game
    Winner at collegiate level 26-1 as starter
    Great at fourth-quarter comebacks
    Experienced 2-year starter
    Excellent on third downs
    Good teammate
    Does everything coaches ask of him
    Quality arm that can make all the throws for the NFL
    Ideal height and bulk
    Toughness; plays injured

  12. Adamant Says:

    That is from Winston’s scouting report

  13. Adamant Says:

    Immature off the field
    Numerous off-the-field transgressions
    Increase in interceptions as a sophomore
    Had some slow starts to games in 2014

    4 weaknesses versus 34 strengths

  14. Florida Hillbilly Says: