“You Would Shoot His Ass… !”

March 19th, 2015


Yes, Bucs fans were angry their team passed on sackmeister defensive end Greg Hardy yesterday. The vast majority  wanted Hardy, though there were some unnerved by Hardy’s legal hassles.

Hardy was signed by Dallas and long-time Dallas sports voice, WFAA-TV sports anchor Dale Hansen, was outraged

Hansen undressed Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett for the signing, and torched the Cowboys as a whole. Among the grenades Hansen tossed at the Cowboys and their happy fans — if Hardy knocked on your front door to pick up your daughter for a date, “You would shoot his ass through the glass.”

Video courtesy of WFAA-TV.

20 Responses to ““You Would Shoot His Ass… !””

  1. Bucco bruce Says:

    Glad he’s in Dallas. Distraction and trouble….

  2. Martinii Says:

    After reading several opinions including this one, I am ready to move on from Hardy. They don’t ease the pain of losing a top rated pass rusher. Now that the NFL is suing the DA to release the police reports, It may complicate his situation even more. Joes may have gotten a player for a 1 yr contract that only plays in 10 games.

  3. Bill Says:

    I’m more pissed that because of the complete lack of any signings that Hardy was someone we were down to be interested in.

  4. The Real Malloy Says:

    looks like we’re drafting a DE early. I dont know who is coming out of Clemson this year, but say no to clemson. We’ve been burnt twice by those Clemson DE’s

  5. Barry Says:

    How is it that the same people who cursed the Bucs for thinking about Richie Incognito, voted on this site to sign Hardy? I mean how can that be?

  6. Walter White Says:

    And there were Buc fans who wanted this guy??? Like all you guys want Jameis so bad?? Lol. Careful what you wish for. It’s so amazing that you guys love him so much. What he is is so obvious!

    Winston – says all the right things, then makes poor decisions. (On and off field )

    Mariota – speaks with logic and integrity, and makes pretty good decisions on and off field.

    You can grow and develop players on the field. But who they are off the field is just who and what they are. Wake up!

  7. BirdDoggers Says:

    There’s a double standard when it comes to sports. The NFL is only a few months removed from one of the worst seasons they’ve ever had from a PR standpoint. And yet there were at least a few teams interested in signing one of the players at the center of the leagues domestic violence issue. A few months ago, people were saying Hardy, Rice, etc. should be kicked out of the league. Fast forward a few months and fans want their team to sign a player regardless of their past, if the player can help their team win. I’m ok with the Bucs not signing Hardy. They need a good edge rusher, but they don’t need the scrutiny and bad PR that comes with Hardy. There are other players that can help the team win.

  8. ddneast Says:

    That sounds like a typical remark from a crazed Texan which the state has plenty.
    Advocating gun violence. Nice.
    Why I’m glad I moved out of Texas.
    Under this scenario, Aquib Talib and his mom were justified in rolling over to his sisters house and trying to bust a cap in his sisters alleged attackers rear end.
    Always remember, wrong + wrong = right.

  9. BucPuck Says:

    Wow that was an epic segment. Very well spoken and makes you think.

  10. Fort Myers Dave Says:

    A one year deal and a ton of distractions in the Big D; Bucs probably right not to pursue him for just a one year deal where he could be suspended for a good chunk of the season….. People like the anchor in Dallas have the right to complain but it will really come down to whether Hardy helps Marinelli’s D get the job done in Dallas when it comes to grading the signing and I am betting that most Cowboy fans will forget about Hardy’s checkered pass if he turns back into a sack master and forces a few turnovers and safeties…… Time for the Bucs to move on and actually sign some talent to plug their holes on both sides of the ball starting with the trenches, especially if the Bucs do draft Winston (who some members of the media will blast like the Dallas anchor did w/ Hardy but if the team wins with him it will soon become water under the bridge)…..

  11. Off Topic Says:

    Yo Joe! What happened with Sterling Moore?

  12. ddneast Says:

    Now the Cowboys have two defensive starters facing length suspensions. LOL.
    I can only hope they both happen at the same time.

  13. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Damn I’m just going to give up posting and ask you to put a slash after your name and add SPBF.

    It’s like you’re reading my mind dude!

  14. Zam Says:

    it’s high time for teams like the Bucs to get out of the gutter trying to scrounge up slimy people. Talk about desperation. Have some dignity. Have some self-respect. Good for you, dallas guy, you are spot on.

  15. Buccfan37 Says:

    Dallas smells that next super bowl. Hardy, whenever he gets on the field will help them get there. They have rebuilt that team in a few years, while the Bucs have slow motion floundered backwards. This year the Bucs ship moves forward, because no team can stink forever.

  16. pick6 Says:

    ‘ if Hardy knocked on your front door to pick up your daughter for a date, “You would shoot his ass through the glass.” ‘

    and that’s probably legally defensible in Texas.

  17. ddneast Says:

    BucFan37, how much you want to wager the ‘boys don’t even get to the NFC final.
    I always have my secret weapon in my back pocket to assure they won’t. His name is Tony Romo.

  18. Sick of the debate Says:

    Id rather Hardy knock on my door than Jerry Jones. Sheesh, talk about allegations.

  19. ddneast Says:

    Copy that, Sick of the Debate. Thanks for putting things into perspective.

  20. Babaloo Says:

    That was awesome!