Jameis Watch: Homework Report

March 19th, 2015

jameis 0108Crab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering, Heisman-Trophy-winning, former national champion Jameis Winston, the pride of Florida State University, continues to look like a much better quarterback prospect than Mike Glennon.

It’s Joe’s daily nugget on the Jameis Watch, celebrating the best quarterback ever to wear No. 5 in the state of Florida.

Refill your coffee mug and check out this video from NFL Network. It’s a roundtable discussion and revelation session about Jameis Winston from Curtis Conway, Brian Baldinger, and draft guru and former scout Daniel Jeremiah.

It’s well worth the five minutes.

Jeremiah dives in deep on what he’s learned about Winston while touring the country. Jeremiah shares takes from coaches, ex-players and league executives, including his discussion with Stanford head coach David Shaw, who recruited Winston — and his 4.0 GPA in high school — to Stanford, where Winston was accepted.

Baldinger explained how he’s talked to ex-teammates of Winston who said he was a leader as a redshirt freshman at Florida State, while E.J. Manuel was the starting quarterback.

There’s more, as well. The overall discussion was about how attitudes about Winston are shifting across the NFL — in a pro-Winston direction.

Jeremiah says teams have taken a we’ve-done-our-homework stance and already have approved Winston. Jeremiah said no team has told him Winston is off their draft board.

52 Responses to “Jameis Watch: Homework Report”

  1. canadianbucsfan Says:

    I was watching path to the draft when they talked about Jamie’s last night and it makes you pretty excited that we can have this guy. Don’t f**k this up Licht

  2. pete i Says:

    ” no team has told him Winston is off their draft board.”

    Well that’s all fine and good but it would be just like the Bucs to not have Winston on their Draft Board.

    Only the Bucs could blow this pick.

  3. SkiBucsFan Says:

    Winston is My Choice for my Bucs! I’m a season ticket holder since 1976. We need a Franchise QB of this caliber. We don’t need to take a chance on Mariota. And some of you Gator Honks out there, just because the Gators never had a QB that was worth anything in the NFL, get off the Winston issues and get on the Bandwagon. The Bucs are OUR TEAM so let’s get behind them. Come on L & L let’s draft a real QB and forget the retreads and MG8, because they ain’t gonna make us a winning Team.

  4. Mariota Joe Says:

    Sorry SkiBucsFan…..and I’m not a Gator fan…..I just can’t do it.

  5. Pickgrin Says:

    Good stuff.

    The cream is starting to rise to the top. Many NFL types and draft analyzers have been saying for months that if you take away the “off field concerns” – that Winston is clearly the best QB. Quite a few say its not even all that close. I have yet to hear 1 person involved with the NFL make that same statement about Mariota – that he’s “clearly the better on field QB and its not even close”

    Winston was falsely accused of rape and the other off field concerns were way overblown as a result. Any individual as well as all the teams who have taken the time to thoroughly research Winston and find out who he really is – knows that the “character concerns” regarding Jameis Winston were grossly overblown.

    I was 90% sure weeks ago that the Bucs were drafting Winston. Now I’m about 98% sure.

    Mariota is a good prospect. He would be huge talent upgrade from what the Bucs have been working with. But he is not as good an NFL prospect as Winston – and the tape shows that pretty clearly.

  6. Pickgrin Says:

    Joe – I’ll post a link to get the full podcast by Daniel Jeremiah with your blessing.


    Its really in-depth and includes the actual interviews with people and coaches from Winston’s past and describing in detail the whole process Jeremiah went through – basically pretending he is the Buccaneers and investigating Winston as deeply as he could to try and determine “whether he is the next Ben Roethlisberger or the next Jamarcus Russell”

    Well worth the 53 minutes Bucs fans – so you can learn all about your new franchise QB with details you weren’t aware of.

  7. Bill Says:

    Jameis Winston is a smart, dedicated, hardworking, talented QB. Unfortunately, those characteristics did not prevent him from making some poor decisions which were highly publicized by the media.

    Curtis Conway echoed a concept I’ve been preaching for a while now, there are tons of college players who do things similar to Winston that you never hear about. Not the rape accusation, but basically everything else.

    You think he’s the only player in the draft to abuse a fast food soda fountain? or get a hand out from a grocery store or restaurant? or say something inappropriate on campus?…..the BB gun incident is strange, I honestly don’t know what to make of that.

  8. Lou. Says:

    Winston made a believer out of me in the Notre Dame game when he hit a receiver in the middle of the field in stride on a slant. The ball went by a backer on one side and a safety on the other. I rewound the tape and watched it three times before I got what was going on — I had assumed the throw was picked off and so could not understand how the receiver got it. The arm strength, the lack of conscience and the sheer touch and skill were all on display.

    Not as athletic, perhaps, but the soul of Farve was smiling.

  9. Pickgrin Says:

    Bill – The “BB gun incident” was simply a # of the football players having some risky “fun” by running around the apartment complex shooting at each other. Some had bb guns and others had airsoft guns. They were having a BB gun war. I played the same “risky game” a # of times when I was young – but it was in the woods behind our houses and I was 12 not 18. The players were acting immaturely in the name of fun – and unfortunately – some were not careful with their shots and some bb holes wound up going through a few windows.

    The damages when all was said and done were about $4k which sounds worse than it really was from the dollar figure. The holes were small – but entire windows still had to be replaced. Each participant paid their share of a few hundred dollars in order to pay for the damages. No charges were filed since they cooperated and paid for the damages. So it certainly wasn’t like Jameis did all this himself. For all we know – he was one of the ones who had an airsoft gun and didn’t cause any damage at all. But they were all involved so all took equal responsibility.

    I think Lovie said he was involved in BB gun wars when he was young as well if I’m not mistaken.

  10. Bill Says:


    I’m aware of the details, I just don’t understand why a person would want to do that. I “personally” don’t get it.

    Normally I’d be concerned about a QB with a BB-gun fetish, but Squinston throws by sonar…that’s inside info 😉

  11. Solinor Says:

    Winston is light years ahead of Greg Hardy character wise. After going down that train the last few days, the stuff Winston has done looks like kindergarten stuff compared to woman beater Hardys offenses.

  12. MTM Says:

    I thought Winston was Stanford material after listening to his interviews. He screams Ivy League.

  13. David Says:

    Blowing this pick would be taking Winston over Mariota!

  14. Bill Says:


    David Shaw, the head football coach at Stanford, said he was admitted. Should I not believe him?………He only screams at Jimbo, lol.

  15. Waterboy Says:

    You can’t necessarily judge a book by its cover. That’s the same mistake that a lot of northerners make about people down south based on their dialect.

  16. David Says:

    Honestly, how may of you hard working normal people would go into a store and steal crab legs? This guy was set to be a future number one draft pick worth millions of dollars and knows the media attention and still pulls a stunt like that. I don’t care what else he has done, that just proves he is STUPID & WILL MAKE POOR STUPID CHOICES! I don’t care what school he came from, I don’t care what color he is, I don’t care that he wasn’t found guilty of rape because A STUPID IS A STUPID DOES! PERIOD!

  17. David Says:

    Do we really want Stupid leading our Franchise?

  18. DallasBuc Says:

    I believe that Lovie prefers good guy Mariota who his bestie Dungy also claims to want. Ultimately he lead a 4-12 football team to 2-14 after flushing a truck load of Glazer cash down the toilet on the 3 stooges McGarbage, Collins and Johnson. Would be shocked if the Glazers ever allowed this guy to make another organizational decision of any consequence and let him pass on Winston.

  19. YoungBuc Says:

    Unfortunately it’s in our history to make poor decisions at this franchise, I solely believe that the buccaneers will pick Winston over Mariota because of their “Win Now” logic, They have made poor decisions during this off-season with Free-Agency re-signings that they tried to justify and are continuing to do so down the stretch. I will still be a bucs fan when all of this is over but Damn each season does it get harder and harder to support a team that continues to shoot itself in the foot. Winston is a sophomore in college when he came into the draft, he’s still immature and cocky which means he’s most likely going to go the route of RG3 or worse Manziel. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mariota if taken by another team doesn’t give that team Andrew Luck-like quality. Check every game for each, Winston in his second year was steadily declining, he barely pulled games out of his ass versus teams that shouldn’t have been hard games. Tajh Boyd (Clemson’s old QB) played well against every team that Winston played against but he’s not even in the league. None the less, I’m sure if Winston gives us a 3-13 season they will try to justify that as a success and that we’re heading in the right direction. I just don’t see it though.

  20. David Says:

    Agree 100 percent @youngbuc

  21. ADown88 Says:


    I don’t get any of your logic. Most analysts and scouts believe that Jameis is not only more NFL ready now (which he is), but also that he has the higher ceiling. Jameis has never been a QB year round due to baseball, so nobody really knows how good he can be.

    The whole “Tajh Boyd had success against the same teams” has to be the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard. That’s like saying that Jesse Palmer had success against the same teams as Peyton Manning, yet we both know how that turned out. Just completely insignificant.

    And what was the thing about Mariota bringing an “Andrew Luck-like quality”? Just a completely baseless statement??

  22. Eric Hernandez Says:

    listening to that Daniel Jermah podcast about Winston really help clear alot of things up. A great teammate to everyone in the locker room, very smart kid, loved tape that’s the best part to me. I know haters will say Jamarcus Russel but I don’t think that’s the case.

    Now the nut huggers will over look the int’s but 11 of the 18 where completely his fault, 5 where he forced the ball and 6 not reading coverage. That needs to improve. As well as his weight if he is going to be the guy for 15 years he has to watch the weight. He can get away with it at 21. Not so much at 30. And no he is not Andrew Luck, Luck is a better athlete and doesn’t have the underneith coverage problem Winston has.

    I am hoping they become this new Manning vs Brady.after listening I am far more comfortable with the Bucs picking him and think he is going to be a better QB then I originally thought.

  23. ddneast Says:

    I don’t mind if a QB occasionally jaw jacks with his HC occasionally. If it’s continuous then yes. But apparently, according to Jimbo Fisher, they had that kind of relationship.
    We had a QB here who one radio host said was destroyed by head coach Schiano.
    Well if it is true, if that QB had a set like Winston apparently does, he would have gotten into Schiano’s face and called him out on the field so questions would have been raised.
    Instead, if the host is to be believed, he just slinked away and went all passive aggressive.
    It takes a big set to be an NFL QB and if you have any little girl in you, you won’t last long.
    Give me a QB with a big set over one who still won’t come out and publicly say what went wrong with his career.

  24. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Well spoken Adown88. And another thing youngbucc,notice WINSton pic on this post. You see that finger? It represents the number Ls he had during his tenure on the collegiate level. I’ll take that type of so called regression any day guy.

  25. J 2.0 Says:

    So DallasBuc, YoungBuc, and David are all the same guy right?

    Who is McGarbage supposed to be?

  26. DallasBuc Says:

    J 2.0- same guy with completely different opinions?

    McGarbage is your daddy. I guess you don’t like people making fun of him. Might want to hang out somewhere else.

  27. Rrsrq Says:

    I will admit that did not see a lot of Marcus in college, but I saw a lot of Jameis, no I am not a Nole fan, not even a little bit, but I watched some FSU games just because of Jameis. From that first performance against Pitt event to the National Championship, yeah he had some questionable throws, who doesn’t, the great Drew Bree’s makes you shake your head sometimes, but if watched JW at all, you would in no way overly criticize his on field performance, his passion and drive to win (with skills). Don’t mess this up L & L.

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    Somebody give me some ideas please. I want to get something more out of this than a jersey while I still have the time.

    Erik the clean athletic guy is buying a Winston jersey.

    What should I bet for next? Parking passes? Because I have no need for tickets. If they draft Jameis,I’m buying season tickets.

    I could rack up all kinds of goodies in the next 40 days…

    Ideas ideas ideas….

    Help me.

  29. YoungBuc Says:

    @ADown88, For starters Most Analysts and Scouts specially televised, will report what sells. That’s called Business, No one reports a sure-thing because it doesn’t sell. You report a heated topic and blow it out of proportion such as Winston’s off-field problems which I’m honestly not concerned about.

    Secondly, the Tajh Boyd statement was not an argument but more so a comparison, I’m not trying to say one is a better player than the other but yet show that his Wins shouldn’t be that highly credited. It’s not like he was facing Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, etc. He scraped by facing teams like Wake Forest and Miami etc.

    Now given credit where it’s due, the Andrew Luck comment might have been a little baseless but comparing Mariota to Russell Wilson would seem more fitting considering both have the same play style. What happened with Wilson? He’s taken his team to back to back superbowls and has a ring to show for one of them. He did this while being the 75th overall pick and a scout rating of 2-star but he was humble & dedicated like Mariota is. How many cocky and show off Quaterbacks do good in the NFL?

    Finally @Noles on Sat- Bucc on Sun, No I’m not the same person as DallasBuc nor David but no information I can provide will prove your opinion different so believe what you will. Also, the finger in that picture is not depicted as if he’s showing how many Loses he has. Remember when he got butt-hurt over the loss to Oregon after a piss poor performance and stated “well atleast I have the same amount of loses as the national champion”. Who the hell cares if you have the same amount of loses or wins, what matters is if you’re learning from either because if not then those wins will start becoming loses.

    Overall Winston did great where he was at because he had the talent to make him that way, Mariota did what he does best while dealing with 3-star or less talent.

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    David Says:
    March 19th, 2015 at 7:50 am

    “Do we really want Stupid leading our Franchise?”

    What exactly was your GPA in high school and college?

  31. YoungBuc Says:

    In addition, if you’re focused on his Wins, there is probably a reason for the longest team the FSU were the only team that was undefeated and still ranked no.4 in the Polls, Their Wins don’t hold weight.

  32. Buc1987 Says:

    There is no point in arguing with Mariota fans anymore…

    It’s just a waste of time. He’s NOT going to be the pick. So people should just skip over anything that’s said about him, like I’m going to do the rest of the way.

    Most scouts and analysts say Mariota is a project and I believe them, because everyone can see it. Well not everyone. The guys that look at his stats and go WOW, they can’t see it.

    Lovie doesn’t have time for a project.

  33. Buc1987 Says:

    “I think they’re gonna run the offense similar to Atlanta the last few years being that they hired their coordinator (Dirk Koetter). And I had a lot of chance to talk to Tampa’s General Manager this past Thursday (at Mariota’s pro day) and what I was told was they have had two different people; private investigators digging deep into Winston’s past and doing a lot of homework on the guy. They’ve talked to about 75 people about his past, 75 sources and my feeling is their finding is that he’s a pretty good guy. At this point – I would be shocked; SHOCKED – if he was not the choice by Tampa.”

    – Gil Brandt

    Your efforts for Mariota are futile at this point…

  34. YoungBuc Says:

    @Buc1987, I agree that Winston will probably be picked over Mariota, I’m not saying that our voices will change that opinion but I am voicing my opinion about all these people placing Winston on a high pedestal. I personally could care less what his personality is like, I don’t give a shit if he sleeps with hookers and snorts coke in his spare time. That’s his own deal. I’m focused on his performance, which I believe is wildly blown out of proportion. Winston despite popular believe will still be a project none the less. Most analysts and Scouts agree that Winston is a short term solution to a long term problem while Mariota is a long term guarantee, I’d rather take mariota, focus on drafting O-line support and put Glennon as starter. Yeah Glennon isn’t the best but he’ll win games until Mariota becomes what we need him to be. I’m focused on long term

    “Why run to the dealership and buy one car, if you can walk there and buy the lot”

  35. Pickgrin Says:

    YoungBuc Says:
    March 19th, 2015 at 10:17 am
    “Most analysts and Scouts agree that Winston is a short term solution to a long term problem while Mariota is a long term guarantee”

    That’s a false statement. You may think that personally – but it doesn’t make it valid or true. “Most analysts and Scouts” are saying no such thing.

    IMO, Winston has a higher floor AND a higher ceiling.

  36. Buc1987 Says:

    YoungBuc Says:

    “I’d rather take mariota, focus on drafting O-line support and put Glennon as starter. Yeah Glennon isn’t the best but he’ll win games until Mariota becomes what we need him to be. I’m focused on long term.”

    What kind of offense is Glennon going to lead while Mariota sits on the bench to learn it?

  37. crazy Says:

    It’s not easy being the Big Man on Campus. Thankfully that all goes away when you’re the #1 draft pick for a team desperately in need of a #1QB, right?

  38. Buccfan37 Says:

    I have’nt heard or seen any indication of who the Bucs owners and coaching staff are even thinking about taking with the top overall pick. No clues at all have I been able to pick up.

  39. xtrabuc Says:

    Ive seen some hard down mariota fans but a vast majority are wanting him due to character…ive never seen anyone so ridiculously blinded by dislike of jw5 to go as far as this youngbuc character. Its almost stupifying to reread your comments bro. Mariota is a long term guarantee? He guaranteed to be a long term project..thank. God you dont have anything to do w football operation as any team your associated with would be defunct. Jesus christ i hate when falcons fans intrude

  40. Lord Cornelius Says:

    lol @ made up things like “most analysts and scouts think mariota is a long term guarentee”

    Most scouts are worried Mariota will even end up as a capable starting QB.

    I don’t buy his 40 time or athleticism making his ceiling higher. That’s the dumbest thing I can think of with QB evaluation. Football IQ and accuracy are much more important

    The best QBs of all time ran horrible 40s; and I’d think that Tom Brady / Peyton Manning / etc is the ultimate ceiling for a QB… so wtf does a 40 time or athleticism have to do with it?

  41. YoungBuc Says:


    “1. Although Brandt views FSU’s Jameis Winston as the right short-term answer for an NFL club in immediate need of a quarterback, he sees Oregon’s Marcus Mariota as the smarter long-term choice. Coming from a pro-style offense, Winston’s learning curve in the NFL figures to be a shorter one than Mariota, who will be making a transition from a hurry-up, no-huddle attack. It’s a debate that clubs will have internally from the very top of the draft, where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have both the need and the first pick.” – Gil Brant


    “Jameis Winston is a short-term solution to a long-term problem.”
    -Do-Hyoung Park (Managing Editor of Sports – THE STANFORD DAILY)


    Side-note: I seem to remember a certain player getting “accepted” to an Ivy-League school by the same name…Interesting…maybe, just maybe they realized what mistake that would’ve been. I bet at Stanford he wouldn’t have even made it past his sophomore year with his off-field incidents

    and to answer your other question, Glennon would lead the same offense that has been there while our new OC (Dirk Koetter) refines Mariota into a more NFL ready quaterback

  42. Pickgrin Says:

    Wow – Young Buc – you had to look hard to try and find some validation there if you are quoting the editor of a college newspaper as an example of “most analysts and scouts”.

    Where in either of those quotes does it say or even hint that “Mariota is a long term guarantee”?

    Brandt saying “Mariota as the smarter long-term choice” if he did indeed say that simply means he is needlessly scared of Winston’s “character” over the long term. No where does it say he believes Mariota is or will be the better QB.

  43. Stanglassman Says:

    What happened to your inside source Gatorboy that assured you that the pick was going to be Marcus M.?

  44. Stanglassman Says:

    “From a football standpoint, I think it’s a no-brainer: Jameis Winston should be the first overall pick in the draft and the Bucs’ quarterback of the future. He’s talented, he’s game-ready and he’s as polished of a product as you’ll ever see out of college. His lack of raw athleticism is made up for in leaps and bounds by his football instincts, which are said to rival those of Peyton Manning.”
    -Do-Hyoung Park (Managing Editor of Sports – THE STANFORD DAILY)

    This guy is only concerned with Jameis’s “free spirit” nature. Nothing to do with his long term ceiling as far as playing ability is concerned. He doesn’t believe that a young 19 year old man can make a few mistakes and grow out of it. Congratulations Youngbuc you found a writer who thinks MM will be in the league longer than Jameis. Too bad this guy has an ax to grind because Jameis was accepted to the School to play baseball and football and choose FL ST.

  45. YoungBuc Says:

    @pickgrin, the search was not hard it’s called Google, many have heard about it and with the right intelligence you can use it to find things quite easily i.e. “Jameis Winston short term solution”

    if you’d like I could search “Mariota long term guarantee” and give you some validation on that front if it will ease your mind

    Also being the face of any franchise, character is one attribute that is huge, would you go ‘here is our superstar, the ever active criminal’, ‘I know he has some rough edges but boy can he throw the ball….to the other team’

  46. pick6 Says:

    okay time to land the plane. the media cycle is back towards the “good jameis” storyline, and likely will spend the next 4 weeks pumping up what the NFL hopes can be its next superstar QB. it does the league no good to have JW covered in dirt as they hope he can follow the footsteps of the philip rivers’, tony romos, or andrew lucks & russell wilsons of the league. (i’m omitting HOF QBs from the list because Jameis has to produce before getting those kind of mentions, but he is certainly capable of playing well enough to be a 10 year fixture on a regular winner)

  47. John Says:

    Reasons why the Bucs will pass on Winston:

    1. The risk that he will be a knuckle head again
    2. Rape accusation. It’s bad for the corporate look guilty or not
    3. See Talib, Incognito, Hardy etc. We want choir boys
    4. He has a propensity for being fat
    5. He has not said that he will not play baseball
    6. The FSU/ Oregon game-in his biggest game of the year he cracked badly under the pressure.

  48. Buc1987 Says:

    “and to answer your other question, Glennon would lead the same offense that has been there while our new OC (Dirk Koetter) refines Mariota into a more NFL ready quaterback”

    Ludicrous…Glennon will run the same O as Mariota? Sheer lunacy.

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    John Says:
    March 19th, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    Reasons why the Bucs will pass on Winston:

    1. The risk that he will be a knuckle head again
    2. Rape accusation. It’s bad for the corporate look guilty or not
    3. See Talib, Incognito, Hardy etc. We want choir boys
    4. He has a propensity for being fat
    5. He has not said that he will not play baseball
    6. The FSU/ Oregon game-in his biggest game of the year he cracked badly under the pressure.

    NONE of these make any sense…except perhaps #3. Everything else is hogwash.

  50. grafikdetail Says:

    @YoungBuc Oregon recruiting classes are rated just as high as FSU… they are not lacking in recruiting especially with the Nike gear & fancy uniforms

  51. JBuc Says:

    John: did you watch the FSU Oregon game? He played a very good game. Fumbles by teammates on 3 consecutive drives will kill you against a team like Oregon.

  52. loggedontosay Says:

    David Says:
    March 19th, 2015 at 7:50 am
    Do we really want Stupid leading our Franchise?

    We have stupid fans.