Report: Bucs Will Court LB Bruce Carter

March 10th, 2015

Bruce Carter

It looks like Lovie Smith has gotten a thumbs up from his old pal Rod Marinelli, the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator.

The Bucs, per FOX Sports, will bring in Cowboys starting strong side linebacker Bruce Carter, the former 2011 second-round draft pick out of North Carolina.

Carter, 27, battled a thigh injury last season, making eight starts in 13 games.

Perhaps Lovie Smith is thinking takeaways, as Carter had a whopping five interceptions last season, tops in the NFC.

Joe would love to see the Bucs upgrade their linebacker corps. No, there’s no evidence the Bucs view Carter as a potential middle linebacker to departed replace Mason Foster.

33 Responses to “Report: Bucs Will Court LB Bruce Carter”

  1. Bawlmerbucfan Says:

    If he stays healthy, he is a beast!!! Sign him immediately.

  2. Poor Decision Making Rob Lowe Says:

    My gut tells me this is a bad move to sign Carter.

  3. StRicKn Says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Ran a 4.39 40 yard dash. 5 interceptions in 13 games. Only 27. Very good pickup. Sign here _________.

  4. Sam Says:

    Wake us up when someone is signed.

  5. Thibs5599 Says:

    Not sure how adding him over foster would benefit

  6. brandonbucfan Says:

    Can he play on the OL? LOVIE, LOVIE, LOVIE, we heard how much you learned in your one year off…
    PLEASE DO something about the OL and not wait to find two starters through the draft.

  7. buddha Says:

    He’s faster than Foster and has excelled in Cover 2.

  8. ColoradoBuc Says:

    Doesn’t make sense – Carter is an outside linebacker and, with Lavonte David as the weak-side LB, we could only use him as the strong-side LB, a position which in on the field for only about 50% of the plays.

  9. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Yep Lovie always had bad o-lines in Chicago.

  10. Rob Lowe with Direct TV Says:

    Move him to MLB.
    Then you have a fast, ball-hawking MLB for todays faster game.
    Who says Lovie can’t innovate.

  11. Diehardbucsfan21 Says:

    A little late on this article. Heard about this at 4:45

  12. Java Says:

    Still no o-line help? Lovie is useless

  13. Mr. T Says:

    Some have speculated that we would move Danny L to M LB if we sign Carter. We’ll see.

  14. Scott Says:

    How about reporting Henry Melton is coming for a visit same with Stefen wisneiwski??? I also like the idea of going after Taylor Mays

  15. Arealbucsfan Says:

    We’re talking to Wisneiwski’s camp! Yes!

  16. Ray Rice Says:

    Courting and signing are two totally different things. Hopefully it works out.

  17. Jacko101 Says:

    Winsneiski? If Oakland has the most cap space at this
    Point now. Why wouldnt they keep him? I hope to land Morgan and Carter too

  18. NJ BucFan Says:

    @Jacko101 Raiders went and signed a new center already in Rodney Hudson, no spot for Wisneiwski anymore

  19. Bucballya Says:

    we did have success converting Quarles from outside to the Mike linebacker under Dungy……..

  20. NJBucsFan Says:

    Yes please

  21. BucsfaninChina Says:

    MLB, OLB, who gives a sh it. Take a look at the depth chart for LB (or any position for that matter). We have nobody. NOBODY! Unless the Bucs are able to get some serious help we can kiss Lavonte bye bye. Get Bruce Carter. Then get Paul Dawson in the 2nd this year.

    Henry Melton would be fantastic! He would be a HUGE upgrade over Akeem Spence. I was pounding the table for him last year.

  22. salish_seamonster Says:

    ColoradoBuc Says:
    March 10th, 2015 at 7:37 pm

    Doesn’t make sense – Carter is an outside linebacker and, with Lavonte David as the weak-side LB, we could only use him as the strong-side LB, a position which in on the field for only about 50% of the plays.

    Well, he becomes the MLB on passing downs. Duh. This ain’t rocket science.

  23. lurker Says:

    via rotoworld:

    Henry Melton – DL – Free Agent
    Free agent DT Henry Melton will visit the Bucs.

    Melton, 28, played three years under coach Lovie Smith in Chicago and went to a Pro Bowl. Coming off a torn ACL, Melton notched five sacks across 433 snaps for the Cowboys last season. He should be even closer to 100 percent in 2015.

    Related: Buccaneers

  24. lurker Says:

    via rotoworld:

    Bruce Carter – LB – Free Agent
    Free agent LB Bruce Carter is expected to visit the Texans.

    It sounds like he’ll meet with the Bucs first, then head to Houston if Tampa Bay’s price isn’t right. Whereas Carter would play strong-side linebacker with the Buccaneers, he would become a 3-4 inside linebacker on the Texans.

    Related: Texans

  25. Broy34 Says:

    I spent an hour in madden 15 looking at attributes like speed, agility, play recognition, zone coverage, tackling with a touch of finesse move for the occasional rush to find a perfect OLB. Eventually stumbled upon Bruce Carter, made the trade in my annual Bucs franchise. Here we are and he’s not leaving without a contract. This reminds me of the Major wright signing. Experience in Lovies Sytem. He’s better a player tho. Telling you now this kid can excel. And of course he’s most comparable to Lavonte in madden. Perfect for our system. And yes I know madden ain’t real but attributes are based directly off accurate translation from on field situations. Which explains Bruce Carter having better catching ratings than 90 percent of running backs in madden. Just thought that was an ironic story

  26. Arealbucsfan Says:

    @Broy. Lol bro how old are u?

  27. DallasBuc Says:

    So, we are kicking Foster to the curb without a better replacement. Sounds familiar. Incompetent Lovie and his lousy lapdog GM are really effing stupid. It is not tough to see that these bozos have failed to improve this football team.

  28. DraftJameis Says:

    Madden rankings are DEADLY accurate. Always have been. I’m shocked that all 32 teams don’t use them to make all personnel/play calling decisions…

  29. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    LOL DraftJameis…don’t pick on the guy. He’s a Winstonite afterall. They’re protected don’t cha know?lol

    I don’t play Madden anymore, but I get his point.

    He also acknowledged that it’s pretty much meaningless.

    Robert 9 on the other hand treats Madden as if it’s the bible.

  30. Barry Says:

    You people need to cheer for Glennon. He had a better quarterback rating last year than Cam Newton(3rd best in NFC South).

  31. FortMyersDave Says:

    If Carter is a decent LB, why isn’t Marinelli and the Cowboys trying to keep him in Dallas?

  32. Barry Says:

    If the Bucs switch to a 3-4 then Bruce Carter could be a hybrid. ~WE NEED A PUNTER let’s trade our 2nd round pick to Denver for Aqib Talib to secure our backfield

  33. BucIt941 Says:

    I like this Idea, Worst case scenario he can be moved to SAM and let Lansanah have the Mike position, Still feel thats the best way to go.

    Carter has a bit more overall talent compared to Foster but his health is my biggest red flag. I am still displeased we didn’t bring Foster back to a reasonable contract to compete and or be quality depth. You don’t just let young, quality talent, that YOU drafted just walk away like this. I mean Lovie knowns his LBer’s so maybe he just doesn’t see the potential I do in the man. Being he has been around Nickerson, Neece, Quarles, Briggs, Urlacher, and best of all Brooks much of his career I will put faith in his judgment on this manner. But I’m worried it will be a Michael Bennet situation all over.