“It Wasn’t Fair To The Guys In The Room”

April 10th, 2015


One Tampa Bay Buccaneer opened up today about the absence of former offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford and the rise of his ousted assistant, ill-suited playcaller Marcus Arroyo.

Buccaneers tight end Brandon Myers joined the Ronnie and TKras show on WDAE-AM 620 and asserted the Bucs’ offense was a mess.

“A frustrating situation. You know, I’ve been around a few years, and to see what was going on, you know, it just wasn’t fair to the guys in the room who, you know, are putting everything on the line,” Myers said. “We just didn’t really have a lot of direction. I think guys at the top will say the same thing. It was just an unfortunate situation. I think with the new OC [Dirk Koetter] coming in, we have a lot of positives. His track record speaks for [itself].”

Jiminy Christmas! Myers almost sounded like the Bucs were putting players in danger because the offense was a runaway train missing a wheel.

Hearing this troubles Joe because it makes no sense why Lovie Smith didn’t step in personally and right the offensive ship, or hire a consultant to come in, such has Kevin Gilbride, to dive in for a few weeks and help direct the Bucs’ offensive staff.

Oh, well. Old news. Myers went on to say he’s already talked to Koetter, who Myers called excited and very eager.

You can hear all of Myers’ takes below, via the 620wdae.com audio player.

44 Responses to ““It Wasn’t Fair To The Guys In The Room””

  1. Another J Says:

    Poor Arroyo had no clue what he was doing…

  2. Sick of the debate Says:

    Of course it was unfair. It was unfair to the players, the whole organization and the fans. I just dont understand why they thought they would be ok putting a rookie with ZERO experience in there to call a pro offense.

    Was Lovie too stubborn to ask for help? Too proud? Too clueless? Its just a shame and another black mark in Buccaneers team history.

  3. Stanglassman Says:

    To be fair Lovie was lead to believe that Tedford was returning for many weeks after he was sick. I don’t remember what week into the season it was when Tedford decided not to return but it had to be almost mid season. Kinda late to be putting in a new offensive system

  4. Simpleasthat Says:

    Just another brain dead situation in buccaneer history that I will never understand.

  5. Scratching My Head Says:

    It may or may not be old news. Lovie hasn’t proven himself as the leader of this team (titles don’t make leaders). The fact he didn’t intervene in some way on the offensive side of the ball shows a huge blind spot in his leadership. If the Bucs succeed, it won’t be because of Lovie. It will be inspite of Lovie.

  6. Brawndo, The Thirst Mutilator Says:

    They had to have tanked the last 15 games of the season. If it was like Myers says, it would be gross negligence for any other reason!! Even offensively blind Lovie had to have seen the effects of no OC on the offense.

  7. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    This proving my theory that all of last season was a tank job specifically with the intention of acquiring WINSton in mind.

  8. Andrew 1 Says:

    Why didn’t the bucs hire a new, more experience offensive coordinator? I think its for two reasons. First the offense would have had to start from scratch with all new plays and formations and ditch everything they learned in mini camp and off season activities. At least with Arroyo they could keep most of what they practiced because he was there for the practices. Second, any qualified offensive coordinator in there right mind would have most likely turned down the bucs anyhow, knowing what a insurmountable challenge it would be to install an entirely new offense during the season instead of before it. Plus I’m sure they would have wanted to avoid the black mark that would have been smeared on their resume from having been associated with this offensive train wreck. But hey, blame Lovie right? smh

  9. tmaxcon Says:

    The offensive disaster and the handling of the Tedford situation is all on Lovie. It just one of many, many mistakes his incompetent arse made and continues to make

  10. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:


  11. kaput Says:

    I think after about week nine or ten that the Bucs just mailed in the rest of the season, hoping to end up with the top pick.

    Now they get Winston.

  12. bucs4lyfe Says:

    so in the end the tedford arroyo combination turned out to be a great duo, they helped get us in position to draft a potential franchise quarterback

  13. THETRUTH Says:

    That falls on Lovie he should have made a decision and not put team and fans through a wasteful season… he cost me $1000


    the fan

  14. mac Says:

    Just one more example of why the Tampa Bay Bucs are a laughing stock…

    Josh Freeman melting down, Schiano’s victory formation, MRSA, the horrible free agency signings, the Revis deal, Carl Nicks, not a single play off win since 2002, losing over 70% of games, horrible draft picks, Mark Dominik’s incompetence…

    Its just been one shit storm after another…

    It has to get better…

  15. Chocolatecvb Says:

    Good points @Andrew 1. I concur.

  16. LargoBuc Says:

    So Lovie was supposed to find a new offensive coordinator in October. A new coordinator would bring in his own playbook and everything else. All spring and summer the Bucs were working out of Tedfords playbook. You cant just scrap that and install a new system mid season. That would be a disaster! You have to bring up the next man, in this case Arroyo, to work with the system currently in place. And this is assuming there is a quality coordinator out there in October. And said coordinator would want to come to Tampa to work with the Bucs and Mccown and Glennon and our spit o line. Why would Kevin Gilbride want to taint his resume. Plus Gilbride’s play book is among the most complex in football. It’s just as difficult if not more so than Grudens.
    So the Glazers are supposed to pay top dollar for this guy? To be some sort of special advisor right? Cause it would just be impossible to install his offense mid season. The Glazers arent going to pay money to a guy to offer his two cents. You have to trust the staff you have in place. Arroyo didnt have any playcalling experience but how many quarterback coaches do? Tedford didnt think he would have heart surgery in August so its not like he hired Arroyo for his play calling ability in case he went down! It was just a freak occurence. Really bad luck. So to expect Lovie to be able to hire a new offensive coordinator or advisor or whatever you wana call him is just ludacris! Lovie made alot of mistakes in 2014. But you cant blame him for this freak accident!

  17. LargoBuc Says:

    The curse of Ronde! Ever since Ronde Barber retired our Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been plaqued with bad luck!
    2013: MRSA
    2014: Tedford heart surgery

    What horrors will 2015 bring lol

  18. bucs4lyfe Says:

    lol yea because installing a new offense after the season starts would have worked out sooo much better than giving the job to arroyo for the season. why on earth would you go through the trouble of interview people during the season and who would take a flyer on something like that unless it was another unknown….people don’t get hired midseason because it’s usually the job no one wants

  19. tmaxcon Says:

    YES largo Loive is to blame. You are way over thinking this. he should have provided a support system for arroyo not hang him out to dry the way he did. bringing an oc to put in a new offense at that point would have been nonsense. I agree but it would have helped bringing in a consultant or two that had prior NFL experience as a oc or hc to assist arroryo. that decision should have been first thing after it was discovered that tedford needed any medical procedure outside of a band aid. you are acting like lovie’s only choice was a new oc and new system that is not true. it’s more of the fact that dinosaur lovie thinks he can win without points. he needs to go away the sooner the better. it’s the only chance the bucs have to regain a consistently competitive team.

  20. BucBoy Says:

    NO Lovie Smith was not going to find a OC with the season under way, but two things really are stunning to me! First, Arroyo stood in and did the best job he could and basically got the shaft (blame) at the end of the season. This is a clear indicator of how Lovie is as a leader/employer. He has ZERO loyalty to his people and it cannot be a good place to work.

    Second….Lovie Smith is supposed to be a seasoned HC in the NFL. He comes with every pundit in Tampa at least telling us how great Lovie is….and as a HC he should have taken an active role as he is supposed to know how to game plan AGAINST an offense, therefore he should be able to game plan for an offense. He also should have supported Arroyo more…any man with morals would have taken responsibility and not blamed Arroyo.

    Lovie is NOT a quality HC or he would still be in Chicago. He was fired with a 10 win season! Chicago knew what the Buc’s are learning the hard way. Second, he has no burning desire! At least Raheem, Schiano, and especially Chucky would not throw a game to garner one (1) more spot i the draft. Lovie’s inability to manage the game clock, he inability to game plan for different offensive schemes, and his total lack of player evaluation/development just means we are going to suffer as a team for one more season until Team Glazer gets their act together and show him the door!

    Fire Lovie NOW!

  21. John McKillop Says:

    @Largobuc, amen brother. I agree with you that Lovie made his fair share of mistakes, nobody is going to agree with any coach manager all the time. But to blame Lovie for this mess ludicrous. This year will be much better offensively, I think the hiring of Dirk Koettter will make a huge difference and we will see what a real offense looks like.

  22. Pickgrin Says:

    IMO – The decision to tank for a franchise QB came much earlier than many believe. It sure explains a couple things about last year. Like – no help for the struggling Arroyo after it was learned Tedford would not be back, and playing McCown instead of Glennon – even to the bitter end of the season.

    Winston is the reward. SOOOOO WORTH IT!

  23. tmaxcon Says:


    I am not really conspiracy guy but I kind am with you on this. It’s almost like Halfway through training camp Loive realized what a crap team he had. The tedford incident just was the icing on the cake and a free pass for him to mail it in.

  24. Edgar Says:

    Sorry the playbook excuse is not valid. These are pros. They don’t learn to play in a few weeks of learning a coaches playbook. Any coach could have come in a done a simple playbook and expand as the season goes. I would bet every playbook has at least a dozen of the same exact plays. Maybe we were looking for number 1 pick from the start. I know it’s my own Bs conspiracy theory.

  25. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I have always doubted how much bringing in a guy after training camp would have helped. Our problem was most of the staff hadn’t coached together before, and only Arroyo had coached with Tedford. Therefore, everything that had been installed prior to the season would have gone to waste. I’ve always said our problem was play calling. It was dreadful. A consultant would be of no help in that regard. In reality, we were screwed regardless. I don’t blame the regime because you just can’t account for something like that happening. It’s not like we are the Patriots and we have the same system for years. We had no OC, a terrible play caller, a terrible QB, and a horrendous offensive line.

    I really believe Koetter is going to come in and make us at minimum a good offense. His offensive lines were probably close to as bad in Atlanta, and they have always been good offensively. We have the best WR duo in the NFC South by a mile, and he is going to know how to take advantage of that. He’s not going to put the QB in position to get killed every play either. Problem is, if Koetter does too well, he will be a head coach somewhere else.

  26. TheShaz Says:

    I got dropped off a home last night by aliens from Uranus.

    They told me, that this was all planned. After Jameis’ rookie season with the Championship win and Heisman. Lovie wanted Winston, only one way to do it. Get the 1st pick in this year’s draft…..

    So you poison your OC
    Let the replacement OC flap in the breeze
    Tank the season to get Jaboo.

    You read the truth here first!

    /Wild Conspiracy Theory Off

    Hey, what I just typed was as logical as anything else in this thread.

  27. Big Irish Says:

    Who picked Arroyo to be the QB coach? Oh yeah……Tedford!

  28. tmaxcon Says:

    Big Irish

    Who hired Tedford.. Lovie did. Lovie can’t negotiate full control without taking full responsibility. Lovie’s inaction was bordering negligence

  29. Howard Cosell Says:

    Who is ultimately responsible for the state of the Bucs over the last decade?
    I’ll leave it to you to answer that question.

  30. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I told everyone from the start that Tedford would not return. People here scoffed at my words. Just as certain ones tend to do often.

    I can also tell you why they didn’t hire a new OC or consultant.

    First, it wasn’t made clear if Tedford would return at first. They gave him so time to heal, and then they started pushing him for an answer. He strung them along for a while. This prevented them from getting a real replacement in the first half of the season.

    They kept pushing for an answer, and finally gave it. You may recall heaid in an interview soon after that there was a lot of pressure on him to return. The pressure was actually on him to DECIDE if he would return or not, so the Bucs could make plans.

    By the time they got an answer, we were in the running for the first pick. Getting a new OC past the midway point of the season would have meant very little, and they would have had to commit to at least next year in order to get someone to come.

    One other factor…Josh McCown. As some may recall, he was working closely with Tedford, and later with Arroyo, on the playbook and developing the offense. I mentioned at the time…it wasn’t a secret offense, it was a non-eistent offense.

    Not knowing if Tedford would return, it was hoped that Josh McCown knew enough about the offense the HE HELPED DEVELOP to assist Arroyo at the beginning.

    That is also why Glennon did not replace McCown. They needed McCown to help Arroyo, plus they had made a commitment to McCown that they would start him…it was contingent on him signing in the first place.

    Think back. I dropped bits of this throughout the season (and before the season). Think back to the things that happened, and the things made public. It all falls into place.

  31. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    That commitment to McCown was made because he had been considering retirement at the time. Two things were needed to keep him from doing so…money and a starting role for the first time in a decade.

  32. drdneast Says:

    Everyone be advised, Tmaxcon is a troll from another team. I made a mistake earlier and called him a Cowboy troll when in actuality I think he is really a Bears troll.
    I have said this before, Joe. When we were three games in I asked radio host Tkrass, who I consider to be very unbiased, why or if the Bucs did not bring in another OC.
    Tkrass told me there was a qualified OC out there that would take the job for a one year gig and that it was to late in the season.
    Besides, as was said earlier, Tedford was supposed to return but then bailed on the whole thing like a quitter. Hope he likes Canada because he will never get another job in the NFL after pulling that stunt.
    I worked with a guy who had a stent on Friday and came back to work on Monday. What a bunch of crap.
    Besides Joe, this has been a question of Bucs fans for a long time now, Why don’t you just ask Lovie straight out instead of making nice with Mason Foster who, BTW, still hasn’t signed with another team.
    Imagine, our starting MLB can’t get signed by any other team.
    Another great pick by your boy Dummynick.

  33. The original "Kevin" Says:

    So why is it that people argue we have already seen what Mike Glennon can do when the same people are fully aware of the situation the entire offense was in. Its contradictory. Mike Glennon was a rookie in 2013 and was thrown into a lions pit. He was the better of the two qbs last year in a horrible situation. This win now thing has gotten bad. Yes we need a franchise qb but your going to throw one out before you give him the tools needed to succeed. His rookie year he had Vjax dropping passes and nobody else. Last year this article is clearly pointing out that nobody had a chance on that offense. I would draft a qb but start glennon no matter what. If he sucks than fine….at least you gave him an honest run. But to write him off this quickly is just stupid

  34. The original "Kevin" Says:

    They started tanking against cleveland whatever week that was. I think 5

  35. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    How anyone can’t see the fix was in is beyond me.

  36. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    With that being said the play of this up coming season will go a long way in determining what was really going on last season. I find it kinda peculiar though,I notice these NFL network commercials referring to the 1965 draft. They state all the owners in 1965 decided Joe Nammoth should go to NewYork… We all are familiar with the history. So if you are off the belief that close door decisions sometime play a role in it all then respectfully respect your opinion. Me on the other hand,well these words should clearly reveal my ideals.

  37. Buccfan37 Says:

    We have the number 1 pick. All the events of last year are just that, over and done. I’ve nearly forgotten most of the misery and don’t want to be reminded. It might as well be ancient history. Peel off your long suffering personna, I know it’s difficult to do as a Bucs fan. I really think our favorite team’s future is something to be jubilant about, finally.

  38. pick6 Says:

    The Bucs looked at the next couple QB classes and made a choice to just hit rock bottom in 2014. The course was set the day josh mccown went back in and Jeff tedford was asked not to come back after recovering in October

  39. smokinbuc Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai is dead on the money right.

  40. JFF Says:

    This is why your QB coach should be a McDaniels/Fisch/Trestman type, not an Arroyo. The QB coach is the 2nd most important Xs & Os guy on the offense and should be a future OC, not a career college QB coach.

    Only in Tampa…

  41. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Wise words spoken pick6.

  42. BoJim Says:

    Felt bad for Arroyo all season.

  43. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    Myers comments made perfect sense to me. The offense was clueless and everyone knew it including Lovie and Licht along with the Glazer lads! But lets say that L&L were forced by the Glazers to bring in a Chan Gailey, Gilbride or some other offensive mind to act as an advisor or forced Lovie to take Tedford back when he was ready and the Bucs 2-9…. Either way the Bucs likely would have ended up with a few more wins and at 4-12/5-11/or 6-10 they would be drafting anywhere from 5th to 10th in the draft and out of the Winston chase and still have us fans complaining about how bad the team was though not as emphatically as wins against teams like the Bungles, Vikes, Aints and Panthers would have eased some of the anger we all felt as Lovie lost winnable game after game mostly on account of Arroyo’s offense and an incompetent qb…. Thus our Bucs ended up 2-14 and picked first; better than 5-11 and picking after the Jets and Deadskins

  44. Barry Says:

    This offense didn’t need a QB it needed a competent OC. Most of you people couldn’t or still don’t comprehend that. Your solution was/is to draft an accused rapist. MG8 or even McCown would be more than capable of running Koetter’s system.

    I’ve been told that Glazers are not all on board with Winston because of off field (character) concerns. Most at OBP, are in Marioata’s corner. I believe Licht is the powerful Wintonite voice and that there’s two different opinions at OBP. Fact is Licht can draft Winston regardless of Smith’s approval. However Licht’s Foe is ownership. If he can convince the Glazers then Winston’s (The accused) your guy, if not then it’s Mariota. Basically there’s a power struggle with this pick. I do not like Winston at all, I dispise him. But I do think this should be the GM’s call. Or why have a GM! Go Mariota. Go Glennon. To hell with Winston.

    #DP #HGH #PEDs #BrainDeadRetard